LookFantastic Review

About LookFantastic 

LookFantastic Review

LookFantastic is a UK-based company that sells a wide variety of beauty products that range from affordable to luxury items.

The online retailer meets beauty needs across a spectrum with over 660 premium brands including makeup, skincare, body care, hair care, and more, which are all organic, clean, and vegan.

Customers can visit the platform to browse through a massive selection of 22k items and purchase products from high-end brands such as Mac, Kérastase, and Yves Saint Laurent. LookFantastic has also been featured in Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, Daily Mail, and HELLO!.

This LookFantastic review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if the website is worth looking into. 

Overview of LookFantastic 

LookFantastic Review

LookFantastic was conceived by Daniel Crown in the U.K. in 1996 and today is Europe’s #1 beauty retailer and the #2 beauty retailer globally.

It is the original online beauty boutique that was founded at the beginning of the online retail rush. This company is truly an industry trailblazer and has stood the stand of time with its success and rapid global growth and success. Let us prove it.

LookFantastic Review

LookFantasic is now part of the Hut Group Retail Beauty Network, the owner of many certified sustainable luxury skincare and beauty brands like Illmasqua and ESPA.

As LookFantastic has grown to an international level, they now have separate websites for different countries where they are retailed for optimal attainability and widespread growth.

They also have an online blog full of new releases and beauty tips, as well as LookFantastic Beauty Boxes that you can receive monthly, or every 3, 6, or 12 months.

Above all, the brand prioritizes its customers in making smart and informed decisions about their beauty products with the help of reliable, educated professionals. As the company has stated:

With a highly dedicated and motivated team of beauty experts, who receive regular training directly from brands, provides accurate and intelligent information on each product; supplying some of the leading luxury beauty brands.”

This LookFantastic review will now take a look at the initial pros and cons of the brand. 

What We Love About LookFantastic

  • Vast selection of luxury and brand-name products at different price ranges
  • All products offered are vegan, clean, and organic
  • LookFantastic At Home Beauty essentials packs for multiple products at discount prices
  • Subscription box program, LookFantastic Beauty Box
  • Many positive reviews from multiple sources
  • LookFantastic promo codes and discounts frequently available on their website
  • Afterpay available for some products
  • Offers European brands you may not be able to purchase in North America 
  • Free shipping in the U.K. over $35 
  • International shipping available 
  • Free returns on all orders

LookFantastic Review

LookFantastic sells high-quality hair, makeup, skin, body, beauty tools, and self-care products.

They always have a variety of unique and popular products that you may not be able to get at your local stores. LookFantastic sells a series of high-quality brands such as Slo, Natio, Molton Brown Canada, and Nip and Fab Canada.  

You can often get these products at discounted or bundled prices, so you can use their website to save yourself some money. Plus, LookFantastic offers Afterpay payment plans for select products on their site.

This LookFantastic review will feature a few of the online retailer’s best-selling products.

EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Liquid Foundation Review

EX1 Cosmetics’ Invisiwear Liquid Foundation has received a lot of buzz due to its unique color range and beautiful skin-like finish. This product was nominated for The Vogue Beauty Awards 2018.  

The foundation is luminous and lightweight, leaving your skin looking flawless, youthful, and healthy. It is the perfect foundation to be photographed in or wear in daylight as it does not sit idly on the skin and gives a natural appearance. 

The product conceals imperfections even with its light coverage due to the “true color” pigments and light diffusers. It is extremely blendable and gives a smooth finish. Note that this foundation works best for olive skin tones.

This product is also non-comedogenic, clinically and dermatologically tested and oil and fragrance-free. Talk about backing up the brand’s clean beauty mantra!

This brand is known for its extensive shade range and ability to match olive tones, which can be a difficult feat to pull off.

Buy the Invisiwear Liquid Foundation by EX1 Cosmetics for $16.70 for 30 ml.

thisworks Deep Sleep Body Cocoon Review

Your body does so much for you every day. It’s time to show it some love. Ideally, you would apply this product to lock in moisture after a shower or a bath.

this works’ Deep Sleep Body Cocoon is a lotion that will relax you into a deep sleep and rejuvenate your skin overnight. Use this lotion on your hands and body and leave it on overnight to intensely hydrate your skin.

