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We have spent more and more time in our homes in recent years, so making home a place you love is incredibly important. Whether you work from home, stay at home with your little ones, or simply just love to decorate, Grandin Road has all your home decor needs. The brand has 104k followers on Instagram with a feed full of the sweetest home decor inspo. 

In this Grandin Road review, we will tour you through everything there is to know about this brand, with an in-depth review of its products, customer ratings, promos, and more to help you decide if it’s what’s missing from your home!

Overview of Grandin Road  

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Born from catalog company Cornerstone Brands, Grandin Road began as an interior design catalog, with its first issue published in 2003.

With a mission to “provide customers with long-term value in every product they purchase,” the brand has only continued to come out with home goods for everyone to enjoy. The company is all about elevating your space into a sanctuary to return to at the end of the day.

Now that we’ve taken a look at all there is to know about the brand itself, we will go over some highlights in this Grandin Road review.


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  • Vast selection of home decor, furniture, and seasonal decor in all different styles
  • Price guarantee
  • One year warranty
  • Affordable pricing

What’s missing from your home? That perfect Persian rug with stunning jewel tones, a round mango wood coffee table, or some seasonal decor to help you get over your break up with your summer decor? Whatever you need for your home can be found at Grandin Road, so let’s take a look at some top picks!

Grandin Road Halloween Haven Review

What’s scarier than getting a trick instead of a treat? An undecorated house on Hallow’s eve! Add a little spooky fun to the outside and inside of your home with Grandin Road’s most popular Halloween items!

Grandin Road Deluxe Celestial Crystal Ball Review 

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Grandin Road Deluxe Celestial Crystal Ball

We see lots of delicious candy and scary Halloween movies in your future with the Deluxe Celestial Crystal Ball

Witchy hands hold up this crystal ball with long charcoal nails with hands and wrists covered in eclectic precious metal jewelry that give off that boho fortune teller vibe. 

The pedestal itself is a vintage bronze and features a skull for an extra spooky flare, while the crystal (it’s glass, but the aesthetic is what matters) ball is a cloudy vibrant purple that operates like a lava lamp. You can even turn up the volume on some thunder sounds to really set the mood.

Make it the centerpiece of your party and play fortune-telling games or put it on the porch for all the kids to marvel over as they ask you for some treats for $199.

Grandin Road Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath Review 

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Grandin Road Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath

Finish off your front porch decorations and create a welcoming atmosphere with the Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath.

This wreath features faux white chrysanthemum and green cotton stems with some warm orange gourds sprinkled throughout. It’s all topped off with a black and white stripe bow that reminds us of Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas (who doesn’t love a nod to the classics?). 

26” in diameter, this faux wreath will last you for years to come, so reuse it every Halloween and Thanksgiving for $129.

Grandin Road Christmas Decorations Review

Jingle bell time is a swell time, and one of the best parts of the best time of the year is decorating your home for a cozy, celebratory atmosphere. Grandin Road’s best-selling Christmas decor will have you feeling jolly in no time.

Grandin Road Illuminated Ice Skates Review 

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Grandin Road Illuminated Ice Skates

If your favorite thing about the winter weather is the same as ours, we have the best decor for you! The Grandin Road Illuminated Ice Skates is an ode to everyone’s fav winter activity. What’s more romantic than skating around Rockefeller Centre or on a homemade rink in your hometown?

The piece looks like ice itself, with a frosted polyresin exterior warmed up by some inner LED lights. Place these faux skates next to your fireplace (don’t worry, they won’t melt!) for some Christmas-y vibes or at your entryway for the perfect reminder to “take your boots off here.”

These skates can also sit outside in the snow as Christmas decor for your front door for $169.

Grandin Road Wall Hanging Tinsel Tree Review

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Grandin Road Wall Hanging Tinsel Tree

If you’re like us and live in a super tiny apartment and don’t have room for a Christmas tree this year, the Grandin Road Wall Hanging Tinsel Tree has your back.

