Lucy and Co. Review

About Lucy & Co.

Lucy & Co. Review

Lucy & Co. is an online accessory shop that sells apparel, bandanas, and other goodies for your furry friend. The company’s collection of stylish harnesses, jackets, and collars will have owners scrambling for their pup’s next set of gear. 

Lucy & Co boasts a 521k following on their Instagram page. They are also the same people behind @dogsofinstagram, which has a whopping 5M followers. Loyal customers love to tag the company and show off their pups’ smiling faces and clothing. 

Are you looking to treat your canine to some gear? You’re in luck! This Lucy and Co. review will take a deep dive into the company, its bestsellers, policies, and more, so that you can decide if their products are worth the bark.  

Overview of Lucy & Co.

Lucy & Co. Review

Lucy & Co. was founded in 2014 by Ashley Paguyo and El Shourbagy. After creating the Dogs of Instagram page, the duo decided to launch a startup inspired by their own pet, Lucy. She was a senior pug and Boston terrier mix. 

Paguyo and Shourbagy found it difficult to find accessories for Lucy (they found the available products a bit cheesy for their tastes). So, they used their savings to open up the online store. Upon releasing their first collection of dog hoodies, they sold out almost immediately. 

The belief that all dogs deserve homes and loving families is a core value for the Minnesotan company. It was created based on the idea that pups are deserving. So, in 2019, they donated bandanas and leashes to animal shelters in an attempt to help rescues get adopted quickly. 

Lucy and Co. looks forward to doing the same in the coming years—always helping your furry friends look and feel their best. On occasions such as National Pet Day or National Dog Day, the company also chooses a non-profit animal organization to send 100% of its profits to. 

Now that we’ve gone through the company’s background, this Lucy & Co. review will go through some pros and cons. 


  • Great collection of endearing dog apparel and gear 
  • Lucy and Co. has a solid reputation among a community of pet owners 
  • Donates to non-profit animal organizations 
  • Financing options offered with Sezzle or AfterPay
  • Ships internationally 
  • Returns and exchanges are free


  • Free shipping only applies to US orders over $34 
Lucy & Co. Review

Lucy & Co. dog clothing makes your pup look super dapper at the park. The brand offers collars, harnesses, compostable poop bags, and even merch for humans! 

This Lucy & Co. review will now go through some of their best-selling products. As a side note, there are financing options available through Sezzle and Afterpay. 

Lucy & Co. Dog Clothing Review

These days, humans aren’t the only ones who need protection from the elements. Your fur baby wants to be cozy and comfortable too! That’s where Lucy & Co. clothing comes in. We’ll dive into some customer favourites below. 

Lucy & Co. Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat Review

Lucy & Co. Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat Review
Lucy & Co. Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat

The Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat is designed to protect dogs against chilly gusts of wind and on rainy walks. The water-repellent fabric and tight zipper can keep your furbaby warm and dry (for the most part!). It’s also lightweight, so they can remain comfortable while taking their morning poops. 

As the name suggests, you can reverse this coat to reveal a fun shark pattern or a bright yellow color. To avoid creating a puddle or muddy mess, it also features a flap that keeps water out.

This adorable Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat is machine washable and can be dry cleaned. It costs $40 at checkout. 

Lucy & Co. Petal Power Reversible Puffer Vest Review

Lucy & Co. Petal Power Reversible Puffer Vest Review
Lucy & Co. Petal Power Reversible Puffer Vest

As winter quickly approaches, your pooch might need an extra layer to keep them toasty. The cute and feminine Petal Power Reversible Puffer Vest is ideal for braving snow and ice. 

This is also another Lucy & Co. item that is reversible, with some flower power on one side and solid pink on the other. Your pup can march through winter in this warm puffer vest. It has a cellucotton filling for some warmth and, of course, features water repellent materials for snowy days. This vest can also be laundered and hung to dry. 

The Petal Power Reversible Puffer Vest totals $58

Lucy & Co. Dog Harnesses Review

To go with the vests and coats, you can get a Lucy & Co. dog harness. These harnesses feature fun designs for your dog’s daily walk. So, let’s find out about some of the customer favorites. 

Lucy & Co. Posy Pink Reversible Harness Review

Lucy & Co. Posy Pink Reversible Harness Review
Lucy & Co. Posy Pink Reversible Harness

The next item in this Lucy & Co. review is the Posy Pink Reversible Harness, which is too cute to be ignored. With this harness, you get two different styles all in one. One side features a floral pattern, while the other has a wild animal print. 

