My Halo Ring Review

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About My Halo Ring 

My Halo Ring Review

My Halo Ring sells silicone jewelry to both men and women. These “rings with a story” are flexible and reliable enough to fit any lifestyle. They can act as a symbol of commitment or even offer your loved ones a sense of belonging. 

The hype is growing for silicone bling. My Halo Ring has been featured in a few prominent media outlets such as USA Today, Digital Journal, NBC, and Google News. Customer reception is also very positive across the board. 

Are you looking for a gift for someone special? Maybe we can help out. This My Halo Ring review will take a closer look at the company and its bestsellers, policies, customer ratings, and more, so you can decide if they’re worth the buy.

Overview of My Halo Ring

My Halo Ring Review

My Halo Ring was founded by Peter Kronson and his old friend David during the pandemic. The two met up at a coffee shop in Sydney, Australia, to catch up. This meetup led to many laughs and jokes that reminded them of being kids again. 

Peter and David began to realize the “incredible power of connection and intrinsic trust.” It felt effortless for the duo to reconnect, and they wanted the rest of the world to feel the same. So they came up with Halo, a brand that stands for “community, connection, and intention.” 

The Australian brand is all about giving back as well. Halo donates to their favorite charities with every purchase made, and they even let the customer choose which one they’d like to donate to. These organizations tackle things like mental health and child abuse. This emphasizes the business’ commitment to allowing others to connect. 

My Halo rings are delivered in reusable bags. They’re also designed with Medi-Flexon, a “next-generation” material that makes the rings hypoallergenic. 

Now that you have a good idea of what the brand is all about, this My Halo Ring review will go over some highlights. 


  • Selection of silicone rings for every style preference  
  • Suitable for active lifestyles 
  • Made with hypoallergenic material  
  • Customers claim that their ring shows no signs of wear and tear after prolonged use 
  • A lifetime warranty is included 
  • Financing options available with Sezzle
  • International shipping is available

My Halo Ring helps bring people together. With the company’s creative designs, you and your loved ones can share something special. Plus, the rings are incredibly comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. 

Are you looking to make the switch from metal rings? Then, keep reading this My Halo Ring review to learn more about their silicone collection. 

My Halo Ring Review

These best-selling My Halo rings are versatile and convenient. They also stay true to the brand’s promise of bringing people together and creating communities. 

My Halo Ring Pride Ring Review

My Halo Ring’s Pride Ring definitely tells its own story. It can show that you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community, or it can be an excellent way to show support to your loved one. Either way, this unisex ring represents pride in yourself and in the community you belong to. 

The Pride Ring doesn’t just carry a strong message, but it’s also flexible and reversible. The first edition ring’s reverse side features a red band, and it can still withstand many activities. So whether you’re at the gym or the pool, it will maintain its color and quality. 

The $30 Pride Ring is currently back in stock, so be sure to grab it while you still can!

My Halo Ring Khaleesi Ring Review

Winter is coming, so why not treat yourself to the Khaleesi Ring? This regal, pearly silicone ring can easily replace your metal one with its slight sheen. It’s designed with a charming simplicity that anyone can get behind. 

You can say goodbye to a sweaty and uncomfortable fit with this ring. Not too tight on meaty fingers, it’s built for breathable wear. It can also help prevent any ring avulsions, which can occur when your metal ring gets caught on something and gets pulled off suddenly. 

To avoid painful injuries, opt for a safer alternative like the silicone Khaleesi Ring for $30. It’s perfect for anyone who works with their hands a lot. 

My Halo Ring Floral Candy Ring Review

The last item in this My Halo Ring review is the Floral Candy Ring. This botanical beauty screams spring and vacation time, and the solid pink reverse side is ideal if you’re looking to stack multiple rings. 

If you’re looking to give this ring to your partner, mother, sister, or whoever to commemorate a milestone, you can include a Halo message card. This allows you to personalize your gift and let your loved ones know that you’re always thinking of them. How sweet is that? 

The message card can also fit into your wallet as a special reminder. Put some pep in your step with the Floral Candy Ring for $30

Who Is My Halo Ring For? 

