Canada Pooch Review

About Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch Review

Add some style and sass to daily life with a new look…for your dog. Canada Pooch offers a wide range of dog clothing and accessories to stylize pups with fashionable and functional looks. 

This brand has established itself quite well in the media. Featured in Buzzfeed, Forbes, Today’s Parent, Good Day LA, Globe and Mail, New York Times, and more, they’re well-known in North American dog owner communities. Currently, they have over 119k followers on Instagram alone and they show no signs of stopping.

This Canada Pooch review will look beyond the media coverage to find the real brand. Examining products, promotions, prices, reviews, and more, we’ll help dog owners discover whether this brand is worth the buy.

Overview of Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch Review

Founded in 2011 by Jacquelin Prehogan in Toronto, Canada, this brand was born from an owner putting her pup first. Aiming to find a product that would protect her dog from harsh winters without compromising any element of comfort, Prehogan went into business to find a solution for not only her but other owners searching desperately for a cozy fit for their companions.

Fit, function, and fashion are key components of this brand. Suiting dogs of all sizes, they offer everything from Chihuahua to Great Dane fits with experts available to consult before ordering. Quality care is important to this business, so they make their products last and look great at the same time.

Putting aside standard pet styles, this company looks to human fashion for their own designs. Rather than anything embarrassing, this brand wants to push for styles that owners would wear themselves. If you don’t want to wear it, why should your pup?

Promoting sustainability and animal-friendly practices, this brand is all about making the world a better place. Diversity, inclusivity, and kindness are key values of the brand who support pet rescues and have a positive impact in all that they do.

Sounds pretty good, right? Let’s lay out some more advantages for this Canada Pooch review:


  • Offers an extensive range of dog clothing and accessories
  • Durable designs
  • Wide range of sizing available
  • Vegan products
  • Hundreds of positive ratings online
Canada Pooch Review

Much like with humans, there are a variety of clothes to be covered. This Canada Pooch review will stick to some of the essentials by taking a look at the most popular products. Sizing charts are available for all products, explaining how to measure and order for that perfect fit.

Canada Pooch Dog Parkas Review

Comfort is key in the cooler months. Those winter chills easily affect small dogs, but big dogs are often overlooked. Get all sizes covered with a popular Canada Pooch Parka. Soft, snug, and stylish, these pieces are favored by customers for a reason.

Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka Review

What would winter be without a faux-fur hood to block out the snow and slush of the season? The Alaskan Army Parka is an easy answer, showing off just how important these jackets are to our four-legged friends.

Lined with a soothing Sherpa and faux-fur trim, your dog will be better protected than anyone else in the house once they’re sporting this. Water-resistant, insulated, and secured through Velcro straps, there’s no escaping the warmth that this jacket provides. 

Available in three colors, find the fashion that fits – or order a few options to mix it up. It’s up to you!

You can grab this versatile jacket starting at $38.

Canada Pooch North Pole Parka Review

It’s only right that a Canadian company brings out the Canadian secret to surviving winter – down jackets. The Canada pooch North Pole Parka keeps things light and cozy during the harshest of winters.

Available in red and black, this reflective jacket protects pups in more than one way. There’s no chance of losing sight of any dog when they’re sporting these bold colors. Light due to its faux-down filling, these puffy jackets give the best of both worlds, offering a lined hood in addition to the layered coat.

Add this Canada Pooch Dog Parka to the collection in a variety of sizes starting at $39.

Canada Pooch Shiny Puffer Vest Review

Covering fall fashion in addition to winter, the Shiny Puffer Vest offers the variety and range of motion any dog will yearn for.

Available in 5 colors, the Canada Pooch Dog Puffer Vest is all about comfort and class. Adding a bit of glam to a standard style, these shiny vests show off a bit of flair for your dog’s personality. 

Waterproof, warm, and willing to fight off winds, this vest even offers an adjustable hood should the skies open and the rain start pouring mid-walk.

This vest is available starting at $40.

Canada Pooch Dog Onesies Review

Every dog owner knows that some looks can’t be beat. Comfortable and cute, Canada Pooch Dog Onesies are popular with customers for a reason. Take a look at these favorites for a glimpse of the options available.

Canada Pooch Frosty Fleece Sweatsuit Review

Winter chills get to everyone – person or pet. Ward off those winds with the Frosty Fleece Sweatsuit.

Fleece-lined, these popular patterned sweatsuits add a layer of warmth to combat the colder months. Cotton, polyester, and spandex allow airflow and slight stretch to allow a full range of motion for pets showing off this style. 

All seven patterns come with a quick snap neck closure to keep things cozy and cute. Add one of many sizes to the cart starting at $58.

