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About Neuw Denim

Neuw Denim Review

Neuw Denim wants you in a pair of stylish jeans made from 100 percent cotton. They sell a wide range in all sorts of cuts and styles for both men and women.

From skinny fit to loose, this brand has your back-side covered. Your dream pair awaits— you just have to find it first! And that’s what my Neuw Denim review will help you do.

The company’s social media platforms are growing and gaining more fans every day. Currently, their Facebook page has 20k likes and their Instagram has reached nearly 50k followers so far. They’ve also found some big media success, as they’ve been featured by both Vogue and Scan Magazine. 

In this Neuw Denim review, I’ll take a look at a few items in their men’s and women’s catalogs, and discuss their look and quality. I’ll suss out the fit, style, and material they’re made of, and find out if these jeans are worth the cash you need to spend. And more importantly, if they’ll make a valuable addition to your wardrobe.    

Overview of Neuw Denim

Neuw Denim Review

In 2009, Neuw Demin began in two major cities: Melbourne and Stockholm. That’s where the three co-founders, who are friends, created the company. One of three is Richard Bell, who acts as their CEO. He was instrumental in creating the youthful denim brand. The three wanted a privately-owned fashion label that could make its own rules and buck the big fashion trends. 

To achieve their vision they relied on their head designers’ expertise in denim fashion to guide them, and create the classic look they’re known for today. Par Lundqvist, head designer of Nuew Demin, looked back through the 100 years of denim’s history. Then he reimagined some vintage jean styles and put a modern twist on them.

The brand’s name, Neuw Denim, comes from the head designer’s hometown, Nieuwlandstraat, in Brussels, Belgium where it is, according to the company, a mecca for denim.

In this Neuw Denim review I’ll will check out a few popular items in the brand’s catalog. Let’s see if they successfully pull off this classic look with a modern take. But before we set off, let’s look at a few highlights of this brand. 


  • All denim products are 100% cotton 
  • Multiple cuts and fits of different denim jeans 
  • Wide range of colored denim 
  • Medium price point- not designer label nor fast fashion 
  • Both classic and modern styles

So it’s time to open up your wardrobe and see if these Neuw jeans fit your style. Our first stop is women’s jeans and then men’s in the next part of our Neuw Denim Review.

Neuw Women’s Denim Review

In the women’s catalog, you are going to find a lot of simple looks and solid colors like soft purples, whites, and washed blues to choose from. How the jeans look and where they fit on your body is what I will discuss. I’m going to have some that are skin tight and others that are more loosey-goosey.

You’ll also find a lot of simple looks and solid colors, like soft purples, whites, and washed blues. The jeans come in many different shapes and sizes— some are skin tight and others are more loose fitting. I’ll discuss how the jeans look and fit on your body. 

So let’s “try on” these jeans in our women’s Neuw Denim review and see if they’re your vibe. 

Neuw Sade Baggy Lavender Review

Neuw Sade Baggy Lavender Review
Neuw Sade Baggy Lavender

The Neuw Sade Baggy Lavender is a pair of jeans with a soft purple hue, which should vibe with anyone who loves color in their wardrobe. They have a flowery, summer-season appeal. I could see them paired with a top that’s white or grey, which would really bring out the lavender in the jeans. 

While loose in the legs, the jeans are just a tad tight at the waist and backside, which accentuates the hips and shows off just enough of your body’s curves. 

The high waistline sits below your belly button, giving you the option to wear this with a crop top in the summer to show off your stomach and abs. 

To finish off the look, there’s a fob ring on the belt which acts as Neuw Demin’s calling card so to speak. This 100% cotton denim is a breathable fabric that will feel cool even in the summer.

The Neuw Sade Baggy Lavender comes in sizes 24-32, and costs $170. Or set up a payment plan with afterpay.

Neuw Edie Straight Summer White Review

Neuw Edie Straight Summer White Review
Neuw Edie Straight Summer White

The Neuw Edie Straight Summer White is a pair of slim-fit jeans. They have the same uniform pant leg all the way from the thighs to the ankles. Their solid white color is the perfect look for a hot summer day, so why not pair them with some vibrant pumps, sandals, or flip-flops?

The high waistline tapers off below the navel and shapes your rear subtly, showing off your curves ever so slightly. A matching white top, or perhaps a blue one, completes this simple, straightforward look. 

Once again you’re getting the standard key-fob that comes on all Neuw Demin jeans, so you have a place to hang your keys or anything else you wish to show off or store.  

Once again you’ll get the standard fob ring that comes on all Neuw Denim jeans, so you’ll have a place to hang your keys or anything else you wish to show off or store.  

These jeans are made of 100% organic cotton denim and retail for $170. They come in sizes 24-32. You can also set up a payment plan with afterpay if you desire.  

