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About Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen Review

When you look at the furniture in your house, what do you see? Do you see eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing furnishings, or just a lot of boring straight lines, right angles, and drab colors? If you’re looking to spruce up your pad, may we suggest that you keep reading this Normann Copenhagen review?

Normann Copenhagen creates designer furniture that brings that coveted Scandinavian minimalist chic look to anyone’s home. Featured in publications like Wallpaper Magazine and Dezeen, it’s also amassed a substantial social media following of over 94K on Facebook and over 531K on Instagram.

Wondering if these furnishings are the right look for your home? Let this Normann Copenhagen review walk you through the brand’s bestselling products, customer reviews, promotions and discounts, and more to help you decide.

Overview of Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen Review

When Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen first met in their homeland of Denmark, they forged a bond over their shared love of designs that challenged the preconceptions of how we think about and look at the furnishings we use to make our homes feel like homes

With this shared passion, they launched Normann Copenhagen in 1999, headquartered in the city that inspired the brand’s name. Since then, the brand has steadily expanded its product line with contributions from both established and upcoming designers.

To help ensure that these fashionable designs also meet the company’s high standards for functional quality, the brand keeps a close eye on its suppliers and manufacturers in both Denmark and China. Normann Copenhagen sends delegations to check for quality assurance several times a year to make sure customers get what they pay for.

The company also seeks to be environmentally conscious. The products are made with as many recyclable materials as possible and are designed not only to be stylish but also to be easily dismantled for material sorting purposes. Plus, its former styrofoam packaging has been replaced with a paper pulp substitute.

We’ll get into greater detail on this brand as our Normann Copenhagen review continues below, but let’s get you started with some of the most notable advantages of buying from this brand.


  • Aesthetically pleasing Scandinavian designer furniture 
  • Company does regular quality control checks of suppliers and manufacturers
  • Environmentally conscious product construction, packaging and shipping 
  • Brand is part of the WEEE Initiative (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
  • Free international shipping on orders of $265 and above 

It takes a lot to make a home a home, so we obviously can’t cover everything this brand has to offer. For that reason, we’ve decided to focus this Normann Copenhagen review on some of the brand’s bestselling furnishings and lighting.

Normann Copenhagen Furniture Review

That famous minimalistic Scandinavian style is on full display in the selection of Normann Copenhagen furniture that we’ve spotlighted below. Clean-cut lines and distinct colors are the name of the game for these sofas, chairs, and tables.

Normann Copenhagen Swell Sofa 2 Seater Aquarius Review

With its voluminous, pillowy shape, the Swell Sofa 2 Seater Aquarius is perfect for when both entertaining or lounging in front of the TV on a Saturday. The resilient foam construction means that no matter how often you sink into it, it will always regain its shape. 

Best of all, it can work with just about any color scheme, being available in a variety of blues, greens, purples, reds, greys, blacks and browns. Just be sure to give it a thorough vacuuming and spritz of upholstery cleaner every so often.

Customized with your choice of fabric and color, the Swell Sofa 2 Seater Aquarius retails for $4,120. You can expect it to be ready for shipping within 6-8 weeks.

Normann Copenhagen Pad Lounge Chair High Swivel Alu Oak/Ultra Leather Review

Swivel chairs are pretty much the acme of sleek functionality, and the Pad Lounge Chair High Swivel Alu Oak/Ultra Leather is a prime example. The aluminum swivel base is polished to the point that it looks like chrome, and allows for 360-degree movement, and the soft-looking but sturdy backrest has that always-desirable tilt function.

You can get the leather upholstery in a variety of shades of blacks, blues, browns, or whites. This Normann Copenhagen chair will run you $2,715, and will typically be ready to ship in 4-5 weeks. 

Normann Copenhagen Slice Table 84 x 160 cm Linoleum Review

Tables see a lot of action in their time. Dishware slides across them, glasses get very enthusiastically put down on them, and there’s always that one friend who likes to beat the poor thing to death with their fist whenever they get into a fit of laughter. It’s for stuff like that that you need something like the Slice Table 84 x 160 cm Linoleum.

Aside from the lacquered oak just being drop-dead gorgeous, it’s also fitted with a linoleum top. This stuff is not only naturally sourced, but can bounce right back from a dent or a scratch with its self-healing attribute. Plus, it’s anti-bacterial, so you don’t need to go overboard on the hand sanitizer.

Color-wise, you’ve got a small selection of shades for the oak frame, along with a bevy of light and dark colors for the linoleum top. You can expect your made-to-order Slice Table to be ready in 6-8 weeks, and it will set you back $2,280

Normann Copenhagen Lighting Review

What’s the point of making a room look pretty if you can’t see it? Whether you’re looking for simple illumination or more complex mood lighting, there’s a variety of options to choose from with Normann Copenhagen lighting fixtures. For this Normann Copenhagen review, we’ll be looking at a selection of ceiling, wall, and floor lamps.

Normann Copenhagen Norm 69 Lamp XX-Large White Review

Function and fashion really come together in the Norm 69 Lamp XX-Large White. By day, it adds an intriguing dash of jagged edges to your decor; by night, it provides an enchanting display of light dispersal from a 60-watt bulb. 

Made of non-flammable, easy-to-clean plastic, the award-winning Norm 69 Lamp sells for $350.

Normann Copenhagen Grant Wall Lamp Black Review

Wall lamps make for excellent reading lights in the living room, a more illuminating source of bedside lighting, and, overall, they’re just a great way to light up a room without oppressive glare coming down from the ceiling. With its long arm and swivel head, the Grant Wall Lamp Black allows you to easily direct and position your lighting as you please. 