Made for the elements, the neoprene harness is functional and adorable. If you want to complete your companion’s outfit, it will go perfectly with the Petal Power Puffer vest. Plus, you can easily adjust it to your furry friend’s body with the chest strap.

The Posy Pink Reversible Harness will run you for about $32. Lucy & Co. recommends hand washing this item in cold water. 

Lucy & Co. Shark Attack Reversible Harness Review

Lucy & Co. Shark Attack Reversible Harness Review
Lucy & Co. Shark Attack Reversible Harness

For another perfect match, the Shark Attack Reversible Harness would look excellent with the same name raincoat. It also has the same durable features as the previous harness, just with an aquatic patterned twist. 

There’s also a matching leash available with the same pattern to complete your pup’s outdoor gear. There’s nothing your dog can’t take on with the great whites scattered on this $32 piece. It’s flexible and lightweight, so your walk can be hassle-free. 

Lucy & Co. Dog Collars Review

Fabric collars can accumulate a lot of dirt, and they can be tedious to clean. Luckily, Lucy & Co. dog collars feature mess-proof, waterproof PVC material. Read on to find out more!

Lucy & Co. Everyday PVC Collar Review

Lucy & Co. Everyday PVC Collar Review
Lucy & Co. Everyday PVC Collar

As we said, the Everyday PVC Collar is made from sturdy and waterproof PVC material. This makes it easy to wipe and allows it to withstand the toughest of situations. So, if your pup decides to have some fun and splash around in a puddle, washing this collar at home is a cinch. 

This collar is also aesthetically pleasing. It comes in three colors, including dark green, pale pink, and terracotta brown. The hardware includes a metal buckle and D-ring for your dog’s leash. 

You can get the Everyday PVC Collar for $35. It can also pair well with other Lucy & Co. products, including the Everyday Leash and Poop Bag Holder. 

Lucy & Co. Dog Bandanas Review

A Lucy & Co. dog bandana is a simple yet adorable accessory. The company’s bestsellers have your furbaby serving looks and ready for photo ops at a moment’s notice! Let’s take a look at two of the most popular options from this category. 

Lucy & Co. Iris Bandana Review

Lucy & Co. Iris Bandana Review
Lucy & Co. Iris Bandana

Who doesn’t love rainbows? The Iris Bandana is colorful and charming. It may not serve any function, but it’s definitely a fashionable accessory you can treat your pup to. 

You won’t have to worry about it being itchy for them either, as these products are hand-sewn in the US using 100% cotton. It’s also machine washable for your convenience. 

The Iris Bandana will cost you $20. This Lucy & Co. review found out that they are only available for a limited time. 

Lucy & Co. Ophie Bandana Review 

Lucy & Co. Ophie Bandana Review
Lucy & Co. Ophie Bandana

The Ophie Bandana makes us dream of picnics and the warm breeze. This sweet dog bandana is covered in popsicles and ice cream cone motifs, making it the perfect summer accessory. Add it to your dog’s little Lucy and Co. wardrobe and you’ll be ready for all seasons. 

This scarf will look great on any type of dog. We just can’t get enough of the print! Plus, it’s lightweight, ensuring that your pup will be comfortable when wearing it. You can own the Ophie Bandana for $20

Who Is Lucy & Co. For? 

Lucy & Co. Review

Lucy & Co.’s target demographic (besides dogs of all types and ages) is millennial pet parents. The company knows that older generations may not have considered buying these patterned clothing items for their dogs. 

So, through social media marketing efforts, they’ve won the hearts of owners who are putting off having families and raising pups instead. The brand’s price points on the higher side, so they might be items that you consider for playful photo shoots. 

Comparison: Lucy & Co. vs. The Foggy Dog 

Lucy & Co. Review

Many companies are adopting the same core values as our featured brand. So, how does it measure up against its competition? This Lucy & Co. review took a look at The Foggy Dog to see all the choices that consumers have at their disposal. 

First, we’ll go over some of the similarities between Lucy and Co. and The Foggy Dog: 

  • Both offer stylish accessories for your canine friend 
  • Similar core beliefs 
  • They have the same return policy
  • Both companies donate a portion of their proceeds to shelters and organizations

On the surface, the two brands are almost identical. If we take a closer look though, The Foggy Dog differs in a few ways: 

  • The Foggy Dog began with dog beds and expanded to sell other accessories
  • The Foggy Dog has a transparency statement about their products
  • The Foggy Dog develops more contemporary aesthetics 

At the end of the day, Lucy & Co. offers cute accessories for your pup. On the flip side, The Foggy Dog provides chic accessories while also offering handmade dog beds. So, which one will you choose?