My Halo Ring Review

My Halo Ring’s target demographic is basically everyone. The brand is super committed to creating community and companionship through their products. Plus, if you’re looking to make the switch from traditional metal rings to silicone rings, this is an excellent and affordable alternative. 

What Are My Halo Rings Made Out Of? 

My Halo Ring Review

My Halo rings are made out of Medical Flexon. The company claims that the material is highly durable, chemical resistant, and flexible. It’s also hypoallergenic—just something to consider for those who suffer from nickel or silver allergies. 

This silicone material also helps prevent injuries like ring avulsions. As said previously, this can be a devastating injury caused by metal rings that can result in lacerations or even amputations. So, My Halo Ring’s products are better suited for trade workers, food service employees, or anyone who leads a busy lifestyle. 

What Does My Halo Ring Support? 

My Halo Ring Review

My Halo Ring supports many initiatives, including ones that tackle mental health and child abuse. They believe that everyone deserves to belong and kindness can help solve these issues worldwide. 

The charities they support include Beyond Blue, NAMI, and Our Rescue. Beyond Blue is an Australian mental health organization that supports people with depression and anxiety. They can also help those who struggle with suicidal thoughts. 

NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness. This American organization helps build better lives for Americans who struggle with a range of mental health issues. 

Lastly, My Halo Ring contributes to Our Rescue, a group that works to end child trafficking and child slavery. Their team is built with highly skilled people who spearhead identification and extraction efforts. 

Comparison: My Halo Ring vs. Enso Rings

My Halo Ring Review

The demand for silicone rings is definitely growing. So, how does our featured brand stand out among the competition? This My Halo Ring review looked at Enso Rings to help you make an informed choice. 

First, we’ll talk about some of their similarities: 

  • Both My Halo Ring and Enso Rings offer silicone rings for men and women
  • Both carry a selection of rings within a similar price range
  • They both offer a lifetime warranty
  • Both ship their products internationally 

While it appears that the two brands are identical on the surface, we did find some key differences upon doing more research: 

  • Enso Rings also offers silicone bracelets
  • Enso Rings’ products go up in price depending on the style
  • Enso Rings’ shipping minimum is lower
  • Enso Rings’ has a 30 day return policy.
  • My Halo Ring does not have a deadline for returns
  • My Halo Ring has a one time mystery ring offer at $9.99 with any purchase.
  • My Halo Ring has personal message cards

Both Halo and Enso rings offer silicone ring alternatives for everyone. My Halo Ring is a newer company with a smaller collection, but they still carry stunning designs. 

On the other hand, Enso Rings offers rings and bracelets for everyone while also having different collections to choose from. So, which one will you choose?

My Halo Ring Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

My Halo Ring Review

Now that we’ve gone through the bestsellers in this My Halo Ring review, it’s time to look at some customer feedback. As the company is fairly new, there aren’t many third-party ratings available yet. But, we did find some on the main website, Facebook, and a blog called The Art of Healthy Living

Here’s the average rating snapshot for the top-selling rings in this review: 

  • Pride Ring: 5/5 stars from 9 reviews
  • Khaleesi Ring: 4.9/5 stars from 25 reviews
  • Floral Candy Ring: 5/5 stars from 3 reviews 

The Pride Ring is a hit among customers. One reviewer writes, “For the longest time, I always wore metal rings. I figured they were more hypoallergenic and safe. […] I got my ring two weeks ago and haven’t taken it off since. This is the most comfortable ring I have ever worn. It also doesn’t get banged up while I’m at work, which is a plus. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to metal.”

Another customer says, “I can’t love this enough. Perfect fit. I genuinely hope this lasts because I want to rock this when I’m 80.” 

The Khaleesi Ring gets some love too. One customer says, “The Khaleesi Ring is absolutely beautiful. It’s simple with a little something extra! I love it, and I love the Summer Lovin’ one too! You guys are so good to work with, and I will be ordering from you again!” 

Another buyer writes, “Love this ring. It’s cuter in person than in the picture. Fits great and is very comfortable. The colors are usable with many outfits.” 

Of course, the Floral Candy Ring also receives rave reviews. A customer writes, “This ring looks good, feels great, is well made and shipped quickly. This is my 3rd, and my wife has 3 as well. We love them.” 

