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About Pluralsight

Pluralsight Review

Pluralsight is an American tech education company that offers online learning and workflow management tools for individuals and businesses. This company is recognized by experts and employers as an industry leader for their skills training and productivity analytics.

This notable brand is trusted by companies like Adobe and Nasdaq to equip their employees with the best tools for their success.

The company has received a number of accolades since launching in 2004, including a 2018 “Product of the Year” award from the American Business Awards, and was named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2020. They have a solid online following, too, with over 1 million followers on Facebook and over 49k followers on Instagram. 

Pluralsight offers a number of subscriptions that give individuals the chance to access expert-designed courses to boost their tech skills in a variety of programs and concepts. It also offers services to help tech-based businesses manage employees and optimize production.

My Pluralsight review will break down all of Pluralsight’s subscription plans and give you an idea of the kinds of courses and tools Pluralsight offers you and your workplace. 

By taking a look at the brand’s programs, pricing, and customer feedback, I hope you will feel more confident in deciding whether a Pluralsight subscription is the right choice for you!

Overview of Pluralsight

Pluralsight Review

Pluralsight was founded in 2004 by co-founders Keith Brown, Aaron Skonnard, Bill Williams, and Fritz Onion. In 2020, the continually evolving company was sold to their current parent company, Vista Equity Partners, for $3.5 billion. 

Pluralsight is headquartered in Farmington, Utah, and employs 1,700 people. According to their official website, over 70% of Fortune 500 Companies trust Pluralsights’ tools and programs to enhance their businesses. The brand is also partnered with companies like Google, Microsoft, and Oracle tohelp craft and deliver their cutting-edge classes and services.

This company has partnered with over 1,500 tech experts to deliver their educational programming

These experts, ranging from working professionals, industry leaders, and experienced educators, design courses for Pluralsight’s “Course Library” on a wide range of tech subjects, from beginner to advanced levels

Pluralsight offers thousands of courses in a wide range of subjects, including exam prep for professional certifications, classes focused on specific software, theoretical learning, and courses in leadership and management strategies. 

Pluralsight shares their profits with course creators, via royalties based on how many subscribers access their program. Pluralsight courses are all online and self-paced, so you can learn while still working or to supplement other studies.

Pluralsight also offers workplace data analysis services, thanks in part to their 2019 acquisition of GitPrime, a developer productivity platform. Through their Flow program, Pluralsight offers businesses a service that analyzes and interprets their tech workflows and provides clear, comprehensible reports.

Keep reading this Pluralsight review as I uncover some highlights of buying from this brand!


  • Learn online at your own pace
  • Grow your tech skills to remain competitive in the job market
  • No program requirements – take only the courses you want or need
  • Core Library of 2,500 courses, Expanded Library of over 7,000 courses!
  • Broad range of subjects like IT, software, security, and more
  • Appropriate courses for different skill levels – from learning to use Excel to designing big data machine learning experiments
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • 10-day free trial 
  • Affordable monthly rates start at $29 per month

Pluralsight Review

Up ahead in my Pluralsight review I’ll now explore the company’s two best-selling service plans: Skills and Flow. If you’re keen to build your tech expertise and put your skills to the test, or get your tech team working productively, you’ll want to take a look at these Pluralsight options.

Pluralsight Skills Review

Pluralsight Skills Review
Pluralsight Skills

Whether you are an individual learning from home, or an education or business leader who wants to take advantage of Pluralsight for your team, this company’s Skills subscription will give you access to a huge array of educational tech content.

A subscription to Skills gives you access to Pluralsight’s Course Library. Here, you can pick from beginner to advanced courses in the broader fields of:

  • Architecture and construction
  • Data
  • IT operations
  • Manufacturing and design
  • Information and cyber security
  • Software and web development

Pluralsight also offers classes specifically structured for creative, data, and business professionals. For example, creatives can find courses in character design, or in programs like Maya, Adobe, and Unity. Data pros can master software like Hadoop and Tableau, and business professionals can learn about automating business practices and CRM

Those looking to take industry-related exams or pursue certifications will also find a host of test and certification prep courses available.

