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Lambs Snood Review

Lambs protects your health with their line of EMF, UV, and bacteria-blocking apparel and accessories. The brand uses the natural power of silver as a shield to shut out harmful waves.

Forbes, GQ, Mashable, Men’s Health, the Verge, CNBC, and many other media platforms have all featured a Lambs review. Along with 90k followers on Facebook and 10k on Instagram, it’s apparent that the brand has established a solid presence in the public eye.

This Lambs review will examine the brand and their bestsellers, provide customer ratings, information on promotions, answer FAQs, and more to help you decide if their protective apparel is the right choice for you. 

Overview of Lambs

Lambs Snood Review

Arthur Menard de Calenge, the CEO of Lambs, claims the EMF-blocking underwear may have saved his life. 

After learning that radiation is a direct link to cancer, he set out to create apparel that would allow people to keep living a normal life, but protect themselves from the harmful waves emitted by their favorite devices. But how would the brand do it? 

Taking inspiration from NASA’s space suits that block tremendous amounts of radiation, de Calenge’s team developed a fabric called WaveStopper that uses tightly knit silver to stop radiation in its tracks. Lambs (then Spartan) launched in 2016. 

The brand is based in Los Angeles, where their products are also made. 

Before we get into some important information on EMF radiation, this Lambs review will fill you in on the brand’s highlights: 


  • The brand offers a variety of apparel and accessories to cover men & women from head to toe, including masks, underwear, shirts, and socks
  • The clothing blocks 99% of wifi radiation, has built-in UV protection, and is made from antibacterial material
  • Made in the USA
  • A Lambs discount code is available for 15% off sitewide
  • Some products can be bought through a hassle-free subscription service 
  • Free US Returns
Lambs Snood Review

Lambs is all about keeping you protected. In the Education section of their website, you can read about the harmful effects of EMF radiation and how our radiation exposure has increased over the years. Possible effects of EMF radiation include:

  • Cancer
  • Lower testosterone
  • Lower sperm count
  • Reproductive issues
  • Decreased brain function 
  • Cardiovascular disease

In the next section of this Lambs review, we’ll go over Lambs EMF protection clothing, masks, and underwear. The brand offers women’s clothing as well, and while we won’t be getting into it here, you can head to to find out more. 

Lambs Masks Review

We know the benefits of masks, but not all of them are built equally. Some are more about looks than they are function, while others create tons of waste. This Lambs review will feature the brand’s highest-selling reusable and functional mask and filter refills, below. 

Lambs Antimicrobial Protective Snood Review 

Masks may be here to stay, so why not get one that feels great to wear? The Antimicrobial Protective Snood has two layers of germ-fighting WaveStopper fabric built into its comfortable cotton body. 

Unlike silly paper masks that you have to throw away every day, the Lambs antimicrobial face mask uses silver to combat viral infections (but it has not been tested against Covid-19). 

With a replaceable filter, this mask is built to last and is made from a blend of cotton, silver, and nylon

Each mask is complete with 3 layered PM2.5 filters and a metal nose wire that can be adjusted to the shape of your bridge. 

Covering your entire neck, this snood is ear-loop-free and great to wear all day if you’re looking for some extra germ safety. 

Layer up with the Antimicrobial Protective Snood for $34. 

Lambs Face Mask Filters – 10 Pack Review 

What people wearing fashion masks don’t realize is that the masks are doing them virtually no good, and are instead trapping germs in the fibers that stay with you all day. 

Unlike fashion masks, the Lambs silver face mask has a pocket where a PM2.5 filter slides in, stopping viruses from reaching your mouth and nose. These filters can be replaced by a fresh one when they wear out. 

Each mask is made from a series of protective layers:

  • Meltblown Fabric x 2
  • Activated Carbon x 1
  • Spunbond Fabric x 2

Each filter gets about 16-24 hours of active use. So if you’re wearing the Lambs antibacterial face mask for an 8-hour workday where you’re constantly on the move (like at a construction site), you’ll get 2-3 days of use.

If you need to wear one in an office, the mask and filter combo offers 40 hours of safety when you’re seated for the majority of the day. 

The Face Mask Filters – 10 pack will keep you stocked up for about a month and are available for $14 as a one-time purchase or on a subscription basis. 

Lambs Underwear Review

Your underwear should do more than feel good, even though many men struggle with ill-fitting pairs in the first place. 

In the next section of this Lambs review, we’ll feature the brand’s customer favorites when it comes to underwear. Get ready for boxers that work triple duty to protect and comfort your body by blocking radiation, busting bacteria, and fitting well to boot. 

Lambs Faraday Boxer Briefs Review 

Boxer briefs were designed for support and comfort, but most men know what it’s like to feel suffocated by them instead. 

