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Heart & Soil Supplements Review

We all know that person who wakes up early in the morning, avoids coffee at all costs, downs a healthy green smoothie, and starts their day just like that. We love that person, and we all want to be them. 

The definition of a healthy diet is constantly evolving based on research and our understanding of nutrition. Studies have shown that certain nutrients, food groups, and dietary patterns have a positive impact on health and can help prevent common non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

But sometimes, that vision for your life just isn’t attainable. On days when you can’t seem to roll out of bed and on days when you can, Heart and Soil Supplements will give your body that extra boost it needs.

The brand adopts the belief that a carnivorous diet is a must-have when it comes to reclaiming your body and moving towards having the healthiest lifestyle possible. So, the supplements are crafted from animal organs to nourish and revitalize the body from within.

Plus, they feature actual results from real customers with impressive progress pics as they transform their bodies, skin, and lives using these supplements.

Ready to make personal health a priority without making it a hassle? Keep reading this Heart and Soil Supplements review. We’ll walk you through all there is to know about the brand, including facts about their best-selling products, customer testimonials, important FAQs, and more! 

Recent Studies about Food Supplements

If you’re looking for haircare products to address health concerns, it may be useful to explore recent studies on the ingredients used in the products of your chosen brand.

  • A 2019 study explores the benefits of vitamin C. The study highlights that vitamin C, as an essential nutrient, plays a vital role in various bodily functions. It acts as a potent antioxidant and is believed to potentially reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, respiratory syndromes, and more. The study emphasizes the importance of vitamin C in preventing scurvy and discusses its therapeutic potential and various biological activities.
  • A 2020 study investigated the impact of vitamin D on cardiovascular health. The study revealed that while sunlight-induced biosynthesis in the skin remains the primary source of vitamin D, it can also be obtained in smaller quantities from fatty fish, fish liver oil, and mushrooms in the diet. Vitamin D plays a role in regulating blood pressure through its influence on endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells. 
  • A 2020 study discusses the transformative power of vitamin B12 .This essential vitamin, known for its vital role in DNA synthesis, myelin synthesis, and cell reproduction, can be sourced from animal products and intestinal flora. However, deficiency in vitamin B12 can lead to severe health consequences, including anemia, neuropathy, and irreversible neurological damage. 
  • A 2022 study explores the intriguing link between dietary minerals and coronary artery calcification (CAC). The findings highlight the importance of considering the dietary intake of both Zn and Mg together, as they may play a cardio-protective role among CAC patients.
  • A 2021 review highlights the remarkable potential of superfoods. Superfoods encompass a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and more. This review delves into the nutritional composition of select superfoods and their potential interventions in preventing various chronic ailments, reaping the numerous health advantages they offer. Examples of superfoods include berries, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, fatty fish, and whole grains
  • According to a 2017 study, the consumption of fruits and vegetables offers a myriad of benefits due to their abundance of bioactive compounds. These compounds, including polyphenols, carotenoids, vitamins, phytoestrogens, glucosinolates, and anthocyanins, have been recognized for their potential health advantages. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables have been associated with delaying the aging process, reducing the risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other chronic conditions. 
  • A 2020 study emphasizes the significant benefits of probiotics in supporting a healthy small intestine (SI) microbiome and promoting overall well-being. Recent findings demonstrate that probiotic supplements containing lactic acid bacteria and Bifidobacterium effectively support beneficial microbes, improve barrier integrity, and reduce nutrient malabsorption and SI disease-related issues. Incorporating probiotics into one’s routine can have profound positive impacts on SI function and overall health.
  • A 2022 review highlights the potential of medicinal herbs as health promoters. Various herbs showcase exceptional properties: ginger exhibits antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, garlic serves as an ayurvedic medicinal herb and flavor enhancer, coriander offers relief for gastrointestinal conditions, turmeric demonstrates anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, and other beneficial properties. Fennel, cardamom, clove, and cinnamon each contribute their unique carminative, stimulant, antibacterial, and other medicinal benefits.

Heart and Soil Supplements Pros & Cons

Heart & Soil Supplements Review

Now that we know a little more about the brand, this Heart and Soil Supplement review will guide you through some pros and cons.


