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About Plum Paper 

Plum Paper Review

Do you like the feeling of checking off a box or striking through a task once you’ve completed it? If digital organizers simply don’t cut it for you, our Plum Paper review will introduce you to the planner, stationery, and notebook brand that brings your personalized paper products to life. 

Plum Paper has caught the eye of Forbes, Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes & Gardens. The brand’s fun and vibrant planner styles make you want to hit that like button as they currently sit at 116k followers on Instagram. 

Ready to learn more? In this Plum Paper review, we will take an in-depth look at the brand and its planners and other paper products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, in order to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Plum Paper

Plum Paper Review

Plum Paper was founded in 2010 by Kristina Kardous and all the products are put together by the team based in the San Diego area. All of their planners and stationery products can be personalized to match your individual needs, tastes, and planning goals. 

At its core, Plum Paper hopes to create beautiful paper products that truly work for you. The brand’s tagline, “personalized for you, by you” rings true! 

Now that you’ve gotten some background on this planner and stationery brand, let’s take a look at some of the highlights to shopping at Plum Paper. 


  • Planners, notebooks, and stationery made with fun and vibrant designs can be personalized and tailored to your needs 
  • Planners help with productivity and organization 
  • Made in the U.S. 
  • International shipping available 
  • Promotions and special sales available on the website 
  • Earn rewards as you shop 
  • Positive Plum Paper reviews from happy customers about products and customer service 
Plum Paper Review

So, you’ve taken in some background info on the paper company and we’ve covered some of the highlights. Now it’s time to get to the products! Let’s dig into some Plum Paper planner reviews. 

Plump Paper Planner Review

Not only do planners provide a place for you to map out your week and jot down your shopping list, but most Plum Paper planners are customizable to your own tastes. Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s most popular planners for sale right now. 

Plum Paper Financial Planner Review

Plum Paper Financial Planner Review
Plum Paper Financial Planner

Are you struggling to keep your finances in order? Hiring an accountant can be expensive, and it’s important to keep an eye on your money. Financial success starts with keeping track of your spending and income. Enter the Plum Paper Financial Planner!

With the Plum Paper Financial Planner, there are three different layouts to choose from, so you can go with what feels right and works for you. Plus, you get a ton of stickers that help track your spending and various goals related to personal finances. There’s also a monthly section that allows you to check in with yourself and see how you can do better the following month.

Totally customizable and up to you to design, the Plum Paper Financial Planner starts at $35

Plum Paper Goal Planner Review

Plum Paper Goal Planner Review
Plum Paper Goal Planner

Do you set great goals for yourself but fall behind in the follow-through? The Plum Paper Goal Planner is here to help you achieve the milestone moments you want.

Lots of room to write things out means you get to tick off what you’re working on daily, weekly, and over the course of a month. It also includes stickers to keep you on track with goal planning and you can pick out a customized planner cover for extra inspiration. 

Ready to start checking off boxes and accomplishing your goals? The Plum Paper Goal Planner has three different sizes to choose from as well as a few different layouts. Pricing starts at $32

Plump Paper Teacher Planner Review

Teachers deserve so much more credit than what they’re given. It’s not an easy task to plan daily classes and lesson plans for multiple groups of students. This is exactly why the Plum Paper Teacher Planner is such a hit! Let’s take a look at some of the best products available for teachers. 

Plum Paper Homeschool Teacher Planner Review

Plum Paper Homeschool Teacher Planner Review
Plum Paper Homeschool Teacher Planner

With the pandemic cancelling in-person learning,  a lot of parents have had to step up with their children’s schooling. Whether you’re a full-time homeschooling parent or temporarily juggling online learning with an already busy parenting role, the Plum Paper Homeschool Teacher Planner exists to help you stay organized. 

This planner helps you to keep track of everything from what supplies you need to get to daily attendance. If you have specific goals for reading or checklists for field trips, there is a section to track these easily. 

The Plum Paper Homeschool Teacher Planner is available in three different sizes and you get to choose the layout that works best for your needs. The Plum Paper Homeschool Teacher Planner starts at just $20

Plum Paper Middle & High School Teacher Planner Review

Plum Paper Middle & High School Teacher Planner Review
Plum Paper Middle & High School Teacher Planner

If you’ve been teaching for a while and have experience with different grade levels, you know that planning and goals change depending on the grade you’re teaching. That’s why Plum Paper has released the Middle & High School Teacher Planner

The planners cover important job aspects like communication needed with parents, class schedules and checklists, and resources and supplies. You can customize this planner to your taste and needs.

Available in three different sizes and different formats, the Plum Paper Middle & High School Teacher Planner pricing starts at $20

Plump Paper Student Planner Review

The secret to staying on top of schoolwork is organization. You can give your child the tools they need to succeed in their education, like a Plum Paper Student Planner. Let’s take a look at their most popular styles and formats.  

