Himiway C3 E-Bike Review: The Ultimate Choice for Everyday Adventures

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Himiway C3 E-Bike

E-bikes are a convenient and eco-friendly way to commute to work, see the sights, and get some fresh air. Cargo models are especially great for families, equipped with safety, power, and capacity features to improve the ride. 

The Himiway C3 is a class 2 e-bike designed to get you and your loved ones from point A to point B safer and more conveniently. With a range of 60-80 miles, it outperforms others on the market yet can handle up to 440 lbs. 

Made to carry one adult and one child with ample room on the rear rack for a child safety seat, this durable and powerful e-bike provides an environmentally friendly way for families to enjoy a new lifestyle. There’s much to explore in this Himiway C3 E-bike review. Let’s start with the highlights.


  • Improved safety with hydraulic brakes, thumb throttle & headlights
  • SUV for family travel – a strong support for family travel
  • Cargo bike with multifunctional rear rack
  • MAX. System weight 440 lbs
  • Eco-friendly way to travel
  • Free shipping
  • 2-year warranty

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Himiway C3 E-Bike Review: Features

Himiway C3 E-Bike

There are tons of different e-bike models out there. From city bikes and cruisers to fat-tired trail runners, choosing the right type of bike is critical to ensure your travel needs are met. But what if your travel needs include transporting a kid? 

That’s where cargo bikes come in, but not all of them have enough weight capacity, the right build, or a powerful enough motor. The C3 does. I’ll get into the details of what makes this bike such an exceptional cargo model next.

Strong Load Capacity

Himiway C3 E-Bike

The C3 was made to haul cargo. Now, what type of cargo you haul is up to you, but I believe the vision for this e-bike was to create a family-friendly vessel that makes travel easier—and I believe they succeeded. 

The Himiway C3 has a 440 lbs capacity. That’s the highest carrying capacity on the market, by the way. With a multi-purpose customized cargo rack with mounting holes, you can attach accessories such as child seats, paddleboards, and even fishing racks. 

Riding Experience

With a 20Ah high-capacity battery and a 750 high-power motor, you can reach up to 60-80 miles on a single charge with the Himiway C3. The speed goes up to 20mph, which, while slightly lower than other e-bikes, is sensible and safe if you’re carting around a kid on the back. 

The C3 also has hydraulic brakes which ensure shorter and safer braking distances. If you need to stop quickly, this bike will help you do it. As for accelerating, the torque sensor helps to provide a smoother, more comfortable experience while extending the range and improving climbing performance. 

The thru-axle front fork has a lockout that makes assembly easy as well as any adjustments you need to make over time.


From hydraulic brakes to headlights and taillights, the C3 has all of the right safety features you get you and your family home safely. Thanks to the thumb throttle, the safety of the riding experience is improved as well, as the responsiveness of the throttle is more accurate than twist throttles.

Himiway C3 E-Bike Review: Specs

Himiway C3 E-Bike

Whether you’re new to the world of e-bikes or a seasoned expert, understanding the specifications of the C3 is key. They’ll help you get to know the bike’s capabilities and what the riding experience will be like. I’ll break them down for you here so you know exactly what you expect. 


The C3 has a maximum speed of 20mph and a 60-80 mile range. Riding uses a combination of throttle and pedal assist and charging takes 6-7 hours. The amount of power in this bike will get two riders up hills with ease, though you can expect that the more weight this bike carries, the less range you will get.

Battery, Motor & Controller

With an LG 48V 20Ah battery and integrated battery design, the C3 has a 750W motor and 86Nm of torque. The controller is 48V/22A. So, what does all of this mean? The e-bike has substantial power and torque and you will be able to ride up hills easily. It also means getting the e-bike’s motor to kick in will require minimal effort.


The C3 has a SHIMANO ALTUS M310 7-speed rear derailleur and 0-5 levels of pedal assist. You can expect a smooth ride thanks to these features. 

Power the bike by pedaling the aluminum pedals or using the thumb throttle and view your speed on the LCD screen. 

Frame & Tires

Since the frame is made from 6061 aluminum and the bike weighs 80lbs, this sturdy bike can handle up to 440 lbs of weight. There are Tektro HD-E3520 hydraulic brakes which make stopping on a dime easy and 60mm TRAMA coil front suspension.

The tires measure 20”x3” and are low rolling resistance off-road tires. This provides ample traction when stopping. There’s also a mid-aluminum kickstand that’s sturdy enough to hold up this 80lb bike, a saddle seat, and a multifunctional rear rack that can be used to attach a child’s safety seat or a basket.


Himiway C3 E-Bike

I love that the Himiway C3 has a front 48V LED light and an integrated tail light. This makes riding before dawn and after dusk easier and much safer.

How Much Does the Himiway C3 E-Bike Cost?

Himiway C3 E-Bike

You can get the Himiway C3 E-Bike for $1,999.

Who is the Himiway C3 E-Bike For?

Himiway C3 E-Bike

The Himiway C3 E-Bike is a cargo bike, which means it’s designed for carting items or people around. Many who choose cargo bikes have kids, and that’s precisely who the C3 is aimed at: Families who have small children.

 E-bikes are fantastic for families who want more sustainable travel options. Just keep in mind that the C3 is designed to handle one adult and one child, and the weight capacity is 440 lbs.  

