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About KidPass

KidPass Review

KidPass is a portal to in-person and online learning and activities for children of all ages. It keeps kids busy in meaningful ways, whether they’re getting extra education, getting into a new sport, or learning a new skill/craft.

They have a substantial fanbase online, with 37.5k likes on Facebook and 26.7k Instagram followers. Here you can find updates and pictures of happy parents and kids alongside some testimonials to give you a good feel for the brand.

In my KidPass review, I’ll look into this educational tool to see if it is worth your time and money. Let’s go through customer reviews, the brand’s partnerships, its promotions, and most importantly, the products that the portal offers. 

Overview of KidPass

KidPass Review

Starting in the mid-2010s, KidPass is the brainchild of Solomon Liou and Chhay Chhun. At its inception, Liou’s wife was pregnant, and Chhun was getting married and planning to have children. Both men believed in the importance of multidimensional child development, including cognitive, physical, and social development.

Their mission became “to be the destination for parents to discover and book meaningful experiences for their children.” Their motto, “Learn, Build, And Grow,” is one that they feel should define all their relationships, whether with a customer, a partner, or an employee.

In 2021, BEGiN, a large company with a history of online early childhood education, bought KidPass, although Liou and Chhun continue to run the company. Thankfully, the two companies’ values are compatible, so the acquisition led to the expansion of what KidPass offered, which had already catered to more than one million American parents.

Although KidPass is not the most well-known brand, it partners up with bigger brands like Gymboree, Kumon, and Mathnasium. It offers online and in-person classes, but for this KidPass review, I’ll focus on online learning and activities only. 

Before my KidPass review looks at some of the brand’s products, let’s go over some of its basic features.


  • Hundreds of thousands of online learning activities for children
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Keeps children busy and entertained
  • Helps with family time by providing activities suitable for interacting
  • Less expensive than going directly to the source
  • Refunds can sometimes be longer to sort than should be
  • Unless you organize a private activity, you are stuck to the times that they offer

KidPass Tutoring Review

KidPass Tutoring is the chance for your child to get one-on-one lessons with an experienced teacher. KidPass offers a free education consultation to discover your child’s unique needs and match them with an ideal tutor from anywhere in the world. All this is to make sure that your child’s tutor is the right person to teach and inspire your kid’s interest in whatever subject.

Mathnasium and Kumon are two brands well-recognized for their tutoring services. They are among many trusted teachers and tutoring organizations partnered with KidPass to offer an online leg-up for your child’s education.

KidPass Semesters Review

The KidPass Semesters are classes and activities that are ongoing and run weekly. They can be anything from learning to speak to playing music to learning a new sport and everything in between. Let’s take a look at some of their best sellers.

KidPass Music Together Mixed Age Class Monday Morning Review

With a focus on songs, the Monday morning KidPass Music Together Mixed Age Class is a great way to start the week for parents and kids alike. The mix of ages lets the children feed off each other in positive ways, musically and socially. It also makes the class ideal for parents with more than one child, as one activity suits all between birth and 6 years old.

At the time of writing my KidPass review, there are no upcoming classes listed.

KidPass Fast Math For Juniors Learning Pod Review

The KidPass Fast Math For Juniors is a learning pod (more than one child taught at once) that teaches your child how to do mental math. Although most of us will never need calculus or trigonometry outside of certain professions, the skill of doing math in our heads is an excellent ability for anyone to have in our everyday lives.

While writing my KidPass review, I found a range of options for times and prices, although there didn’t seem to be any significant difference between them in the class itself. Same course, same provider, possibly different teachers. All are designed for ages 5-8 and have a makeup policy but no refund policy.

They varied from around $29 per week to almost $133 per week (or between 3 and 22 credits).

KidPass Camps Review

Like the semester learning, KidPass Camps are weekly online sessions on academic, music, and arts topics for preschool ages all the way through high school. This section of my KidPass review features two summer camp courses from one of KidPass’ best-selling providers. Both are fun and educational, but for entirely different age groups.

KidPass Fun with Shapes Review

Since shapes are one of the first things that most children learn, Learn with Logic brings the KidPass Fun with Shapes camp class. Shapes are easy for young children to understand, so this course uses shapes to teach more than just shapes as the basis of its learning.

Prices range from $13 to almost $90 per week or 3-15 credits per week. It has a makeup policy and no refunds.

KidPass Famous Scientists and Their True Stories Review

The KidPass Famous Scientists and Their True Stories course makes learning science more fun and interesting by understanding the scientists as real people and what drove them. Sure, lots of us know about Einstein’s theory of relativity or Stephen Hawkin’s research on black holes, but what about the stories behind these famous people and their accomplishments?

Also, from Learn with Logic, this camp session is for children 6-12 years old. It costs between $29 (3 credits) and $133 (22 credits) per week, and it has a makeup, but no refund, policy.

How Does KidPass Work? 

KidPass Review

KidPass is an online portal to classes, tutoring, and educational activities for children from 0 to 18. Well-known children’s education and sports companies such as Gymboree, Mathnasium, YMCA, JCC, Kumon, and Super Soccer Stars offer courses and modules through the website. 

KidPass is a membership-based service, so you need to subscribe to use it. Membership starts at $49 up to $189 per month. The major benefit of membership is that you collect activity points to use towards paying for classes, and you get up to 70% off.

