Herbies Seeds Review

About Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds Review

Calling all cannabis connoisseurs who wish to grow their very own… meet Herbies Seed: here to offer you a wide selection of seeds delivered to your door straight from their home base in Spain.

Established as one of the biggest international online cannabis seed sellers, they’ve been mentioned in publications like Observer, Chicago Reader, Detroit Metro Times, SF Weekly, and GlobeNewswire. On Instagram and Twitter, they have a combined following of 11k+ growers.

This Herbies Seeds review will take you through the need-to-knows for the brand: what the seeds are like, some best-selling strains, how customers have rated the brand, how shipping and returns work, and much more.

Overview of Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds Review

Based in Alicante, Spain, Herbies Seeds is an international biz. While there isn’t an abundance of info available on the origins and founders of the company, the brand is clear about their mission: 

They work to “promote relevant and unbiased information on cannabis, hemp, and the unquestionable benefits that their compounds such as THC, CBD, and terpenes provide to the quality of human life.

Herbies Seeds has been running for over 10 years, though they started initially in the UK and offline, two things they are not currently (since, to recap, they are now based in Spain and online).

They sell plants that you can grow indoors and/or outdoors, feminized and regular seeds, and a variety of strains for a range of different people and moods. 

And now to look at this Herbies Seeds review from bird’s eye with the brand’s overall pros and cons:


  • Offers an assortment of cannabis seeds delivered fresh in controlled temperature conditions
  • Discreet, “stealth” delivery
  • Positive customer reviews about seed quality, customer service, strains, and shipping
  • Free Gorilla Glue Auto seed with every purchase
  • Bonus seed for every $24 you spend
  • International shipping
  • Frequent deals, discounts, and promos


  • Shipping is costly
  • No free returns
  • Discreet shipping isn’t 100% guaranteed depending on which country you live in 

You want to take a look at some bestsellers, don’t you? Don’t be shy… come along with us to look at the most popular strains and seeds sold by the brand. This will give you a fuller-color picture of what buying from Herbies Seeds means.

Herbies Seeds Review

Before we start, there are a few things to note about the brand’s products: the cannabis seeds are stored under 4–6°C conditions to guarantee that they are fresh when they are delivered, no matter the distance from Alicante to you.

Second, most have an indoor flowering time of 2 months or more. Third, many specify that their genetics are a cross between two or more Herbies Seeds strains (often the more popular ones).

Lastly, the ones below are all suitable for both indoors and outdoors planting. They also have their bestselling status in common with each other, so let’s dive into these popular strains and get started.

Herbies Seeds Glookies Review

The Herbies Seeds Glookies strain is indica-heavy: 70% indica, 30% sativa. Sourced from the Netherlands, this strain is a genetic cross between Herbies Seeds Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. 

The THC content comes in at a whopping 25%, and when planted indoors, these Glookies feminized seeds have a photoperiod flowering time of 60-70 days and a height of 100 cm. Outdoors, it’s looking more like 180 cm.

Talking actual use here, this strain supposedly tastes nutty and citrusy while guiding you towards a pleasant mental relaxation.

Glookies is brought to you by the brand Barney’s Farm, who can offer you the following quantities:

  • 1 seed (6 packs): $15
  • 3 seeds (45 packs): $38
  • 5 seeds (44 packs): $58
  • 10 seeds (22 packs): $110

Herbies Seeds Peyote Critical Review

This Herbies Seeds Peyote Critical strain is another one by Barney’s Farm. Born in the Netherlands, this indica-dominant hybrid has 24% THC and 1.4% CBD.

The 80% indica plus 20% sativa makes for a focused yet chill feeling. A combo of Peyote Purple and Critical Kush, these feminized seeds will give the cannabis a woodsy, slightly sweet taste.

The seeds are versatile, too, suitable for outdoors, indoors, and greenhouses. When they grow up, they’re 100-130 cm indoors and 140-180 cm outdoors. A photoperiod flowering type, the approximate time to flower indoors is 50-60 days

 For the least expensive option of 1 seed (3 pack), Peyote Critical will cost you $13.

Herbies Seeds Purple Lemonade Review

This bee-you-tiful Herbies Seeds Purple Lemonade strain is a feminized indica-dominant hybrid that is purple in color… hence the name. Brought to you by FastBuds, this iconic colorful strain from the USA is 70% indica, 30% sativa, and contains 22% THC.

