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About SiO Beauty

Sio Beauty Review

SiO Beauty sells silicone patches for your face, neck, body, hands, knees, and elbows. Their collection is designed for both men and women to turn back time and make skin look younger. 

SiO Beauty has been featured in notable media sources such as Women’s Health, Vogue, and New York Magazine. But do their youth-boosting products actually work?

This SiO Beauty review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth the buy.

Overview of SiO Beauty 

SiO Beauty Review

SiO Beauty founder, Gigi Howard, was a model and beauty and fashion publicist. She noticed wrinkles on her décolleté and cleavage areas in her mid to late ’20s. After trying every cream and serum on the market, Gigi went in search of her own solution.

In 2014, she spoke to a friend about silicone adhesive sheets used after minor surgery to help the skin heal. Gigi tried it herself and consulted with medical professionals, creating the ideal product in 2016.

Gigi’s mission, and that of SiO Beauty: “to help women to feel confident and beautiful at any age.”The brand is based in New York City, New York, and has received acclaim for its amazing results: 

  • 9/10 women said their skin was smoother in the morning
  • 85% of women said they would prefer SiO instead of fillers or injectables
  • 88% of women felt their appearance improved 
  • 98% of women said SiO was comfortable sleeping in 
  • 85% of women said forehead lines and crow’s feet were softer and less noticeable after use 
SiO Beauty Review

This SiO Beauty review will now take a look at the initial pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Multiple products designed to improve the appearance of targeted parts of the face and body
  • Medical-grade silicone patches
  • Dermatologist-approved and allergy-tested 
  • Automatic 10% off your first order
  • Rewards Program that provides access to free gifts and early access to sales
  • Customers report experiencing quick results and great customer service
  • Installment payment is offered through Afterpay


  • No international shipping
  • Some customers report experiencing allergic reactions
  • Products must be used continuously to maintain results

SiO Products Review

SiO Beauty Review

SiO Beauty sells a variety of patches for the face, body, and decollete for men and women. Essentially, for anyone suffering from insecurities like those little crinkles around the eyes and mouth, stubborn imperfections on the chest, or elbows, SiO Beauty is here to help.

All SiO Beauty products are made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone that can be used up to 10 times, with the option to purchase through Afterpay installments. This review will showcase some of the company’s most loved products:

SiO Beauty Cryo System Review

This system features SiO Beauty’s Cryodrop Tool and the Energy Serum. This 2-step routine improves the skin’s ability to absorb the nutrients in our skincare products.

The professional Cryodrop skin-toning tool uses cold therapy, massage, and diamagnetic technology to reduce pore size, redness, and puffiness while increasing hydration.

This SiOBeauty tool works together with the Energy Serum, a moisturizer that hydrates and plumps the skin long term. The serum causes the skin to “break” when you apply it, penetrating the surface for deep and thorough moisturizing.

With prolonged daily use, the system provides anti-aging benefits, including reduced inflammation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Facial massages are also very calming and a great self-care activity!

Here are results found in a clinical study of the Energy Serum and SiO Cryodrop Tool:

  • 100% saw an overall improvement
  • 100% said skin is more hydrated
  • 97% found skin looks lifted
  • 93% said skin looks firmer
  • 90% said skin looks more refreshed
  • 87% saw reduced puffiness (especially around the eye area)

Get your hands (and face) on the SiO Beauty Cryo System for $135.  

SiO Beauty FaceLift Review

The Facelift is like a medical facelift, minus the surgery. The silicone patches hug your skin and compress it, intensifying hydration while minimizing the look of wrinkles. This at-home treatment also prevents new wrinkles from forming.

The facelift includes 4 reusable patches: 1 set of eye and smile lift patches, 1 brow lift, and 1 neck lift. To use the patches:

  1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry
  2. Remove the patches from the plastic carefully 
  3. Apply the patches
  4. Wear overnight or during the day for a minimum of 2 hours
  5. Use daily for maximum results 
  6. After use, rinse with cold water 
  7. Place the adhesive side on the shield and put it back in the resolvable pouch

Some customers report benefits in as little as 1 day. For a full report:

  • 85% said they would use this product instead of injectables or filler 
  • 90% found their skin to be smoother 
  • 89% said their skin felt rejuvenated long term
  • 93% said their skin was more hydrated long term

For just $50, turn back years on the clock with the SiO Beauty Facelift.