Plum Paper Middle & High School Student Planner Review

Plum Paper Middle & High School Student Planner Review
Plum Paper Middle & High School Student Planner

Do you have a student in middle or high school who struggles to keep track of their classes, activities, and assignments? The Plum Paper Middle & High School Student Planner could really save the year. 

Students can enjoy picking out their own cover and adding their name to the front, but there’s no better feeling than knowing your planner has everything you need for academic success. Personalized by grade, the planner can help you stop worrying about missing due dates and keep a record of your community service hours.

The Plum Paper Middle & High School Student Planner pricing starts at $20

Plum Paper College Student Planner Review

Plum Paper College Student Planner Review
Plum Paper College Student Planner

The social and academic expectations on college students is higher than ever before, and a good planner is essential. The Plum Paper College Student Planner is sure to help you stay on top of even the hardest semester. 

Keep track of your assignments, readings, and prep for your final exams with a College Student Planner. Boost your motivation with a personalized layout and design, and use the stickers to keep track of your progress.

The Plum Paper College Student Planner pricing begins at $20

Plum Paper Personalized Planner Review

Plum Paper Personalized Planner Review
Plum Paper Personalized Planner

Planners aren’t just for students and teachers! If you are a motivated individual who likes to keep on top of their schedule and commitments, you can customize your own Plum Paper Personalized Planner

In addition to the standard organization sections, like a monthly spread and pages to keep track of lists and goals, you can include extra pages that are in tune with your lifestyle, such as meal planning or workout schedules. 

With three different size options and various ways to design the cover to your aesthetic, the Plum Paper Personalized Planner pricing begins at $29

How Do You Create a Plum Paper Custom Planner? 

Plum Paper Review

Are you ready for an organizational reset? It sounds like it might be time to create your own Paper Plum customized planner. Head on over to the Plum Paper website and with a few simple clicks you can personalize your own planner. 

First, you need to pick out which planner makes the most sense for your goals. This is the time to decide whether you want to focus on school, financial goals, everyday organization, or more. 

All of the Plum Paper notebooks and planners come in three different sizes and the ability to customize your cover. There are a lot of creative themes and designs to choose from, from florals and inspirational quotes to tie dye and animal print. Maybe you want to put your name on the cover or feature a photograph.

Continue your customization by choosing a layout that works for you and add extra pages for things like meal planning or budgeting. 

It only takes a few minutes to customize your Paper Plum planner, and you end up with the perfect planner that is set up for your own unique needs!

Who Is Plum Paper For? 

Plum Paper Review

Do you struggle to stay organized with digital planners and your phone’s calendar? It might make more sense for you to dedicate a physical space to your planning. This is exactly the customer that Plum Paper has in mind.  

Whether you’re shopping for a yearly planner, notebooks, or stationery, Plum Paper offers quality options that can be easily personalized to help you stay on top of your busy life. 

Organizational preferences are unique, and Plum Paper gets that. With plenty of design options from the cover to the last page and stickers to keep things interesting, you can satisfy your aesthetic needs as well.

Comparison: Plum Paper vs. PurpleTrail

Plum Paper Review

Let’s put this Plum Paper review to the test and compare the brand with a competitor to see who gets the best grades. 

Purple Trail is a paper, stationery, and planner brand that recognizes individuals with different needs should have planners that reflect that. 

First, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which Purple Trail and Plum Paper are similar: 

  • Both brands offer a ton of different planners with personalization options
  • Purple Trail and Plum Paper also offer stationery, gifts, stickers and other various gift ideas for those who nerd out on planning
  • Both websites have promotions and coupon codes available for extra savings 

Next, let’s talk about the ways in which Plum Paper and Purple Trail differ. Let’s focus on their distinctive brand features: 

  • Although both brands offer customization, there seem to be more detailed options with Plum Paper
  • Purple Trail is known for hooking up customers who are planning big life events like weddings or showers with invitations and guest books 
  • You can earn rewards when you shop with Plum Paper 

Both Plum Paper and Purple Trail feature a lot of fun options when it comes to planners, but if you’re looking for something for your everyday organization needs, Plum Paper offers more custom options to play with. 

Plum Paper Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Plum Paper Review

For the final exam, we will turn to the customers to see what the people buying the planners, notebooks, and stationery have to say about the brand. 

One thing that really sets the Plum Paper planners apart from the rest is the level of customization they offer for your personal needs and goals. There are lots of Plum Paper reviews speaking to how customers love having so much control in designing their planner

One customer left a Plum Paper review on Reddit discussing how long she’s been a fan of this reliable planner brand. It said: 

I’ve been using Plum Paper Planners since 2015. I love their customization options and the smooth paper they use. Their coils are nice and sturdy, but you can also order your planner unpunched and unbound so that you can punch and bind it as you please. I’ve never had any problems with my orders, but I have heard they have great customer service.” 

