Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

Fully vs Uplift Desk

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

Recent scientific discoveries into the most crucial of all human matters – productivity – have found that standing can increase workplace productivity by almost 50%.

Standing also burns more calories than sitting. It’s better for our bodies as a whole too. Standing has been linked with decreased stress on our necks, our backs, our groins, and our glutes. 

If you can get all this free exercise without taking much out of your day, why not? Many will ballyhoo that they can’t stand up at their work desks. They groan at the mere thought of leaving their comfy reclining desk chairs.

Fully and Uplift are two companies that will make you want to stand up and shout. They both distribute ergonomically-designed standing desks that can help you reap many of the benefits I just mentioned.

The former brand strives to make your workplace as comfortable as their desk chairs. Fully embrace the concept that the office should be a second home and thus want to create products that can ease workers while increasing productivity.

They frequently reach out to buyers to gather more information so that they can improve upon their products. 

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

Today they face off against Uplift, a company that has been making strides in the ergonomic office space since 2002. They want to keep their customers in tip-top shape so that buyers can focus on their deadlines instead of nagging back pain.

Uplift takes great care in every aspect of their production line. That’s why they choose to work with as many reputable local businesses as possible. They also want to optimize employee satisfaction so they build their products with unparalleled levels of customization.

But which company is perfect for you? Which has the cure for your curved spine? Read through my Fully vs Uplift Desk review to learn everything you need to know about both companies. After you’re done, I’m certain you’ll know which brand is right for you.

What To Consider

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

Both Fully and Uplift offer a huge swath of office gizmos and gadgets alongside their ergonomic desks, chairs, and lighting fixtures

The first big distinction between the two brands is who they’re best suited for. Uplift’s nearly unlimited customization features are better for people who prefer a personal touch whereas Fully’s are designed for the more environmentally-conscious shopper.

Both companies employ a litany of savings and discounts for curious customers through their clearance pages. 

You can also rest assured knowing that regardless of which brand you purchase from you’ll be getting a product that’s designed to last

With regards to assembly, Uplift boast that their products can be put together in under 7 minutes. If that’s still too long for you then you can have one of the delivery men help you put it together. Fully’s assembly seems to be a piece of cake as well.

Finally, each company can ship to the United States and Canada. Their products are only available through online purchase, but that’s not too big of a deal in today’s market.

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk vs Uplift Desk Standing Desk V2 and V2 Commercial Review: 

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 
Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

My first head-to-head product comparison in this Fully vs Uplift Desk review pits each brand’s standing desk against one another.

Normally the main event is saved for the end of the show, but as Bryan Danielson and Adam Page proved when they opened AEW’s Winter is Coming event with a 5-star match, sometimes it’s best to deliver the goods right out of the gate. 

The Fully Jarvis Standing Desk is made out of sustainably-sourced, pesticide-free, mature-as-an-R-rated-film bamboo. That means you can feel good about this purchase. It’s made to last as long as you can stand.

Fully goes the extra mile to preserve this item’s stunning finish by coating it in a polyurethane coating. There are no coffee stains nor disruptive toddlers that could possibly detract from that coating if I believe what the brand says in this Fully vs Uplift Desk review. 

The Fully Jarvis Standing Desk can support up to 350lbs and has OLED attachments so make adjusting the height as easy as cake.

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 
Uplift Desk Standing Desk V2 and V2 Commercial

It seems the Uplift Desk Standing Desk V2 is no slouch either. It has a nearly unlimited number of customization options from finishes to colors to frames. These options will affect the final price, but you may as well put your money towards what you’ll love.

Costumers who stand between 5’4” and 6’10” will love this desk because it best suits people within that range. Meanwhile, the Uplift Desk Standing Desk V2 Commercial can accommodate users between the heights of 4’11” and 6’5”.

Since there are so many possible ways to personalize this desk it’s difficult to summarize everything it can do. You can select a bamboo finish, a c-frame, and add a hammock, and that’s only one of a million possible ways to customize this product.

So while the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk shines with its base capabilities, the Uplift Desk Standing Desk V2 is bursting at the seams with possibilities for personalization.

Fully Capisco Chair by HÅG vs Uplift Desk Pursuit Ergonomic Chair Review:

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 
Fully Capisco Chair by HÅG

Earlier, I touched upon the numerous benefits that a standing desk brings, but I recognize that some people’s backs weren’t meant to stand for hours on end. For my friends looking for lumbar support, check out this section of my Fully vs Uplift Desk review.

