Prime Drink Review

About Prime Drinks

Prime Drink Review

Prime is the newest entry into the stacked marketplace for sports drinks. However, with over 1m followers on Instagram, a unique flavor, and a headlining-grabbing duo running the show, there may be something different about this brand.

I’ll look at the ingredients, taste, price, nutrition, customer reception, and more in this Prime drink review to see if this brand deserves your attention.

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Overview Of Prime 

Prime Drink Review

Yes, it’s true. Prime is a collaborative effort between Logan Paul and KSI—two former rivals who duked it out in some boxing matches in 2018 and 2019. 

While that may turn away some potential fans who are off-put by both men’s histories, it’s better to let products speak for themselves. Paul and KSI have been hard at work creating a drink that could meet people where they stand and give them what they need.

As such, Prime drinks are sports beverages that are meant to help anyone achieve their goals no matter where they are on their fitness journey. They’re for athletes, gym-goers, casual strollers, and people who just want a tasty drink.

In the next section of this Prime drink review, I’ll show you some highlights about these drinks.


Prime Drink Review
  • Low-calorie beverages
  • A large supply of B vitamins and electrolytes per serving
  • No added sugar
  • Free from most allergens
  • Contain BCAAs to help muscles recover
  • Financing payment plans are available for orders over $50

Up next, this Prime drink review will explore the ins and outs of this beverage. There are multiple different flavors that you can choose from and I’ll break down what they taste like later on.

Prime Hydration Drink Review

The products in this Prime drink review all follow a similar template. Even though the taste may differ between bottles, the price, calories, ingredients, and nutritional benefits are nearly the same across the board. That’s the type of consistency that can only come from small towns like Westlake, Ohio.

Let’s start off with the pricing. A 12-pack of any Prime Hydration Drink costs $30. Sadly, nearly all of the flavors are currently sold out—though you can take that as a good sign that these drinks are in demand. You can register to receive notifications about when the products will be back in stock if you really want to give them a shot as soon as possible.

I’ll go over further details, including the Prime drink nutrition facts and ingredients, later in this review. For now, let’s break down what these drinks taste like.

Prime Blue Raspberry Drink Review

Although blue raspberry has been an often-mocked flavor because blue raspberries apparently don’t even exist, nobody can argue that it’s always a welcome taste. That holds true with the Prime Blue Raspberry drink.

This drink can give you the taste sensation made famous by ICEE slushies but with all the health and performance benefits you want from a sports drink.

Prime Tropical Punch Drink Review

One fruit is great, but why stop at one when there are so many fruits that taste good together? That’s the mindset behind the Prime Tropical Punch drink, which combines the flavors of fruits from the sunniest locales on the planet into a recovery beverage. It might taste so good that you find yourself making excuses to work up a sweat just so you can drink it more.

Prime Grape Drink Review 

Forgive me for exposing a bit of personal bias in this Prime drink review, but grape flavors have always been a favorite of mine with sports drinks. This Prime Grape drink contains the deep yet sweet taste of grapes and all the electrolytes you need to keep yourself moving.

Prime Ice Pop Drink Review 

The final product I want to highlight in this Prime drink review is perhaps the most interesting one. The Prime Ice Pop drink looks—and supposedly tastes—just like the Bomb Pop that’s recognizable across America. It’s also the drink with the lowest caloric density out of any in the brand’s catalog. It only has 20 calories per serving, which isn’t a huge difference, but some people may cherish those five extra calories.

Who Are Prime Drinks For? 

Prime Drink Review

Prime drinks are for anyone who wants to improve their recovery or enjoys the taste of sports drinks but wants to cut back on sugar.