This is a lightweight, creamy lotion that moistens without being sticky or greasy, nobody wants to stick to their sheets at night!  

This lotion nurtures your skin primarily with Shea Butter, while the Crambe, Sativa, and Camellia Oils promote brighter, radiant skin.

It also features soothing Lavender, Vetivert, and Chamomile which create a blend of relaxing and sweet scents to help you fall asleep. 

The 100 ml this works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon retails for $40, but it has been discounted by 25% and currently sells for $30 on the LookFantastic website for a limited time.

Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask Review

Eye masks are a great tool to help you fall asleep. The most delicate area on your face is around your eyes, and Iluminage Skin kept that in mind when inventing the Rejuvenating Eye Mask.

The fabric is made out of 100% copper-infused polyester and has a 249 thread count which makes it extremely soft and non-irritating for all skin types.

This mask also features anti-aging Copper Technology to help minimize the look of lines and wrinkles, so you can age gracefully.

The technology works by releasing copper ions into the moisture barrier between the skin and fabric to boost the natural growth of proteins and promotes cell renewal. 

This anti-aging technology will last for over 100 washes so this mask is here for the long haul! Results from clinical trials are as follows:

  • More glowing and bright skin within 2 weeks 
  • Fine lines, crows feet, and wrinkles shrink in as little as 4 weeks, and continue to fade over time

The eye mask blocks out anything from your view, so there is nothing standing between you and a night of long, restful sleep. It also features an adjustable hook and loop closure to fit everyone with dimensions of 8.25”w x 4”h.

This Rejuvenating Eye Mask retails for $50, and this LookFantasic review deems it well worth it!

Revolution Skincare Anti-Blemish Cream with Azelaic Acid

Everyone experiences blemishes, but sometimes the harsh ingredients used to fix them actually dry out your skin and make them look worse. The Anti-Blemish Boost cream by Revolution Skincare provides moisture so your skin won’t dry out.  

This product has a lightweight airy texture that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a heavy or sticky residue on the skin. Dab it on while on the go or as you are heading out the door without fear!

This product is great for people with red or uneven skin tones due to its star ingredient Azelaic Acid, which minimizes the look of blemishes and pimples. It also features nourishing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Squalene, and Sunflower Seed Oil.  

Apply it after your cleanser and toner routine in the morning and night to get clear and dewy skin. As with all LookFantastic products, this cream is cruelty-free and vegan.

Look for this product on their Canadian site for $17.50 (CAD) in the 50 ml size. You can also use the LookFantastic discount code ‘LCFA 15’ for 15% off of this product!

The Anti-Blemish Cream is extremely popular (especially since the popularity of azelaic acid in skincare has recently taken off!) and is currently sold out on many sites. 

Mankind 12 Days 2020 

LookFantastic Review

Who says only women deserve to have all of the skincare fun? Mankind’s 12 Days of 2020 is a luxury advent calendar for men, a skincare collection item that should be on every man’s wish list.

This LookFantastic advent calendar oozes luxury with its 12 premium male products concealed behind each numbered door. It comes with a range of high-quality brands such as Marvis, ESPA, and Aveda, and some surprise brands which keep the mystery alive.  

These products are mini-size, which is convenient when you don’t want to commit to expensive full-size products you haven’t sampled before. If there is a birthday or celebration coming up, they are all must-have products.

This Mankind 12 Days of 2020 advent calendar retails for $138.

LookFantastic Beauty Box Review

The LookFantastic Beauty Box is a monthly subscription beauty box. Each box features 6 beauty products with a total of over $60 worth of products inside.

You can choose between a 1, 3, 6, or 12-month plan. The plans are as follows and all feature free international delivery. 

  • 1 month: $19
  • 3 months: 3 monthly payments of $18
  • 6 months: 6 monthly payments of $17
  • 12 months: 12 monthly payments of $16 

Subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of your chosen period, but you can cancel at any time. As long as you are subscribed, you will be charged on the first business day of the month, and your product will be sent out.