Here, I’ll examine each company’s ergonomic chair. Take a load off, kick your feet up, and scroll on to see the Fully Capisco Chair by HAG and the Uplift Desk Pursuit Ergonomic Chair.

For starters, the Fully Capisco Chair by HÅG can rise up to 265mm, although you can also purchase a 150mm or a 200mm model to better suit your needs.

You can customize the product’s seat color and lift color individually. The seat has over a dozen color options that cover the entirety of the rainbow. 

The main selling point of the Fully Capisco Chair by HÅG is that it’s designed with humans in mind. That’s not a cute joke; this item was made to support the unique contours of the human body. 

Unlike wooden chairs or other office seating pieces, this chair can support you in a wide number of angles without subtly damaging your back.

Finally, this item is made from 50% recycled goods. In the event that you want to get rid of the chair, opt for the recycling bin as opposed to the curbside. The Fully Capisco Chair by HÅG is 90% recyclable. Ditch it guilt-free by chucking it in the blue bin if you ever want an upgrade. 

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 
Uplift Desk Pursuit Ergonomic Chair

Conversely, the Uplift Desk Pursuit Ergonomic Chair is all about balance. It reclines from a lower point so that you can balance your feet on the ground as you work. It has a mesh back so that you can balance the airflow around your body. Heck, it comes in either black or white to balance the darkness and the light of office work.

It’s also an ergonomic dream because of its adjustable headrest, armrests, seat height, and tension locks

Both of these chairs are designed for optimal customer comfort and productivity depending on your needs, so it’s tough to select a clear winner here. 

Fully Aleris LED Desk Lamp vs Uplift Desk LED Desk Lamp E3 Review: 

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 
Fully Aleris LED Desk Lamp

The last product category I’ll examine in this Fully vs Uplift Desk review is each company’s lighting sources.

Unless you are literally burning the midnight oil you’re going to need something to help you work as the days turn to nights. Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, Fully and Uplift can light up your work life.

First, I’ll look at the Fully Aleris LED Desk Lamp. This product oozes versatility. It packs an astounding array of lighting options into its small frame. You can brighten or dampen its output with the flick of a switch, meaning you can control the lighting to your preferences.

Since you have full control of the Fully Aleris LED Desk Lamp’s output you might think that’s all this product has to offer. Friend, you would be mistaken.

This lamp’s head can be adjusted to hit every angle except for straight up, though it’s unlikely you’d need a lighting source to illuminate the area above your head. 

Finally, the Fully Aleris LED Desk Lamp keeps it locked down with a combination steel and aluminum base. This base provides a necessary counterbalance so your lamp will stay affixed and upright no matter what positions you throw it into.  

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 
Uplift Desk LED Desk Lamp E3

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the Uplift Desk LED Desk Lamp E3 thumping into this section like the Pixar lamp. This product can oscillate between 2,700k and 6,500k lighting temperatures, making it good for office work and nighttime reading.

You can also customize this lamp’s lighting color too. You can switch it from a pale yellow to a sun-kissed orange to better suit your preferences.

Furthermore, this little guy has a slick design with hidden buttons and a minimalist frame. It’s like someone took the concept of “subtle” and packaged it into one lamp.

Let’s wrap up this comparison by putting it this way: the Uplift Desk LED Desk Lamp E3 is sleek and nice, but the Fully Aleris LED Desk Lamp brandishes customizable spice.

Fully vs Uplift Desk: Quality

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

Fully’s products are designed to be as sustainable and economically friendly as possible. For example, their Fully Capisco Chair by HÅG is made out of recyclable material and the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk is made from pesticide and fertilizer-free bamboo.

Both of these examples demonstrate that Fully focuses just as much on comfort as they do on responsible practices. Additionally, these materials are durable. You can consider each Fully product as an investment in and of itself due to how long they are purported to last.

Fully are, pardon the lame joke, fully invested in finding sustainable solutions to manufacturing dilemmas.

Likewise, Uplift seeks to maintain integrity in their practices and their products. Many of their desks are made with bamboo and reclaimed wood. That’s not all: they line their desk frames with recycled aluminum too.

Uplift’s quality comes more from their business partners. They seek out local American designers and manufacturers to collaborate with them. This decreases their economic footprint and provides employment to people in their community.

You can feel comfortable purchasing from Fully and Uplift. Both companies keep their practices in perspective as they both realize how much large corporations contribute to our ongoing climate crises. Their green-thumb forward initiatives are greatly appreciated by the writer of this Fully vs Uplift Desk review.

