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About Mama Earth  

Mamma Earth Review

Grocery shopping can be stressful! It’s hard to know what products are fresh, let alone where they come from. Turn groceries into a no-brainer and check out this Mama Earth review to learn about the Toronto-based fresh and locally sourced produce and food home delivery subscription service. 

Known for putting their money where their mouth is, Mama Earth is a proud supporter of #supportlocal with over 25k followers on Instagram and over 98k likes on Facebook. The brand has even been featured in Now Toronto, Toronto Guardian, and the Financial Post

Are you drooling to find out more about local produce? This Mama Earth review will take an in-depth look at the brand and their fresh food offerings, customer ratings, promotions, and more, in order to help you decide if they’re worth trying. 

Overview of Mama Earth  

Mamma Earth Review

Mama Earth Organics was founded by husband and wife, Alex and Heather Billingsley. Alex is a former human rights lawyer who became increasingly interested in the relationship between consumers and where they get their produce and everyday grocery essentials. 

Through this interest, Mama Earth Organics was born in 2007. At its core, Mama Earth works to provide customers in Toronto and the GTA with local produce straight from the farm and organic grocery essentials delivered straight to their door. 

The Mama Earth headquarters is located in Mississauga, just outside of Toronto. 

Now that you’ve learned the basics about this farm-to-home delivery service, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Mama Earth. 


Mamma Earth Review
  • Farm fresh and locally sourced produce, meat, seafood, essentials and prepared food delivered to your door 
  • Supports local farmers and a local business 
  • Weekly and bi-weekly delivery slots available 
  • Lots of Mama Earth reviews from happy customers 
  • Recyclable food packaging options 
  • Food and produce baskets are customizable 
  • Basket size options for individuals to extra large families 
  • Pause or cancel your subscription any time 

Mama Earth Subscription Review

Grocery delivery services are nothing new, but Mama Earth Organics takes things one step further. If you want to do a better job of supporting local farmers and knowing your food is fresh, in season and organic, then the Mama Earth subscription delivery service could be worth a try. 

There are lots of different basket options to choose from and you can also add responsibly-raised meat and seafood, essentials like eggs and bread, and even ready-made meals to your weekly deliveries. 

Who Is Mama Earth For? 

Mamma Earth Review

Mama Earth Organics is perfect for food-conscious consumers who live in the Toronto area and want to support local farmers and buy fresh produce and other organic grocery essentials without hassle

Due to their weekly or bi-weekly delivery subscription services, Mama Earth is also spectacular for busy families that are constantly on the go. You don’t have to find time to go to the grocery store and do a big food shop anymore! You can get all your fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood and everyday favorites through Mama Earth without ever leaving the house. 

How Does Mama Earth Work? 

Mamma Earth Review

This Mama Earth review will walk you step-by-step through the sign up process for the brand’s subscription delivery service. 

  1. Firs, input your postal code to confirm that Mama Earth delivers to your area (they deliver to Toronto and the GTA)
  2. If you live within their service area, you get to choose your produce basket: from small baskets that work well for individuals to extra large baskets that are perfect for large families
  3. Add meat, seafood, and other everyday essentials to your order at any time 
  4. After picking out your food staples, choose whether you want your basket delivered weekly or every other week… whatever works best for you 
  5. Wait for locally grown fresh produce to be delivered to your door

Can I Customize My Basket? 

Mamma Earth Review

Mama Earth wants to take the monotony out of cooking and meal prep while supporting local farmers and delivering you fresh produce. 

Once you sign up for a Mama Earth subscription, the team sends an email each week prior to your delivery letting you know what’s new in the world of food and produce. If you have a particular aversion to certain fruits or vegetables, you can make a note in your profile and put them on the “never send” list. 

There are lots of fresh and organic food items you can choose from to customize your basket, such as: 

  • Meat that is responsibly-raised
  • Sustainably sourced fish 
  • Mama Earth chef prepared meals, including vegan and seasonal options 
  • Bakery items & bread 
  • Dairy, eggs & milk alternatives 
  • Beverages
  • Snacks 
  • Freezer items 

How Much Does Mama Earth Cost? 

Mamma Earth Review

Mama Earth has a few different basket themes depending on what kind of produce you are looking for:

  • The Only Veg Box is $35
  • The Only Fruit Box costs $35 
  • The Only Local Box is $35 and includes fruit and vegetables from local farmers 

The brand also has a variety of different baskets to choose from, with different sizes and price points. Let’s take a look:

  • The Small Box costs $30 and is a reasonable size for individuals 
  • The Regular Box costs $40 and suits two people
  • The Family Box is $50
  • The Large Family Box is suitable for 4 – 6 people and costs $60
  • The Extra Large Family Box is $80 and accommodates 6 – 10 people
  • The Ultimate Family Basket costs $100

Comparison: Mama Earth vs. Fresh City Farms

Mamma Earth Review

It’s time to take this Mama Earth review to compare and contrast with one of their top competitors. Fresh City Farms is a grocery delivery subscription service in the Toronto area. 