The variety of courses you can access will depend on the Skills subscription you choose. A Standard Skills subscription will let you choose from Pluralsight’s “Core Library” of 2,500 courses, while the Premium Skills will open up the “Expanded Library” of over 7,000 courses!

Individual Skills subscriptions are available either monthly or annually: 

  1.   Monthly Standard plan – $29/month
  2.   Annual Standard plan – $299/year
  3.   Monthly Premium plan – $45/month
  4.   Annual Premium plan – $449/year

Pluralsight also makes it easy to register a group by opting for a Team Skills subscription, should you want to enroll a whole team, classroom, or workplace for Skills training. 

With Team subscriptions, Pluralsight will give your group access to their Course Library, as well as a host of special features, including interactive courses, special projects, labs and sandbox testing environments, and access to Q&A sessions with their experts.

Team subscription plans allow for someone to be designated a “Plan Administrator.” This individual will be able to organize your team into sections and assign managers. You’ll also be given access to Pluralsight’s chat channels, to keep everyone on your team connected and communicating as they learn.

When you register for Team subscriptions, your programming will also include Pluralsight’s analytics services, including trend analytics and usage analytics, to provide insight on employee strengths, patterns, and real-time data demonstrating the impact of their classes on performance. 

Team Skills subscriptions come in three categories: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise

Starter will give your team full access to the Core Course library and basic analytics. Professional and Enterprise will get the full range of classes, as well as access to projects and more advanced analytics. 

Team subscriptions come with a 14-day free trial and are available as annual subscriptions:

  1. Team Starter plan – $399 annually per user
  2. Team Professional plan – $579 annually per user
  3. Team Enterprise plan – $779 annually per user

You can even request Pluralsight add their “Professional Services” extras such as customized skill strategy plans that tailor learning strategies to your company’s objectives, and data export services. These services come at an additional cost depending on your team’s configuration and needs.

Pluralsight Flow Review

Pluralsight Flow Review
Pluralsight Flow

The Pluralsight Flow plan is designed for busy businesses who need to get their tech productivity flowing! 

Flow is Pluralsight’s workflow optimization system. Using git metadata and code reviews, Flow analyzes the code your company produces and creates reports on the way your development and engineering teams work – what Pluralsight calls “snapshots into your software development process.”

Flow gives businesses and employees a meaningful way to see their strengths, inefficiencies, and productivity. They can then use their findings to improve communication, plan projects, and help their tech teams identify roadblocks and create more effective processes.

The Flow plan comes with three options so you can pick the exact subscription that matches your company’s needs.

The most basic Flow plan is the Flow Standard, which can support data from 50 repositories (repos). It can draw data from GitHub, GitBucket, and GitLab, provides reports and visualizations, and gives you access to customer support by phone or email.

Next up is the Flow Plus, which has unlimited repos, and adds analysis of data from Jira, GitHub Issues. Flow Plus includes analysis of pull requests, code reviews, and proficiency reports, all meant to help your team become as prolific as possible and speed up your product release cycles.

If you have a large team of employees, you’ll want to check out the most advanced Flow plan: Flow Enterprise. This plan is the most personalized to your needs and is designed to help you manage a bigger workforce and accommodate enterprise data.

In addition to what’s included in the Plus plan, Flow Enterprise offers these features:

  • Increased delivery insights
  • Supports GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, and GitLab Enterprise
  • Works with both Mob and Pair programming

To get started with Pluralsight Flow in Standard, Plus, or Enterprise, Pluralsight will start you off with a demo, and then work with you to find the right program for your team and tailor their features to your needs. Pricing will depend on the plan and features you select. 

Who Is Pluralsight For? 

Pluralsight Review

Pluralsight will appeal to anyone who wants to expand their tech skills or wants to help their team do better work through education

Whether you already have a job and want to keep up with the latest in programs, innovations, and best practices, or if you’re studying up for that perfect opportunity, Pluralsight has courses that will fit your needs.

This company caters to people who are interested in any aspect of tech, including data management, security, cloud computing, IT, and engineering. They even offer more niche courses for manufacturing, architecture, and artificial intelligence

Their courses range from a beginner JavaScript class to advanced “Security Event Triage.” It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro – you’ll find a Pluralsight course that serves your goals.