Another thing to note is that there are lots of Plum Paper reviews left by customers who are impressed with the variety of needs and goals that the paper brand covers in their planners.

One customer left a comment on the brand’s Instagram page about how her planner has helped her keep track of her fitness achievements with a cute motivational cover:

“Yes! I ordered it for my weight loss journey planner! Down 75 pounds so far with 30 to go. Thanks @plumpaper — this cover was perfect” 

With the number of customization options offered with Plum Paper products, it’s inevitable that there can be occasional mixups. One customer left a Plum Paper review on the Pissed Consumer website complementing the customer service team who helped her when she made mistakes ordering her planner:

“The company didnt do anything wrong on their part. The fault was on my part. I made grammatical errors when entering in the information needed to personalize the planner. The company was very helpful and made two alterations to the planner for me.”

The positive Plum Paper reviews left by customers online show that the brand delivers on their promises.

Is Plum Paper Worth It?

Plum Paper Review

Based on the number of positive Plum Paper reviews left by happy customers, it seems like this brand is a great choice for those who want beautiful paper products that are customized to their needs. 

Plum Paper ships internationally and there are loads of different promotions to track down and sales to help save a little money. So, if you’re all about that organized planner lifestyle, Plum Paper has all the customized options of your dreams. 

Plum Paper Promotions & Discounts 

Plum Paper Review

Looking to score a deal as you stock up on notebooks and accessories? There are a few different ways to save on the Plum Paper website: 

  • Sign up to receive the Plum Paper newsletter and get exclusive offers and promotions right to your inbox 
  • Receive an additional 10% off your personalized product when you use the exclusive “mystic” design 
  • Buy three or more accessories and will receive an additional 20% off 
  • Subscribe for a monthly sticker kit and receive three free months right now 
  • Earn rewards that get extra savings off future orders 

Where to Buy Plum Paper 

Plum Paper Review

In the market for some super cute stationery or a great planner to take you into next year? You can shop exclusively for Plum Paper planners and paper products on their website:


Plum Paper Review

Who owns Plum Paper?   

Plum Paper was acquired by CCL Industries in the summer of 2021. The current CEO is Kristina Kardous. 

Where are Plum Paper products made?   

Plum Paper headquarters is located in San Diego, California. All Plum Paper products are shipped out from facilities within the Sunshine State. 

Can I order my planner not bound?  

You can order your planner not bound or punched. For those that want their planner not bound, you can choose this option under the “binding choice” menu when you’re putting together your customized planner. 

What kind of paper does Plum Paper use?  

All of the dividers in the Plum Paper planners are laminated cardstock while the covers and interior paper are premium quality paper.

What is Plum Paper’s Shipping Policy?

Plum Paper ships through FedEx ground shipping for those that choose standard shipping in the United States. The delivery time in the U.S. for standard ground shipping is between 3 – 8 business days. 

Standard shipping is also available for international orders as well through FedEx Express International. The delivery time is usually between 5 – 10 business days, but can vary depending on where you live. 

There is also priority shipping for U.S. customers. Expedited shipping does have additional charges and depending on what you choose, it will be delivered via FedEx 2-day shipping or USPS Priority Mail. 

The delivery time for priority shipping is between 2 – 3 business days. Please note that Plum Paper accessory orders that weigh less than 16 oz will automatically ship through USPS First Class Mail. 

For those that are receiving Plum Paper orders outside the United States, you may have to pay duty, taxes, and custom charges upon arrival to the destination country. All of these charges are the responsibility of the customer and failing to pay them will not result in a refund from Plum Paper. 

Once your Plum Paper order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number in it. All international orders can be tracked via the FedEx website when you input the tracking number. 

What is Plum Paper’s Return Policy?

Plum Paper does not accept any returns on any products that have been personalized or customized. 

For those looking to make a return on an item that isn’t customized, Plum Paper asks that you reach out to customer service within 15 days of your order. For returns that are accepted, you will receive instructions from the team on how to begin the return process. You need to receive proper authorization from Plum Paper in order for a return to be processed. 

All items being returned must be in their original condition in the packaging that it arrived in. 

For those receiving a refund, it should take between 5 – 10 business days to appear in your account. 

How to Contact Plum Paper

We hope you enjoyed this Plum Paper review! If you need to reach their customer service team, there are a few ways to get in touch: 

  1. Email: [email protected] 
  2. Fill out the contact form on their website and someone from their team will get back to you 
  3. There’s also a chat feature on any page of their website where you can chat with someone from their customer support team (8 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST Monday – Friday) 

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