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Mighty Carver Review

As thrilling as slicing up holiday meat is, it’s not always the easiest thing to do, especially if you need an electric knife.

The small handles can make it difficult to maneuver, and the design isn’t always appealing. If you want a way to make things more fun (without any nasty incidents), check out this Mighty Carver review.

Mighty Carver is an electric knife bringing more families together, thanks to a recent investment on Shark Tank. The chainsaw aesthetic it brings not only makes cutting your holiday foods a memorable event, but the extra handles also make slicing easier and safer for the person using it.

Though the company is just starting out, they’ve already got 1k Facebook likes and over 4.6k followers on Instagram. Plus, you’ll find its story featured in many news outlets such as Wall Street Journal and PR Newswire.

But is this a gimmicky gift you give to make fun of the power tool freak in your family and never expect them to use it? Well, in this Mighty Carver review, I’ll take you on a journey through this brand’s story, policies, and customer reviews to help you decide if it’s worth it.

Overview of Mighty Carver

Mighty Carver Review

With fond memories of her grandfather carving up the turkey for Christmas dinners at her family’s Montana cabin, Kim Burney realized how big of a hole he left after he passed. With no one taking on the duties of carving, she realized something had to be done. 

Considering the similarities between an electric knife and a chainsaw, it took Kim and her husband Lance only a few months to come up with the Mighty Carver, officially launching the brand in 2017.

Their big break came in late 2020 when the husband and wife duo appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank.

The Mighty Carver Shark Tank episode will go down in history as Mark Cuban is holding their electric chainsaw as he and the other sharks go into a feeding frenzy over the product. 

Before I look deeper at the brand, let’s slice through some of the highlights of this Mighty Carver review below:


  • Looks like a real chainsaw with all the power and precision
  • Multiple handles and lightweight plastic frame make cutting easy
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe blades
  • Ships internationally

Instead of worrying about whether someone’s going to lose a finger at Christmas, let’s get to the meat of this Mighty Carver review.

Below, I’ll show you all the convenient features and accessories that come with this electric knife.

Mighty Carver Electric Knife Review

The Mighty Carver Electric Knife is as simple to use as any other electric knife:

  1. Plug it in
  2. Turn it on
  3. Start slicing and dicing with the dual blades

The major difference between your standard knife and this 110 V miniature chainsaw is the stability and precision of your cut.

While other knives might be built for one hand or supply a single handle for a two-handed job, the Mighty Carver’s chainsaw design has multiple handles and a plastic guard for better safety and control.

While it can’t saw through bones or frozen foods, it’ll effortlessly cut through those big slabs of meat, watermelon, cheese wheels, and bread. You name it, and this thing can slice through it.

It’s also surprisingly easy to clean. With the push of a button, the stainless steel blades are released and can be put in the dishwasher or cleaned by hand.

The plastic frame also comes off for convenient cleaning. After it’s dry, you can store it away with ease since it doesn’t take up that much room, coming in at 19” x 5.8” x 8.7”.  

The one downside is there’s no cordless model at this time. And, while that option is still being researched, a battery would compromise the Mighty Carver’s current design, which weighs just under 3.5 lbs

With a handy carving fork included, the entire set of blades, frame, and instructions would usually cost $84. But right now, you can get this nifty power tool for $80.

Who Is Mighty Carver For? 

Mighty Carver Review

Let me be absolutely clear in this Mighty Carver review. While this might weigh and look like a toy, it is essentially a real chainsaw.

And it should be kept out of any tiny hands who want to pretend they’re in Friday the 13th. Unfortunately, there is no cover for the blades, so use your best judgment when storing.

Aside from that obvious no-no, this is the kind of gift for anyone who wants to make the customary carving of the assorted Christmas meats a more engaging experience.

Or, if you or a person in your life just love power tools and want the ease of chainsaw cutting for your everyday food prep, that’s perfectly fine too.

Mighty Carver Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mighty Carver Review

While there aren’t many Mighty Carver reviews, what I could find showed a lot of support for this quirky appliance. Granted, not everyone was pleased about its price tag, but the majority of people found it to be a stellar buy.

For one thing, the Mighty Carver does indeed bring smiles to any get-together that involves cutting large amounts of food.

It’s certainly a good investment for the fun factor alone. One of the 12 reviewers from The Grommet, who gave it 5/5 stars, had this to say about their hosting experience with this electric knife:

Our Friendsgiving (highly suggest you throw one every year) in 2019, we had a couple over that we were just getting to know. The husband saw the mighty carver and he immediately went into action, carving, slicing, laughing (we all were). His wife was taking videos… it was great.

One of the 270 Amazon reviewers, who gave a collective 4.6/5 stars, said, “Truthfully, we didn’t expect the thing to actually work like it did. Take off the guard when you want to get into serious carving and this thing is AMAZING! […] We do multiple turkeys in the fryer thru the afternoon and this made our serving so much easier!

Even those who aren’t the go-to person for turkey carving have an easy time with this knife.

One of the 3 reviewers on Walmart gave it 4.7/5 stars and commented, “I am not the Official turkey carver in the family. […] It definitely gets the job done! If your looking for a sharp tool in the kitchen, I’m taken!

All in all, it looks like the Mighty Carver could be a tool that can be passed down through generations, much like its predecessor, the electric knife. 

Is Mighty Carver Worth It?

Mighty Carver Review

Though it is a bit pricey and lacks a cordless model to make it easier to use in any room, it’s still a great buy based on everything I discovered while researching for this Mighty Carver review.

It’s not only fun and will bring smiles to your (chosen) family, but it also makes cutting large portions into bite-sized morsels super easy with its multiple grips and weight. 

Mighty Carver Promotions & Discounts 

Mighty Carver Review

The checkout page makes it obvious that discount codes exist. To find them, you’ll either need to subscribe to their e-newsletter or wait for a major promotional sale.

Where to Buy Mighty Carver

Mighty Carver Review

I searched around for this Mighty Carver review and found that not only can you buy from the brand’s site, but you can also buy this handy product at The Grommet, Amazon, Walmart, and Hatchet Hardware.


Mighty Carver Review

Who owns Mighty Carver?

Kim and Lance Burney are the main proprietors of the brand. Of course, Daymond John from Shark Tank has helped them out and currently owns a quarter of the business.

How heavy is the Mighty Carver?

The website doesn’t give an official weight, opting for comparing it to your average electric knife. Thankfully, Amazon came through for me on this Mighty Carver review and confirmed it weighs just under 3.5 lbs.

Does the Mighty Carver have a battery for optional cordless use?

Not yet. If the owners can find one that won’t compromise the lightweight aspect of the design, then you’ll get your cordless use.

How do you clean the Mighty Carver?

Simply pop the blades out and put them in the dishwasher. Everything else you can take apart and wash by hand.

Does Mighty Carver ship internationally?

At the moment, the brand is only shipping to Canada and the US

What is Mighty Carver’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping costs will depend on where you live. These costs are calculated using the handy module on the cart page. If you live outside of the US, you’re expected to pick up the tab for any duties and taxes.

Everything is shipped from Florida, so within the US you can expect a longer wait for your order the farther away you are, with a max of about 6 business days.

What is Mighty Carver’s Return Policy?

So long as the item hasn’t been used and still has all of its accessories and tags, you can send it back within 30 days of receiving it. Just get in touch with customer service, and they’ll sort you out.

How to Contact Mighty Carver

Have additional questions that were left unanswered by this Mighty Carver review? There are a few ways to get in touch with the company:

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