Fully vs Uplift Desk: Price & Value

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the former brand’s items I’ve included in my Fully vs Uplift Desk review:

  1. Fully Jarvis Standing Desk: $599
  2. Fully Capisco Chair by HÅG: $829
  3. Aleris LED Desk Lamp: $49 ON SALE (regularly priced at $79)

It’s worth mentioning that Fully claims that these are the starting prices for their products. That’s because you can adjust the features on some of them, like the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk.

It’s also important to know that all of their products are manufactured in the United States and shipped out of Fully’s two US warehouses. Many customers pointed out that Fully’s products were sturdy and dependable.

Some customers actually updated their reviews as time carried on just to remark how long the company’s products lasted them. Most of the time, these items were good for years on end.

Let’s compare how those prices stack up to Uplift’s. These are the corresponding price tags to the best-selling items I’ve included in this Fully vs Uplift Desk review:

  1. Uplift Desk Standing Desk V2 and V2 Commercial: $599
  2. Uplift Desk Pursuit Ergonomic Chair: $419
  3. Uplift Desk LED Desk Lamp E3: $59

In general, these prices aren’t too dissimilar from Fully’s. That’s surprising given that Fully goes the extra mile to ensure they produce their goods as sustainably as possible.

That’s not to say that Uplift doesn’t care about the environment. They do, as evidenced by their partnership with National Forest Foundation, which allows them to plant five trees for every product they sell. However, Fully’s products are seemingly more sustainably constructed.

Fully vs Uplift Desk: What Do Customers Think?  

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

I am duty-bound to include a customer review section in my Fully vs Uplift Desk review. It’d be unfair to you, the brands, and ourselves if I didn’t. I’d be cheating you out of integral customer testimonials that could make or break your decision.

My Uncle Ben taught me that with great power comes great responsibility. He’s no longer with us. I know he wants me to use my powers wisely, so here I am, using my esteemed detective skills to deliver you the most crucial pieces of customer feedback.

Okay, that’s enough lore for one section. Wipe the tears from your eyes and feast your peepers on how Fully customers rated that company’s products on the brand’s website:

  • Fully Jarvis Standing Desk: 4.7/5 stars from over 3,200 ratings
  • Fully Capisco Chair by HÅG: 4.4/5 stars from over 300 ratings
  • Fully Aleris LED Desk Lamp: 4.4/5 stars from over 55 ratings

The customers were very complimentary about multiple aspects of Fully’s designs. They loved both the look and the feel of Fully products. 

One 5/5 star review about the Fully Aleris LED Desk Lamp called the item a, “…Sexy desk lamp…Beautiful minimalist design, plus the light can be set to various brightness and various colors of white light. I’m planning to order another one.

Other commenters touched on how much more productive they were after purchasing Fully products. This is especially important in a world still adjusting to the ongoing pandemic. Not everyone has returned from working remotely so many customers enjoyed how the brand’s products allowed them to complete their goals from home. 

One happy buyer called their Fully Jarvis Standing Desk, “Wonderfully designed in every details and crafted with great quality. Sturdy, comfortable, performant, a beauty comes with clear instructions to assemble. All packaged profoundly and delivered in light speed.

Let’s look beyond the Fully website and see what customers have said about the brand elsewhere. Here’s a quick tally of some notable customer review hubs from across the internet:

  • 2.8/5 stars from over 60 customer reviews on TrustPilot
  • The Fully Jarvis Standing Desk has a 4.6/5 stars score from over 130 customer reviews on Amazon
  • The Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top has a 4.7/5 stars score from over 50 customer reviews on Amazon

You’ve probably noticed that most of those scores are quite high. Customers rated Fully’s products with such esteem because they loved the brand’s sustainable practices, sublime build, and slick rising. They felt Fully’s desks were easy to accommodate into their lives.

However, not all of those scores are perfect. The more middling reviews come from buyers who lament that Fully’s customer service team was less receptive than they would’ve liked. They also included some complaints about unfulfilled orders.

Likewise, Uplift’s customer scores aren’t perfect but they’re pretty darn close. They hold a great 4.9/5 stars average customer rating on their website. Over 9,000 reviews have spilled the beans on Uplift’s chili, and it smells pretty good.

Customers applauded Uplift for their easy-to-use products that performed exactly as they were advertised.

One happy customer took me through their experience with Uplift: “I could not be more happy with the desk, build quality, attention to detail. After the sale, Uplift follows up with informative shipping emails and video tutorials.”

On the subject of those video tutorials, buyers complimented the brand for having easy-to-follow instructions and easier-to-assemble products. 