  • Emphasis on Nose-to-Tail Nutrition: Heart and Soil promotes the consumption of nose-to-tail animal products, including organ meats, to provide a broader range of essential nutrients. This approach aligns with ancestral-based nutrition principles and can be beneficial for individuals seeking a more comprehensive nutrient profile.
  • High-Quality Sourcing: The brand emphasizes sourcing from regeneratively raised animals, prioritizing the quality of ingredients in their supplements. This focus on quality ensures that the supplements are sourced from healthy, well-nourished animals, which may contribute to the nutrient density and overall effectiveness of the products.
  • Nutrient-Rich Supplements: Heart and Soil supplements, such as desiccated organ capsules and bone marrow capsules, aim to provide essential nutrients that may be lacking in modern diets. These supplements are designed to support overall health and well-being, and they can be a convenient way to incorporate nutrient-dense ingredients into one’s diet.
  • Transparency and Education: Heart and Soil emphasizes transparency and educates consumers about the importance of regenerative agriculture and the nutritional benefits of animal-based nutrition. They provide resources and information to help individuals make informed choices about their dietary and nutritional needs.
  • Free of additives, hormones, pesticides, and GMOs: Heart and Soil products are formulated without additives, hormones, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This focus on purity ensures that the supplements are free from potentially harmful substances.
  • Organic, 100% grass-fed, and sourced from regenerative farms: The ingredients used in Heart and Soil supplements are sourced from regenerative farms and come from animals raised in organic and 100% grass-fed environments. This sourcing approach supports sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.
  • Free shipping on orders over $120: Heart and Soil offers free shipping on orders over a specified amount, which can be advantageous for customers looking to save on shipping costs.
  • Free, hassle-free returns: Heart and Soil provides a hassle-free returns policy, allowing customers to return products if they are not satisfied. This policy adds convenience and customer satisfaction to the purchasing experience.


  • Limited Product Range: Heart and Soil’s product range primarily focuses on organ-based supplements and collagen peptides. While these products offer specific nutritional benefits, individuals looking for a broader range of supplements or plant-based options may find the product selection limited.
  • Price: Heart and Soil products tend to be priced higher compared to mainstream supplements. The emphasis on quality sourcing and regenerative agriculture practices may contribute to the higher cost, which might be a potential drawback for those on a tight budget.

Ready to make your health, both mental and physical, a priority? Keep reading this Heart and Soil Supplements review. Next, I’ll go over the brand’s key ingredients, benefits and best sellers to see which one might fit best in your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals. 


Heart & Soil Supplements Review

Heart and Soil offers a range of supplements derived from nutrient-rich organs. While the specific ingredients may vary depending on the product, here are some common ingredients you may find in Heart and Soil supplements:

Organ Meats

Heart and Soil uses a variety of organ meats, such as liver, heart, kidney, and spleen, in their supplements. These organs are known to be highly nutritious and contain a wide array of vitamins, minerals, peptides, proteins, and other beneficial compounds.

Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides, which are derived from collagen-rich sources such as bone and connective tissues, may be included in some Heart and Soil supplements. Collagen is a protein that supports skin, hair, joint, and gut health.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is known for its role in energy metabolism. It plays a crucial role in converting food into energy and supporting the production of red blood cells. Adequate levels of B12 are important for maintaining optimal energy levels.


Biotin, or Vitamin B7, is essential for energy metabolism and plays a role in converting carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into usable energy. It is also involved in maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Heme Iron

Heme iron is a highly absorbable form of iron found in animal-based foods. Iron is an essential mineral involved in the production of red blood cells and the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. Adequate iron levels can support energy production and prevent iron-deficiency anemia.

Vitamins A, D, E, and K2

These vitamins play various roles in supporting the immune system and bone health. Vitamin A supports the function of immune cells, while vitamins D and K2 are important for bone health and immune system modulation. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Heart and Soil emphasizes the sourcing of ingredients from regenerative farms, organic practices, and animals raised in a 100% grass-fed environment.

This commitment to quality sourcing ensures that the supplements are derived from animals raised in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner.


Heart and Soil supplements, derived from nutrient-rich organs and other high-quality ingredients, offer several potential benefits related to their ingredients. Here are some benefits associated with the ingredients commonly found in Heart and Soil products:

Nutrient Density

Organ meats are known for their high nutrient density. They contain a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals, peptides, proteins, and other beneficial compounds. Heart and Soil supplements aim to harness the nutritional power of these ingredients, providing a concentrated source of nutrients that may be lacking in modern diets.