Lucy & Co. Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lucy & Co. Review

Now, we’re at the exciting part of this Lucy & Co. review: What do pet owners think of the brand? We went searching for customer testimonials and found a majority of them on the company’s main website. Unfortunately, there aren’t many third-party reviews, except on Amazon. 

Here are some ratings rating for the bestsellers featured in this review: 

  • The Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat: 4.8/5 stars from 232 reviews 
  • The Petal Power Reversible Puffer Vest: 4.9/5 stars from 57 reviews
  • The Posy Pink Reversible Harness: 4.8/5 stars from 310 reviews
  • The Shark Attack Reversible Harness: 4.9/5 stars from 170 reviews
  • The Everyday PVC Collar: 4.9/5 stars from 51 reviews
  • The Iris Bandana: 4.9/5 stars from 19 reviews
  • The Ophie Bandana: 4.9/5 stars from 40 reviews

The Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat is popular among dog parents. One customer writes, “Thank you, Lucy and Co., for this adorable raincoat and harness for my little man, Freddie. He looks adorable in his new gear! Also, thank you for the quick exchange! I wasn’t sure about sizing, but they made the exchange process quick and painless. I will be purchasing more goodies in the future!” 

Another reviewer writes, “I love this raincoat. Both sides look perfect on all of my Pekingese. We get compliments every time we wear Lucy. I must get more.” 

The sweet Posy Pink Harness gets some love, too, with one customer saying, “Purchased this as a gift for my mother’s Frenchie. She absolutely LOVED it, and it fits little Lucy so nicely! Definitely purchasing another!” 

Another satisfied owner writes, “The shipping process was fantastic. We love this harness. It’s comfortable and adorable!” 

The Everyday PVC Collar also gets rave reviews on the company’s site. One dog parent says, “I LOVE my everyday walk collar and gear! Since it’s made of PVC, I can easily wipe it down after use to keep it looking clean. The hardware is secure, and I can trust it to keep my pets safe and secure.” 

In general, Lucy & Co.’s Reversible Dog Collars are well received on Amazon, where they have an average 4.4/5 star rating from 96 reviews. 

One customer says, “Easy to get our dogs into and out of. It takes about 5 seconds to get them into the harness and ready to go! Sturdy yet comfortable. No stress on the necks of our little dachshunds. And they look so adorable in their matching harnesses. Highly recommend it.” 

Is Lucy & Co. Worth It?

Lucy & Co. Review

Any loving pet owner can agree that getting to spoil your furbaby is a great source of joy (along with the companionship, of course). Lucy & Co.’s reversible harnesses, leashes, and clothing items add more fun to the bonding time with your pup. 

This Lucy & Co. review has determined that their products are worth the buy. These are high-quality, functional, and cute accessories that can have your pup feeling dapper. The coats can also protect them from rain, wind, or snow. 

There aren’t many third-party reviews, and some people might not fully trust brands that only have good reviews on their websites. But, it does seem that Lucy & Co. is quick to resolve any issues or negative comments that surface online. So, it’s safe to assume that their customer service operates smoothly. 

Lucy & Co. Promotions & Discounts 

Lucy & Co. Review

This Lucy & Co. review found that you can get 10% off your first order when you sign up for the company’s emails. Subscribers will be kept in the loop about any upcoming deals, launches, or giveaways.  

Where to Buy Lucy & Co.

Lucy & Co. Review

Have your eye on the PVC collar? You can shop Lucy & Co.’s inventory directly from their website at Their products are also available at the following retailers: 

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • PetSmart


Lucy & Co. Review

Where is Lucy & Co. made? 

Lucy & Co. bandanas are hand-sewn in the United States. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other specific manufacturing locations for the other products. 

What is Lucy & Co.’s Shipping Policy?

Lucy & Co offers free shipping within the US for anything over $34. Packages typically ship within three business days through USPS or FedEx, but the company notes that transit time will take at least 2–4 business days

They also ship internationally. Once the delivery reaches its destination country, packages are handled by the local mail carrier. This also means that customs charges depend on your location. 

As a bonus, this Lucy & Co. review discovered that the brand’s packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. 

What is Lucy & Co.’s Return Policy?

Lucy & Co. has a 30-day refund policy. The brand will cover all return shipping costs for unused items, and buyers can exchange anything if they received the wrong size. 

You can initiate a return via the company’s self-service returns portal. Just make sure to have your order number and ZIP code ready. 

How to Contact Lucy & Co.

For any other questions beyond this Lucy & Co. review, you can contact their customer service team through an online contact form or email them at he[email protected].

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