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Ovia Health Review

Whether it’s assisting with fertility tracking, pregnancy, or navigating parenthood, Ovia Health’s personalized, informative, and free apps are there for you. By taking a science-backed approach, the app delivers clinically-validated information to help you understand and learn about whatever stage of life you’re in.

Over 15 million people use Ovia. The service has almost 2.4 million followers across its social network and has been featured in Forbes and The New York Times.

Why? Because it’s unlike any other fertility app out there. Plus, despite how much support it provides, the service has been able to keep costs out of the picture, offering peace and organization to expectant and new parents.

Is it everything it’s cracked up to be? In this Ovia Health review, I’m here to figure that out. So join me as I divulge key details like brand background, customer feedback, and of course, what you’ll get from the app when you sign up. Let’s get into it.

Overview of Ovia Health

Ovia Health Review

Try to sign up for any fertility app and you’ll quickly realize one of two things: there’s a hefty membership fee or the tracker is pretty bare bones. What do millions of people love about Ovia Health? It costs what simplistic apps do ($0) but operates as a paid membership platform would.

For the folks at Ovia, keeping its app free for users was important and so it outsources funding to make sure it stays that way. Founded by Dr. Alex Baron, Gina Nebesar, and Rory O’Connor, the service works alongside top-tier academic institutions to offer the latest, relevant health information to its global users.

With more than 10,000 articles written by health experts and content validated by an in-house clinical team of 20+, Ovia provides correct and most up-to-date information possible to help you through a few of life’s many challenges.

Though Ovia Health is geared towards women, accounts can be linked with partners to keep them in the loop. Parents can use the app’s wealth of knowledge to prevent trips to the doctor’s office or confirm that they indeed need to go—the service essentially transforms from a fertility tracker to a family planner.

The next part of my Ovia Health review will dive right into what this service has to offer. I’ll spare no detail about its many features, and then walk you through how the service works and who it’s best suited for. But first, let’s check out the highlights.


Ovia Health Review
  • Fertility, family-planning, & well-being apps
  • 10,000 clinically-validated articles
  • 40+ peer-reviewed journals
  • In-house team of 20+ healthcare professionals & parenting experts
  • Easy to use
  • Totally free
  • Available around the world

From clinical programs and interventions to personalized services tailored to your family’s needs, Ovia is loved for its informative approach to health. So what exactly will you get once you download? You’ll find all the details just ahead in this Ovia Health review.

Ovia Health Digital Health Review

Before, during, and after pregnancy can be times of incessant worry, with millions of questions that can’t wait until your next doctor’s visit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a science-backed, reliable source of information on hand 24/7? That’s Ovia Health.

Helping you through women’s health, fertility, family building, and parental well-being, Ovia serves as a valuable tool for families who need questions answered now.

But here’s where the app really comes in handy. Instead of muddling through Google in search of answers, Ovia has all of your biological information on hand and can use that to provide personalized advice based on your unique condition.

Consider Ovia your on-call health coach with answers to your questions as well as helpful guides and tracking tools to ensure you stay on top of everything. In addition to providing answers, the service fills you in on helpful tips and shares articles it thinks may be of interest.

These aren’t just any tips though. You may encounter deals on certain products, smart advice about health plan coverage, and recipes to help boost fertility or improve prenatal health. You can even use it as a daily journal to record your mood, details about your relationship, and any symptoms you may be feeling.

An overall beneficial tool for tracking and learning, the scientific approach that Ovia takes puts families at ease throughout the confusing time of conception, pregnancy, and parenthood.

Ovia Apps Review

Ovia Apps Review
Ovia Apps

Millions of people choose Ovia because it’s easy to use, thorough, and informative. Depending on what stage you’re at, you’ll pick from its three app options:

  1. Ovia Fertility

If you’re trying to conceive, you’ll enter basic details about yourself and your health, then you’ll have the ability to track your cycle and get personalized insights into your most fertile days. Each day, you can log on and enter whatever’s going on in your life right now.

