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Pawrade Review

Dogs have always made great companions. They’re loyal, playful, and lovable. That being said, sometimes finding the right pup can be challenging. You’ve got to consider your personality, lifestyle, living situation, and more. 

And that’s where Pawrade comes in. This is a group of pet owners who connect people to reputable dog breeders. So, you can adopt a healthy, happy, four-legged friend of your own. 

Pawrade was founded by Brenden and Brian Salta. The company came to life around the belief that “there is nothing in the world like the boundless love of a pet.” With the help of their team of pet owners, they work to make finding a puppy an easy, straightforward, and safe process. 

Pawrade prioritizes humane puppy first adoption by connecting potential owners with good breeders. They also provide a health guarantee to ensure a stress-free transition for both you and your puppy. 

They’re widely known for their #SayNoToMills motto. This means that the puppies they showcase on their website don’t come from puppy mills, which are known for using unethical breeding practices. This zero-tolerance policy will guarantee healthy pups receive lots of TLC and proper vet care. 

A study shows that problem behaviors, which are the most common reason for young dogs being rejected from advanced training and assistance dog certification, result from a blend of genetic predisposition, puppyhood experiences, and environmental factors. This emphasizes the crucial role of puppy raisers in shaping a puppy’s behavioral traits.

Experienced puppy raisers can adhere to appropriate training programs and raise behaviorally favorable puppies. This underlines the importance of Pawrade’s rigorous selection and vetting process for breeders. Through Pawrade, customers can trust that their new companions come from environments where they were properly handled and nurtured, which is critical for their behavior and overall well-being.

Could it be love at first ‘woof’? This Pawrade review intends to find out. Keep reading to learn more about the company, the adoption process, policies, and more, so you can decide whether or not they’re barking up the wrong tree. 

Pawrade Pros & Cons

Pawrade Review

Before diving right in, this Pawrade review will now discuss some pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Zero-Tolerance for Puppy Mills: Pawrade strictly adheres to a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills, ensuring that they only work with ethical, quality breeders. This commitment guarantees that puppies are raised in a healthy, nurturing environment.
  • Satisfied Owners: Pawrade has successfully matched many satisfied owners with new companions, attesting to their quality service and successful matchmaking process.
  • Easy Adoption Process: Pawrade makes the adoption process easy and straightforward for potential adopters, simplifying what can often be a complex and daunting journey.
  • Health Guarantee: Every puppy from Pawrade comes with a Health Guarantee, providing peace of mind and assurance for new pet parents regarding their puppy’s health.
  • Resource Provision: Pawrade provides new pet owners with a wealth of resources and tips to aid in their transition to pet parenthood, contributing to their excellent customer support.


  • Price: While Pawrade offers a comprehensive, high-quality service, adopting a puppy from Pawrade may be more expensive than other options like shelters or rescue organizations.
  • Limited Availability: Depending on the time and demand, there might be limited availability of certain breeds or specific puppies, making it challenging for customers with very specific requirements.
  • Geographic Limitations: Depending on their operational logistics, there may be geographic limitations on where Pawrade can deliver puppies.

There are several different breeds available on Pawrade’s website. From small dogs to emotional support pups, you’ll be able to take the right companion home. Keep reading this Pawrade review to learn more about all of your options, along with the company’s promises and guarantees.   

Pawrade Process

Pawrade Review

Browse Available Puppies

Ready for a life journey with your new furry friend? You can start by browsing the available puppies on the company’s website. Additionally, breeders and Pawrade employees will answer any questions you might have about the little furball. Of course, everything is tracked and recorded for the safety of all parties.

Complete the Buyer Questionnaire

Next, you go through a Buyer Questionnaire so breeders and associates can fully understand your living situation, family, lifestyle, and location. It will increase your chances of being paired with the right pet.

Reserve Your Puppy

Then, once you’ve made your decision and promise to care and provide for the puppy, you can click the Reserve Me button. This will lead you to, where you can either place a deposit for a puppy 7 weeks or younger or make a full payment. Don’t stress about it though—you can also inquire about payment plans.

Begin the Adoption Process

After the payment is made, the breeder will review your adoption request. Once accepted, the adoption process begins. Finally, Pawrade will confirm your identity and travel plans so you can meet your new furbaby!

Receive Updates and Prepare for Your New Puppy

You’ll receive updates via text and email. Now’s the time to start gearing up for your new puppy! But, as we mentioned, your new friend goes through a vet check to ensure perfect health and an updated vaccination record.

Learn About Puppy Travel Options

Pawrade recommends reading up on Puppy Travel options beforehand to avoid any complications. Once your furbaby is delivered, you’ll receive a confirmation and Transfer of Ownership form to sign along with some health records. The company also asks for a picture when the two of you meet to capture the first of many memories.

Puppy First Approach

Pawrade Review

Puppy socialization is vital for conditioning your dog to accept the activities of everyday life beyond the security of your home. Proper socialization makes your dog more self-confident, secure, and predictable.