Neuw Lola Short Claudia Blue Review

Neuw Lola Short Claudia Blue Review
Neuw Lola Short Claudia Blue

The Lola Short Claudia Blue is a piece of true summer attire. They’ll fit in absolutely any wardrobe, since you can mix and match them with a wide range of tops. For me, I think a loose-fitting blouse, or perhaps your favorite branded tee, would give this look a little more flair. 

The cotton and elastane blend means these shorts should fit nicely around your bottom. The Lola Short is not exactly tight fitting, but they’re not too loose either. They’re somewhere in between, making them comfortable to wear. 

The short’s extra-high waistline sits directly under your belly button and this length is just right. They’re not booty shorts, nor are they down to your knees— making them a classy summer look.

They also have cuffed hems which are super cute. These cuffs really tie in the simple aesthetic the washed blue denim shorts are going for. Finally, a pair of light-colored sneakers or trainers would be our choice for footwear. And now you’re ready for any sunny, warm day!  

A pair of Lola Shorts are $100, or set up a payment plan with afterpay.

Neuw Men’s Review

The men’s catalog is just as excellent as the women’s. While I’d love to include every piece of fine denim this company sells in our Neuw Denim review we’ve opted, instead, to check out the best-sellers.

The men’s selection of Neuw Jeans have a vintage style. Each pair captures the essence of the youthful streetwear seen in Melbourne and Stockholm. The ones I’ve selected give us just that vibe, so let’s slide into our first pair of jeans and see how they “fit.”   

Neuw Lou Slim Twill Navy Review

Neuw Lou Slim Twill Navy Review
Neuw Lou Slim Twill Navy

The Neuw Lou Slim Twill Navy is made of a stretchy denim fabric which gives them a snug, fitted look around the waist, butt, and thighs. These pants get their slight stretch from the combination of cotton and elastane fabrics. But don’t worry: they’re still 98 percent cotton as this company wouldn’t settle for anything less.

These jeans seem pretty awesome. They’re soft to the touch, feel excellent on your skin, and the cotton blend really lets your legs breathe. So, if you’re rocking a pair of jeans on a summer night, the twill cotton is by far the best material, since it absorbs sweat and keeps you cool.  

Since they’re a darker navy blue, I’d recommend pairing the pants with a simple, loose shirt or tighter-fitting tee or polo— whichever you prefer. For a complete outfit, you can take it to the next level with a white sneaker and black jacket, like a leather, bomber, or cardigan for a more dressed-up look.

A pair of these fine denim jeans come in sizes 28-38 and are $160. You can also set up a payment plan with afterpay.

Neuw Ray Straight Canvas Bone Review

Neuw Ray Straight Canvas Bone Review
Neuw Ray Straight Canvas Bone

A pair of Neuw Ray Straight Canvas Bone jeans would make a bold addition to your wardrobe. They’ll also unleash a whole new set of looks that you can take to the streets. These solid white jeans are made of 100% organic cotton. The fabric is also a special rigid weave, so they’ll hold their original look and feel. 

These jeans are a looser fit around the legs and waist, so they won’t be as tight as a pair of slim or skinny jeans would be. They’re a more baggy fit, but not overly so. This loose fit gives the jeans a more classic style, and after a few washes they’ll surely feel super comfortable.

Wear these Ray Straight Canvas Bone colored jeans with a simple black dress shoe or pair of dark high-top sneakers— your outfit will pop with style. As for your top, you definitely want to match these pants with a white or cream-colored, button down shirt or tee. 

Since this is a Neuw jean, you’ll get the signature key-fob attached to the front belt loop, and also the peace of mind that they’re made from some of the best organic cotton out there. 

Pick up your own pair for $160, or use afterpay.   

Neuw Teodoruk Art Shirt 2 Black Art Review

Neuw Teodoruk Art Shirt 2 Black Art Review
Neuw Teodoruk Art Shirt 2 Black Art

Let’s switch up the pace of this Neuw Denim review and check out one of the shirts sold by this brand. I present to you, the Neuw Teodoruk Art Shirt 2 Black Art. This shirt is for someone seeking a way to present a powerful message with their wardrobe. Let’s check out exactly what it means to wear this shirt. 

This buttoned, short-sleeved shirt showcases a pop-art aesthetic and has major beach vibes. Its main color is black with flairs or red, white, and brown throughout. And it has an artistic rendition of a leopard across different parts of the collared shirt. 

The shirt is made from a soft, rayon fabric. It takes its design philosophy from artist Teodoruk, an expressionist painter. He is known for creating art with words and merging them together with images, to create a kind of poetic-visual language. Bottom line: wear this artistic shirt with earthy-toned denim in khaki or green.