Energy Boost

Ingredients like B12, niacin, biotin, and heme iron, which are often found in organ meats, can support energy metabolism and contribute to increased energy levels. These nutrients play vital roles in converting food into usable energy, supporting red blood cell production, and optimizing cellular processes.

Immune System Support

Vitamins A, D, E, and K2, which are present in organ meats and other ingredients, can have positive impacts on the immune system. They support immune cell function, help regulate immune responses, and contribute to overall immune system health.

Bone Health

Vitamin D and vitamin K2, both found in certain Heart and Soil products, play key roles in bone health. They work together to support calcium absorption and utilization, promoting strong and healthy bones.

Antioxidant Protection

Some ingredients in Heart and Soil supplements, such as vitamin E and other naturally occurring antioxidants, can help protect cells from oxidative stress. Antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals, reducing the risk of cellular damage and promoting overall well-being.

5 Heart and Soil Bestsellers Supplements

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: the supplements. With plenty of types for all different issues, this Heart and Soil supplements review is here to help you make the decision.

We’ll explain the various ingredients, benefits, how they work, and how to take them to help you see which capsules are best suited for you. Let’s jump right in!

Heart and Soil Beef Organs

Ideal for increased energy and overall wellness, the Heart and Soil Beef Organs supplement combines cattle’s 5 most nutritional organs. These capsules serve as a foundation for all your health goals and work with other Heart and Soil supplements to improve your health.

Essentially, all the nutrients in each of these organs work together to increase your health. Things like B12, niacin, biotin, and heme iron increase energy, while vitamins A, D, E, and K2 affect the immune system and bone health. Certain peptides protect the tissue of your own organs, while others detoxify and strengthen. 

For optimal results, the brand recommends taking 6 capsules once per day, starting off with about 1-2 to allow your body to adjust, increasing one capsule per day until you reach the recommended amount. Quick math says that one bottle should last about 30 days. While you don’t have to take them with food, it’s good to test out what works best for you.

You can subscribe to get these supplements every 30, 60, or 90 days for $47 per 180 capsules, or make a one-time purchase for $52.

Heart and Soil Fire Starter

If you’re looking to kick start your weight loss journey, the Heart and Soil Fire Starter will light a flame in you to keep you moving towards your goals. Essentially, this supplement provides nutrients that aid in appetite regulation and proper absorption so you can get the most out of your meals while also helping you burn off fat. 

Stearic acids and other fatty acids help manage weight by supporting immune health and igniting fat-burning cells already in your body. Plus, vitamin E and K2 fight inflammation and increase overall health, including bone, cardiovascular, and immune health.

This supplement is also recommended at 6 capsules daily, starting off slow and working your way up to the full amount.

The Fire Starter supplements are $25 when you subscribe or $28 for a one-time purchase.

Heart and Soil Bone Marrow Liver

For a healthier and stronger body and mind, opt for the Heart and Soil Bone Marrow Liver supplements, which are filled with nutrients and peptides that are ideal for increasing your mood and helping your body to repair and heal itself.

These capsules are crafted from grass-fed bovine liver and bone marrow, with a bovine gelatin encasing. Both liver and bone marrow are packed with nutrients that improve health and strengthen bones and skin. 

Fusing a strong body with a strong mind, these supplements enhance the health of your bones and tissues, aid in weight loss, and clear your mind, increasing energy and libido.

Bone marrow helps your body form blood cells, cartilage cells, and bone cells that keep your body strong and healthy. Plus, fatty acids, vitamins, alkylglycerols, and more support your immune system health and protect your body. 

The hormones, growth factors, and peptides present in bovine, alongside copper, biotin, and B12, help to increase your energy, libido and reduce brain fog.

Like other Heart and Soil supplements, the brand recommends that 6 capsules be taken once daily over a long period of time for the best, continuous results.

The Bone Marrow Liver supplements retail for $45 with a subscription and $50 for a one-time purchase.

Heart and Soil Gut Digestion

Gut health is more important than many people realize, and Pepto Bismol isn’t exactly the be-all, end-all of your upset stomach. Opt for the Heart and Soil Gut Digestion capsules to fight the problem directly at the source. 

This gut-focused supplement actually contains the exact organs it’s looking to improve: grass-fed bovine stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, and spleen. These ingredients are ideal for tackling digestive issues since they contain all the essential peptides and nutrients. 

This supplement is meant to improve your digestive system, heal your gut, solve leaky digestion, and settle nausea and an upset stomach. It’s also supposed to enhance the response against autoimmune illnesses on digestion, such as pain or discomfort. 