Since behavioral problems are the top reason for owner relinquishment of dogs, early socialization and training are essential and can help save the lives of many dogs. It also improves the bond between pet and owner.

This reinforces Pawrade’s ‘Puppy First Approach‘, as it values early socialization to ensure that each puppy can adapt to new environments healthily and successfully. It also underlines the benefits of Pawrade’s one-on-one instructions, helping new pet owners understand and implement effective socialization techniques.

Prioritizing Puppy Well-being

This Pawrade review found that the Puppy First Approach is about ensuring the well-being of the puppy that’s being adopted. This principle puts the needs of the puppy above any human wants or needs.

The Puppy is the Main Priority

At its core, the Puppy First Approach means that above all else, the puppy is the main priority. At the end of the day, if the puppy isn’t happy, the owner won’t be happy either. There are no exceptions to Pawrade’s Puppy First Approach, as they are committed to finding the best possible owners and homes for their puppies.

Educating Potential Owners

Pawrade takes the Puppy First Approach one step further by providing one-on-one education to potential puppy buyers. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn how to help your new puppy adapt to their new environment and family.

Pawrade Puppies Review

Pawrade Review

Pawrade puppies are truly bundles of joy. These small fluff balls are ready for their furever homes whenever you’re ready to create one for them. 

As we mentioned, the group houses many different breeds—from small snuff-nosed breeds like French Bulldogs to bigger family dogs like Goldendoodles. They even categorize them into the following groups: 

  • Apartment dogs
  • Emotional support dogs 
  • Family dogs
  • Small dogs
  • Hypoallergenic dogs 

Pawrade only puts dogs up for adoption who are at least 8 weeks old. The reason puppies are offered after 8 weeks is to let them get socialized with their littermates. Basically, they wait until they’re at the right stage of development and ready to go out into the world. 

Let’s say that you’re looking for a family dog. Two popular breeds that are usually compatible with are Golden Retrievers and Labradoodles. 

There’s even a Siberian Husky named Heather currently up for adoption, who has garnered the interest of around 37 people. At the time of writing this Pawrade review, the total adoption price for this blue-eyed sweetheart comes to about $2,035. Financing options are also available for the little gal.   

If you’re shacking it up in an apartment, a smaller dog is probably a better choice. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a Bichon Frise are great options. But, this Pawrade review definitely thinks the most popular breed is the French Bulldog.

Pawrade No Puppy Mill Pledge

As we mentioned, Pawrade has taken a No Puppy Mill Pledge. Cute puppies that are sold in franchised stores generally come from puppy mills, where they lack proper affection, enrichment, or nutrition. They don’t receive adequate socialization. Additionally, the dogs used for breeding in these mills are given no recovery time in between producing their litters. 

Pawrade ensures that they’re working with ethical breeders who care for their pups before setting them off into the world with their furever families. They even have a code of ethics that their partnering breeders must follow. Here are a few examples just to give you a general idea: 

  • I will ensure every puppy in the litter gets adequate exercise daily.”
  • “I will ensure every puppy in the litter is raised in a loving, living environment.”
  • “I will maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary property.”
  • “I will not breed any male or female puppies for sale until they are both physically and mentally mature enough to breed. I will not continue to breed any male or female puppies for sale beyond the appropriate age for the breed.”
  • I will be knowledgeable about inherited health problems in my breed and will do appropriate health clearances.”
  • “I will comply with all federal, state or provincial, and local government laws and regulations concerning the keeping of dogs that I breed.”
  • “I will provide each buyer with health records including a diet, inoculation and parasite control record, and health guarantee.”

There are even more promises that breeders have to make in order to be considered for selling puppies on Pawrade. So, this pledge ensures that your future furry bestie will be strong and healthy when you first meet. 

Pawrade Health Guarantee

This Pawrade review also found that the company is highly committed to sending puppies with a clean bill of health. In short, they promise to make sure that your puppy is fit as a fiddle when they jump into your arms. 

Of course, they can’t guarantee that your pet will never have health issues. Still, the company will be transparent and honest about where and how they’re being raised before the adoption is carried out. 

Through the company’s No Puppy Mill Pledge and other screening processes, each breeder is hand-picked to make sure puppies are reared the right way. In addition, each dog goes through a vet health check, is vaccinated, and de-wormed to ease your mind further. The first year of this Health Guarantee is covered by your Breeder, while years 2 and 3 are backed by the company’s payment system, PetPay, INC. 

Along with the health guarantee, you’re obligated to follow a few rules, too. First, you must provide your new pup with the proper care, insurance, and all the love. Additionally, Pawrade puppies are meant to be companions and not intended for breeding purposes. If this rule is violated, the Health Guarantee will become null and void

Lastly, the Health Guarantee and Pet Insurance will cover you if a health issue comes up after your puppy comes home. If you wish, you’ll be able to choose an Extended Guarantee that goes past years 2 and 3, but it will not exceed your dog’s tenth birthday.