Since the Ovia app acts as a daily journal, it’s a good way to keep track of your mood, symptoms, sleep, weight, and nutrition. It’s truly an all-in-one app.

When you’re done inputting your notes, head to the dashboard and view your fertility score, cycle day, and days until your next fertile window. Knowing this information will either help you avoid getting pregnant or know when to plan to have intercourse next.

You’ll read through conception tips and scientific facts about your cycle, view recipes, and check out wellness and relationship articles all in one place. If you skipped a day reading your updates, keep scrolling—you’ll see a history of past feeds with information relative to your cycle.

Knowing when you’re ovulating is the best way to get pregnant, and many users have found that when they have sex on the right days, conception has been straightforward.

  1. Ovia Pregnancy

So you’re pregnant, now what? Let Ovia know and you’ll receive updates with details about how big your baby is, what’s going on in their body, what’s happening to your body, as well as clinically-backed tools to help answer any and every question you have about the process.

Check in with Ovia throughout your pregnancy for support when you need it. Add fun features like kick counts, or time your contractions to know when to head to the hospital. After you give birth, Ovia will still be there for you.

  1. Ovia Parenting

Navigating through early parenthood often comes with a ton of questions. Consult Ovia’s extensive library of resources to get science-backed answers about health, and read articles on parenting to help prepare you for what’s to come.

Personalized to your child’s age and your family’s unique circumstances, Ovia helps you stay on top of issues and illnesses while letting you upload key dates and milestones to look back on in the future.

How Does Ovia Health Work?

Ovia Health Review

At their cores, all three of Ovia’s apps operate as trackers. You can log your or your child’s symptoms, keep track of your mood, cycle, and, if you’re pregnant, what stage your baby is in.

Helping you stay up to date on information relevant to your family’s life stages, the app brings a sense of peace to those trying to conceive, who are pregnant, or to new parents. By reading up on family health issues and discovering clinical solutions, you’ll remain calm in unknown situations, like what to do for your baby’s rash or if they get never-ending hiccups.

With over 40 peer-reviewed publications to read up on and predictive analytics that help you to conceive, you may find that getting pregnant is easier while using Ovia. And if you do conceive, you may also find that making your way through pregnancy and parenthood comes with a lot less confusion and frustration.

Who Is Ovia Health For?

Ovia Health Review

Interested in learning as well as tracking? Ovia Health provides science-backed knowledge and advanced analytics to give you support when you need it. Since it’s delivered through a convenient app on your smartphone, Ovia travels with you and can be accessed from anywhere.

Giving you clinically-validated information that’s tailored to your body or family, Ovia offers support across these core topics:

  • Fertility
  • Family Building
  • Maternity
  • Women’s Health
  • Children’s Health

It can also assist in navigating unknown territories across important concepts like LGBTQ+ parents, behavioral health, and social determinants of health. Designed mainly for women, Ovia allows you to invite your partner, parents, or friends onboard so they stay up to date.

Ovia Health Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ovia Health Review

Whether something is free or not, your time is precious. Choosing a useful app right off the bat is a lot more efficient than a trial and error process, right?

This part of my Ovia Health review will cut straight to it, looking into what users have to say about their experience, and if, indeed it’s as useful as it seems.

Our first bit of feedback comes from There are several reviews posted on the brand’s website, in which the majority talk about what they’ve used the service for and how it’s worked out for them.

In one Ovia Health review, a mother mentions the usefulness of the Ovia Parenting app when it came time to go back to work. It reads:

I especially found Ovia Parenting useful when I was preparing to go back to work after maternity leave. It really made a very scary and confusing time less so. I also loved the personalized content in the app itself. I got to see specialized articles relating to benefits.

Sometimes, having the right advice at your fingertips can be helpful, especially in stressful situations. This proves to be the case for Ovia, which provides articles and tips tailored to the stage of life you’re going through.

In our own experience with the Ovia Fertility app, it showed detailed information about the stages of the menstrual cycle and what’s going on inside your body. This is valuable in understanding what’s happening and why fertility levels are higher some days rather than others.

