Natural Girl Wigs Review

About Natural Girl Wigs

Natural Girl Wigs Review

Natural Girl Wigs is a Black-owned business that sells over 70 styles of premium fiber and virgin human hair wigs in a variety of different textures to match all hair types. The brand has been featured in such media outlets as Essence, PopSugar, and Cosmopolitan, and the Natural Girl Wigs Instagram has a substantial and growing following of over 77K.

This Natural Girl Wigs review will take an in-depth look at the brand as well as its customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if its products are worth the buy.

Overview of Natural Girl Wigs

Natural Girl Wigs Review

Natural Girl Wigs was founded in 2018 by Oluremi Martins, a former digital marketing lead who was inspired to create the business due to her own struggles to achieve the many different hairstyles she wanted to try out. Understanding that there were many other women out there having similar difficulties, she set out to make a naturally textured, Afrocentric wig.

That first creation was a success, and from there Oluremi launched the business with a capital investment of only $1,000 and a single partner, her own hairstylist. The brand quickly expanded, and today Natural Girl Wigs has a line of over 70 styles to choose from.

Natural Girl Wigs defines itself as “a fun brand that loves female friendships, promotes Black beauty, and helps women live their best life.” Its wigs are made by Black hairstylists in Texas and also in Lagos, Nigeria, where the brand has its headquarters.

This Natural Girl Wigs review will now take a look at some of the initial pros and cons of the brand.


  • Wide range of wig styles for different hair textures
  • Affordable price point
  • Black- and woman-owned business 
  • Ships worldwide 
  • Affirm available for installment payments
  • Subscription plan offers 50% savings on all products and free shipping for orders over $100
  • Great customer reviews on comfort and quality 


  • No free shipping due to COVID-19 
  • Shipping not calculated until checkout 
Natural Girl Wigs Review

Natural Girl Wigs sells all different kinds of wigs, from wefts, closure, and frontal lace wigs to ponytails. The brand has products for all manner of different hair textures, including braids, Afrocentric, kinky blow out, kinky curly, kinky coily, and Afro-kinky. All of these hair additions will look natural and have everyone complimenting your look.

Natural Girl Wigs Review

Natural Girl Wigs sells just about every type of wig you could ask for, including headband wigs, bob wigs, braid wigs, clip-ins, ponytails, and wefts. This Natural Girl Wigs review will now take a look at some of the brand’s bestselling wigs. 

Natural Girl Wigs Wig Awera Review

Natural Girl Wigs Wig Awera Review
Natural Girl Wigs Wig Awera

Go from the boardroom to the club with the Wig Awera. This perfect Afro wig is so astonishingly natural no one will be able to tell that it’s not your actual hair, especially as it’s so soft and light that you can fluff and style it as much as you like. (But just use your hands, keep those combs away!)

The Wig Awera comes in two different lengths and three color options. It’s secured with an elastic strap and two clips, so you can hit the streets without fear of wind or jostling. Get it for $65, or 50% off the regular price with a Natural Girl Wigs membership.

Natural Girl Wigs Faux Afro Puff Review 

Natural Girl Wigs Faux Afro Puff Review
Natural Girl Wigs Faux Afro Puff

Can’t get your hair to cooperate, and you’ve got to be out the door in 5? Fear not, the Faux Afro Puff has got it covered (literally). Easy to apply and maintain, this no-fuss puff will have you looking super-stylish in a jiffy.

Just use the drawstring and two combs to secure the wig tightly to your head. Then, take the free spray shine and lightly moisturize the hair before fluffing it up. In less than five minutes, you’ll have a perfect puff and will be ready to face the day.

The Faux Afro Puff retails for $25, or you can get it at half-price when you become a member.

Natural Girl Wigs Afro Kinky Textured Weave Review 

Natural Girl Wigs Afro Kinky Textured Weave Review
Natural Girl Wigs Afro Kinky Textured Weave

The Afro Kinky Textured Weave is the most natural-looking weave for coarsely textured hair, and can be styled just like your real hair so that it blends in seamlessly. Each weave bundle comes in your choice of four lengths (14, 16, 18, or 20 inches); for full coverage, the brand recommends that you get three bundles if your hair is 18-20 inches, or two if it’s 14-16 inches.

This weave can be combed, conditioned, and colored, but just make sure you keep it moisturized for best results. The Afro Kinky Textured Weave is $125, but remember, you save half of that if you join up with the membership program. 