You can browse by subject or use the filters to search by age group, date, and class size. When you find what you want, sign up for the activity you want and pay by exchanging points or spending money. Some classes are one-offs, and others are ongoing or semesters. Some are private, and others are small groups/pods.

Who Is KidPass For?

KidPass Review

Designed for both parents and kids, KidPass helps parents find activities for their children during all stages of childhood. These activities may be physical or mental exercises, but all are educational. During a time when many children are kept at home, this portal offers a way to keep children active, augment their education, and find things to enjoy as a family.

KidPass mainly targets tech-savvy millennial parents who prefer paying online to dropping off a check. It’s ideal for parents who want their children to try an activity but aren’t sure their child will stick to it. Instead of paying thousands for an ongoing activity, you pay a one-time fee for your child to try it, and then make you can both make an informed decision. 

KidPass Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

KidPass Review

Let’s take a look at some KidPass reviews from real customers next. I’ll start by checking out the ratings for a few of the classes I reviewed in this article.

  • Fast Math For Juniors: 4.9/5 stars from 27 reviews
  • Fun with Shapes: 4.4/5 stars from 5 reviews
  • Famous Scientists and Their True Stories: 5/5 stars from 10 reviews

These ratings show that customers appear to like the classes and activities offered by KidPass. Numbers are one thing, but reviews give a much better view of what people really think of the brand and what it has to offer.

This customer took advantage of the private tutors through the portal: “KidPass Tutors helped me to find an amazing tutor and teacher. She has helped my child build confidence and enjoy learning, and she adapted her teaching style to make sure my child is engaged and continuing to learn. I’ve been recommending KidPass Tutors to all my friends.”

This customer was surprised by how engaging the mental maths sessions were for her child: “My daughter had a great time in class. She struggles with math so the fact that she asked to go again took me by surprise. Highly recommend.”

For Fun with Shapes, Stephanie C. writes in her 5-star review how the teacher was everything a preschool teacher should be (or any teacher, for that matter), saying, “The teacher was amazing and very patient!”

With an older age group, the Famous Scientists camp has to stay exciting and interactive to keep attention on the teacher: “My son really enjoyed these classes and getting to discuss different topics within a number of scientific fields. The instructor was knowledgeable, engaging, and patient.”

This final review is about the KidPass portal and how helpful it is, given the amount of time now spent by children at home: “My favorite site for finding fun things to do with kids! KidPass has been a lifesaver this last year with finding online classes and in-person activities. The teachers are super engaging and our kids have learned so much.”

Now that I’ve looked into the positive KidPass reviews on the official website, it’s time to look at some other places and what people think of the brand.

The media, in general, cover it positively. I found most of the negative reviews on TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau, but most of the issues on the BBB were about refund delays and were resolved pretty quickly. 

The one thing that raised antennas was the poor ratings on Trustpilot. There seemed to be a recurring theme of unprofessional teachers and access to the portal. I decided to dig deeper and found all these complaints came before or during the acquisition by BEGiN. Given their reputation, we can assume they would have dealt with the issue by now.

Is KidPass Worth It?

KidPass Review

Okay, so down to the nitty-gritty of the whole article, whether this brand is worth your money. After conducting my KidPass review, I found that it is worth it for more than one reason:

  1. There is a range of prices for classes and memberships, so you are bound to find one that fits your budget
  2. Find something for your children to do, besides watching TV and playing video games
  3. A child’s mental and physical stimulation is necessary for proper development, which is especially hard to maintain in pandemic times
  4. Your child taking an interest in and enjoying learning is priceless, especially when they previously struggled
  5. Home is the safest environment for your child to learn without worrying about getting sick or bullied
  6. KidPass offers some free classes and activities with your membership

KidPass appears to align itself with reputable partners who care to make learning as engaging as possible. Besides, with a one-month free trial, you can try KidPass, without forking out for membership and see if your kids enjoy it as much as the children spoken of in the reviews.

KidPass Promotions & Discounts 

KidPass Review

At the time of this KidPass review, there are several promotions advertised on the website:

  1. 1-month free trial
  2. Points program to pay
  3. Up to 70% off the class price with membership
  4. Free activities with membership
  5. Groupon coupons are sometimes available with a KidPass promo code

Where to Buy KidPass

KidPass Review

The only place to access and use the KidPass platform is on their website at


KidPass Review

Who owns KidPass?

In 2021, BEGiN acquired KidPass to add to its early learning brand that already owned HOMER and codeSpark. It is still run by the original co-founders.

What is KidPass’ Privacy Policy?

KidPass collects personal data from everyone who accesses its services. This applies to anyone 13 years or older. When you use the website, you agree to the collection of your personal data for use and sharing with partners. For more information, visit

What is KidPass’ Refund Policy?

Each class has a different refund policy which you can find on their class page. If you cancel a one-off (non-semester) class within the allotted time frame, you should receive a refund in the same form as you paid. A semester class may or not provide a refund, but they also offer make-up classes for some.

How to Contact KidPass

If you have any questions after reading my KidPass review, you can contact the brand directly using one of the following methods:

  • Phone: (888) 465-4372
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mail: 335 Madison Avenue, Suite 7D, New York, NY 10017
  • Online Form: Here

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