Their courses are also ideal for people who aren’t looking for all-day classroom learning. Courses vary in length and level of commitment, so people can seek out as much, or as little, instruction as they need. 

Those who already have a professional role in tech and want to get ahead of the pack will love that they can take Pluralsight courses while working full-time. Pluralsight’s subscriptions are a convenient way to continue learning and growing without leaving the workforce (and your paycheck!) behind to study.

Professionals who are interested in working in tech but are not sure if their skills are up to snuff will benefit from this brand’s skills assessments and practical tests, which can lead them to the classes they need most. 

Plus, the courses and projects you can access through Pluralsight will look great on your resume when you’re up for that tech job you’ve been working so hard for!

Then, there are Pluralsight’s business solutions. Through both their Skills and Flow programs,  they provide the training and information you need to remain competitive, maximize the potential of your workforce, and gain more insight into how you do business. 

What Can Pluralsight Do For Individuals? 

Pluralsight Review

If your workplace or school doesn’t have access to Pluralsight, don’t worry – they have plenty of subscriptions designed with ambitious individuals in mind. Pluralsight understands that with the tech world changing fast, professionals need to be able to boost their skills on their own time while remaining in the workforce..

Pluralsight’s huge Course Library ensures you’ll have access to the knowledge you really need, whether you’re looking to master a programming language or get familiar with a broader concept like colour theory. And with their reasonable prices and online, on-your-time model, this knowledge is attainable and accessible.

This company has two subscription options they recommend for individuals: Standard and Premium. You can choose to sign up for either of these plans on a monthly basis or commit to an annual subscription. 

If you’re unsure about how their courses will fit into your life and career, you can dip your toe in first with their 10-Day free trials of either plan! This will let you experiment with their courses and determine what kind of subscription works best for you.

For people on a budget, their least expensive option is the monthly Standard subscription, which costs $29 per month and can be canceled at any time .

The Standard plan and Premium plan are similar, but the Premium subscription offers subscribers access to the “Expanded Library” of courses. Premium is a better choice for professionals who want to study up and prepare for specific tests and projects, since it offers the following:

  • Certification practice exams
  • Interactive courses 
  • Projects

With these special features of the Premium plan, you can enhance your new knowledge by putting it to the test. It’s perfect for the many people who struggle with rote learning and find it much easier to grasp new tasks and concepts by applying them in a practical way.

With the Premium membership you’ll be able to grow in confidence and turn your book smarts into practical, tried-and-true skills. If you’re studying up for a specific certification, it can also help by providing skills assessments, test practice, and courses designed to help you ace the exam.

Pluralsight Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pluralsight Review

The company shares some Pluralsight reviews on their website from students and employers. Many of their customers shared how Pluralsight helped them stay up to date on their tech knowledge to keep their businesses functioning smoothly.

One customer is Paul Baker, the Senior Web Developer/Analyst for Boys Town, an established non-profit that helps at-risk youth and their families, says his organization appreciates the accessible cost of their programs. While the organization needs to stay on top of their tech to help serve their clients, a pricey program would do the opposite. 

Baker also says in his Pluralsight review that their courses are effective: “Pluralsight has been a great resource to get me up to speed on technologies that I need to know, as well as discovering new technologies that I didn’t know about before. It helps us fill in our skill gaps.”

Other Pluralsight’s customers have relied on their programs to understand what kind of skills their workers have, and what kind of knowledge they still need to learn to excel in their jobs. 

For example, the company Dimension Data used Pluralsight toreskill” employees.Their manager describes their success in their Pluralsight review: …for the past 18 months that Pluralsight has been deployed, we have identified all the different areas that we need to build up skills, which has been incredibly helpful. We are able to view high-end technical skills and understand different Skills IQs.”

Large companies, such as Manulife, have used Pluralsight’s Flow plan to help them manage their employees. One manager shares in their Pluralsight review: “Not only does Flow really focus in on engineering effectiveness, it also ensures that a lot of our other objectives are being met as well… making sure we’re resilient, that we’re secure.”

