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5 Best Klaussner Products

Furniture needs to be several things—including comfortable, attractive, and ideally, affordable. In this article, I’ll tell you all about the five best Klaussner products that check all those boxes and more.

Klaussner Home Furnishings was founded in 1963, but it was actually called Stuart Furniture at the time. It wasn’t until Hans Klaussner bought the brand in 1979 that it became Klaussner Home. 

Even though the brand has changed hands over the years, its dedication to selling forward-thinking, accessible furniture for great value hasn’t changed. The company has kept up with not only trends but also needs—such as local and responsible manufacturing. 

Today, you’ll find both in-house and partner brands in its vast collection, including favorites from Trisha Yearwood and Stacy Garcia. With 70% of its products made in the USA, I was pretty excited to read that recycled, recyclable, and renewable materials were common among its product line.

Klaussner Furniture Review

If you’re in the market for great-looking, quality-made furniture, here are the best Klaussner products available to get you started.

Comfy Sofa

Comfy Sofa

Every home needs a comfy sofa, and that just happens to be what this one is called. Made with comfortable cushions, you might just find yourself curling up on it night after night and never wanting to get up. 

It’s all thanks to Klaussner’s innovative T-shaped cushions which stay secure. With legs that are low to the ground, the Comfy Sofa has a floor-grazing look which means you won’t have to worry about lost toys or the one rogue meatball that rolls off your plate getting lodged underneath the sofa on pasta night.

Cardoso Dining Set

Cardoso Dining Set

The Cardoso Dining Set looks like something you’d see at the Royal Palace and it was an obvious choice for this list of the 5 best Klaussner products. With curvy and candle stick legs, this traditional piece kind of reminds me of a dining set that would come alive in the film Beauty and The Beast

With creamy taupe-colored upholstery and eye-catching antique-tinged hardware, this set is one that will get people’s attention. 

Melbourne Bedroom Set

Melbourne Bedroom Set

Putting together random furniture pieces in your bedroom can create a chaotic look in a room that’s supposed to be the most relaxing. The Melbourne Bedroom Set features a simple design in a soft gray color. It’s perfect for those who want an effortlessly stylish look. 

With straight lines, dressers with sliding compartments, and a high back headboard, this set comes off as powerful and would look great in open rooms with high ceilings.

Bergdorf Chair

Bergdorf Chair

The Bergdorf Chair is one of my favorites on this list of the 5 best Klaussner products. With smooth, soft fabric and studded arms, it has a bouncy look that’s great for a parlor or entryway. 

Comfortable but sturdy enough to help propel you up out of your seat, it has a tall back, curvy arms, and wooden legs that give it a polished look that screams ‘cozy up with a good book.’ Measuring 32x33x36, even though it doesn’t come with an ottoman, I suggest adding one for extra comfy reading sessions. 

Ray Occasional Tables

Ray Occasional Tables

The Ray Occasional Tables are the epitome of home luxury. Perfect for your elevated living spaces, this collection of gold-toned oval side tables can be placed in front of your sofa or as a decorative table in a lounge or entryway. 

Adding an antique-like look to your rooms, this set of three tables has a soft brushed gold and silver tone with arcing legs that are totally unique. 

Who Is Klaussner For? 

5 Best Klaussner Products

If you’re looking for mid-range, comfortable furniture, I think you’ll like Klaussner, but more specifically, the 5 best Klaussner products that are featured here. They’re made better than cheap home goods stores yet are still affordable. 

Their style is more modern than it is anything else, and for that reason, these pieces are super approachable and will go with most aesthetics.

Klaussner Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

5 Best Klaussner Products

There’s no doubt that the 5 best Klaussner products look great, but to find out what they’re really like, I searched for feedback from those who have bought them.

The first place I checked for feedback was Houzz, which, if you’ve never been on there, is a place shoppers go to discuss all things home furnishings. Klaussner has some decent reviews on Houzz, with many leaving comments about its good-looking and quality-made products

While this review coming up isn’t for one of the 5 best Klaussner products, it’s for the Fifi and British Isles lines of sofas. Here it is:

They are working well for our family…the fabric has held up very well over the past 2 years. I think that at their relatively modest price point, they are good value. We will get another couple of years from them certainly…I’m very pleased with them for now. We have a couple of teens and the pieces get daily use.”

If that’s not a telling review, I don’t know what is. Fair prices and furniture that holds up well despite daily wear and tear? I think that speaks to Klaussner’s quality pretty well. 

Next, let’s check out some ratings for a few of the brand’s bestsellers. While Klaussner doesn’t post ratings for its products on its website, Wayfair does. 

  • 54” Wide Cotton Convertible Chair: 4.6/5 stars from 149 reviews
  • Pinecrest 135” Sofa & Chaise: 4.4/5 stars from 47 reviews
  • Exeter 34” Wide Swivel Barrel Chair: 4.7/5 stars from 91 reviews

Looking into the reviews for the Pinecrest 135” Sofa & Chaise, many who commented stated they love the look and feel of the couch. For instance, one customer wrote this positive review:

This couch is also insanely cushy and comfortable. Delivery was prompt and professional. The delivery man was very respectful of our request to wear a mask while in our home (we have a newborn), and wore it properly the entire time.

Keep in mind that the above review was about Wayfair’s service, but since that’s one of Klaussner’s retail partners, it doesn’t hurt to know. Just like how it won’t hurt to find out how Klaussner deals with customer complaints.

To check out the company’s customer service, I headed over to its page on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Here, I saw a B+ score and 13 complaints made over the last three years. Even though 13 seems substantial, most of them have been resolved and it looks like Klaussner does a good job making its customers happy. 

Is Klaussner Worth It?

5 Best Klaussner Products

All things considered, I think Klaussner furniture is worth the buy. On multiple accounts, I read how comfortable its sofas are and saw for myself in this list of 5 best Klaussner products how attractive they are. So that just leaves the price. 

Depending on where you buy from, prices can differ. The price tags I saw on Wayfair looked affordable though considering all of the great things I read about Klaussner.


5 Best Klaussner Products

Who owns Klaussner?

Monomoy Capital Partners now owns Klaussner. It acquired the brand in 2017. Now, it’s based in Asheboro, North Carolina. 

What is Klaussner’s shipping policy?

The thing about Klaussner is that it doesn’t let you shop directly from its website, so you won’t be able to shop for the 5 best Klaussner products there.

To purchase its items, you’ll need to visit a retail partner like Wayfair. To find out how much shipping costs and how long it will take, I recommend checking out the store’s unique shipping policy. 

What is Klaussner’s return policy?

Even though the brand doesn’t sell the 5 best Klaussner products through its website, it still shows the return policy online. Keep in mind that this policy may vary depending on which store you buy your furniture from. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

  1. You have 15 days from the date of purchase to get in touch with the brand
  2. You must notify the brand before sending the items back
  3. All products must be in unused, like-new condition 

How To Contact Klaussner

Do you still have questions after reading about the five best Klaussner products? If so, you can get in touch with the brand by calling 1(888)732-5948.

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