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About Nuud Deodorant

Nuud Deodorant Review

Sweating is a physiological process that regulates our body temperature. Sweat is odorless and helps us cool down when we exercise, have a fever, or feel extremely anxious. However, the interaction of microbiome bacteria with sweat results in the commonly known body odor. 

Despite being a natural consequence of sweating, body odor often affects individuals’ quality of life. Daily hygiene and the use of antitranspirants or deodorants prevent this common problem.

Nuud Deodorant is a Dutch company looking to revolutionize how we experience deodorant. This brand’s product aims to solve a few industry issues at once, since many deodorants are not effective, come in wasteful packaging like aerosol cans, and include ingredients that can harm your health and the environment.

While antitranspirants reduce sweat production, alcohol-based deodorants modify the skin acidity and use fragrances to mask the odor. When choosing the right product, a main concern is the potential emission of components that contribute to air pollution. 

Nuud offers a non-alcohol-based deodorant that targets the bacteria responsible for the body odor while reducing the impact on the environment. 

Our Nuud Deodorant review has found that this company is taking a different approach by making their deodorant using natural ingredients like almond oil, mineral clay, and castor oil. 

Nuud is unscented and uses micro silver, which is inherently anti-bacterial, to help reduce the bacteria that causes odor rather than just trying to mask it. It’s also a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, meaning it’ll control your odor, but it won’t block your sweat.

My Nuud Deodorant review will highlight this new brand’s best-selling product and research their customer feedback, so you can decide if this odor-fighting alternative is right for you!

Overview of Nuud Deodorant

Nuud Deodorant Review

Netherlands-based Nuud Deodorant was founded by entrepreneur Martijn van Seters in 2017. Van Seters wanted to respond to conscientious consumers’ interest in products that are vegan, safe, and go easy on the Earth

So, he invented Nuud. It’s a highly concentrated deodorant with a paste-like texture that you apply every few days, as needed. Nuud does not contain any animal products, fragrances, or parabens

The brand also does not contain some of the other common ingredients found in both drugstore and natural deodorants, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Alcohol
  • Salts
  • Petrochemicals
  • Microplastics

Van Seters made his brand as transparent as possible – each of the ten ingredients in this deodorant is explained in detail on the Nuud website. Their signature ruby red grapefruit-hued tubes are also made of sugarcane, lessening their overall environmental impact. 

Nuud Deodorant have been covered by media outlets like The Guardian, Vogue, and Lonely Planet, and have built a solid following of over 182k followers on Instagram and over 40k followers on Facebook. As of February 2022, the brand has sold nearly 1.9 million tubes of Nuud. 

Let’s see what customers are loving about buying from Nuud Deodorant: 


  • Super-concentrated, long-lasting natural deodorant
  • 100% vegan
  • Responsibly packaged in a tube made from sugarcane
  • Antibacterial micro silver addresses the source of odor
  • Subscription options
  • Free shipping worldwide! No minimum purchase needed
  • Free returns with no return shipping required – if you don’t like the product, the company will refund you
Nuud Deodorant Review

Nuud Deodorant Review

While this company only has one formula, you can choose from different quantities and tube sizes depending on your needs. 

Join this Nuud Deodorant review as I shop through their best-selling options!

Nuud Deodorant Starter Pack Review

Nuud Deodorant Starter Pack Review
Nuud Deodorant Starter Pack Review

The Starter Pack is a wee little bottle of Nuud that will let you give this deodorant a try without committing to a ton of it. 

Our Nuud Deodorant review has found that this bottle contains 15 ml of their deo cream, which will last you about 6-7 weeks

This deodorant is a little different from most – it doesn’t come in a tube that you roll on, or a spray – instead you squeeze a bit of the cream onto your fingers and rub it into your armpit.

Nuud recommends starting with a pea-sized amount, but says that after a few tries you’ll get a sense of how the product applies and can control how much cream you feel you need!

Buy the Starter Pack for $15.

Nuud Deodorant Black Pack Review

Nuud Deodorant Black Pack Review
Nuud Deodorant Black Pack Review

The Black Pack gives you the same 15 ml trial size of Nuud Deodorant, but in a sleeker black tube! 

Just like all of their Nuud deos, the Black Pack uses the same all-natural formula.

  1. Micro Silver
  2. Castor Oil
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Zinc Oxide
  5. Almond Oil
  6. Mineral Clay
  7. Vegetable Emulsifier
  8. Castor Oil Extract
  9. Vegetable Mix Enhancer
  10. Carnauba Wax

Nuud is designed to last through all of your sweat sessions, dips in the pool, and even showers – meaning you can apply it a few times a week and forget about it. Nuud says the average person reapplies 2-3 times a week, or every 3 days. 