This deconstructed Xmas tree is made from metallic golden tinsel (with wire for a little more shape) and can be easily attached to your wall with some sticky strips or a nail. Decorate it with some white and gold ornaments for a classic look, or keep things fun with lots of cheesy bulbs.

This also makes an excellent gift for the college student you know for decorating their dorm and getting in the Christmas spirit for $34.

Grandin Road Be Merry Tree Tiered Server Review

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Grandin Road Be Merry Tree Tiered Server

Maybe you’re not the best cook when it comes to Christmas treats and desserts, but the Grandin Road Be Merry Tree Tiered Server will have all your guests marveling at how they look (who cares about how it tastes)!

This tiered tray is a deconstructed classic tree, a stunning shade of forest green with red ornaments, a shiny gold star, and a simple golden skirt. Made from ceramic, this serving tree will be your centerpiece for years.

Make this piece part of your Christmas decor collection for $199.

Grandin Road Rugs Review

Slippery and cold hardwood, echoey rooms, something just missing from your space that makes it feel empty and bland? There’s one simple solution: a Grandin Road rug to add a little bit of warmth and life back into your space.

Grandin Road Tufted Dot Rug Review 

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Grandin Road Tufted Dot Rug

If you have a bold, mid-century space, the Grandin Road Tufted Dot Rug is the final piece to pull it all together. 

This design comes in black, navy blue, robin’s egg blue, or sunshine yellow, all of which feature a bold white scattered square pattern. This will definitely grab your attention every time you walk into a room, brightening up a simple space or adding even more texture to a busier design.

This rug is available in 2’x3’ to 9’x12’ and usually ranges in price from $69 to $999, but is currently on sale for $20-300!

Grandin Road Hello Coir Door Mat Review

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Grandin Road Hello Coir Door Mat

Getting a warm welcome home is always the best feeling, so why not design a space that makes you feel that way as well? The Grandin Road Hello Coir Door Mat is a simple and sweet greeting as well as a great place to catch all the debris from the outdoors.

The design is simple: a traditional and durable coir mat features a large, cursive-y “hello” to welcome you as you walk in the door. It naturally resists mold, and the warm blue or black lettering is dyed into the fabric to avoid wearing down.

This mat is available in two sizes: 24”x39” or 30”x48” for $60 to $90.

Grandin Road Outdoor Furniture Review

As we move into fall, cool nights on the patio around your fireplace with a cup of warm apple cider in hand sound better and better. Get comfy and cozy in the cutest backyard ever as we look at the brand’s top-selling outdoor furniture for this Grandin Road review. 

Grandin Road Lansbury Rocking Chair Review 

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Grandin Road Lansbury Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are a must in every sitting space, and the Grandin Road Lansbury Rocking Chair for an outdoor setting is no different. The high back and wide seat offer lots of room, while the spindle legs, geometric design, and rounded arms add a vintage feel to the chair.

You can set it on your front porch and people-watch on cool fall afternoons or keep it in your backyard with some other outdoor furniture for rocking yourself to sleep on a warm evening after a long day. 

This chair is made from hardwood, and the finish is weatherproof, so you know it will last you through the seasons. It is available in classic shades of white, black, and navy blue for $349.

Grandin Road French Bulldog Garden Statue Review

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Grandin Road French Bulldog Garden Statue

No garden is complete without some sort of concrete statue, and if you’re a dog lover, then the Grandin Road French Bulldog Garden Statue is the choice for you!

While it resembles weathered concrete, this cute little statue is made from durable resin, so you don’t have to worry about it sinking into the soil year after year. It will look fantastic in your garden with an abundance of flowers and herbs or on your porch to welcome you home.

Add a little bark to your garden with this sweet little statue, retailing for $80.

Grandin Road Bar Stools Review

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or just like to dine at your counter, bar stools are a must. Keep things comfortable and fun with some Grandin Road best-selling bar stools! 

