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Kin Fertility Review

Every woman should have the information and freedom to take control of their own fertility. Kin Fertility gives them that freedom by doing away with visits to doctor’s offices and pharmacies and allowing them to consult from home. They offer fertility tools and advice from the privacy of your own home.

Keeping in mind that Australia is a small country and Kin Fertility has a limited target audience of women of childbearing age, they have managed (in two years) to grow a Facebook following of 6.2K and 21.2K Instagram followers. They regularly feature in media outlets, including the Australian versions of POPSUGAR, Vogue, and Marie Claire. 

Although these products and services are not in the US yet, I hope that they will bring them here soon. Women can use this sort of freedom in any western country. Since we don’t have universal healthcare, this service can save you tons of money on doctor visits. Also, superior prenatal care contributes to healthier babies.

For that reason, my Kin Fertility review takes an in-depth look at the brand, their products, their services, and some feedback from their customers.  

Overview of Kin Fertility

Kin Fertility Review

When a young Australian woman was misdiagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), she spent a lot of time online trying to discover more about her supposed condition. She found herself with more questions than answers and also discovered that many other women were suffering the same lack of information about their bodies.

It was then that Nicole Liu came up with the idea of Kin Fertility, a secure, reliable online portal that gives women a place to find the answers to their questions about fertility. She launched it in 2019 to enable women to take control of their fertility, starting with The Pill service and later growing to cover all areas of fertility.

Kin Fertility helps with contraceptives, hormone testing for answers to your fertility, prenatal vitamins, pregnancy aids, and postpartum recovery tools. The company has consulting doctors to help you get the right contraceptive and understand your hormones, so you can make the right choice for your fertility.

Before my Kin Fertility review gets into the products and services offered by this brand, let’s look at some of the benefits of this company.


Kin Fertility Review
  • Free masterclass with purchase of The Prenatal
  • Subscription service
  • No hassle contraception pills
  • Cover women’s fertility from start to finish
  • Let’s you take control of your fertility

Kin Fertility Review

Kin Fertility offers five services/products that cover women from the start to the finish of their fertility. This includes contraception, hormones, prenatal vitamins as well as pregnancy and postpartum recovery tools. Let’s discuss these bestselling options.

Kin Fertility The Pill Subscription Review

Any woman who has been on contraceptive pills knows that it’s a pain going to a doctor’s office to get a prescription and then having to spend time waiting at the pharmacy to fill and refill it. This is time-consuming and a lot of work. And completely unnecessary with Kin Fertility The Pill Subscription.

For the price of a membership subscription, plus the pharmacy cost for the medication, Kin Fertility sends your prescriptions to you before you run out. This is how it works:

  1. Complete the online medical form and pay your subscription. A Kin Fertility doctor should get back to you within 24 hours.
  2. Chat online with a doctor and get a prescription and plan that work for you. 
  3. Place your first order, and then your work is done – your prescription is automatically delivered to you two weeks before you run out.

Kin Fertility makes an online consultant available to all The Pill Subscription members. The subscription cost is $40 annually.

Kin Fertility The Fertility Test Review

As more women have babies later in life, more ladies need insight into their chances of pregnancy. Hormones have a lot to do with fertility and can be balanced to give you optimal chances for pregnancy. The Fertility Test measures up to eight hormones. The Kin Fertility consultants then chat with you about the results. Hormones for testing include:

  1. Anti-Mullerian – Ovarian reserve
  2. Follicle Stimulating – Ovary growing
  3. Estradiol – Ovulation helping
  4. Luteinizing – When to ovulate
  5. Prolactin – Interferes with ovulation
  6. Thyroid-Stimulating – Interferes with ovulation
  7. Free Thyroxine – Thyroid related
  8. Free Testosterone – Need to be balanced

All you need to do is go to a partner lab to get your blood drawn. Get to know your body and whether your hormones are right for pregnancy for about $215.

Kin Fertility The Prenatal Review 

The best way to give your baby its best start is to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need, including the all-important folic acid. The Prenatal from Kin Fertility gives you everything you need in pill form but is better than other brands because they use methylated folate instead of folic acid.

Many women’s bodies have trouble absorbing folic acid, but not the byproduct of folic acid, methylated folate. With their clinically-backed prenatal vitamins, Kin Fertility skipped a step that our bodies have to do to process folic acid, so the pills are therefore more effective and efficient. Folic acid should be started if you are even considering having a baby.

These prenatal vitamins are about $35 per month or, with a Kin Fertility subscription, $30 (month) or $80 (3 months).

Kin Fertility The Belly Essentials Review

Writing this Kin Fertility review, I know that growing a human being is a beautiful experience that takes a toll on women’s bodies. As your baby bump grows, so do the pains and aches associated with the extra weight. The Belly Essentials is a set of helpful tools, during and after pregnancy. The first is a belly band. The second is a lotion designed to help minimize stretch marks by maintaining skin elasticity.