Natural Girl Wigs Wig Chi Review 

Natural Girl Wigs Wig Chi Review
Natural Girl Wigs Wig Chi

Short hair is always in style for a reason: it looks chic, and is the perfect complement to any look. Handmade with premium kinky bulk hair, the Wig Chi is a gorgeous short curled Afro with a natural yet shiny finish. 

The secure elastic band and two combs will keep this no-worry wig fused to your skull, and it’s so natural-feeling and easy to care for you could even wear it to sleep (but you probably shouldn’t). We love us a free gift, and so we naturally love the free shine spray that comes along with this piece. Just apply a bit before styling to give yourself some moisture to work with.

The Wig Chi will run you $55.

Natural Girl Wigs Diva Curly Review 

Natural Girl Wigs Diva Curly Review
Natural Girl Wigs Diva Curly

If you’re looking to stand out, then the Diva Curly is for you. Hand-sewn and trimmed for a wonderfully natural look, this bob cut wig has a fine, curly texture and comes in either a 10- or 12-inch length.

Remember to always add moisture when you’re combing and styling this wig to avoid breakage. This standout from Natural Girl Wigs’ Diva Series will set you back $250

Natural Girl Wigs Curly Girl Ponytail Review 

Natural Girl Wigs Curly Girl Ponytail Review
Natural Girl Wigs Curly Girl Ponytail

Whether classing up a caszh look or going full glam for a night out, the Curly Girl Ponytail will make you stand out with its lustrous S-pattern curls. Made with premium fiber hair and measuring 20 inches, this wig is secured with an elastic band and two combs on each side.

Always add moisture before you tease this beauty out, but remember to never take this in the pool or the shower unless you want to ruin the illusion. You can get the Curly Girl Ponytail for $50, or chop half off of that price tag with a Natural Girl Wigs membership.

Natural Girl Wigs Kinky Coily U-Part Wig Review 

Natural Girl Wigs Kinky Coily U-Part Wig Review
Natural Girl Wigs Kinky Coily U-Part Wig

Show off your own amazing and unique hair texture while giving it some strategic juice with the Kinky Coily U-part Wig. Available in lengths of 14, 16, 18, or 20 inches, this wig flawlessly blends with your real hair to make it look as if you’ve been gorgeously cultivating it for years.

Make sure to take extra-special care with this wig, or it will shed like your natural hair! The Kinky Coily U-part Wig retails for $240.

Natural Girl Wigs Afro Kinky Ponytail Review 

Natural Girl Wigs Afro Kinky Ponytail Review
Natural Girl Wigs Afro Kinky Ponytail

The wonderfully natural texture of the Afro Kinky Ponytail makes it both look and feel just like your own hair. Equally good for the office, drinks with the girls, or date night, this versatile wig will fit with whatever you get yourself up to.

This Natural Girl Wigs ponytail comes in two color options and lengths of 14, 16, 18, or 20 inches. Get your new everyday go-to for $125.

Natural Girl Wigs Crochet Goddess Locs Review 

Natural Girl Wigs Crochet Goddess Locs Review
Natural Girl Wigs Crochet Goddess Locs

If you love the look of locs but don’t have the patience to create perfect braids, then the Crochet Goddess Locs are for you. Ready-made and easy to apply, they’ll give you the look you’ve always craved without any of the fuss.

These locs are 22 inches long and come in four color options. Get 4-5 bundles of these babies and you’re ready to go—just remember to keep your scalp moisturized regularly while you’re wearing them, and wrap them up in a scarf or bonnet if you’re wearing them to sleep. Each bundle will run you $12.

Natural Girl Wigs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Natural Girl Wigs Review

This Natural Girl Wigs review took a look at customer reviews online to see what people are saying about the brand’s products.

Reviews on the Natural Girl Wigs website are very positive on all of these bestselling wigs. Based on a total of 1,039 customer ratings, the brand has an overall rating of 5/5 stars across its products.

For example, the Wig Awera scores a full 5/5 stars based on 73 reviews, with one user favorably comparing it to other options on the market as well as praising the speedy delivery.

This should have been my first choice. I went with another brand and waited almost a month for a subpar wig that’s already falling apart. I got this in about 8 days. The texture and quality and volume is EXCELLENT!!! You won’t be disappointed,” she promises.

The Faux Afro Puff was another winner, pulling in a 5/5-star rating from 26 reviews. Customers were over the moon about the lifelike texture of the wig and how seamlessly it blended with their natural hair.

