Joico Shampoo Review

About Joico

Joico Shampoo Review

Joico spreads the joy of healthy hair. The brand creates innovative, professional-quality hair products for salons and personal use, and their hair color and styling products are a well-known name for a reason!

The brand has been featured by notable media sources such as Hello, Byrdie, Instyle, Who What Wear, and Allure. They also boast a substantial Instagram following of 420k where many users post their success stories with Joico products.  

Joico is also a favorite among celebrity hairdressers and clients like Mila Kunis, Kourtney Kardashian, and Julianne Hough. They won Salon Magazine’s 2017 Stylist’s Choice Award

This Joico shampoo review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their treatments are right for you.

Overview of Joico

Joico Shampoo Review

Joico has been in business for over 40 years now, founded by Steve Stefano, a successful hairstylist from Southern California.

They’ve stuck to their American roots to this day, with all products made locally. Currently, the brand is headquartered in the buzzing Culver City, California where their team of professionals works to curate new products for every hair type, color, and issue.

The company has also made notable scientific contributions to the hair care industry, as they were pioneers in the use of Keratin Protein, and have made immense contributions to the industry with the Triamine Complex®

Among these notable accomplishments, the brand has never lost its core values of designing products that“return hair to its strongest, shiniest, healthiest state with each and every use.”

To prove it, the brand has released various collections of colors and treatments for its users including their:

  • LoveFest Collection: A line of neon and bright colored semi-permanent colors that last through 20+ shampoos
  • Joico Color Intensity Collection: 35 intensely concentrated colors that do not require developers to last
  • Color Balance Collection: Pigmented shampoos, conditioners, and treatments, each formulated for certain hair colors, to strengthen and repair hair after coloring

Need more? The brand is also dedicated to green initiatives by partnering with EPA Green Power, an organization dedicated to creating sustainable energy solutions, and setting goals to reduce its carbon footprint by 2030 by 75% with sustainable packaging options.

This Joico shampoo review will now take a look at the initial pros and cons of the brand.


  • Salon-quality products recognized widely and endorsed by celebrity stylists 
  • A range of products compatible with many hair types and ages
  • Over 40 years of experience in the industry 
  • Pioneer of Keratin and the Triamine Complex in hair care
  • The company believes in sustainable, ethical practices by lowering its carbon footprint
  • All products are cruelty-free and free of parabens, formaldehyde, and other irritants   
  • Some products, like Joico Lumishine, last 20+ washes 
  • Many repeat customers swear by the coloring treatments 
  • Many positive customer reviews from reliable sources
  • Rewards Program for discounts and coupons for each purchase
  • Free Ulta standard shipping on orders over $35
  • Full refunds for items within 60 days of purchase


  • Cannot shop directly from the website, and no promotions or discounts offered 
  • Expensive
  • Mixed reviews on the efficacy and certain scents
  • No international shipping 

Joico is known for their professional boxed dyes, home hairstyling, and care products. On their website, they even offer handy Joico hair color charts for salon experts to determine hair needs and what colors you are looking for. 

Joico Shampoo Review

To switch up your appearance from the comfort of home, we recommend the Joico Hair Color Collection, coming in various intensities and colors for your hair’s safety and desired effects.

If your first attempt turns out to be a disaster, don’t worry! The Joico Color Eraser was made to reverse color treatments, leaving hair fresh to start coloring again.  

The brand also hosts a blog where hair care professionals post educational articles on products and techniques. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about achieving that perfect blonde, or putting your hair into bubble braids, visit this online Joico spot. 

For now, keep reading this Joico shampoo review to learn more about the brand’s most loved shampoos, conditioners, coloring, and hair care products.

Joico Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Joico sells a range of shampoos and conditioners that address different hair concerns. These include Blonde Life, Color Balance, K-PAK, and Joifull.

All of the bestsellers featured in this Joico shampoo review can only be purchased through Ulta Beauty. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo Review

We often hear all about purple shampoo and brassy blondes. But, brunettes need to protect their color, too! Like the name suggests, this Joico formula contains blue pigments that neutralize unwanted warm tones in your hair. 

Green tea extracts prevent fading, and a Smart Release technology protects strands from daily damage. Follow up the Joico blue shampoo with the Color Balance Blue Conditioner to really go that extra mile.

If you’re looking to try Color Balance Blue Shampoo out for the first time, try 10.1 oz for $19. Those who frequently bleach, highlight, or touch-ups their strands can opt for 33.8 oz, at $36

Joico K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo Review

The K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo helps revive weak and damaged hair, while preventing future breakage and split-ends. It improves shine and elasticity, without stripping hair of its natural oils.

Packed with guajava fruit extracts and evening primrose, it also protects hair from UV damage, while nourishing it with keratin. Lather up your strands when they’re feeling brittle, so they’ll be easier to manage and style when dry. 

The Joico K-Pack shampoo comes in 10.1 oz for $19, and 33.8 oz for $36.