SiO Beauty BrowLift Review

Squinting at screens late at night, stress, and the inevitability of getting older all do a number on your forehead. The BrowLift patch’s compression prevents your muscles from moving and keeps them smooth, leaving skin moisturized and lines drastically minimized.

To use these line-defying forehead patches:

  1. Apply on clean, dry skin 
  2. Wear overnight or during the day for a few hours 
  3. Use this product daily for maximum results 

Customers are experiencing the same great results as the clinical trials above. Add 1 BrowLift patch to your cart for just $30.

SiO Beauty Eye & Smile Lift 4pk Review

All those smiles and moments of laughter start to catch up with us as we age. This age-defying set includes 2 sets of the Eye & Smile Lift patches that hug the skin around your eyes and mouth. These patches prevent laugh lines from forming and improve the look of current ones while keeping skin taught and hydrated.  

To use the facial patches, follow these steps:

  1. Apply to clean, dry skin under eyes and on smile lines
  2. Wear overnight or during the day for a few hours 
  3. Use this product daily for maximum results 

A one-time purchase of the Eye & Smile Lift 4k sets you back $30.

SiO Beauty SuperLift Pack Review

The SuperLift Pack targets the main problem areas where wrinkles form to keep skin looking tight, young, and healthy. Featuring 5 reusable patches, this set includes 1 brow lift, 1 set of super eye lift patches, and 1 set of smile lift patches.

These patches will keep your skin flat and hydrated while reducing lines, with results revealed in as little as 2 hours. To use this super silicone pack:

  1. Apply all over your face on clean, dry skin
  2. Wear overnight or during the day for a few hours 
  3. Use every day for maximum results 

Go all-in and fight facial wrinkles for $50 with the SuperLift Pack.

SiO Beauty Super EyeLift 4pk Review

The skin under your eyes is the most sensitive area on the face, where signs of stress and aging are often the first to show. The Super EyeLift 4 pack includes 2 sets of patches. These are larger than the original under-eye patches with additional brow bone coverage.

The patches hug, compress, and hydrate the top of the inner crease to the brow bone. The under-eye treatment is formulated to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that show age and make makeup application difficult. To get the most of these patches:

  1. Apply from the inner crease to the brow bone on clean, dry skin
  2. Wear overnight or during the day for a few hours 
  3. Use daily for maximum results 

Pay just $35 for visibly more awake and even-toned eyes with the Super EyeLift 4 pack.

SiO Beauty NeckLift Review

Sagging and wrinkles used to only have a surgical fix. Enter the NeckLift, a much cheaper and more convenient option. The silicone patch hugs your skin and compresses, providing noticeable hydration and results in as little as 2 hours.

As with all of SiO Beauty’s silicone treatments, daily use provides long-term results, including limiting the formation of new lines. To use these neck patches:

  1. Apply while your neck is clean and dry 
  2. Wear overnight or during the day for a few hours 
  3. Use every day for maximum results 

 Just pay $30 for the NeckLift and reverse your skin’s aging process in as little as 2 hours.

SiO Beauty Plunging Neckline Pack Review

Wear alluring v-neck shirts and dresses with confidence using the Plunging Neckline Pack for the neck and decollete. Keep these areas smooth, tight, and moisturized so you don’t have to hide them away with high neckline tops.

This pack includes 2 reusable patches, 1 NeckLift, and 1 ChestLift patch. To apply this silicone treatment:

  1. Apply to your neck and decollete on clean, dry skin
  2. Wear it overnight or during the day for a few hours 
  3. Use daily for maximum results 

Get SiO Beauty’s Plunging Neckline Pack for just $45

SiO Beauty Subscription Review

The SiO Beauty Subscription is available on all products gives fans of the brand many opportunities to save. This subscription allows for frequent refilling of favored products, plus:

  • A gift with your first shipment
  • Up to 20% off of single purchase prices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping

You can cancel or modify the subscription any time after the second delivery.

SiO Beauty Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SiO Beauty Review

This SiO Beauty review took a look at customer’s comments on their experiences. The company website has 4.4/5 stars with 1896 reviews. Most customers reported experiencing noticeable results from the patches. Here are some testimonials that sum up the general feedback:

I have been using them for about 6 months and can see the results immediately after each use.”