I really love the puff. When I used it everyone thought it was my real hair and the feel isn’t harsh like the other ones I’ve tried,” one user commented, while another said that “after years of wearing hair extensions, this is the first time I try one that matches my hair texture perfectly…. [I] can now pull off a messy bun with this afro puff. Hair goals reached instantly!”

Would it surprise you to hear that the Crochet Goddess Locs got 5/5 stars as well? The 12 reviews of this product were unanimous that the extensions were comfortable to wear, blended well, and matched the users’ natural hair

I really love these locs, they make me look so good, I am totally serving looks with them on. They’ve got the perfect feel and not heavy at all, I definitely will be getting more from you,” said one commenter. Another praised the locs’ long-lasting durability, saying, “I’ve had them for over a year now and they are still as good as new.” 

It was difficult to locate customer reviews on third-party sites, so this Natural Girl Wigs review turned to YouTube to see what some social media influencers had to say about these products. 

A review of the Wig Toke by Chrissy Got the Coils commented on the fact that the wig is comfortable and stretchy and perfectly mimics natural hair texture. Chrissy concluded by highly recommending it because of its great quality and affordable price.

In her YouTube review of the Kinky Coily U-part Wig, Slamiya referred to it as the “most natural wig for curly hair” and loved the fact that it was beginner-friendly and comes in multiple textures. Like Chrissy, she also highlighted the great price point of this wig.

From what this Natural Girl Wigs review was able to turn up, it seems like customers are pretty pleased with these products across the board!

Is Natural Girl Wigs Worth It?

Natural Girl Wigs Review

Taking everything into account, this Natural Girl Wigs review thinks that, yes, the brand’s products are worth it. Reviewers wrote that the hair was comfortable and didn’t feel heavy, that the wigs were easy to use and beginner-friendly, and that they came in multiple different textures that look natural. 

These wigs blend well with users’ natural hair and match a variety of hair types. The pricing is very affordable compared to other wigs on the market, and the quality and attention to detail gives these products a leg up in quality over their competitors. 

Overall, this Natural Girl Wigs review determined that these products are definitely worth it.

Natural Girl Wigs Promotions & Discounts 

Natural Girl Wigs Review

This Natural Girl Wigs review found that the best way to save with this brand is to join its membership program. After signing up for the Basic plan, you will be sent your own Natural Girl Wigs discount code that will allow you to get any item at half price and free shipping on US orders over $100.

The Basic plan costs $100 per year, and the brand claims that “85% of new members break even on their first order.” The brand also offers a Premium plan for $300, which gives you the same benefits as the Basic but adds on free hair consultations, exclusive hair customizations, and free returns and exchanges. 

You can also sign up with your email to get weekly deals, hair tips, and a chance to win a free satin bonnet. The brand also offers a “Gift a Ponytail, Get a Ponytail” deal, where you can win a free ponytail for yourself and your best friend by entering your birthdays. 

Where to Buy Natural Girl Wigs

Natural Girl Wigs Review

You can buy Natural Girl Wigs from the brand website, This Natural Girl Wigs review found that you can also find the brand’s products in wig supply shops.


Natural Girl Wigs Review

What is Natural Girl Wigs’ Shipping Policy?

Natural Girl Wigs ships their products worldwide from the USA, Ghana, and Nigeria. Express shipping takes 2-5 business days, and standard shipping takes 7-10 business days. 

Due to COVD-19, there is currently no free shipping available. Your shipping cost will be calculated when at checkout. 

What is Natural Girl Wigs’ Return Policy?

Natural Girl Wigs are hygienic products, which means that you cannot return or refund them. 

If the item you purchased is defective or doesn’t look as shown on the website, you can exchange it if:

  1. You did not open the hair
  2. You did not cut the ties
  3. You did not manipulate the hair

To make an exchange, email the customer service team at [email protected] They will have to examine the product before the exchange request is approved. If the request is approved, you can choose to get a new product, receive a replacement of the same product, or take the value of the item in store credit. 

This Natural Girl Wigs review found that you will have to pay for the return shipping of your item. You may also have to pay a $15 restocking and handling fee for the exchange. 

How to Contact Natural Girl Wigs

If you wish to contact the brand for any questions that were not covered by this Natural Girl Wigs review, you can do so via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Message at: +12812015867 or +2348166645967 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)
  • Call the Natural Girl Wigs customer service number: +1 281-201-5867
  • Live chat on brand website 
  • Contact form on brand website

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