Buy this shirt, which is a piece of art, for $100. It comes in sizes S-XL. If you’d prefer, you can use afterpay. 

Who Is Neuw Denim For? 

Neuw Denim Review

Neuw Demin is for those who enjoy a good-quality pair of jeans. The brand also has a wide variety of other clothing in their catalog, which I’m not able to cover in this Neuw Denim review. So even if you don’t dig their cotton denim jeans— which is hard to imagine because they’re stellar in design and quality— they may still have a top that suits you. 

If you enjoy vintage styles that are updated with modern sensibilities, then this is the brand for you. The company focuses on exactly that principle: they bring you denim that breaks through fad fashion trends with their timeless appeal.

Neuw Demin is also for anyone who likes 100 percent cotton that breathes and keeps you cool, which is especially great for those of you living in a warmer climate. With their large collection of clothes, this brand has a fit and style for everybody, whether young or old.    

Neuw Denim Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Neuw Denim Review

The brand has gained some popularity in the West but remains much more popular in its home country of Australia. That means there isn’t a lot of customer feedback on their products out there. But I did find a few blog posts and reviews about their products. Let’s look at those in this next part of our Neuw Denim review.  

The site Denimology dedicates itself to reviewing only products made of denim, so it’s safe to say they know a good pair of jeans when they see them. In a blog post, they had this to say about a pair of skinny jeans from the company.

“I thought I selected my top denim brands, knew which jeans would be my ‘go-to’ pair and which would be relegated to the back of the closet. Then, along comes the Neuw Denim Iggy Skinny jeans and blows everything up. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice, claiming a brand has found its way into my heart, but I can’t help it—Neuw Denim is awesome.” 

You might also fall in love with a pair of Neuw Denims. That’s exactly how this Denimology customer feels about the fashion brand: “Friendly staff without being overbearing, have good advice on fit and size. Jeans are top quality and stylish. There’s a large range so it’s easy to find something that suits you.”

To finish off this section of our Neuw Denim review we have this simple quote: “I’ve tried dozens of different jeans and Neuw are one of the best.” 

I didn’t find any negative reviews or comments about the brand in my searches.

Is Neuw Denim Worth It?

Neuw Denim Review

I think Neuw Denim is easily worth the cost. That’s because you’ll get a pair of fantastic, quality jeans made of pure, organic cotton. And the style is timeless: the jeans are a fusion of vintage and modern trends that can become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. That alone makes this a worthy fashion brand

Also, these jeans are made by an independent clothing label that avoids all the trappings of fast fashion. Unlike fashion fads, which come and go, they make clothes that stand the test of time. And they seek to make a jean pant that’s suitable for any season or trend.

Neuw Denim Promotions & Discounts 

Neuw Denim Review

The website does not have any promotions, but does have a sale section where some of their products are discounted by 20 percent.

Where to Buy Neuw Denim

Neuw Denim Review

At the time of this Neuw Denim review, the best place to buy Neuw Denim products is on their website. Or you could visit one of their retail stores across Australia and New Zealand.   


Neuw Denim Review

Who owns Neuw Denim?

Neuw Denim is owned by the three co-founders: Par Lundqvist, Stephen Little, and Richard Bell.

Does Neuw Denim ship internationally?

Yes, the company ships internationally to select countries, which I’ll cover in the next section of our Neuw Denim review. 

What is Neuw Denim’s Shipping Policy?

Here are the shipping costs and delivery times for each country: 

  1. Australian shipping is free, takes between 1-7 days, and costs $10 for express. 
  2. EU & UK shipping is free for orders over 150 euros, and under that cost 15 euros. Express shipping costs 30 euros and takes between 2-10 business days. 
  3. Shipping to the US and Canada is free for orders over $150, and orders less than that cost $15. Standard shipping takes 12-25 business days. Express shipping costs $30 and takes anywhere between 2-10 business days.
  4. The rest of the world: shipping is free for orders over $150 and under that cost $20. Standard shipping takes 12-25 business days. Express shipping costs $40 and takes between 2-10 business days. 

What is Neuw Denim’s Return Policy?

  • All returns must be made within 30 days of delivery with the tags attached, and the clothing in brand-new condition. 
  • Australians can participate in a free exchange program
  • Customers from other countries can submit a returns form. If eligible, they can get a full refund, exchange, or store credit. 
  • Discounted items can only be returned for store credit or exchanged for something else. 
  • Neuw Denim will not cover the shipping cost of any returns unless the product was damaged. 

How to Contact Neuw Denim

I hope you enjoyed this Neuw Denim review! For any lingering questions, reach out to the brand in the following ways:

  • You can call them at 61370189036, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm AEDT
  • Email them at [email protected]
  • Fill out a contact form on their website

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