Psychedelic Water Review

About Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water Review

Psychedelic Water is the latest product to catch people’s attention on TikTok. These canned drinks contain psychedelic ingredients that can supposedly give your body a feeling unlike anything else on the market.

The drinks have earned the brand over 16k followers on Instagram and 34k followers on TikTok. My Psychedelic Water review will look at the brand’s products, ingredients, prices, and more to find out whether it lives up to the hype.

Overview Of Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water Review

Psychedelics have gotten a bad reputation in the past, and some companies are trying to change the cultural perception of them. One of those brands is Psychedelic Water, a company that infuses its drinks with low-level psychedelics to improve your daily functioning.

This is a young company that’s only been around since 2021. However, in that span of time, it’s developed a strong fan following through an intelligent partnership with Urban Outfitters.

The brand’s drinks are accessible to people who have never experienced psychedelics and want to feel the positive benefits in safe dosages. These drinks only contain enough psychedelics to stimulate slight bodily and cognitive improvements rather than projecting your consciousness into space.

Let’s look at what else is commendable about the brand in the highlights section of this Psychedelic Water review.


Psychedelic Water Review
  • All drinks are vegan and kosher
  • All sodas are free from THC, CBD, and alcohol
  • Products are made in the United States
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50
  • Subscription program offered 

I’ll go over every flavor of soda available in this Psychedelic Water review, but I won’t cover some of the additional goodies that this brand sells. You should know that Psychedelic Water also sells merchandise in the form of hats, shirts, and sweaters.

Psychedelic Water Soda Review

Okay, there are a few commonalities that apply to every item in this Psychedelic Water review. I’m not talking about the great taste, revitalizing effects, or groovy designs—though all those things can be found in every Psychedelic Water can. 

The first universal property among these Psychedelic Water sodas is that they all contain the same three-ingredient blend, which includes:

  1. Kava root- a psychedelic herb that humans have used for centuries to elevate their mood and induce pro-social behaviors
  2. Damiana leaf- which has stress-relieving properties according to the scientists behind Psychedelic Water
  3. Green tea- contains traces of caffeine to boost your energy levels

While the products in this Psychedelic Water review all contain those ingredients, it’s important to highlight what they don’t contain. This is critical because one could easily assume that since they’re psychedelic drinks they must also contain other stimulants or plants. 

However, that’s not true, as every can of Psychedelic Water is free from:

  • THC
  • CBD
  • Alcohol
  • Animal products
  • Non-kosher items

Additionally, each serving is only 10 to 25 calories, which is much less than a can of soda or even a latte from Starbucks. 

The next question is, how can you expect to feel after drinking a beverage from this Psychedelic Water review? I’m glad you asked because each drink provides the same mental and physical benefits. You can expect to feel a sensation almost like you’re floating after your first sip. You might also feel your stress fade away and your muscles relax.

This is all due to the powerful ingredients in the soda. They can promote feelings of weightlessness and relaxation on a minor scale. You won’t be soaring into the sky but you might feel a bit lighter than before you opened the can.

Furthermore, your creativity may spike briefly after consuming a Psychedelic Water soda. Some famed producers like Murda Beatz have co-signed with the brand and use the drinks to boost their creativity in the studio.

The final thing that these drinks share is their price. A six-pack of any item in this Psychedelic Water review costs $33 for a single order. 

With all that information out of the way, let’s check out the individual flavors that you can try for yourself. 

Psychedelic Water Blackberry + Yuzu 6 Pack Review

The first flavor in this Psychedelic Water review combines both tart and citrus notes. There’s a nice balance between the blackberry and yuzu flavors that’s sweet without tasting like you’re swallowing candy.

Psychedelic Water Hibiscus + Lime 6 Pack Review

The Psychedelic Water Hibiscus + Lime 6 Pack has a more tame flavor profile compared to the last item I highlighted. It’s a bit earthier, a bit milder, and slightly more subtle—making it a good option if you just need something to sip on while you work.