The business Workfront also uses Flow to understand how they can improve their workplace. One manager writes in their Pluralsight review: ““Pluralsight Flow is one of those tools that helps us know where we’re at and empirically determine how to improve.”

Pluralsight also has a page on review website TrustPilot. Customers here report in their Pluralsight reviews that their courses were helpful and good value for their money.

One professional shares in their TrustPilot Pluralsight review: Pluralsight is great. It is one of my essential resources…Very good value compared to classroom training and more effective.” 

Another Pluralsight subscriber loves being able to access this company’s varied and growing Course Library: Fantastic content. Ever increasing library. Perfect for all levels. And the site keeps getting better!!”

All of Pluralsight’s subscriptions auto-renew, and their trial converts to a subscription after the 10- or 14-day period elapses. While fleshing out my research for this Pluralsight review, I noticed some TrustPilot customers leaving negative reviews as a result, but it also appears the company rectified and honored cancellations when alerted. 

Pluralsight is also discussed by users on Reddit, where tech fans share their personal experiences of learning with this company. Many Pluralsight subscribers report that they appreciate the new skills learned from their courses. A few mention they’d prefer purchasing courses individually rather than via subscription.

The fact that the company offers great value for money also comes up again in Reddit’s Pluralsight reviews. One subscriber praises how budget-friendly and extensive the service is: “I found that Pluralsight was a good overall value, given that it’s really cheap and has TONS of training available. If you are on a budget and need to learn a lot of stuff, Pluralsight is where it’s at.”

Another Reddit poster liked the ability to discover more about cutting edge skills and concepts in tech, writing in their Pluralsight review: “I like pluralsight, and find it helpful to branch out and learn about new technologies.”

Overall, Pluralsight’s customers have found their subscriptions to be well worth the monthly fee and appreciated the chance to explore such a wide range of course material.

Is Pluralsight Worth It?

Pluralsight Review

Pluralsight is an established and respected tech company that offers a great variety of classes, programs, and tools for everyone from the beginner learning solo to large tech workforces. This popular company has earned a solid following from businesses and individuals alike for their clever approach to learning and employee management.

The brand’s subscription options mean you won’t have to pay top dollar to access expert tech instruction. For a transparent, monthly fee of under $30 you’ll be able to pick from thousands of courses and complete them on your own schedule.

Pluralsight has won numerous awards for their inventive approach to tech education and their positive workplace culture. Our analysis of Pluralsight reviews also revealed that the company receives largely positive feedback from subscribers for their product and value.. 

To conclude this Pluralsight review, I can definitely recommend giving this company a try. And with a free 10-day trial, your first week of classes at Pluralsight won’t cost you a dime!

Pluralsight Promotions & Discounts 

Pluralsight Review

Pluralsight offers new customers a free Premium 10-day trial

During your free trial, you will have the same privileges and access as anyone with a full Pluralsight membership. 

To see if Pluralsight is right for you, you can use this trial to analyze your existing aptitudes, discover new interests, check out their test prep, access over 7,000 courses from their Course Library, and even practise and challenge your skills in their real world scenario labs.

Where to Buy Pluralsight

Pluralsight Review

Intrigued by everything I’ve covered so far in this Pluralsight review? You can register through their official website.


Pluralsight Review

Who owns Pluralsight?

Parent company Vista Equity Partners owns Pluralsight.

Can I buy a single Pluralsight course?

No. To access Pluralsight courses you must sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to the site. 

This company offers subscriptions with different price tags and types of access so you can find the one that’s right for you. The most basic subscription, which can be used on an unlimited number of classes, is $29 for one month of access. 

Can I still watch Pluralsight after my subscription expires?

No. If your subscription ends, you will no longer be able to access Pluralsight content.

What is Pluralsight’s Refund Policy?

Pluralsight does not offer refunds on their subscription fees. However, if you choose the monthly subscription plan, you can cancel it at any time.

How to Contact Pluralsight

I hope you enjoyed this Pluralsight review! For any lingering questions, you can contact this company in the following ways:

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