For our next bit of feedback, I headed over to the service’s Facebook page. There, 111 users have rated it 4.6/5 stars. Here’s what one had to say about the Family Planning app in their Ovia Health review:

I absolutely love this app. It has definitely helped me to understand the stages and developmental milestones that my little one has in store as well as how to handle certain challenges while my toddler is becoming more independent.”

The more knowledge, the better. Especially when it comes to parenting, let alone first-time parents. Knowing how to react, what to be worried about, and what to say can come as a challenge for many parents—not just the new ones. Having a reliable, science-backed source to help along the way is incredibly valuable.

So what’s next? I checked out the service’s comments section on the App Store where 3,900+ users rated it 4.7/5 stars. What did they like about it so much? Mostly how easy it is to use, its accuracy, and how it’s helped them to get pregnant or avoid it. Take this glowing testimonial:

I don’t ever leave reviews but this app really deserves it. I love how it gives information about your part of the cycle and makes various suggestions to help you. Articles are relevant and informative. Tracking my cycle is so easy! Amazing app.”

With row after row of inspiring stories about how this app helps users get pregnant, it seems like thousands of folks have something nice to say about Ovia. They say it’s the best app for fertility tracking because of how much information it provides including charts and a daily newsfeed for relative facts.

Popping over to Google Play for good measure, I’ll just include the score here: 4.6/6 stars from 72,189 users. Helping us to see just how popular Ovia is, all of the reviews I discovered here provided valuable insight into what the app is really like.

Is Ovia Health Worth It?

Ovia Health Review

Ovia approaches fertility and family planning from a knowledge-based level. Giving you the tools, tips, and studies to educate yourself and plan for the future, it’s proved to be a valuable tool in navigating through conception, pregnancy, and parenthood.

Ovia’s value extends past simple tracking too, assisting new parents with navigating the twists and turns of child-rearing. From our research, I’ve found absolutely no reason not to try out this useful, informative, and organized app.

Aside from the fact that it’s helped tens of thousands of people, it’s also completely free. You won’t find another comparable app. Trust me, I’ve looked.

Ovia Health Promotions & Discounts

Ovia Health Review

Usually, I’d say that promotions and discounts are an important part of attracting customers, not to mention an exciting part of any Ovia Health review. But here’s the thing: this service doesn’t need to offer any special deals.

How can that be? Well, if you haven’t caught on yet, the service is 100% free. Yep, you don’t have to pay a dime to use its apps. Track your fertility and pregnancy, and then enjoy tips, articles, and even recipes from the convenience of your dashboard.

Where to Buy Ovia Health

Ovia Health Review

Ready to start tracking with Ovia? If you have an Android phone, head over to the Google Play Store and download it there. iPhone user? The App Store has you covered.


Ovia Health Review

Who owns Ovia Health?

Ovia Health was founded by a group of doctors and professionals, but its current CEO is Paris Wallace. The brand was recently acquired by Labcorp, a move that has helped each company elevate user experience.

Are the Ovia Health Apps Free?

Yep, totally free. This is kind of insane considering how helpful the apps are to their millions of users.

Can Partners Share Ovia Health Apps?

When using any of Ovia Health’s apps, you can share your journey with your partner, or anyone else you like. If you do invite someone else, they can see all of the personal data you input into the app, so just keep that in mind.

Once you invite someone, that person is then able to add others to your account. Make sure they are aware that giving others access to your account means those people will be able to see all of your personal information which may include daily moods, relationship feedback, and details about touchy subjects like STIs.

Adding your partner to the Ovia Fertility app means they will get an email alert when you are heading into your fertile window. To add them, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to the “More” menu (borrow bar)
  3. Choose “Your profile”
  4. Head down to “My Partner”
  5. Input their name and email
  6. Click “done”

They will only receive a fertility email if you are personally subscribed to it. To do that, while in the “More” menu, go to “Settings,” then “Email settings/subscriptions” and subscribe.

How to Contact Ovia Health

Ovia Health Review

You’ve reached the end of this Ovia Health review, what’s the next step? If you still have questions, get in touch with the brand directly via:

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