Joico Defy Damage Protective Shampoo Review 

Some of us go to the salon simply for a reinvigorating scalp massage, walking out feeling utterly pampered. If you’ve started dyeing your hair at home, you can still recreate those salon-quality shampoo sessions with Joico’s Defy Damage Protective Shampoo

This rich, luxurious formula prevents future damage by strengthening bonds in your cuticles and increasing the lifespan of your color. While tender on your tresses, it still reaches deep to remove stubborn buildup and impurities. The powerful pairing of Moringa seed oil and arginine oil boosts softness and preps hair for styling. 

The Defy Damage Protective Shampoo retails for $20 for 10.1 oz, and $37 for 33.8 oz.

Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo Review 

Turn heads with the Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo, keeping those golden locks clean and bright. This shampoo contains Tamanu and Monoi oils, protecting hair from environmental damage. Arginine is another key ingredient which rebuilds damaged cuticles from the inside out.

To maintain hydration and bounce, this Joico shampoo review recommends pairing it with one of the brand’s best-selling conditioners. You can grab the Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo in 2 sizes: 10.1 oz for $20 or 33.8 oz for $37

Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo Travel Size Review 

Moisture Recovery Shampoo is the perfect first step in quenching parched strands. It works best on hair that is thick or coarse, sealing in intensive moisture without weighing it down with heavy oils. 

This shampoo contains a Hydramine Sea Complex of Sea Kelp, Seawater Nutrients, and Brown Algae. Together they help restore your hair’s hydrolipidic barrier, keeping it replenished for up to 24 hours straight.

Currently, you can only purchase the travel size of 1.7 oz for $6, but you can get the full size of this product in stores at many Ulta locations.

Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner Review

The second step is the Moisture Recovery Conditioner. Like its twin, the Recovery Shampoo, this product also works on dense, coarse strands to retain natural moisture.

The Hydramine Sea Complex makes hair soft to the touch, leaving no greasy residues behind, but is most effective when used frequently.

It provides hydration from roots to tips evenly, even on combination hair types. A 5-star reviewer testifies,

My hair tends to be dry on the ends from blonde highlights, but oily on top near my face/hairline. I’ve never been able to find a product that helps with both,” until, of course, she landed on the Moisture Recovery Conditioner. 

This popular Joico conditioner rings in at $20 for 8.5oz, and $37 for 33.8oz. 

Joico Hair Care Review

When there’s a big date or event just hours away, luscious hair is the last thing on your mind. For those moments, you need a 5-minute treatment, which Joico is happy to provide.

No matter what your hair troubles are, this Joico shampoo review has found a product for you. Let’s dive into three of their bestselling hair care.   

Joico K-PAK Intense Hydrator Review 

Has coloring ever fried your locks so intensely, that you just wanted to chop them off? Well, put down the scissors and pick up the K-PAK Intense Hydrator instead.

This immediate hydrator gives you a second chance at repairing and nourishing frizz, breakage, and split ends for healthier-looking, glossy hair.

The secret is Keratin, which improves the appearance of smoother tresses after every wash. For an indulgent experience, work the K-PAK Intense Hydrator into damp hair, relax for 5 minutes, and rinse. 

You can purchase this high quality hydrator on Ulta for $23. If you’ve bleached your hair to a point of no return, this product might just be a life-saver. 

Joico K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Review 

This next one is a favorite of Kourtney Kardashian’s: the K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor.

This quick-acting treatment reverses years of erosion to strengthen your hair follicles. As a result, some of its silkiness will start to return within 1–2 uses

As with most of Joico’s formulas, the K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor has a Keratin base, which helps improve the overall look and strength of hair.

This is accompanied by a blend of Omega-6, Gamma-Linolenic Acid, Guajava Fruit, and Primrose Extracts, which all aid your hair with proteins so that the effects last. 

You can get this transformative K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor in a 5.1 oz tube for $23, or 8.5 oz for $33.

Joico Blonde Life Brightening Veil Review

The Blonde Life Brightening Veil is a product that will protect your delicate blonde tresses from external stressors. This product acts as a veil of protection for your hair color from UV damage, heat styling, and any color fading. 

Part of Joico’s Blonde Life line, this treatment contains Monoi and Tamanu Oils to condition hair without revealing any brassiness. Plus, it can be applied to mature hair without weighing it down.

Share it with your grandma after she returns home with a fresh perm.  The Joico Blonde Life Brightening Veil retails for $21.

Joico Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Joico Shampoo Review

This Joico shampoo review took a look at customer feedback online to see what people were saying about their purchases. The brand won points for repairing damaged, colored hair and restoring softness.

Influenster reviews of the Joico K Pack products are extremely positive, with the Blonde Life Brightening Veil rated 4.6/5 stars based on 88 reviews.

Customers agreed that the product amplified the brightness of blonde hair, its softness, and overall appearance:

Is Joico a good hair dye? One reviewer wrote, “If you want an amazing product that is lightweight, smells amazing, treats your hair, and brings the life back to your dull or brassy blonde, then this is it—all in one bottle! You simply can’t go wrong with Joico!” 