The Faraday Box Briefs are built for your body and include helpful features like breathable fabric and stay-put legs to keep your unmentionables cool and collected. The horizontal fly is an ingenious element that just makes sense for how men are built. 

The no-roll waistband ensures these Lambs Spartan underwear don’t pinch your skin or ride up during the day. 

Antimicrobial and heat-regulating materials keep bacteria at bay, negating odors and allowing air to circulate freely. Made from cotton, silver, and nylon, the Faraday Boxer Briefs protect your goods from wireless radiation as well. 

Sold as a 3-pack, these boxer briefs come in an assorted set of blue, black, and red, or as one set of the same color for $45. 

Lambs Radiation Blocking Trunks Review 

Did you know that men today have 60% less sperm than they did 50 years ago? There are several factors to blame, but for those who want a family someday, every healthy swimmer counts. 

Radiation can kill sperm, but the invisible villain is all around us: at security checks at airports, in our electronics, wifi — it’s seemingly unavoidable. 

The Radiation Blocking Trunks keep 99% of the harmful waves out by using a high concentration (42%) of silver that acts as a shield. Silver has other benefits too, like killing off bacteria and odor

With a snug, body-hugging fit, these trunks are sold in blue, red, and black in the following cost-effective options:

  • 1 Pair: $45
  • 3-Pack: $119
  • 6-Pack: $227
  • 9-Pack: $297

Lambs Radiation Blocking Boxer Briefs Review 

We’re exposed to radiation daily. All of that radioactivity, when accumulated over the years, comes with potential increased health risks like cancer. 

Your nether regions are the most susceptible to harm, so having a pair of boxers that block out 99% of radiation is an easy way to keep them protected. 

The Radiation Blocking Boxer Briefs are made from close-knit silver to stop the wicked waves in their tracks while negating bacteria that builds up throughout the day to keep you clean and safe. 

Boxer briefs come down a little further on the leg than trunks do, but they have the same body-loving fit that stays in place without riding up. 

Sold in red, black, blue, or as a multi-color pack, these protective Radiation Blocking Boxer Briefs are available in the following sets:

  • 1 Pair: $45
  • 3-Pack: $119
  • 6-Pack: $227
  • 9-Pack: $297 

Lambs Clothing Review

Our bodies come into contact with a lot of toxic elements, but we can lessen their impact by covering up the right way. This Lambs review will feature the brand’s most protective clothing, including safe and secure pregnancy bands, t-shirts, socks, and hats. 

Lambs Radiation-Proof Belly Band Review 

Being pregnant is a wonderful and somewhat terrifying experience. Responsibility for another person’s life, one that’s defenseless and needs you to survive, can totally freak a person out. 

The NASA-grade Radiation-Proof Belly Band is a simple way you can add a layer of protection between your unborn baby and the potentially harmful world around them. 

Blocking 99% of wireless radiation from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this comfortable, soft band gives you one less thing to worry about during your pregnancy. 

Made from a smooth blend of bamboo and spandex with a 100% silver lining, the belly band also destroys any bacteria that might try to make their way through. 

You can safeguard your little one and yourself with the Radiation-Proof Belly Band for $47. 

Lambs Faraday Long Sleeves T-Shirt (Men) Review

There’s a ton of harmful elements we expose our bodies to each day. We love them for their convenience, but they can potentially take a toll on our cells. The sun is healthy, but in large doses can become dangerous. Wi-Fi is certainly a blessing, but its effects are still being studied. 

The Faraday Long Sleeves T-Shirt (Men) is made of cotton, silver, and polyester, providing UV, bacteria, and wireless radiation protection using the same technology as NASA spacesuits. 

The protective apparel still manages to be lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant. Designed to be worn in the sun, this shirt won’t slow you down in the heat thanks to its thermoregulating properties. 

Comfortable and odor-resistant, the Faraday Long Sleeves T-Shirt (Men) comes in black for $100. 

Lambs Antibacterial Crew Socks Review 

Now we’re at the part of this Lambs review where we get real about stink. Feet smell, it’s undeniable. 

Shoes get hot, sweat ensues, bacteria emerge, and odor forms. It’s a natural process, but with Antibacterial Crew Socks, that bacteria is killed off so the odor never gets a chance to form. 

Lambs antibacterial socks are made from silver, cotton, nylon, and spandex, a blend specifically designed for comfort and breathability. With a seamless design, these socks are stretchy and fit all foot sizes. 

Show foot-stink the door with a pair of these grey crew Lambs antimicrobial socks for $25. 

Lambs The Faraday Cap Review

We’ve covered products intended for pretty much every other part of the body, so now let’s talk about head protection. 

The Faraday Cap is made from the same UV, bacteria, and radiation-protective fabric as all of the brand’s other products.  This same protection featuring a blend of cotton, silver, and nylon is also offered in the Lambs Beanie to keep your head covered in cooler temperatures. 