When you first start using Nuud, the company suggests you put it on every 2 days and see how your body reacts. If that isn’t quite cutting it to fight odor, switch to daily application for a while. Eventually, your body gets used to the product and you can gradually start extending the time between applications.

Get the Black Pack Nuud Deodorant for $15.

Nuud Deodorant Family Pack Review 

Nuud Deodorant Family Pack Review 
Nuud Deodorant Family Pack Review 

If you already know you love Nuud, you might want to invest in a Family Pack. This is the biggest set of deodorants Nuud sells, perfect for a multi-person household or for stocking up if you find you go through it more quickly.

Our Nuud Deodorant review has learned that this pack includes four full-sized bottles of deodorant cream with 20 ml in each. The larger quantity of these Family Pack bottles should last you about 9-10 weeks per tube. 

The Family Pack also comes in a colorful assortment of green, pink, white, and yellow bottles, so you always know which tube is yours. 

Like all Nuud Deodorant products, to use this deodorant squeeze some of the cream onto your fingers and apply it to your armpit directly. 

For those who prefer a more familiar method, Nuud Deodorant sells a Magic Cap – a plastic applicator you can pop onto the top of your tube, letting you use Nuud like a push-up stick or gel deodorant

The Family Pack is one of Nuud Deodorant’s best deals, at $50 for all four!

Nuud Deodorant Subscription Review

Nuud Deodorant Review

Nuud Deodorant offers a Subscription service called Never Without Nuud that you can customize depending on how much of their product you think you’ll need.

These plans begin at only $5.60 per month and will keep your supply constantly refreshed, sending you a new Smart Pack of Nuud (2-pack of 20 ml tubes) every few months.

Nuud Deodorant’s 3 subscription options are based on how much Nuud you need.

  • I Am Sometimes: for those who apply Nuud 2x a week – delivered every 5 months for $28 per delivery ($5.60/month)
  • I Am Average: for those who apply Nuud 3-4x a week –  delivered every 4 months for $28 per delivery ($7/month)
  • I Am Often: for those who apply Nuud 5-6x a week –  delivered every 3 months for $28 per delivery ($9.30/month)

Who Is Nuud Deodorant For? 

Nuud Deodorant Review

Well… We all sweat! That’s why Nuud Deodorant will appeal to a whole lot of people, regardless of age, gender, or activity level. According to the brand, anyone can use it, and it’s customizable enough that you can tailor your application schedule and amount based on your individual needs. 

From our exploration of Nuud Deodorant reviews from customer, we learned that those who particularly love this brand are people who’ve tried other deodorants or antiperspirants and found that they simply weren’t effective enough to justify the price – which can already be prohibitively high if you’re looking for something natural. .

Many consumers are also becoming more conscious and concerned about the ingredients in their skincare and beauty products. This industry is undergoing some major changes to meet new standards in human and environmental health, and Nuud Deodorant is committed to making a positive impact in both areas.

With their low-waste approach and unique formula free of many irritants and contentious ingredients, Nuud Deodorant caters to people who want a responsibly made product that will decrease their B.O. in a kinder way. 

Nuud Deodorant Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nuud Deodorant Review

Our Nuud Deodorant review found that this brand shares many customer reviews on their official website. These Nuud Deodorant reviews are in many different languages (it’s a European brand selling all over the world, after all!) and while we only checked out the English ones, we did notice that their overall star ratings are really solid

Nuud Deodorant has impressed customers with its long-lasting effect. Rather than having to reapply throughout the day, customers report going all day or more without feeling like they needed a shower or refresh.  

One customer shares in her Nuud Deodorant review, Nuud is life changing at least for me. I use it every 2/3 days and don’t have any smell even when working out and it lasts me for months making it cheaper than regular stuff.”

Nuud also has a page on TrustPilot, where they have a 4.4 out of 5-star rating, based on over 600 reports. These Nuud Deodorant reviews are generally very positive

Shoppers like the feel and efficacy of the product and would recommend Nuud to others. One Nuud Deodorant review on TrustPilot says: I love that there is no scent and it really does last forever. I find myself reapplying infrequently and that makes my life so easy!”

Another customer appreciates that since switching products, her skin is less irritated and her odor has decreased. She shares in her Nuud Deodorant review: “I have always had issues with deodorants as my armpits would get itchy and they never really worked. A friend told me about nuud and after a month of using it I have found that my armpits not only smell better but feel better as well.”