Who Is Pawrade For? 

Pawrade is great for families, couples, single dwellers, or people looking for an emotional support animal. The company makes the adoption process as simple as possible and thoroughly vets every breeder they work with. While the service may be expensive for some, they do offer financial plans if needed. 


When discussing alternatives to Pawrade, it’s important to note that Pawrade’s services focus on connecting potential pet owners with breeders and ensuring a smooth, safe, and ethical adoption process.

Here are some alternatives to Pawrade:

  • PuppySpot: PuppySpot is another online service that connects responsible breeders with people looking to buy a puppy. Like Pawrade, PuppySpot also places a high emphasis on the health and well-being of their puppies.
  • is a nonprofit pet adoption website that connects potential pet owners with adoption organizations. It’s a great resource if you’re interested in adopting a rescue dog.
  • Petfinder: Petfinder operates similarly to, working with local shelters and rescues to help find homes for pets, including dogs of all ages.
  • Local Animal Shelters and Rescues: Local animal shelters and rescue organizations often have many wonderful dogs in need of homes. These organizations can be found in most towns and cities and can be a great way to adopt a dog.
  • Local Breeders: Responsible local breeders are also an option if you’re looking for a specific breed. However, it’s important to research and visit potential breeders to ensure they follow ethical breeding practices.

Remember, each of these alternatives offers different services, focuses on different aspects of pet adoption, and may be better suited to different types of potential pet owners.

Pawrade Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pawrade Review

Now, what do puppy buyers really think of the company? This Pawrade review found testimonials on Trustpilot and Reddit, where the company received both good and mixed reviews. 

Pawrade partners with Trustpilot for their customer reviews, so their main website displays all of the same comments. The company scored 4.7/5 stars from about 733 ratings. 

One customer writes, “ was the best group to work with. The process was fast, easy, and within a week, I picked up Sarge. He is adjusting well and very much loved already. I recommend Pawrade for anyone looking for a pet.” 

Another new pet owner writes, “Excellent customer service and the staff was amazing to work with. They were very patient and kind. I was nervous at first but would recommend them to anyone. Everything went as planned, and pick up was smooth.”

Clearly, pet parents are happy with Pawrade’s service. Another owner shares, “Bailey/Reggie arrived in great shape even for having been on a plane. He is in great health. I had no issues whatsoever. He has a great personality and is very attentive.” 

How sweet is that? Yet another happy buyer writes, “The staff was very helpful and provided details throughout the entire process. The delivery of the puppy by the breeder was handled very well and made contact during the trip home to ensure a safe and happy puppy.” 

We seriously can’t get enough of this love. Another happy customer says, “Everyone at Pawrade was very professional and highly responsive. They kept me informed of all the next steps. The breeder definitely took great care of my puppy before arriving. My puppy is very well trained (15 weeks on arrival) with the potty. My puppy is healthy and happy! Thank you!”

Is Pawrade Worth It?

Pawrade Review

Finding your new best friend in puppy form can be a long process. At the end of it all, you just want to hold and cuddle them. Luckily, Pawrade provides a service that makes adoption easy, helpful, and quick. 

Based on this Pawrade review, we believe that the company is worth checking out. They receive many great reviews from customers and seem dedicated to their animals, which is a fundamental part of what they do. 

When customers are weary Pawrade responds to negative comments with explanations, apologies, and solutions to ensure potential new pet owners are satisfied with the service.

Pawrade Promotions & Discounts 

Pawrade Review

There are no active Pawrade promotions or discounts at the moment.

Where to Buy Pawrade

Pawrade Review

Ready to unite with a new companion? You can check out Pawrade’s puppies at


Pawrade Review

Who Owns Pawrade?

This Pawrade review could not find a source to confirm that the company was owned by anyone other than its co-founders, Brian and Brenden Salta.

What is Pawrade’s Shipping Policy?

Pawrade puppies travel by plane. It’s a fast and reliable method for your new friend to reach you safely. Of course, different airlines have different pet regulations. 

If you’re getting a snub-nosed breed like a bulldog, Boston Terrier, or a pug, they might have difficulty breathing in higher altitudes. In that case, a Pawrade travel associate will work something out with you, so the puppy remains healthy and safe throughout the adoption process. 

Additionally, you can arrange for local pick up or home delivery depending on your location in relation to the breeder. There are no estimated dates for getting your puppy delivered or picking them up, as the process will vary. 

What is Pawrade’s Return Policy?

There is no return or refunds policy once you agree to adopt and care for your new puppy. But, you are able to put a pin in the adoption process if you’re having second thoughts. This will also give the dogs a fair chance to find their furever homes. 

How to Contact Pawrade

Do you have any questions after reading this Pawrade review? Feel free to contact their team directly via an online contact form or one of these two methods: 

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