A second user echoes, “Very professional and speedy service. These rings are incredible and so well made.” 

My Halo Ring’s Facebook page has only received two reviews, where the company scores an average of 3/5 stars. One user says, “After a little back and forth with customer service, my ring came today. Love it. They weren’t wrong. I love the Khaleesi. I did opt for the mystery ring, and I love it as well. Not sure which one I love more.” 

On The Art of Healthy Living, the blog author writes that the ring is perfect if you’re active and love jewelry. They also state that it’s a quirky piece that can easily show off parts of your personality. 

The author chose a ring that fit their love of stars, and it served as a reminder of “the infinite possibilities” they have. They really enjoyed the aspect of creating your own story as well as the personal message that came included with their My Halo Ring. 

Is My Halo Ring Worth It?

My Halo Ring Review

As we said, silicone rings are a great alternative to metal ones if you live an active lifestyle or if you’re constantly working with your hands. My Halo Ring offers safe jewelry that prevents injury and increases breathability and flexibility. 

Based on this My Halo Ring review, we would say that their products are worth checking out if you’re considering making the switch. They have a good collection of simple and stunning designs for both him and her. In addition, the rings are affordable, comfortable, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your money is going to some incredible causes. 

My Halo Ring is new to the scene, yet the customer reviews they’ve received so far have nothing but good things to say. So it’s safe to say that they’re off to a great start. If you do carry some skepticism, though, we would still bookmark the website for some potential gift-giving opportunities down the line. 

My Halo Ring Promotions & Discounts 

My Halo Ring Review

This My Halo Ring review found that the brand offers 15% off your first purchase when you sign up to join the tribe.  

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other active discounts. But by signing up for an account, you’ll be able to get updates on the latest deals and promotions. 

Where to Buy My Halo Ring

My Halo Ring Review

Itching to make a purchase after reading this My Halo Ring review? You can shop the entire collection at


My Halo Ring Review

Who founded My Halo Ring?   

Peter Kronson is a co-founder of My Halo Ring along with his long-time friend, David. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find much information about David’s full name or professional history. 

How Do I Know What Size To Buy?  

My Halo rings are not one-size-fits-all. Luckily, you can use the company’s helpful ring size guide to find the right one for you. 

Do My Halo Rings Come With A Warranty?  

My Halo Ring offers a lifetime warranty that covers any damages, incorrectly sized items, or lost rings. Talk about a generous policy! 

Can Silicone Rings Irritate Skin?  

Silicone rings can cause some irritation if you’re allergic to the material. My Halo Ring claims to utilize a material that’s hypoallergenic and breathable. If you do experience discomfort, though, it’s best to stop wearing the ring altogether. 

How Should I Clean My My Halo Ring?  

This My Halo Ring review found that you can deep clean any silicone ring by soaking it in a mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for at least 20 minutes. The ratio should be about 2:1. Then, you can scrub it with a sponge or toothbrush to really get into all the grooves. 

What Is My Halo Ring’s Shipping Policy?

My Halo Ring offers free international shipping for orders over $100. If your order doesn’t meet the required minimum, delivery charges will depend on your location. 

Here are the estimated shipping times for a few different destinations: 

  • US and Canada: 1–2 days
  • Australia: 1–3 days 
  • New Zealand: 5–10 days 
  • Europe: 5–10 days 
  • Rest of the world: 5–15 days 

It’s also important to mention that My Halo Ring is experiencing some delays due to COVID-19, so the ETAs might be a little longer. Buyers can always contact their local mail carrier in order to get a precise date.

What is My Halo Ring’s Return Policy?

This My Halo Ring review couldn’t find any specific details about the company’s return policy. But, it looks like you can return your ring whenever you want to through their returns portal. All you need is your order number and email to get started. 

With the lifetime warranty, you can send in a damaged or defective ring for replacement. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs, and these fees are non-refundable. The brand also suggests using a tracking number if your item(s) exceed $75

How to Contact My Halo Ring

We hope you enjoyed reading this My Halo Ring review. If you have further questions, feel free to contact the team via the following channels: 

My HALO Ring
PO Box 432
Rose Bay, NSW
2029, Australia

My Halo Ring’s customer support team is available 24/7. 

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