Nuud Deodorant was also reviewed by the writer at, who found that the only “con” of buying this deodorant was its price. 

However, he felt that since it worked so well and was non-toxic, Nuud is ultimately worth the money. He writes in his Nuud Deodorant review:The price is steep yes, but it is organic and it works!”

Overall, this brand has gained a loyal following for going above and beyond in addressing so many of our armpit concerns! People love these products for their useability, lasting power, and safe, eco-conscious formula.

Is Nuud Deodorant Legit?

Nuud Deodorant Review

Yes! This brand seems to have a great reputation in the personal care industry and solid customer reviews with no notable red flags in how they do business.

Is Nuud Deodorant Worth It?

Nuud Deodorant Review

Our Nuud Deodorant review has found that this deodorant company is making some substantial contributions to cleaning up this personal care product and offering something new to consumers. 

Nuud’s mission is to deliver a new standard for anti-odor deodorant by using micro silver to eliminate the bacteria that creates unpleasant scents in the first place.

While silver nanoparticles have been found to affect the environment, the brand claims that macro particles are harmless because they can be removed from the water with filtration processes. However, the potential environmental risk of using macro silver requires further investigation.

Nuud Deodorant ingredients are natural and vegan. They are proud that their product contains none of the typical deodorant ingredients like parabens, alcohol, perfumes, or aluminum, which can be harsh on our bodies and on the planet. 

Nuud Deodorant also takes care to keep their packaging as eco-friendly as possible by including very little plastic (they’re working on an all-natural bottle cap). They also have a trust-inspiring refund policy that helps reduce waste and shrinks their carbon footprint.

The really great thing is that this isn’t just empty talk. The brand’s customer feedback has shown that Nuud Deodorant is walking the walk and consumers feel that their product actually works as promised. 

It also doesn’t hurt that Nuud also offers free worldwide shipping, in addition to their generous return policy, which is rare (and awesome!). For these reasons, our Nuud Deodorant review can easily say that their product is worth the buy!

Nuud Deodorant Promotions & Discounts 

Nuud Deodorant Review

You can earn Nuud discounts by signing up for an account on their website

You can also save on Nuud products by buying their products in packs, or signing up for a Never Without Nuud Subscription service! 

Where to Buy Nuud Deodorant

Nuud Deodorant Review

Nuud Deodorant is available from their official website.


Nuud Deodorant Review

Who owns Nuud Deodorant?

Dutch entrepreneur Martijn van Seters is the founder and owner of Nuud Deodorant.

Does Nuud Deodorant stop sweating?

No – this product is not an antiperspirant. It won’t stop your body’s normal cycle of shedding water and toxins through sweat. Instead it curbs the bacteria that cause body odor so you won’t smell as you sweat, and your natural sweat production won’t be restricted.

How long does Nuud Deodorant detox last?

According to Nuud Deodorant, there can be a kind of “detox period” when you switch from a regular deodorant to Nuud. Because their products use micro silver to inhibit bacterial growth, it may take time and repeated applications for your body to adapt and for Nuud to reach full efficacy, though that time varies from person to person. 

Nuud explains that they do not include any fragrances to try to mask the smell of sweat, since that isn’t effective at handling the root problem of body odor. That means it’ll feel different using Nuud versus using a traditional deodorant. 

Nuud recommends giving your armpit microbiome some time to adjust to its new deodorant and “detox” from ingredients like aluminum salts and baking soda, which affect how you smell and produce sweat. 

Does Nuud Deodorant ship internationally?

Yes. Nuud offers free shipping worldwide! The company does not have a set policy with regards to customs fees and duties, so our Nuud review speculates that these charges would be the responsibility of the recipient.

Nuud has specific sites for some international currencies, including the Euro and the US Dollar, and specific  languages, including Spanish, Italian, and English. To check your options, click the Globe logo at the top left of your screen. 

What is Nuud Deodorant’s Shipping Policy?

Nuud Deodorant will ship your package for free, wherever you live in the world. 

What is Nuud Deodorant’s Return Policy?

This company has a pretty unique return policy. You will get your money back without having to ship your product back to the company! Simply email [email protected] and let them know you would like a refund.

This brand asks that you pass along your Nuud product to someone else who might like it to reduce waste and the environmental impact of return shipping.

How to Contact Nuud Deodorant

I hope you enjoyed this Nuud Deodorant review! You can contact this company through their Contact Page. You can also email them at [email protected]

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