Prime Drink Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Prime Drink Review

There aren’t many Prime drink reviews online because these products are so new. Luckily, I found some customer ratings on Vitamin Shoppes website that offered some insight. These are the scores from the products listed on that distributor’s website:

  • Prime Tropical Punch Drink: 5/5 stars based on eight customer reviews
  • Prime Lemon Lime Drink: 5/5 stars based on five customer reviews
  • Prime Blue Raspberry Drink: 4.6/5 stars based on more than 15 customer reviews

Among those ratings were a few interesting pieces of information. Many people were impressed by how good the drinks tasted for containing such low amounts of sugar. I read plenty of Prime drink reviews from customers that were similar to this one:

Can’t get enough! Especially for a drink containing 0 sugar.

Other athletes recommended the drinks for their specific sports. One active customer wrote this positive review: “Lives up to the Hype! I have been obstacle course racing since it became a thing in 2011 I average 30 race is a year with four of those being world championships for different distances this drink is low calorie no sugar and tastes amazing.

However, there were some customers that said the drinks were either too sweet or tasted too artificial. Yet it should be noted that taste is a personal preference. Everyone has different tastebuds, after all. 

At the end of the day, the positive Prime drink reviews mostly read like this one I found on Reddit: “I have just bought the drink today and tried it. It honestly is really good and tastes similar to a kool-aid jammer.

Prime Drink Ingredients

Prime Drink Review

Looking at the Prime drink ingredients list leads to a few startling revelations. These drinks are notable not just for what they contain but for what they don’t include. Every drink in this Prime drink review is free from:

  1. Gluten
  2. Caffeine
  3. Added sugar
  4. Animal products

The main ingredient is coconut water, which is one of the most popular naturally-occurring sources of electrolytes. In these recovery drinks, you’ll also find citric acid, BCAAs, potassium, antioxidants, and a host of B vitamins.

The only allergen that people should be aware of is coconut water, which can trigger people who are allergic to tree nuts. Besides that, these drinks do not contain anything that should worry people with food sensitivities.

Prime Drink Nutrition Facts

Prime Drink Review

Nutritionally, the Prime drink packs a sizeable punch. It’s comparable to what both KSI and Paul are capable of dishing out in the squared circle. 

Nearly every product I’ve mentioned in this Prime drink review only contains 25 calories per bottle—with the Ice Pop drink flavor being the only exception. However, for clarity’s sake, it only has 20 calories per serving. 

The low caloric footprint is all the more impressive given how many vitamins and minerals you can get with each Prime drink bottle. Here are some of the most noteworthy amounts of micronutrients in every drink.

  • 700 mg of Potassium
  • 100% of your Vitamin A RDI
  • 100% of your Vitamin E RDI
  • 200% of your Vitamin B6 RDI
  • 200% of your Vitamin B12 RDI

And for the macronutrient enthusiasts reading this Prime drink review, here’s how a bottle fits into your daily distribution of carbs, fats, and protein.

  • 6 grams of carbs with 2 grams of sugar
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 0 grams of protein

Are Prime Drinks Legit?

Prime Drink Review

Shocking as it may be, I couldnt find anything that made me hesitant to try these products.

Are Prime Drinks Worth It?

Prime Drink Review

If you’re just looking for an electrolyte drink then there are numerous other options. However, they don’t all contain Primes unique mix of ingredients, nutrition, and flavor.

I can’t see any reason why they’re not at least worth trying.

Prime Promotions & Discounts 

Prime Drink Review

I couldn’t find any promotions or discounts available on the brand’s website.

Where To Buy Prime Drinks

Prime Drink Review

You can find a retailer near you on the company’s website if you’re looking into where to buy Prime drinks.


Prime Drink Review

Who owns Prime?

Logan Paul and KSI own Prime.

Do Prime drinks have caffeine?

No, Prime drinks do not contain any caffeine.

How much sugar do Prime drinks have?

Each bottle contains two grams of sugar.

Does Prime ship internationally?

Prime ships to the United States and the United Kingdom.

What is Prime’s shipping policy?

Due to the high demand for these drinks, you’ll have to contact Prime if you want to learn when you can expect to receive your order.

What is Prime’s return policy?

All Prime drink purchases are final sale.

How To Contact Prime 

You can contact Prime’s customer service team by emailing them at [email protected].

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