My skin looks brighter and smoother.”

After one night I could see a difference.” 

To prove these claims, here are some SiO Beauty before and after pictures taken from their Instagram page:

SiO Beauty Review
SiO Beauty Review

There are some negative reviews on the website that described the products as expensive. Other dissatisfied customers noted that the patches did not stick to their face or did not last 10 uses.

Reviews on Amazon were less positive, with 3.5/5 stars out of 1,512 reviews. Many customers said they saw great results in as little as 3 uses and loved how their skin looked in the morning. Most significantly, buyers noted that the products effectively reduce wrinkles. “I highly recommend this product and the great customer service from Sio is an added benefit,” one reviewer rote.

A limited number of users reported that the product burned their skin. “Tried them last night and woke up with burned, angry skin. It’s like I got sunburned. I wouldn’t recommend it at all,” one review reads. Other SiO Beauty Amazon customers explained that the products contain dimethicone which may irritate those with sensitive skin.

Some users described mixed feelings toward the product, such as this customer: “It works. Noticeable difference in 1 night but even with careful storage and cleaning it isn’t sticking very well after 5 uses.”

SiO Beauty Review

Reddit reviews of SiO Beauty are also mixed. On the one hand, the site includes comments like: my skin does look nice & plump after my first use of these” and “I used mine for 2 nights and I did notice a difference in the mornings.” Other Reddit customers were unhappy with the patches, as this user notes: “I found them so uncomfortable to sleep in that I abandoned them after 3 nights.”

Is SiO Beauty Worth It?

SiO Beauty Review

This SiO Beauty review found that their products are worth trying. If you have an aversion to fillers, botox, or surgeries that are more permanent, painful, and expensive, these silicone treatments are may be the answer.

Many SiO Beauty customers are experiencing great results with immediate, long-term benefits including firmer, smoother, and less wrinkled skin. While there are some reported negative experiences, like the patches not sticking well or lasting fewer than 10 uses, positive reviews significantly outnumber negative ones.

SiO Beauty Promotions & Discounts 

SiO Beauty Review

This SiO Beauty review found multiple ways for customers to save:

  • Enter your email address into their website to receive 10% off
  • Subscribe to SiO Beauty for up to 20% off orders and free shipping.
  • Join the SiO Rewards Program to earn 1 point per dollar spent and redeem points for discounts
  • Refer a friend by giving them a 20% off SiO Beauty coupon and receive $10 in points

Where to Buy SiO Beauty

SiO Beauty Review

To shop silicone treatments, facial accessories, serums, and more, enter your location into for nearby partner retailers. SiO products can also be purchased online through Amazon, Lookfantastic, and Skinstore.

Sign Up for SiO Beauty

To become a SiO Beauty member, follow these steps:

  • Pick the SiO patch you want and select subscription
  • Choose how often you would like to receive your patches: either 30, 60, or 90 days 
  • Checkout and receive your purchase


Where is SiO Beauty located? 

The SiO Beauty headquarters are located in New York, NY.

Is SiO Beauty safe? 

This SiO Beauty review discovered that the products are dermatologist-approved and allergy-tested. The silicone contained in their patches is medical-grade, used safely by surgeons and doctors.

How long do SiO results last? 

Results do not happen overnight and will be seen with consistent use.  If you use these products consistently you will see long-term results. 

How do I cancel SiO Beauty? 

To cancel a SiO Beauty subscription you must wait until 2 deliveries have been made. You can then call the SiO Beauty customer service number at 877-984-3161 or visit your account on their website. 

What is SiO Beauty’s Shipping Policy?

This Sio Beauty Review found that the company is currently only shipping to the United States and US territories. Below are the key features of the SiO beauty shipping policy:

  • Free shipping for orders over $60 and through subscription
  • Patches ship within 72 hours 
  • Patches arrive in 7-10 business days 
  • 2-Day FedEx Shipping available

What is SiO Beauty’s Return Policy?

To return a product from SiO Beauty, you can initiate a refund by calling 1-877-984-3161 to start the process. You must do this within 30 days of purchase. Shipping fees will not be refunded.

How to Contact SiO Beauty

If you have any questions after reading this SiO Beauty review, you can contact their team the following ways:

SiO Beauty customer service hours are Monday-Friday 9 AM-6 PM.

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