Stopping 99% of wifi radiation, this adjustable black cap comes out to $59.  

Lambs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lambs Snood Review

Lambs products certainly do sound helpful, but like us, you may be wondering if they really work. Never fear, as this is the part of the Lambs review where we scope out helpful customer testimonials from across the web to help us find all the answers. 

Ahead, we’ll highlight reviews sourced from the brand’s website, Reddit, EMF Academy, and The Hustle, all providing important details on some of their products’ defining features. 

To get a general feel for how customers perceive the brand, we’ve compiled a list of a few top-sellers and their ratings: 

  • The Faraday Cap – 4.9/5 stars, nearly 300 ratings
  • Antibacterial Crew Socks – 4.9/5 stars, over 70 ratings
  • Radiation Blocking Trunks – 5/5 stars, 25 ratings
  • Faraday Boxer Briefs – 4.9/5 stars, 500+ ratings
  • Antibacterial Protective Snood – 4.9/5 stars, over 350 ratings

Since the Faraday Boxer Briefs have the most ratings, we’ll take a closer look at them to get the bigger picture. 

Buyers mention that these boxer briefs stay odor-free longer than other brands’ underwear. 

With regards to their protective qualities, one buyer said, “Their product has already made a difference I can feel. As someone whose job forces me to always have my phone in my pocket, Lambs has made a huge difference in how my hips feel.” 

Radiation can cause joint stiffness, so it’s pretty cool to read that this underwear can negate that effect. 

The main complaint about these boxer briefs is the steep price. Fortunately, if you’re willing to invest, the bulk packs are offered at significantly lower prices per pair of underwear.

There are no ratings below 4 stars. There aren’t many other reviews that we could find online, but the Reddit community seems to dislike Lambs’ claims about protecting men’s privates from 5G. 

Blogs such as the EMF Academy warn the public about the dangerous effects of radiation. In a Lambs review, the blog says that “EMF blocking underwear is one of the best products you can use to protect yourself from EMF radiation.” They go on to say that today, we’re exposed to numerous types of radiation, whereas 30 years ago it was just 1. 

In terms of the science, a quick Google search will yield studies in favor of both sides of the argument, so it’s up to what you believe personally that will fuel your decision in whether or not to buy the brand’s products. For this Lambs review, and many other shoppers, the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot.

Is Lambs Worth It?

Lambs Snood Review

There appears to be some real controversy about Lambs. Regardless of their 5G protective claims, there are other parts of this brand’s products that we find useful and worth the money. It’s apparent that the brand put a lot of time and effort into creating their apparel.

Are Lambs good quality? Yes, and they’re made in the US. Do they serve more than one purpose? Also yes, because they protect from UV rays and kill bacteria. Their products are also made from a comfortable and safe blend of fabrics.

On top of the potential risk of radiation causing cancer, there have been studies that prove radiation does decrease sperm count and cause a ton of other issues. 

In the end, we believe Lambs products serve at least one purpose that will be appealing to some, whether that be protection from the sun or unpleasant odor. 

Lambs Promotions & Discounts 

Lambs Snood Review

To make this Lambs review even more of a treat, we did some digging on the brand’s website to see what deals they offer:

  • Lambs coupon code available for 15% off their sitewide sale 
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Free US Returns

Where to Buy Lambs

Lambs Snood Review

You can only buy Lambs products directly from


Lambs Snood Review

What sizes does Lambs have? 

Lambs stocks sizes from S-XXL for men and women. Their socks and hats are one size fits all. If you need further assistance with sizes, check out the Lambs size chart on their website. 

What is Lambs’ Shipping Policy?

Lambs offers free shipping on orders over $100. They ship around the world, so you can simply select your country at checkout. Shipping prices vary. 

What is Lambs’ Return Policy?

Lambs underwear comes with a 30-Day Trial Period where you can wear them, see how they feel, and get a full refund if they aren’t right for you. You’ll get to keep the underwear, but you can only use the trial once. 

For all other items, you have 30 days to return them, but they need to meet the following criteria:

  • Original condition
  • Unwashed
  • Original tags
  • No damage or alterations 

To initiate a return, follow these steps:

  1. Email [email protected]
  2. Include your order number and name
  3. Once Lambs receives your email,  you’ll be sent a prepaid return shipping label if you’re a US customer
  4. Attach this label to the outside of your package
  5. Drop the package at a local post office 

International customers will need to pay for their returns. Refunds can take up to two weeks to show up in your account from the time Lambs receives your package at their warehouse. 

How to Contact Lambs Customer Service 

We hope that you found all of the information you needed in this Lambs review. If you have any other questions, you can get in touch with the brand by any of the following methods:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1(323)622-1496 
  • Fill out the Contact Form on their website

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