What’s more, you will also receive a gift when you spend $90 or more

For example, the February Box is called the Treasure Edition box and is inspired by the month of love. It’s a way to try out new products that other customers are in love with. It features: 

  • Eyeko Galactic Lid Gloss in Zodiac or Stardust (4ml)
  • Illamasqua Mini Beyond Veil Primer (6ml) 
  • Balance Me AHA Glow Mask (10ml)
  • Magn!tone London Wipeout ‘Swipes’ Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover Pads (2-pack)
  • Bubble T Strawberry Macaroon Body Butter (50ml)
  • Mádara SOS Hydra Recharge Cream (20ml) OR Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (15ml)

LookFantastic At Home Beauty Review

LookFantastic Review

Do you want to pamper yourself with beauty products but don’t know where to start?

On top of their bundles and beauty boxes, the brand also offers a LookFantastic At Home Beauty essentials pack that combines all you need into a nice, neat kit.

On average, these feature a curated selection of highly recommended products all paired with generous discounts. Great for beginners or for those that need to give their beauty routine a facelift!

For example, a sample LookFantastic At Home Beauty would feature 25% off serums, and 25% off brands like Eve Lom, 30% off Erno Lazlo, and 20% off Decorte.

To treat their customers (even more), they will throw in gifts with your pack including:

  • Buy 2 get 1 free Christophe Robin
  • Buy 2 get 1 free Grow Gorgeous

LookFantastic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

LookFantastic Review

This LookFantastic review will go over the company’s reviews and ratings to give you a full picture of what they are all about. 

First up, the beauty subscription reviewer, Chick Advisor reviewed LookFantastic’s Beauty Boxes and has given the brand an average of 4.7/5 stars and from their reviews, the site’s verdict is that “100% of Chicks Dig It”.

Some of the feedback provided from this reviews was that the Beauty Boxes provide customers with extreme discounts on luxury brands. As one reviewer pointed out:

“Each month it is a gift. I love the products. For May alone I received an Avant product worth $100.00 alone.”

First up, the Look Fantastic review comments on Trustpilot were extremely positive and the brand has 4.3/5 stars out of 171,576 reviews. This equates to a “Great” rating on the site.

Customers loved the range of products to choose from, and love the “frequent sales and discounts”.  Buyers also noted that the layout of the site is “like a personal shopper”.

Finally, Trustpilot reviewers claimed the LookFantastic customer service was “quick to respond and helpful”, and found the live chat helpful as well. A resounding verdict pleads that LookFantastic is the “[b]est website to buy makeup and skincare”.

LookFantastic Reddit reviews were positive as well, confirming the credibility of the website.  “I’ve ordered from there many times and they’re legit. I love the free delivery, they’re cheaper than other options for many products.

Is LookFantastic Worth It?

LookFantastic Review

If you love unique beauty products and want to access all high-quality brands offered in one place, then LookFantastic is worth it.

They have an international reputation for a reason. The online retailer has a large variety of products and an easy-to-navigate website that customers love. Plus, they offer Afterpay installment payment plans for their products so you can pamper first, pay later. Easy peasy!

Their inventory may contain some beauty brands you can’t find locally or introduce you to new products with their Beauty Box or At Home Beauty options. Perfect for those dipping their toes into luxury beauty.

LookFantastic also has a variety of coupons and voucher codes that make shopping with them worthwhile. They ship worldwide in many different currencies and offer free shipping on orders $35+, which isn’t hard to spend when it comes to beauty products!

Although there were negative reviews about customer service and shipping times, a mega-retailer of this size is expected to have some negative reviews.

Plus, in the middle of these times, it is quite common to have shipping delays and this is no fault of LookFantastic or any company you order from. It is best to give mail deliveries a little time to arrive given the current circumstances.

Also, many customers did experience high-quality customer service even though many reviews complained about this aspect of the brand. So, overall, we still think that LookFantastic is worth trying.

LookFantastic Promotions & Discounts 

LookFantastic Review

LookFantastic always has a variety of promotions and discounts on their site that make your shopping experience enjoyable.