Plus, these will not only blossom to be gorgeous in appearance but also with ease, as they are Herbies Seeds autoflower seeds that have a harvesting time of 63-70 days. In terms of height, the plant will be about 70-120 cm, and this will be either indoors or outdoors, your choice.

They say that Purple Lemonade will make you feel happy, social, and relaxed in mind and body. The taste should be sweet and citrusy. Starting at 1 seed (31 packs), this strain costs $15 from Herbies Seeds.

Herbies Seeds Gorilla Zkittlez Review

Gorilla Zkittlez is an iconic Herbies strain from Barney’s Farm. A feminized strain from the Netherlands, it’s plantable indoors (140 cm) or outdoors (140-170 cm) with a photoperiod flowering type.

This strain is a hybrid that leans more indica (60%) than sativa (40%). THC content is 24% when it comes to Gorilla Zkittlez. When you plant indoors, flowering time should be around 55-65 days of excited waiting.

A multicolored genetic match of Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez, this seed is known to give you creative mental energy with a slight body high and enough THC to use for chronic pain.

For 1 seed (25 packs), Gorilla Zkittlez is $13.

Herbies Seeds Black Cherry Punch Review

This Herbies Seeds Black Cherry Punch strain is made by the brand Pyramid Seeds in Spain. 

A feminized, genetic combo of Cherry Pie and Black Cherry Kush, this strain sure makes for a pretty plant that’s reminiscent of lavender and, with that, relaxation.

With 90% indica and 10% sativa, you know this one’s gonna be a hard hitter and a crowd-pleaser. It’s perfect for a deep, tranquil body high with a strong 25% THC content and 1% CBD, making this strain a sure-thing for de-stressing.

Plus, you get the added benefit of the flavor of berries and the good ol’ natural earth—where, when you think about it, seeds for both berries and cannabis are born and raised, so it’s kind of full circle in a beautiful way.

When grown indoors, Black Cherry Punch plants will have a photoperiod flowering time of about 60 days.

Because Herbies Seeds sells them as 3+1 seeds (13 packs), Black Cherry Punch seeds come out to a naturally higher cost of $25.

Herbies Seeds Runtz Muffin Barney’s Farm Review

The Herbies Seeds Runtz Muffin strain, made by Barney’s Farm, is a feminized, photoperiod seed hailing from the Netherlands.

The plant’s height will work out to about 100-120 cm indoors and 150-200 cm outdoors. When planted inside, the photoperiod flowering time is approximately 56-63 days.

In percentages, this strain is 70% indica, 30% sativa, and an uber-strong 29% THC, which is probably its best selling point. Herbies even says the strong THC content will feel like “a warm, soft blanket of coziness and safety,” so, you know, take from that what you will.

Runtz Muffin is a Barney’s Farm strain made by the combination of their Zkittlez, Gelato #33, and Orange Punch. When put to use, the plant will smell and taste like sweet baked goods and pineapple, making for a fun and unique experience.

Sold at 1 seed (63 packs), Runtz Muffin is priced at $17.

Herbies Seeds Princess Haze Regular Review

Plot twist: unlike the last 6 strains, Princess Haze Regular is not feminized. Instead, it’s a regular-sex seed with an indoors photoperiod flowering time of 63-70 days. The brand is Brothers Grimm Seeds from the USA.

Talking genetics, Princess Haze is a mixture of Princess, Cinderella 99, and Super Silver Haze. For some reason, Herbies Seeds does not list the THC or indica/sativa content, but we do know that it’s a hybrid.

This strain will give its users a happy, creative state of being, leaning more towards a mental high than a physical body high. Also, the taste is citrusy and sweet.

Sold as 12 seeds, the price of Herbies Seeds Princess Haze seeds comes out to $89.

Herbies Seeds Blue Gelato 41 Review

Blue Gelato 41 is a feminized seed strain from the Netherlands by Barney’s Farm. Indoors, the photoperiod flowering time is about 63-70 days and grows to roughly 150 cm. Outdoors, it grows to about 150-200 cm.

60% indica and 40% sativa, this strain has a kick with its THC percentage of 25%

Genetically made of the strains Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Sunset Sherbert, Blue Gelato 41 is a balanced experience with energetic, mental, spiritual benefits as well as a relaxed body feeling.

When you taste Blue Gelato 41, you’ll find it earthy and lemony. For 1 seed (19 packs), this strain will cost you $14.

Who Are Herbies Seeds For? 