On Influenster, the K-Pack shampoos also have a rating of 4.6/5 stars based on 4,493 reviews with buyers loving how their hair felt rejuvenated, hydrated, and healthier

Next, Joico shampoo reviews on Reddit were also very positive, with customers testifying that the formulas improved the condition of their hair over time: “I used to use the K-pak products almost daily when my hair was in horrible condition and it helped a ton.” 

A number of new and repeat buyers shared that Joico’s color line is their new go-to or a reliable favorite. A review for Joico Vero KPack Color says, “I use Joico colour safe and I love it. Been using it for years and tbh I don’t know if I could ever find better.

On the flip side, some customers turned their noses up at the chemical smells and ineffectiveness of Joico hair products. 

Makeup Alley reviews for Joico averaged out to 3/5 stars with the Color Balance Blue Shampoo with a rating of 4.1/5 stars.

Though the reviews were great on most accounts, one reviewer detailed that this blue shampoo made their hair: “los[s] a little brassiness, but nothing to make this worth the price. I will continue to use it until it’s gone, but I will not repurchase.”

Whereas one other Makeup Alley customer felt that the Color Endurance Conditioner “smell[ed] very sweet and artificial, it can make me nauseous when it seeps into my pillowcase but I’m sensitive to some perfumes.”

Is Joico Worth It?

Joico Shampoo Review

This Joico shampoo review would say that yes, the brand is worth it. They make salon-quality products that are used by professional stylists, and many loyal buyers swear by Joico hair dye.  

The brand itself upholds high standards in practices through carefully curating its products and standing by a sustainability pledge. Not to mention that their products have won numerous awards and numerous celebrities recommend them to buyers.

But, is Joico a good brand of shampoo? Some customers did not see strong results from their Color Balance Blue Shampoo and were turned off by the smells of some formulas like the Color Endurance Conditioner.

Though these are legitimate concerns, what customers must be aware of is that many of Joico’s products, specifically those dealing with color treatments, are heavily pigmented to correct your color and can smell like actual hair dye. This can be the cause of harsh smells.

As for products that did not work effectively, this may be a matter of preference or even hair type. Any stylist or hair professional will advise that you do your research heavily before using products to make sure you get the desired effects.

Still, a majority believed that the treatments worked in delivering the results they were aiming for, and many rely on Joico as their Holy color treatment and hair care source.  

Reviewers have high expectations of the Joico products due to the price tag that comes with them. From what we have seen, Joico delivers on these promises again and again. The products are also expensive because of their high-quality ingredients that deliver results.

All in all, what you see is what you get with this luxury hair care company, and we still think that this brand is worth buying.

Joico Promotions & Discounts 

Joico Shampoo Review

There are no promotions or discounts advertised on the brand’s website. But, this Joico shampoo review found out you can save money through their retail and salon partners

For example, Joico’s main retailer, Ulta Beauty, is currently hosting a Spring Haul, free standard shipping on all orders $35+.

Ulta also offers coupons from time to time and a Rewards Program, where members can sign up and collect points to put towards future purchases. 

Where to Buy Joico

Joico Shampoo Review

You can browse Joico’s entire collection of hair care products on their website: However, purchasing options are available through their main distributor: Ulta Beauty. 

Select retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, CVS, and local hair salons also carry their products. Use Joico’s Store Locator to find the closest stock to you. 


Joico Shampoo Review

What company owns Joico? 

Joico is owned by Zotos International, Inc. This is also a company that creates salon quality hair products.

Where is Joico manufactured? 

Joico products are manufactured in the United States. The brand’s headquarters are located in LA. 

Is Joico safe? 

There haven’t been any reports of unusual side-effects/ allergic reactions. For these reasons, the brand is safe to use. 

Does Joico have sulfates? 

As with many high-quality hair care brands these days, Joico does not use sulfates in their products. That’s great news if you have colored hair.

Does Joico have formaldehyde? 

This Joico shampoo review found that the company’s products are free of formaldehyde. 

Does Joico have parabens? 

Joico products do not contain parabens. They are also free of benzophenone, methyldibromo glutaronitrile, MCI/MI, and other allergy-causing irritants. 

What is Joico’s Shipping Policy?

Since the brand’s main retailer is Ulta Beauty, this Joico shampoo review will outline Ulta’s shipping policy:

  • Standard: $6 (delivery within 3-8 business days) 
  • Expedited: $10 (delivery within 3-4 business days)
  • Premium: $17 (delivery within 2-3 business days)

There is no international shipping available at this time. U.S. shipping is free on standard orders over $35

What is Joico’s Return Policy?

You can receive a full refund from Ulta within 60 days of purchase. To initiate the process:

  1. Use the return mailing label included in your original packaging contents 
  2. Pack your products in the original shipping carton    
  3. Using trackable ground shipping (recommended), mail items back to: Returns Center 

1135 Arbor Drive 

Romeoville, IL 60446

Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling fees. Once returns are processed, you will receive a confirmation email and your credit will show up within 7-10 days.  

How to Contact Joico

If you have any questions and wish to contact customer service after reading this Joico shampoo review, you can do so via:

  • Phone: +1 424-308-0666
  • Contact Form on their website

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