Each country’s site will have its own LookFantastic Gutschein. New customers receive 15% off of most brands with the LookFantastic promotional code ‘HELLO’. 

Currently, you can find a series of gifts and discounts on the LookFantastic codes tab. They are also offering a sale where you will get 15% off when you buy 2 or more items and use the code ‘BUYMORE’.  

You can also receive a LookFantastic Referral Code when you tell a friend about the company and they place an order. They will get 20% off of their first order and you will receive a $10 credit.

Where to Buy LookFantastic

LookFantastic Review

This LookFantastic review found that you can only shop on their website: They have a variety of websites for different countries. This also includes different languages, shipping, and currencies. 


What is LookFantastic? 

LookFantastic is an online company based in the U.K.  LookFantastic carries global beauty brands but is known for their European beauty brands that you can’t find everywhere. 

Is LookFantastic Irish? 

LookFantastic is not Irish, but you can purchase from them if you live in Ireland. Look Fantastic is a British online beauty retailer. 

Where is LookFantastic located? 

LookFantastic’s headquarters are located in East Sussex, UK. There is no physical location. 

What should I buy on LookFantastic?

LookFantastic offers a variety of skincare, hair, makeup, and body products. They offer many amazing products at a range of different prices.  

Does LookFantastic do NHS discount?

Yes, LookFantastic offers a 22% NHS discount for U.K. healthcare workers. 

Is LookFantastic still delivering? 

Yes. Lookfantastic is still delivering. Due to COVID-19, processing orders and dispatching items may take longer than usual. 

Is LookFantastic free delivery? 

This LookFantastic review found that the company offers free delivery on orders over $35.

Are LookFantastic returns free? 

Some LookFantastic returns are free. If you received an incorrect or damaged item, you will receive a full refund, as well as a refund for the postage cost. If you do not like the product, you will not receive a refund for postage costs.

Can I cancel a LookFantastic order?

This LookFantastic review found that you can cancel a LookFantastic order within 14 days of your purchase. 

How long does LookFantastic take to deliver?

Look Fantastic delivery couriers ship worldwide. You can use their “find a country section” feature to see the exact pricing and shipping time for your location.

International orders will cost $15+ and will take 10-14 business days in most cases, but could take up to 30 business days to arrive depending on the country.  

This LookFantastic review found the following information on U.S shipping: it can take up to 48 hours for your orders to be dispatched due to COVID-19. Below are the U.S. delivery options:

  1. U.S. tracked shipping: free on orders over $35, $6 for orders under $35, and delivery is expected within 5-8 working days, and up to 14 days for Hawaii and Alaska
  2. U.S. express shipping: $10
  3. U.S. premium shipping: $10 and delivery within 1-2 working days if you order before 4 pm EST

How do I return something to LookFantastic?

If you wish to return something, this Lookfantastic review will provide you with all of the necessary information. 

  • Beauty bags, boxes, advent calendar, or special edition boxes cannot be returned
  • Before starting your order contact the customer service team to request a Return Authorization Number.  Without this number, returns may take longer. 
  • You can contact the team using the LookFantastic returns email: [email protected] 
  • You can cancel an order within 14 days 
  • If you cancel an order you will receive your money back as well as the cost of delivery 
  • You will be reimbursed on the card you placed the order on 
  • You can make a return within 14 days of ordering your product, to start this process contact customer service
  • Postage costs are returned if you were sent the wrong item, if the item is damaged or if you are returning a substitute item 
  • Postage cost will not be covered if the item is unwanted or not needed 
  • Items must be returned in their original packaging and unopened 
  • To arrange a return provide the order number, the item you want to return, and the reason for the return 
  • You will then get a Returns Authorization Number and the information needed to arrange the return 
  • Package items with the returns form. You need to provide proof of postage

How to Contact LookFantastic

If you have any questions after reading this LookFantastic review, you can contact their team via:

  • Message Center: login to my account and speak to the team via the message center 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 844-433-5149
  • The Live Chat on their website 

Customer service hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday: 6 AM-9 PM MDT
  • Friday: 6 AM-5 PM MDT
  • Saturday: 8 AM-12 PM MDT

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