Let’s start with some of the ways in which Mama Earth and Fresh City Farms are similar: 

  • Both Mama Earth and Fresh City Farms bring their customers organic and locally grown produce, as well as bread, eggs, meat, prepared food, and more 
  • You can sign up for their subscription service and get grocery deliveries every week 
  • Order customization is possible at both Mama Earth and Fresh City Farms 

Next are some ways in which these two Toronto-based brands differ: 

  • Fresh City Farms has pick-up hubs in addition to a home delivery services 
  • Fresh City Farms also has the option to add flower deliveries
  • Mama Earth Organics works with over 150 local farms and food producers while Fresh City Farms is focused on their own independent farms 

Both Mama Earth and Fresh City Farms are great options for those that are looking for fresh and locally sourced produce from the Toronto area. If you’re interested in supporting lots of different farms and food producers in your area, however, Mama Earth Organics totally has you covered. 

Mama Earth Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mamma Earth Review

You deserve to be picky about where you source your food from! Let’s take this Mama Earth review to the next level and check in with what customers have to say about the Toronto-based delivery service.

Mama Earth Organics has made a splash on social media with nearly 100k likes on their Facebook page. The consensus of the many Mama Earth reviews left by customers on Facebook is that the local produce and food is fresh. Customers love how convenient it is to have everything delivered right to your door. 

One customer left a Mama Earth review on Facebook that said: 

Absolutely AMAZING service and incredible food. The produce is beyond fresh, the prepared food is SO good and I’m paying the same or less than at my local organic grocery store, and it comes right to me!!! I’m in love with this discovery, and so is my entire family of picky eaters!!! Highly highly recommend Mama Earth Organics”

There’s a number of Mama Earth reviews speaking to how the food baskets are practical and convenient with the ability to customize and leave out items you don’t want. There’s less waste! 

One customer left a Mama Earth review on Yelp speaking to her experience with the brand: 

“I customized my basket which included living arugula, wild baby leeks and portobello mushrooms — all delicious. They carry nice organic add-ons like chipotle kale chips (awesome) and the cowgirl cookie by Earth + City. The customer service is generally prompt and excellent.”

This service is really great for those that eat mostly plant-based. There are a number of positive Mama Earth reviews discussing how it’s such an ideal service for those who eat organic or vegan diets. One individual left a Mama Earth review on the brand’s Instagram page expressing her gratitude: 

“Just got my newest order. Love what you do and looking forward to making delicious plant based meals all this week” 

Between people wanting to receive fresh produce from local farms and the Mama Earth reviews that discuss exemplary customer service, it seems Mama Earth Organics is doing incredibly well. 

Is Mama Earth Worth It?

Mamma Earth Review

Do you live in the Toronto area and want produce from local farms delivered to your door every week? Based on the many Mama Earth reviews from Toronto-based customers who have taken advantage of this food delivery service over the years, it sounds like a service that is worth the money.

The benefit of having groceries dropped off at your door is that you no longer need to carve the time out of your busy schedule to hit up the store. Plus, if shopping locally is something that’s really important to you, Mama Earth sources fruit and vegetables from farm communities around Ontario. 

Mama Earth Promotions & Discounts 

Mamma Earth Review

If you’re just signing up with Mama Earth, you can take advantage of their 25% off new member offer, which is a savings of 25% off your first three food baskets. 

Where to Buy Mama Earth 

Mamma Earth Review

If you’re in the Toronto area and looking for local produce and food delivery, you can shop exclusively for Mama Earth on their website:


Mamma Earth Review

How long has Mama Earth been around?   

Mama Earth Organics has been around since 2007. It was founded by husband and wife, Alex and Heather Billingsley. 

How sustainable is Mama Earth?   

Mama Earth is always looking for the most sustainable options they can find to bring customers fresh local produce and food with unnecessary plastic and non-recyclable packaging.

There are some foods that require specialized packaging to stay fresh, however whenever possible, Mama Earth uses glassware or aluminum. All of the prepped food is packaged in recycled plastic. 

How does Mama Earth source ingredients?   

Mama Earth sources as much as they possibly can from local farms around the Toronto area. When it gets to the winter months and some items can’t be found as close to home, Mama Earth does have to source from farms not local to Toronto. If this is a concern for you, choose the “Local Only” option at checkout. 

Is everything certified organic?   

Not every piece of produce that Mama Earth sources and sells is certified organic. Any produce that is not certified, however, comes from local farmers that have worked closely with the brand over the years and are properly labeled as non-certified. 

Why is there a $30 produce minimum?  

Mama Earth is dedicated to bringing customers the very best of fresh local produce. There’s a $30 produce minimum to help support the local farms that provide the vegetables and fruit. The minimum amount also works to cover the day-to-day business and delivery costs as well. 

What do I do with my empty bin?  

Many customers who get their produce and other food items from Mama Earth stick with the brand as repeat customers. Leave your empty bin out when your next order is due to come and they’ll take the used bin away for you. 

What is Mama Earth’s Shipping Policy?

Mama Earth delivers fresh farm produce to customers in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. All delivery is free for orders over $30

If you live in an apartment or condo, there is no issue with delivery as Mama Earth has several different options to ensure flexible delivery service. 

All deliveries are made between 1 p.m. – 8 p.m. throughout the week. 

What is Mama Earth’s Return Policy?

Considering the nature of products that you get from Mama Earth, fresh and local produce, there’s not a set return policy in place. 

If you find yourself particularly dissatisfied with something in your order, you can reach out to the team and they will work to give you a credit on your account. 

How to Contact Mama Earth

If you need to get in touch with the Mama Earth team, there are a few ways to reach out: 

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