Grandin Road Rexon Swivel Stool Review 

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Grandin Road Rexon Swivel Stool

Swivel stools are perfect for any entertaining area where a lot of spinning around is required, and the Grandin Road Rexon Swivel Stool has a cool industrial twist.

With a warm-toned solid pine seat and a low back, so you don’t slip off, this stool is the perfect touch for any counter area. The iron legs are slim near the seat but wide at the base for stability and adjustable to get the perfect sitting height.

These stools are exclusive to Grandin Road, so be sure to grab them while you can since they’re currently selling for $300!

Grandin Road Kilim Bar & Counter Stool Review

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Grandin Road Kilim Bar & Counter Stool

If your style is a little more on the boho side, the Grandin Road Kilim Bar & Counter Stool will add a warm touch to your kitchen.

The sturdy mango wood frame has a comfortable padded backing and a matching seat. The warm wood tone matches the Moroccan style fabric that features warm browns, blues, and rusts. 

Add some texture to your space with these stools, with your choice of bar or counter height for $429!

Who Is Grandin Road For? 

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Grandin Road is for all our home decor interior design lovers out there! It really doesn’t matter if you’re into something super niche or more trendy items because Grandin Road has a vast selection for all styles. 

Whether you like cool Scandinavian neutrals, Farmhouse signs, and woods, or mid-century modern pieces with long tapered legs, Grandin Road has the items for you. So it’s time to get excited about decorating and styling your space because you can find all you need in one place!

Comparison: Grandin Road vs. Annie Selke

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Home decor is essential in everyone’s life, and brands like Grandin Road and Annie Selke only seek to make life better with decorations and furniture for spaces that foster joy.

While both brands came to fruition in the 2000s, Annie Selke’s roots are in one woman: Annie Selke herself. Like Grandin Road, it’s all about reaching people who want to decorate their space. 

While Grandin Road offers all the home decor you need, including furniture, Annie Selke’s products are more about decor and reflecting the founder’s interests, with items you might find at a flea market and lean more boho vintage eclectic.

The two brands have similar price ranges, with affordable items and some pricier pieces. While Grandin Road doesn’t disclose any missions for sustainability, Annie Selke is all about ethical sourcing and manufacturing.

Annie Selkie products take a bit longer to ship, with a 2-4 week period, while Grandin Road decor should arrive within 2-7 days, though the furniture can take longer. The former has a return policy of 60 days, while our brand offers a long 90 days with a one-year warranty.

Grandin Road has a vast selection of items, as well as seasonal decor, so if you want a lot to look at, it’s a great place to shop. If the bohemian style is what you’re all about, try visiting Annie Selke for some great deals!

Grandin Road Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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While doing our research for this Grandin Road review, we found that customers are over the moon about their pieces. Customers love the brand for its vast selection of items and exceptional quality. Here’s how some of the company’s best-sellers are rated:

  • Tufted Dot Rug: 4.5/5 stars out of 63 reviews
  • Lansbury Rocking Chair: 4.8/5 stars out of 92 reviews
  • Rexon Swivel Stool: 4.5/5 stars out of 142 reviews

Grandin Road receives an average rating of 7.5/10 out of 53 votes on Slumber Search. Here’s what one 5/5 star review has to say: 

“I only purchase online and always Halloween items, ranging from small items to over size items. I have never been disappointed with my 15+ items I have ordered over the years. I have been so lucky that all my items has arrived on time and in one piece.”

They went on to say, “No complaints if I have to talk to customer service, wonderful and can answer my questions quickly. I will continue being a customer into the future.”

Another 5/5 star review commending the brand for its excellent customer service wrote, “We ordered four counter stools online and they arrived within a couple of days (far sooner than promised) in excellent condition. I called customer service and they applied the free shipping that hadn’t been activated when I placed the order.”

It gets even better; when the customer wanted to exchange the stools for a different color: “I called on a Saturday night at 10pm and the customer service rep was WONDERFUL. Not only did she help me process the return, but she placed the new order for me as well, and worked it out so I wouldn’t have to pay several hundred dollars all over again (waiting for the refund.)”