The band helps hold up your baby bump for a few hours every day, giving your body a break. After pregnancy, the band is meant to compress the belly as the muscles start to heal. Kin Fertility’s The Belly Essentials kit is about $65.

Kin Fertility Postpartum Recovery Kit Review

Your bundle of joy has come but don’t forget to take care of your health and healing too. The quicker that you heal, the sooner you can get to enjoying motherhood to its fullest. The Postpartum Recovery Kit is everything you need to heal after natural childbirth. It comes with:

  • Peri Bottle – ergonomically designed for easy access to the area
  • 8 mesh panties
  • 14 padsicles
  • Healing foam

The padsicles are a great idea, as they are the kind of pads that you crack to initiate the cold, not put in your freezer. The kit is around $85

Who Is Kin Fertility For? 

Kin Fertility Review

Well, to start, Kit Fertility is for Australians, but I hope that may change soon. For the purpose of this article, let’s talk about who this should be for.

Any woman thinking of having a baby, having a baby, or just had a baby. This brand covers women’s fertility from start to finish, with help for those who don’t want to, or do want, to get pregnant.

To summarize this section of my Kin Fertility review, the brand is for women who want to understand and take control of their fertility. It allows them to do this hassle-free and privately. 

Kin Fertility Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Kin Fertility Review

As a newer company, and in Australia only, it was not easy to find many places with customer comments to include this Kin Fertility review, but what I did see was highly positive. On Australia’s, they rated 4.9/5 stars out of 3,027 reviews. This customer explains why The Fertility Test is great for busy women:

“Fertility bloods were so easy to get and only had to make one trip out of the house which made it easy to fit into my schedule. The telehealth consult after was amazing – very personalized and informative. I would highly recommend Kin for anyone with a busy schedule who wants personalized results with a specialist.”

The Prenatal is superior because they negate the need for absorption, which is usually tricky. Also, folic acid often causes as much nausea as the pregnancy. This customer on the Kin Fertility website says:

“My partner and I had been talking about Baby #2 for a while. I knew I needed to get back on the vitamins but wasn’t looking forward to gigantic capsules and fishy burps. Kin’s prenatal vitamin is easy to take and doesn’t cause reflux. It gives me what I need and doesn’t mess with my insides. Happy Mama, right here!”

Also from the website is this comment about The Postpartum Recovery Kit. She explains,
“What I love most are: the healing foam as I haven’t been able to find an Australian company that sells it; and the convenience of the instant ice pads.”

She went on to say, “In the first few weeks postpartum you’re busy enough trying to figure out motherhood without needing to have to worry about whether you’ve remembered to chuck some pads in the freezer. Thanks Kin!”

Is Kin Fertility Worth It?

Kin Fertility Review

To conclude this Kin Fertility review, I have no qualms about saying that it is totally worth your money and that it would be a great service and products to be available in the US. With no doctor visits or pharmacy waits required, The Pill Subscription service takes the hassle and embarrassment out of contraception pills.

The hormone testing and, most of all, the explanation consult are a freedom that women didn’t have before. Most family doctors are not fertility experts, but all of Kin’s consulting doctors are.

Perhaps you will need more help from a fertility clinic, or perhaps it will be a simple imbalance of hormones that can be easily corrected.

From the reviews, The Prenatal is a great product, superior to regular prenatal vitamins. Since one in every three women has a condition that doesn’t allow her to absorb folic acid, this vitamin could be a gamechanger for all women.  

Kin Fertility Promotions & Discounts 

Kin Fertility Review
  • 10% off the first prenatal order
  • 10% off the first postpartum order
  • Subscription services can save on prenatal vitamins

Where to Buy Kin Fertility

Kin Fertility Review

Kin Fertility is a service only available in Australia at present, but I hope I can update this Kin Fertility review when the brand comes to the US.


Kin Fertility Review

Who owns Kin Fertility?

Founder Nicole Liu is the owner. She is Sydney-based.

Does Kin Fertility ship internationally?

No, due to the nature of shipping medications outside of a country, Kin Fertility only offers service Australia-wide.

What is Kin Fertility’s Shipping Policy?

Once your order is confirmed, it takes 2-3 business days to arrive, unless you ordered contraceptive pills, which can take longer due to the need for a prescription check. Kin Fertility sends a confirmation email with tracking information when your package is shipped. 

What is Kin Fertility’s Return Policy?

At the time of this Kin Fertility review, the company does not do returns on any of their services or products discussed in this article. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time but not refunded.

How to Contact Kin Fertility

Kin Fertility Review

If you have any questions for the brand beyond this Kin Fertility review, you can email them at [email protected]

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