The basic black color scheme makes this a great fit for any room, but you can also get it in brass if you really want it to stand out in your decor. This prince among  Normann Copenhagen lamps will run you $950

Normann Copenhagen Stage Floor Lamp EU Petrol Green Review

Its striking form-follows-function design inspired by professional stage and film lighting, the Stage Floor Lamp EU Petrol Green is perfect for lighting up a specific spot in a room. The green tint gives the lighting a nice soft look that still stands out, but you can also get it in black, grey, or white.

The only downside to this lamp is that its LED chip that powers it can’t be replaced, so do your best not to short-circuit it! The Stage Floor Lamp EU Petrol Green is priced at $570

Who Is Normann Copenhagen For? 

Normann Copenhagen Review

While IKEA took Scandinavian design into the mass market, Normann Copenhagen carries on the tradition of high quality and forward-thinking that birthed the movement in the first place. These are high-end items, and they have a price point to match. 

So, in the opinion of this Normann Copenhagen review, it’s best-suited for customers who have a decently sized interior-design budget, and are looking for pieces that will strategically create a stripped-down, modern look for their home.

Normann Copenhagen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Normann Copenhagen Review

Sources for Normann Copenhagen reviews are few and far between, and what we did manage to find paints a flattering picture of the brand. 

Some people have had seamless dealings with the company, like one of the 32 Google product reviewers who had this to say about the Form Chair Oak White, which received an overall rating of 4.7/5 stars

Perfect chair. Convenient, chic. we saw immediately when unpacking that the chair is exactly as pictured and we like it. Absolute buy recommendation if you like the style.

The brand receives a strong rating of 4.4/5 stars (based on 252 reviews) on Facebook. One customer writes, “This company has beautiful, well made products and was incredibly helpful when I had a query about my purchase. I bought the timber and marble salt and pepper grinders and am very happy indeed.”

Unfortunately, several buyers complain about furniture breaking or not withstanding the test of time. Still, it’s possible that the users who had a positive experience with the brand simply left a star rating and not a comment.

On Trustpilot, reviews from 48 customers gave the company only 2.4/5 stars. While some did say things like, “I contacted them and their customer service was excellent, superfast and extremely supportive,” others were left unimpressed by a lack of communication.

To be fair, though, given the small number of ratings that this Normann Copenhagen review was able to find, the feedback may be skewed toward the negative. As we said, for high-end products such as these, you often don’t tend to see much online commentary apart from those who had unfortunate experiences.

Is Normann Copenhagen Worth It?

Normann Copenhagen Review

Normann Copenhagen is clearly no fly-by-night operation: the brand has been around for over two decades and has won numerous prestigious awards for its products. It provides a clean, modern aesthetic for homeowners who have a keen eye for interior design.

Companies such as these are not generally inclined toward shoddy manufacturing and customer service, so this Normann Copenhagen review can easily entertain the possibility that the negative experiences we read about were outliers.  

Normann Copenhagen Promotions & Discounts 

Normann Copenhagen Review

When you first visit the website, you will get a pop-up window inviting you to subscribe to the brand’s e-newsletter. Signing up will not only give you news about upcoming deals and events, but will also automatically enter you in a monthly contest to win a Bit Stool

Where to Buy Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen Review

This Normann Copenhagen review found some of the brand’s smaller products at Amazon and Walmart, but for a wider selection, you’ll want to go to the brand website,, or retailers such as:

  • Batten Home
  • Urban Mode
  • The Modern Shop
  • Finnish Design Shop

The brand also has a few storefront locations in Europe and China.


Normann Copenhagen Review

Who owns Normann Copenhagen?

Currently, there are no parent companies lording it over this brand. Normann Copenhagen is still owned and operated by its founders, Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen.

Does Normann Copenhagen ship internationally?

You bet! The company sells to over 80 countries worldwide through its website. 

What is Normann Copenhagen’s Shipping Policy?

Normann Copenhagen ships worldwide, with delivery charges varying depending on your location. You should expect 1-2 business days for your order to be processed, after which you’ll be sent an email from UPS with tracking info.

Within and outside of the EU in Europe, you can expect delivery to take anywhere between 1-3 business days, with varying shipping costs and order-price thresholds for free shipping on small orders, depending on the destination. Large or bulk orders automatically get free shipping if they’re going to Denmark, Germany, or anywhere else within the EU. 

For all other international locations, delivery takes 5-6 business with a $32 shipping fee. The spending threshold for free shipping is $265 for regular orders, and $500 minimum for larger orders. Larger orders will also take longer to ship, anywhere from 1-2 months.

You are responsible for any customs charges outside of the EU. Helpfully, and unlike a lot of other companies, these additional fees will be calculated in the checkout.

What is Normann Copenhagen’s Return Policy?

Consumable and made-to-order items cannot be returned. For regular returns, you have 14 days after receiving the item to contact customer services via email and let them know you wish to make a return. It’s a pretty straightforward process:

  1. Make sure the items are well-packed in their original packaging and in their original condition
  2. Fill out the return form and include it with the items being returned (be sure to keep receipts and shipping documentation in case you need proof of purchase and shipping)
  3. Send the items back within 14 days after you notify customer service about the need for a return
  4. You will receive your refund within 14 days of the item(s) arriving at the warehouse

Return shipping costs within Europe vary, but for everywhere else in the world, it’s around $100-$150 for small items, and around $1,000 for large/bulky items.

If you are returning your items due to them arriving to you damaged or defective, you have a full year in which to notify customer service. You can choose to get a full item-cost refund, a discount on future purchases, or a replacement of the damaged item. Also, the company will cover the return shipping cost upon verifying proper documentation of the damage.

How to Contact Normann Copenhagen

If you want to get in touch with the brand to ask any further questions after reading this Normann Copenhagen review, you can do so via phone or email.

For customer service:

General inquiries:

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