Peptide BPC-157 reduces inflammation and maintains gut lining, while manganese is an antioxidant that improves bone health, blood sugar regulation, and collagen production. Gastrin-releasing peptide helps to release enzymes and fluids that support the digestive system. 

Selenium, splenin, tuftsin, hepcidin, and splenopentin peptides enhance immune function and antioxidant activity. There are also colipase, trypsin, and pancreatic peptides to help deal with food allergies and intolerances. 

This supplement is meant to be taken once daily, with 6 capsules per day. Simply swallow with a sip of water whenever you get a chance during the day, and you’re good to go!

The Gut Digestion supplements retail for $61 with the subscription and $68 for a one-time buy!

Heart and Soil Lifeblood

If you’re struggling with fatigue, endurance issues, other symptoms of anemia, or simply need a little boost when exercising, the Heart and Soil Lifeblood supplements could be a good addition to your diet. 

The key ingredients in these capsules are bovine whole blood extract, liver, and spleen, all of which are excellent sources of iron. They help support the cardiovascular system, providing energy and strength at all times. 

The Lifeblood capsules improve iron stores, absorption, and thus oxygen delivery, enhancing overall endurance. They also aid in red blood cell generation and support the heart. 

The ingredients are packed with red and white blood cells and platelets that transport oxygen throughout the body, increasing energy levels. Riboflavin, folate, B12, and choline help to produce these cells and support overall health.

Plus, vitamins A, D, E, and K2 increase immune and bone health to protect your body. At the same time, heme iron, copper, and biotin increase energy performance, speed up metabolism, and overall mood.

Simply take 6 capsules once daily over a long period of time for the best results!

The Lifeblood supplement is $52 with the subscription or $58 for a one-time purchase.

Who Is Heart and Soil Supplements For? 

Heart & Soil Supplements Review

Interested in a carnivore diet? What about incorporating healthy, animal-based foods into your diet without the hassle of frying them up when you could just go for a pizza?

Whether you grew up in a Scottish household, plugging your nose whenever your parents served liver and onions, or you simply can’t get your hands on these nourishing organs in the first place, let alone cook them, these supplements might be exactly what you’re looking for.

What’s more, is how easy it is to incorporate these healthy little capsules into your diet. Whether you take them with food or without, one type or two, you might just find the solution to your fatigue, brain fog, the beginning of your weight loss journey, or the ending of your joint pain.

The idea is that there’s something for everyone to help people through all different life stages, which this Heart and Soil supplements review can stand behind.


Heart & Soil Heart of The Warrior Review

If you’re looking for alternatives to Heart and Soil, here are some other brands that offer supplements in the health and wellness space:

  1. BPN Supplements: BPN (Bare Performance Nutrition) Supplements focuses on providing high-quality supplements to support fitness, performance, and overall well-being. Their product lineup includes pre-workouts, protein powders, and other supplements designed to enhance athletic performance and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Apothekary Supplements: Apothekary offers a range of herbal and adaptogenic supplements. They focus on incorporating traditional healing practices and natural ingredients to support various aspects of health and wellness, including stress management, sleep, digestion, and immune support.
  3. BrainMD Supplements: BrainMD offers supplements that specifically target brain health and cognitive function. Their products are formulated based on scientific research and clinical expertise to support memory, focus, mood, and overall brain health.
  4. Ladder Supplements: Ladder is a brand co-founded by athletes and focused on providing science-backed supplements for athletic performance and general wellness. They offer a range of supplements, including protein powders, pre-workouts, and wellness formulas.
  5. Ancestral Supplements: Ancestral Supplements is a brand that specializes in providing high-quality supplements made from grass-fed and pasture-raised animals. They offer a range of organ-based supplements, including liver, heart, and kidney capsules, aiming to provide the nutritional benefits of traditional diets.
  6. Vital Proteins: Vital Proteins is a well-known brand that focuses on collagen-based supplements. They offer a wide range of collagen products, including collagen peptides, collagen powders, and collagen bars, which can support joint health, skin elasticity, and overall vitality.

These alternative brands offer a variety of supplements targeting different aspects of health and wellness. It’s important to carefully review the products and consult with a healthcare professional to ensure they align with your specific needs and health goals.