Canada Pooch One-Of-A-Kind Waffle Onesie Review

Waffle-knits are easily one of the best parts about the colder months, so it’s only right that our pets get to experience them too. The One-Of-A-Kind Waffle Onesie offers fun and fashion in one simple piece.

The colors alone get our vote as this item is tie-dyed. That’s right, who doesn’t love some quirky décor? A soft and stylish waffle-knit gives this item its name, with all onesies unique in design. Best part? All fabric used is upcycled, so there’s no waste when it comes to this one.

Add some tie-dye to the day for $31 and up.

Canada Pooch Dog Accessories Review

Just as with humans, dogs need to flaunt some fun accessories from time to time too. While the styles aren’t quite the same, these best-selling puppy products are sure to win over owners and dogs alike with their fun fashion and formidable function. 

We just had to finish off the products portion of this Canada Pooch review with these cute and cozy styles.

Canada Pooch Bel-Air Bucket Hat Review

Just look at the picture of this one and everyone will be sold. The Bel-Air Bucket Hat looks adorable while keeping its function in mind.

Bright red in color with slots for puppy ears to break through and secure the fit, the Canada Pooch Dog Bucket Hat works in a myriad of ways. Block out the sun, the rain, the snow, this water-resistant hat covers it all. 

Secured with a strap and ear slits, the bright red of this hat not only adds to the appearance but works as a reflective piping to pump up visibility during darker hours of the day.

Keep any pup safe and stylish for $16.

Canada Pooch Soft Shield Boots Review

No one likes walking barefoot in the rain or snow, so why let our dogs do it? The Canada Pooch Soft Shield Boots put the elements aside to help dogs and owners get a walk in, no matter the weather.

Available in three reflective colors, these boots are made for easy access. Rather than wrestling with a dog, these boots just slide on with an adjustable toggle and strap at the top to secure the sizing. 

A rubber grip and polyester lining allow these boots to handle any water, ice, or mud while keeping things comfortable at all times.

Get a set of four for $43.

Who Is Canada Pooch For? 

Canada Pooch Review

Any puppy pals will be happy to check this brand out as one to buy. Perfect for dog owners (or friends of dog owners – who are we to stop anyone from buying a gift?), this brand keeps pups covered up during windy and wet days. 

If the weather calls for people to wear a jacket, why shouldn’t our dogs?

No matter how old the owners, this brand has a variety of clothing options fun to shop through for anyone. Fit every dog’s personality type with ease and find a jacket that suits your dog’s style.

Canada Pooch Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Canada Pooch Review

It’s difficult to judge this brand off of those who use the products (we haven’t seen any speaking dogs lately, have you?), so we’ll stick to finding a Canada Pooch review or two from the owners. 

While the brand isn’t found on all rating platforms, there are still a good number of comments found online by verified buyers.

The easiest place to check in regarding purchases and the company itself is the brand’s site. With over 4,200 ratings, Canada Pooch currently sits at 5/5 stars on their own site. 

Admittedly, there are more product reviews than postings pertaining to the company, but it’s still easy to see how well-loved these products are by the general public.

I have a very tall, very large boxer who likes to spread out when he sleeps but loves donut beds to lay his head on the side cushions. This XL size bed is the perfect fit for him. I had tried a large size at first, but it was too small. I was also really surprised how soft this entire bed is to include the side cushions. I also love the periwinkle blue and cream color design, which is similar to a light country blue color.

From color and style to feel and fit, these products find fans in owners and dogs of all sizes. Following their mission to provide products for all dogs, the available sizing is a big plus for owners of dogs that sit outside the norm when it comes to height and weight.

One five-star Canada Pooch review stated, “This jacket is a different style than many of the others, but we really like it. I have two dogs that are different sizes, one a little harder to fit, and this can fit both of them. It’s super adjustable and we think the colors are cool too. It’s one of our favorites!

Adjustable sizing is a definite plus to these products. While not all products contain this function, the select pieces designed for custom fits and adjusting are easy bestsellers for this brand.

The company site isn’t the only place to consider customer thoughts. This brand holds up with the Better Business Bureau, who gave them a B+ rating for their quick customer responses.

Interestingly enough, on TrustPilot, Canada Pooch only holds 2.2/5 stars based on 15 ratings. The ratings come from a smaller population, and most seem to be complaints regarding customer service speed and response. 

While the majority on this platform find an issue with the brand, others refute the argument, claiming that customer service was nothing but pleasant with them as they worked through the exchange process.

Excellent service. Size of the dog’s cooling jacket didn’t fit so they paid for return shipping and sent me a replacement. Very professional and polite, replied to emails very quickly. Thank you very much.

Mixed reviews on customer service aren’t great to hear, but such small numbers don’t always accurately reflect the general consensus. The thing to really note is hundreds of satisfied customers who praise the products they’ve purchased. Even looking beyond the official site, reviews on Amazon are in love with how well these items have worked for their pets’ lives.