Psychedelic Water Oolong + Orange Blossom 6 Pack Review 

The Psychedelic Water Oolong + Orange Blossom 6 Pack has equal parts perkiness and roasted goodness. The orange supplies a nice touch of tang while oolong contributes to its roasted, unmistakable mouthfeel.

Psychedelic Water Prickly Pear 6-pack Review 

The final flavor to grace this Psychedelic Water review can be viewed as the perfect flavor for newcomers. It’s crisp and sweet so it’s easy for curious individuals to sip on it and enjoy it. It has a front-loaded flavor, while its delayed effects deliver good vibes later on.

Who Is Psychedelic Water For? 

Psychedelic Water Review

Psychedelic Water is for anyone who wants to start experimenting with psychedelics in a controlled and safe manner.

Psychedelic Water Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Psychedelic Water Review

These are the ratings from the customer review section of Psychedelic Water’s website.

  • Psychedelic Water Prickly Pear 6-pack: 4.8/5 stars from more than 30 customers
  • Psychedelic Water Oolong + Orange Blossom 6 Pack: 4.8/5 stars from more than 20 customers
  • Psychedelic Water Blackberry + Yuzu 6 Pack: 4.6/5 stars from more than 110 customers
  • Psychedelic Water Hibiscus + Lime 6 Pack: 4.6/5 stars from more than 30 customers

The positive Psychedelic Water reviews glowed with praise about the positive effects of these drinks. Many users reported that they felt in higher spirits and more relaxed overall.

Here’s what one customer wrote in their Amazon review: 

I love everything about it from the bottles design to how it taste. I was a little skeptical about it when I first heard about it from my friend who tried it but decided to try it and didn’t regret. It actually puts you in a better mood have it as your first glass of water in the morning and you will feel the difference between JUST water and this specific brand.

Not only that, but people thought that the drinks tasted awesome. Here’s what another buyer wrote: “Great sparking beverage, flavors are great. One seems enough to elevate my mood and start the day feeling like it can be a productive one.”

Many customers stated how favorable these products are compared to regular carbonated drinks. People claimed that they have a better texture and body. I’ve included this customer Psychedelic Water review to show that point:

They are definitely not like your average carbonated water. These feel like they have more substance to them and leave you quench free. Highly recommend for any type of occasion.

Is Psychedelic Water Legit?

Psychedelic Water Review

The main thing that could raise questions about this brand’s authenticity is the psychedelic dosage that you’re getting in each can.

However, these levels must be kept low to meet government standards, so there’s a reason that they’re not as high as other illegal products.

Is Psychedelic Water Worth It?

Psychedelic Water Review

If you want to refresh both your mind and your body then I believe that Psychedelic Water may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Psychedelic Water Promotions & Discounts 

Psychedelic Water Review

A quick and easy way for you to save money on your purchase is by signing up for Psychedelic Water’s email newsletter. All you need to do is enter your email address on the brand’s website and you’ll receive a coupon code that’ll knock 10% off your first order.

Yet that’s not the only way you can keep some money in your wallet. In fact, you might find that subscribing to receive monthly Psychedelic Water shipments will save you money. For example, the Psychedelic Water Blackberry + Yuzu 6 Pack costs $33 for a one-time order, but subscription-based orders cost only $28

Plus, you can pause shipments, adjust your delivery schedule, and cancel your subscription outright if you need to. 

Where To Buy Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water Review

You can purchase Psychedelic Water products at Urban Outfitters, Foxtrot, and Erewhon in addition to online retailers like Walmart and Amazon.


Psychedelic Water Review

Who owns Psychedelic Water?

Keith Stein owns Psychedelic Water.

Does Psychedelic Water ship internationally?

Currently, this brand does not ship outside of the United States.

What is Psychedelic Water’s shipping policy?

There’s an offer where you can receive free shipping on all orders over $50.

What is Psychedelic Water’s return policy?

This company does not accept returns on any of its products.

How To Contact Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water Review

I’ll conclude this Psychedelic Water review by telling you how to contact the company. Simply call Psychedelic Water’s customer service team at (855) 337-7924.

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