Heart and Soil Supplements Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Heart & Soil Supplements Review

This Heart and Soil Supplements review wouldn’t be complete without some customer testimonials. To help us determine if this brand is worth the buy, we sourced comments from the brand’s website and beyond. Before we dive into what shoppers are saying, here’s how some of the best-sellers stack up:

  • Beef Organs: 4.9/5 stars out of 799 reviews
  • Firestarter: 4.8/5 stars out of 493 reviews
  • Bone Marrow and Liver: 4.9/5 stars out of 348 reviews

The Beef Organs supplement is one of the highest-rated and purchased items on the site, so it only makes sense for this Heart and Soil Supplements review to look at what’s got customers so in love! One shopper explains how quickly they have seen a turnaround: 

“I have been taking this product for the last 12 months and I am very impressed. I have eaten liver many times in the past, and I just am not a huge fan of the taste. I do really like the convenience of just taking these pills everyday especially while fasting. I feel great and have never felt as healthy and thriving as I have over the last two years of eating nose to tail.”

Another shopper on the site rates the Bone Marrow and Liver supplement 5/5 stars, saying:

“I decided to add bone & liver after having a month with fire starter and beef organs. All these supplements are game changing. I had knee pain and had gained so much during the pandemic. In a month and a half I lost that weight – 30 pounds and my knees feel brand new. My clothes even feel and look better. I am incredibly grateful to Heart & Soil.”

On The Hive, one impressed buyer repeats the sentiments that these supplements simply seem to make life better: “My energy is better, my sleep is better (and more regulated), my digestion is better and I actually feel like I have gotten the nutrients my body needs – even if I eat like crap on the particular day.”

The verdict is clear: shoppers are in love with their experiences after using these supplements. They do exactly what they claim to, helping people feel better inside and out, leading them to achieve their goals and dreams and live the life they’ve always wanted to, happily and comfortably–finally!

Is Heart and Soil Supplements Worth It?

Heart & Soil Supplements Review

With all things considered, this Heart and Soil Supplements review deems this brand well worth the buy. The high ratings and customer comments detail how the supplements have rejuvenated and revitalized all aspects of users’ lives. 

In saying that, the different options target different issues, and it’s easy to mix and match your selection to best appeal to your own needs. Plus, the brand’s focus on using regeneratively farmed meats that are free of additives and hormones ensures the supplements are only packed with nutritional benefits.

The convenience is, of course, a selling point for most supplements. But, the fact that these little capsules contain all the great aspects of unappealing or hard-to-find organs makes it super easy to reap all the benefits while still enjoying all your fave meals. 

Heart and Soil Supplements Promotions & Discounts 

Heart & Soil Supplements Review

Looking for a good deal on your wellness journey? Here’s what the Heart and Soil supplements review found:

  • 10% off your first order when you sign up for emails
  • Subscribe for monthly deliveries and save 10%

Where to Buy Heart and Soil Supplements

Heart & Soil Supplements Review

You can shop Heart and Soil Supplements directly from the brand’s website, You can also find it at most health and wellness stores.


Heart & Soil Supplements Review

Who owns Heart and Soil Supplements?

Heart and Soil Supplements is owned by its founder, Dr. Paul Saladino, who has a particular interest in the health benefits of a carnivorous diet. 

Are Heart and Soil Supplements organic?

All Heart and Soil Supplements consist of organic, regeneratively farmed meats. They are free of additives, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and GMOs.

Does Heart and Soil Supplements ship internationally?

Heart and Soil Supplements currently only ship within the US and Canada. We hope they will expand to worldwide markets soon!

What is Heart and Soil Supplements’ Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, the brand does not offer clear guidelines on their shipping procedures. This Heart and Soil Supplements review was able to find a few key details:

  • Shipping is free in the US over orders of $120
  • Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout based on location
  • Canadian customers are responsible for duties and taxes

What is Heart and Soil Supplements’ Return Policy?

If your Heart and Soil Supplements are working for you, you can return or exchange them for free. The brand offers clear guidelines for its return policy: 

  • Start the return within 30 days of delivery 
  • Items can be tested, of course
  • Canadian customers are not eligible for returns

To start a return:

  1. Contact the brand via email
  2. Fill out the products you’d like to return with an explanation why
  3. Confirm all information is correct
  4. Download and print your return label
  5. Ship from the nearest location

How to Contact Heart and Soil Supplements

We hope you enjoyed our Heart and Soil Supplements review! If you have any further questions for the brand, please contact them by filling out the email form on the website.

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