Again and again, buyers are happy about the products as well as wonderful experiences with customer service. One buyer rates the brand 4/5 stars out of the tiny pool of reviews on TrustPilot: 

Great high quality products ( bedding, home decorations and outdoor products). I have had shipping issues and items broken in shipping which is the reason I didn’t give a Five Star. The quality of products and customer service is top notch, however I had issues ordering online and had to call my order in. Overall I am very happy with all my products.”

We found that the brand receives a lower score of 1.5/5 stars on SiteJabber out of 53 reviews.

One 5/5 star review highlights everything they love, naming themselves a repeat buyer, “The quality is superb and the choices are so different from what is offered on other websites. As such in life you only get what you pay for. This is my ‘go to’ website and much of my house has been inspired and decorated through the website.”

Most negative Grandin Road reviews express frustration returning items, though the return policy is a long 90 days with a one-year warranty (more on that soon). Also, some reviewers describe confusion about shipping, though there is a list of all the charges on the website.

Overall, the brand does have some lower reviews, but the brand is quick to reach out and fix any issues the customer may have. With some great products and excellent customer service, this Grandin Road concludes that customers leave happy with their purchase.

Is Grandin Road Worth It?

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Who doesn’t love a little something to make their house feel like a home? With great deals, great products, and outstanding customer reviews, it’s easy for us to conclude this Grandin Road review by saying that the brand is well worth the buy. Not only is the brand commended for its excellent customer service, but its pieces are of the highest quality. 

The wide selection of products means that there’s something for everyone, yet it’s not so overwhelming that things are hard to find. The brand truly makes the customer experience wonderful and is the beginning of a beautiful journey to building a space that matches who you are.

Grandin Road Promotions & Discounts 

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Grandin Road is always offering great deals! At the time of this Grandin Road review, we found that the sale section is currently up to 25% off, and you can also shop for decor under $50!

Where to Buy Grandin Road 

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Are you looking to add a little spice to your space? Visit the Grandin Road website. If you prefer to choose your new decor in person, you can visit one of their stores in Roswell, GA, or West Chester, OH.


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Where are Grandin Road products made?  

Since Grandin Road has a plethora of products, items are made in lots of factories all over Asia. It all depends on what the item is and what the season is!

Where is Grandin Road based?  

Wondering where the ideas for these stunning designs come from? Grandin Road is designed and based in West Chester, Ohio.

Where do Grandin Road products ship from?  

Grandin Road products ship from and within the US, so you won’t have to wait too long for your order!

Does Grandin Road have a price guarantee? 

With Grandin Road, you can always be sure of your purchase! The price guarantee means that if an item you buy goes on sale within 30 days, you simply need to contact the brand, and they will refund you the difference!

What is Grandin Road’s Shipping Policy?

Are you anxiously awaiting the final touches for your room? Luckily, Grandin Road items should arrive within the contiguous US within 3-7 business days. More oversized items that require a truck usually arrive within 2-3 weeks.

While the brand only ships within the US, shipping costs between $10 and $300 depending on your purchase. If you really can’t wait, express shipping prices start at $20.

What is Grandin Road’s Return Policy?

Not happy with your order? No problem! Grandin Road offers a 90-day return policy, but they can replace any defective items up to a full year after purchase. Our Grandin Road review has all the deets on how to make a return:

  1. Start by packaging up your things and preparing them for return
  2. If your package came with a free return label, stick it on your box!
  3. If your package didn’t come with a slip, bring it to your nearest post office or UPS and have them print one for you
  4. Mail the items back using your chosen carrier

Contact the brand’s customer service to start a return for a larger item. Holiday items, rugs, and personalized items are not eligible for returns. 

How to Contact Grandin Road

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We hope you enjoyed our Grandin Road review! If you have any more questions for the brand, you can contact them using the following information.

The brand’s customer service operates 24/7, so you can always expect a prompt response.

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