Herbies Seeds Review

Herbies Seeds is for old and new growers of cannabis. They sell internationally but do watch out for potential issues with customs in your country since the seeds ship from Spain.

Comparison: Herbies Seeds vs. Grower’s Choice 

Herbies Seeds Review

It’s important to compare a brand you’re considering with their competitors to see if you’re really getting the best deal and the best seed possible (not to mention the best pick for you, individually speaking, for whatever your needs, desires, and deepest wishes are).

What are the similarities and differences between Herbies Seeds and Grower’s Choice?

Firstly, our Herbies Seeds review found that the two brands have these things in common:

  • Variety of feminized, autoflowering, high-CBD, and high-THC cannabis seeds
  • Similar prices
  • International and discreet shipping

But Grower’s Choice does things a little differently:

  • They do not sell regular seeds
  • Smaller collection of strains and seeds to choose from
  • Likely faster shipping to the US

From this comparison, we can gauge that Herbies Seeds is a better choice for you if you’re looking for lots of variety, including the choice of regular seeds rather than just feminized. Their website sells more strains that you can peruse through.

Grower’s Choice could be a better option for you if you know that you want feminized, autoflowering seeds and you don’t need much variety. 

Herbies Seeds Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Herbies Seeds Review

Whether you’re an experienced grower or just dipping your toes in the water, it can be difficult to really know if a brand is reliable and will give you seeds that blossom just the way you want them to.

We get that, so going beyond our own Herbies Seeds review, we turn it over to customer testimonials from the brand site as well as TrustPilot and Reddit.

First up in our investigation: the brand site. Over here, customers were overwhelmingly complimentary, vouching for the kind customer service and reliable, impressive product quality.

They said the seeds are “easy to grow,” tasteful (as in taste nice), aromatic in the best ways, “resistant to disease and mold” (a definite plus!), appearance-wise a “beautiful plant,” and best of all, they produce results.

Before we show you product-specific reviews, here’s a look at the ratings of most strains we featured in our Herbies Seeds review:

  • Glookies  – 5/5 stars from 8 ratings
  • Peyote Critical – 4.6/5 stars from 9 ratings
  • Purple Lemonade – 4.6/5 stars from 11 ratings
  • Gorilla Zkittlez – 4.9/5 stars from 17 ratings
  • Black Cherry Punch – 5/5 stars from 4 ratings
  • Runtz Muffin Barney’s Farm – 5/5 stars from 11 ratings
  • Blue Gelato 41 – 5/5 stars from 8 reviews

One ripe Herbies Seeds review of Purple Lemonade called the strain one of their favorites because of how it delivers the overall mental, physical, and sensory experience. They said it has an “extremely nice flavor and resin production” and also went on to say:

The smell is great, in hydro this strain performs great! Made me very happy, relaxed… A beautiful plant, fun to grow, turned into one of my favorites for its taste and smell. Great genetics, fully recommended for anyone who wants some quality cannabis strain.

Buyers of the best bestseller, Gorilla Kzittles, said the smell of this strain was “fruity and sweet with a small earthy hint,” and the high was “very relaxing” and just hard-hitting enough.

One customer’s Herbies Seeds review deemed it “a one-of-a-kind strain” whose perfectly tropical, earthy scents shine through and growing process is simple and ideal and, we guess, pretty much everything you could want from the purchase:

This grow was very easy overall. … She didn’t have any issues with my nutrient regiment and after I finished the manifold, I pretty much just watched her grow. … I got a nice, relaxed high that I would personally recommend for either day or nighttime use.

So, that’s the story on the brand site. We’ve still got some social media to look at: specifically, Reddit. How do customers feel when they speak their minds freely on an external platform?

Overall, on Reddit, folks “couldn’t be happier with Herbies” because the “totally stealth,” totally quick, and totally easy shipping, the kind, understanding customer service, and quality seeds can’t be beat.

One customer wrote that they simply “don’t buy from anywhere else” because with Herbies Seeds, “the selection and the customer service is the best.” And who doesn’t want the best?

They’ve also allegedly “got the trippiest packaging too,” definitely another point added to the pros column. Loyal growers of Herbies Seeds make such promising proclamations like, for example, that they have “never had a failed delivery from them and never had a seed not grow.

One Herbies Seeds review on Reddit said the brand is trustworthy, “very clever” in how discreet they are, and “VERY good with their shipping. … Everything arrived exactly as ordered.” Hallelujah!