Uplift also boasts a 4.8/5 stars rating from over 110 pieces of customer feedback on Sitejabber. Many people were flattered by Uplift’s customer service team. They deemed the staff responsive and friendly.

Thus, both Fully and Uplift earned their admirers. However, it seems Fully rustled a few more feathers than Uplift with some testimonials regarding their customer service.

Fully vs Uplift Desk: Promotions & Discounts

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

Fully dangles a perennial carrot in the face of any bargain hunters that potentially stumble onto their website by hosting a dedicated sales page. All of the products on this page are sold at a discounted price that varies from item to item.

From that page, I also noticed that the brand has a clearance section, which I just had to include in this Fully vs Uplift Desk review. All of these products are still in brand new condition and ship for free. 

That’s in contrast to their open-box products page. All of the items Fully lists on this page are for sale at a cheaper price because they may have some signs of wear, tear, and a bit of personal flair because they’ve been previously used. 

Just because their open box items have been used doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile. Each product has to pass Fully’s strict quality-control tests.

That means that every item, some of which are available for amazingly discounted prices, possesses a high-enough quality that Fully is proud of.

These discounts are always available but the products may not be. It’s important to keep an eye on these pages so that you can see which Fully items enter the rotation. Today may not have anything in store for you, but tomorrow might be your lucky day.

I’m not finished with the Fully promotions yet! This is the last one, I promise. The brand offers their subscribers a 5% discount on their first purchase. Sign up for their email newsletter and you can use that discount code right away. 

Okay, that’s enough out of Fully for one section. It’s time to talk about what Uplift has in store for bargain-hungry customers.

Right out of the gate Uplift grants buyers the opportunity to collect a free lamp desk by signing up for their email newsletter. Bam, they hit you with the good stuff as soon as you reach their website.

The company also recognizes that not everyone can afford to purchase a full desk out-of-pocket, so they offer financing plans through Affirm. 

Much like Fully, Uplift also hosts pages for their discounted products. These items are their clearance goods, meaning they’re still in great condition. 

Currently, Uplift is offering huge savings potential through their Summer Sale. You could save up to $547 on select Uplift products or use any of the available coupon codes for eligible purchases.

Both Fully and Uplift give back to their customers through their rotating library of clearance and discount goods.

Fully vs Uplift Desk: Shipping & Returns 

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

As a rule of thumb, Fully products ship within 1 to 5 business days after their respective orders are finished processing. After that, it takes 1 to 7 business days for their items to go from their Maryland and Oregon shipping facilities to your front door. 

For this Fully vs Uplift Desk review, I also found that Fully also ships to Canada but that they only send out their orders on Thursdays.

The orders should touch down in either Toronto or Vancouver by the following Monday when Purolator takes a hold of the process and completes the delivery.

There’s a bit to know about their returns too. They have a fairly standard 30-day return policy. No surprises here; if you don’t like your Fully chair, then ship that bad boy back in the same condition you received it and you’ll get a full refund.

Sadly, they can’t reimburse your shipping fees if you want to return an item that was delivered to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada. Bummer! Oh well, like I always say: worse things have happened to better people.

Upon further investigation in this Fully vs Uplift Desk review, I found that the latter brand brandishes some great savings on shipping and returns.

Many of their products, like the Uplift Desk Standing Desk V2, come with free shipping and free returns (if requested).

These free returns are covered under the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee and apply to those who live in the continental United States. You can request a return by filling out a return form on the brand’s website.

In regards to free shipping, that’s a service Uplift only offers to those living within the continental Unites States too. It can take your Uplift package anywhere from 1 to 7 business days to arrive at your destination if you live within the lower 48 states.

Uplift does ship internationally, but they warn that shipping entire desktops can get pricey. 

Finally, Uplift offers both expedited shipping and 2nd-day shipping for those who live in the United States.

Both companies provide similar shipping times, but only Uplift ships outside of Canada and the United States.

Neither company makes it easy to receive their products if you live outside of the lower 48 United States. However, it’s nice to know that they’re willing to work with customers to get them what they want.

Who Will You Shop With?

Fully vs Uplift Desk Review 

This contest could not be closer. There’s so much to enjoy about both Fully and Uplift. Both brands are environmentally conscious, worker-centric, and decently affordable

The deciding factors may very well lie in the clearance and discount pages. It’s worth sorting through those to see which company boasts the cheaper deals, as otherwise choosing between Fully and Uplift is like picking your favorite Sam Raimi Spider-Man film.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either Fully or Uplift. 

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