Himiway C3 E-Bike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Himiway C3 E-Bike

The Himiway C3 has recently been released, so there isn’t much customer feedback on it yet. However, I believe it’s still beneficial to understand what customers think about the brand as a whole and the quality of their other products.

I’ll include a couple of Himiway E-bike reviews here so you get a sense for what people love so much about them. Of the D3 Cruiser, one customer wrote:

The fat tire traction and comfort is excellent. I am actually astonished how comfortable riding it is…I love this new bike. It’s fast, solid, and comfortable. It has a strong battery so I can focus on riding more and not worry I’ll run out of juice. I don’t think I can find a bike this good for what Himiway charges for it. I get lots of compliments on its looks! Excellent all around!

This next Himiway E-bike review is about the brand’s customer service. It reads, “Himiway has really stepped up their game as far as taking care of the customers and the response time for shipping customer’s purchases. I am so happy to be a customer and [own] two Himiway bikes.

This next review speaks of the brand’s service as well, “Fast shipping. Great customer service. One of the items was defective and a new one was sent quickly.

All of these Himiway reviews were taken from the brand’s website, but there are ample others across the web. What can we glean from the brand’s feedback? They have solid customer service and make excellent bikes that people love.

Is the Himiway C3 E-Bike Worth It?

Himiway C3 E-Bike

The Himiway C3 E-bike is a great way to transport your family to and from school, or for outings in the spring, summer, and fall. It’s incredibly durable and powerful and has a payload capacity of 440 lbs. With a powerful motor and battery with a 60-80 mile range, you may not have to charge your bike daily, considering the average commute is under 20 miles. 

Compared with other e-bikes out there, the Himiway C3 is a cargo bike that’s truly worth the price. Helping you transport your kid in an environmentally friendly and convenient way, this sturdy workhorse may just turn into your favorite mode of transportation.

Himiway C3 E-Bike Discounts & Promotions

Himiway C3 E-Bike

Himiways offers a few different promotions on their website. The first one I saw while writing this Himiway review was the $50 discount offer when subscribing to the newsletter. Another way you can save is by joining the Rewards Program. You’ll get 1 Himi point for every $1 spent. 100 Himi points get you $1. Below are other promotions and discounts:

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  1. Next Purchase Discount: Patrons can take advantage of a one-time discount of $300 on all bikes and accessories with their next purchase. This exclusive offer cannot be divided for multiple uses, encouraging shoppers to make the most of their savings in a single transaction.
  2. Accessory Discount: Customers can enjoy a generous 20% discount on accessories acquired within one year from the date of their initial purchase.
  3. Hassle-Free Returns and Exchanges: The store offers a convenient 15-day return or exchange policy to ensure complete customer satisfaction. While quality-related concerns waive shipping costs, regular returns may incur shipping fees.
  4. Lucky Draw: As part of a special promotion, three fortunate individuals will have the opportunity to receive their purchases free of charge. Winners will be selected randomly, adding an element of excitement to the shopping experience.
  5. Full Discount Activity: Shoppers can enjoy significant savings on select models through the full discount activity:
    • $350 off purchases of $2700 or more
    • $650 off purchases of $3700 or more
    • $1200 off purchases of $5000 or more

Participating Models: These discounts apply to various models, including the C5, A7 Pro, C1, cruiser series, zebra old series, and Cobra old series.

Where Can I Buy the Himiway C3 E-Bike?

Himiway C3 E-Bike

Find a Himiway store near me using the location tool or shop online at There are more than 300 retail partners across the US. You can also find some of their products on Amazon.


Himiway C3 E-Bike

What is Himiway’s Shipping Policy?

Himiway offers free shipping to the lower 48 United States. They do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. They also do not ship to PO Boxes or APO addresses.

In-stock orders ship the next business days unless noted on the product page. If you do not receive your order within 14 business days, email [email protected] and let them know. If you have placed a preorder, check the shipping date on the product page for estimated delivery. 

Other important details you should know about the shipping process include:

  • All orders come with free shipping
  • Orders are shipped via UPS/FedEx
  • If you reject your package, there will be a 10% restocking fee

What is Himiway’s Return Policy?

If you would like to replace or return your Himiway E-bike, submit a ticket via the online returns center. Himiway offers a free replacement or return policy. However, it does not apply to:

  • Minor damage to the outer packaging
  • Minor scratches or paint loss on the product
  • Damage or wearing of parts after excessive use
  • Damage or wearing of parts after using several times
  • Bikes with over 10 miles of total mileage

To begin the return or exchange process, you should get in contact with Himiway within 15 days of receiving the bike. All returns require the original packaging supplies and shipping box. Bikes must not have any sign of wear, dirt, or scratches within all of the hardware they came with.

All returns will have a 10% restocking fee and a $150 shipping fee for non-quality issues.

Does Himiway offer a warranty?

Yes! Himiway offers a 2-year warranty on their bikes that covers manufacturing and parts defects on the frame, battery, or parts and components. If you experience an issue that isn’t related to normal wear and tear or misuse within your first 2 years of owning your bike, let Himiway know. They’ll repair or replace your bike, though you will be responsible for shipping costs.

How to Contact Himiway

Need more information than what was included in this Himiway C3 E-Bike review? Get in touch with the brand directly. Their customer service hours are Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm PST. You can either call 323-303-3155 or email [email protected].

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