The consensus on Reddit is that the seeds are trusted, desired, and purchased. Over and over again.

Lastly, we need to take a lingering glance at TrustPilot. Awesomely enough, the brand even links to their TrustPilot directly from the website in the top left corner, and that tells us one thing for sure: they want you to see the rating.

They also probably want you to contribute to the rating, but we know that with 4.6/5 stars, reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the brand is smart (and helpful to us vigilant shoppers) for linking it, boasting an above-average rating with some really glowing testimonials.

A united 86% of customers gave 5 stars, which is certainly impressive. The content of their reviews is nothing short of ecstatic, with people testifying the brand is consistent and reliable, “the real deal,” and with kind customer service, the “most understanding company in the world.”

That last one might be a hyperbole, but it still rings true that growers have loved growing their seeds, everything from the Herbies Seeds Peyote Critical strain to, well, every other strain they offer—people are loving their buds.

Customers say shipping is as fast as the company promises, customer service “immediately” helps and readily replaces products when they are not up to quality standards. No more fighting with customer service agents, begging them to listen to you and give you decent service.

One customer said that Herbies Seeds is the “best seedbank” they have ever shopped from, standing above competitors in their quality service, both products-wise and customer-service-wise. The review tells the tale of a happy grower’s satisfied service:

they went above and beyond to help me get my order just right with the right strains and put in a bunch of free KILLER strain seeds also. Price was cheaper [than] most by FAR and strain selection is huge. Honestly why would you go elsewhere?

TL;DR: the majority of customers love their seeds. Even when they didn’t rave about them, the criticisms were insignificant, like the occasional damage to a package that is inevitable with any online international shop.

All in all, customers love the taste, smell, feel, look, price, and quality of the seeds they’re buying from Herbies. Most are two-thumbs-up, would-and-will-buy-again happy about their ordering experience.

Are Herbies Seeds Worth It?

Herbies Seeds Review

And the final verdict? Worth it.

Herbies Seeds is a cannabis seeds site that is trusted by many vetted growers who back up their claims of quality, discreet shipping, and fine customer service.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews say that the company does exactly what they say they will do: provide you quality seeds at a decent price, with no-hassle shipping and understanding customer service.

The prices are reasonable, there are always deals and promos to take advantage of, and you literally are guaranteed a free seed in every order, an advantage you can’t deny. 

The only downside is that you don’t get any free shipping for orders, including returns.

Herbies Seeds Promotions & Discounts 

Herbies Seeds Review

If you’re looking for ways to save a little more (and who isn’t?) then take advantage of these discounts:

  • Sign up for the newsletter for 3 free AutoZkittles 
  • One bonus seed for every $24 you spend
  • Save 10% off orders over $236
  • Free Gorilla Glue Auto seed with every purchase

And since you can never have too many deals, check out the Promotions and Discounts pages on the brand site to make sure you’re not missing out on any hidden specials.

Where to Buy Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds Review

To buy some sweet Herbies Seeds Gloria Zkittlez or any other strains that suit your fancy, head straight to the brand at herbiesheadshop.com.


Herbies Seeds Review

Where are Herbies Seeds Sourced? 

Our Herbies Seeds review found that the cannabis is sourced from various countries including the lands of Spain, the US, the UK, and the Netherlands.

What is Herbies Seeds’ Shipping Policy?

In awesome fashion, Herbies Seeds ships internationally. But since it’s variable per country, we’ll make it simple and just tell you what you need to know about shipping to the US and Canada:

  1. Shipping is $13
  2. Delivery is 19–23 days or 3-4 weeks
  3. Orders are processed quickly, within 24 hours
  4. Your signature is required at the doorstep
  5. Stealth shipping is the default setting to ensure your babies arrive safely in extra discreet packaging

What is Herbies Seeds’ Return Policy?

If you wish to return some unused seeds within 7 days of receiving them, you can do so. The downside is you have to pay for shipping costs, but this could be justified by the nature of the products being sometimes tricky business with customs, so it’s a give and take.

How to Contact Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds Review

So, you’ve arrived at the end of our Herbies Seeds review. What now?

Well, if you have more questions, you can direct yourself over to customer service, who are here for you Sundays to Fridays from 2 am to 2 pm EST, via these methods:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone (US): +1-888-427-0772
  • WhatsApp: +34 633 32 60 20
  • Live chat on herbiesheadshop.com

Happy growing!

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