One such buyer of the Winter Dog Coat Water-Resistant Insulated Dog Jacket fell in with the crowd of over 280 raters who placed this product at 4.4/5 stars

The five-star Canada Pooch review commented, “My sweetheart loved her coat and it fit perfectly. She’s a short haired American Pitbull Terrier that’s anemic. She stays warm now outside in the Michigan weather and hopefully this will help her during the cold winter months. This product seems to be quality made and worth the money. Also, she looks great in it.

Hundreds of quality reviews speak to the style and functional design of the pieces sold by this company. Other loved Canada Pooch products on Amazon are as follows:

  • Winter Dog Hat Pom Pom Hat Dog Beanie: 4.1/5 stars based on 135 ratings
  • Torrential Tracker Dog Raincoat Waterproof Dog Jacket: 4.6/5 stars based on over 115 ratings
  • Everything Dog No Pull Harness: 4.5/5 stars based on over 135 ratings
  • The Everything Fanny Pack: 4.7/5 stars based on 110 ratings
  • Chill Seeker Dog Cooling Vest: 4.6/5 stars based on 140 ratings

While there are a few inconsistencies from TrustPilot, the majority of customers agree that this brand knows how to produce quality products that look, feel, and function beautifully.

Is Canada Pooch Worth It?

Canada Pooch Review

It’s time for the final thoughts. This Canada Pooch review happily recommends this product as one to try with your pet. The wide variety of apparel and accessories to suit every size dog make this brand one to watch.

Despite some concerns over customer service, their B+ rating on the BBB gives us confidence in their representatives. With good pricing, quality products, and added protection for every pup, this brand is absolutely worth the buy.

Canada Pooch Promotions & Discounts 

Canada Pooch Review

Canada Pooch isn’t widely known for their promotions. Seasonal sales do pop up from time to time, but the most consistent discount is the registration deal that sees 15% off the first purchase once customers sign up their email for the latest news.

Where to Buy Canada Pooch 

Canada Pooch Review

The easiest place to order after reading this Canada Pooch review? Right on the brand site at If that doesn’t work, then check out this quick list of other available retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Pet Valu
  • Zara
  • Nordstrom
  • Bone & Biscuit


Canada Pooch Review

Is Canada Pooch vegan?

Canada Pooch is all about the animals and, as such, the company works hard to keep things kosher. All products are vegan and cruelty-free, with faux furs and downs used in each product. All the warmth and style with none of the guilt.

Where is Canada Pooch made?

Canada Pooch lives up to their name. All products are made in Canada with their headquarters based in Toronto.

What is Canada Pooch’s Shipping Policy?

Have you found something in this Canada Pooch review worth buying? Shipping is a standard process with this brand. It’s a flat rate of $6, with orders over $60 free of shipping charges.

This company doesn’t offer multiple services, just standard shipping with times dependent on your location. 

Any damaged or defective items should be accepted by the customers before sending an email to customer service. Refusal of these packages could lead to extra costs, so just accept them and then reach out for replacements or refunds.

What is Canada Pooch’s Return Policy?

It wouldn’t be a complete Canada Pooch review without covering the return process – we all like to know there’s a backup before making an order. Luckily, this brand offers returns and exchanges within 15 days of delivery. That’s just over two weeks to make sure a product is the right fit.

All returns will receive either refunds or store credit, depending on customer selection and whether the product is being exchanged or fully returned. There are a few key elements to follow in order to secure that refund:

  • Products must be in new condition
  • Tags and packaging intact
  • Must be clean of any fur or hair
  • The order confirmation must be included

Have all of that in order? Just keep in mind that all returns will be thoroughly inspected before refunds are rewarded, so double-check it’s all boxed up properly before shipping. Once it’s ready, make the return for $7 or exchange an item for free.

The process itself is pretty simple:

  1. Initiate a return online and print out the prepaid label
  2. Put the original order confirmation inside the original packaging (a general tip is to never throw things out right away)
  3. Add the new label to the package, ensuring the old label is covered
  4. Ship it out and wait

Exchanges have more options than simple returns. We do need to clarify that only North American countries are able to exchange items, but returns are available everywhere Canada Pooch ships to.

While exchanges are free, customers are able to select between standard and instant options. Instant sees the new item being shipped before a return is even made, so no one will be sitting around and waiting – customers have two weeks to ship back the original item before a new charge is put on their card.

How to Contact Canada Pooch

Customer service is always available to answer any questions or concerns. Should anything come up that wasn’t covered in this Canada Pooch review, feel free to reach out via any one of their communication methods:

  • Phone: 647-344-9193
  • Toll-Free: 1-800-673-9344

Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

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