SMEG Fridges Review

About SMEG

SMEG Fridges Review

SMEG is the maker of major and small home appliances known for its retro aesthetic. Throughout the years, the company has collaborated with designers and brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Supreme, and FIAT.

The brand’s visually stunning appliances, offered in classic colors and vibrant hues, have earned it more than 680k followers across Instagram and Facebook. Plus, its products have won numerous trophies, such as the Chicago Atheneum’s Good Design Award in 2020 and a Red Dot Design Award in 2019.

Owned by celebrities and featured in home magazines, the chic kitchenware brand has become the Rolls Royce of appliances. If you’ve heard about the company and want to know more, you’ve come to the right place.

This SMEG fridges review will be zeroing in on a selection of the brand’s smart and aesthetically pleasing fridges, including modern, retro, and collaboration designs. We’ll also take a look at customer feedback, FAQs, promotions, and more to help you determine if these products will suit your home, needs, and budget.

Overview of SMEG

SMEG Fridges Review

SMEG is a brand with history, dating back to its creation in 1948 in Italy. Founded by Vittorio Bertazzoni, it didn’t begin by selling appliances, but enameled metal—expertise that is shown today in its retro fridges. SMEG actually stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla, a name that denotes the type of business and where it was located in Italy.

Over the years, the brand has remained under family ownership, evolving from an Italy-based enamelware company to a major appliance line that is sold around the world. Still located in Italy, SMEG’s team of dedicated engineers, architects, designers, work tirelessly to create functional, intelligent works of art to be enjoyed in the home.

Before we introduce the brand’s exquisite lineup, this SMEG fridges review will shine some light on its pros and cons.


  • 1000+ products in small and major appliances
  • Offers retro and modern designs
  • Lots of gorgeous colors to choose from
  • Sold at tons of dealers around the world
  • Solid reputation in the designer appliances industry


  • No prices listed on the brand’s website (but shown as pricey on others)
  • Cannot buy directly from the site
SMEG Fridges Review

Known for its rich history of excellence, SMEG appliances feature soothing colors, mixed materials, and inspired designs. Take a peek through its expansive selection of ovens, fridges, mixers, and more, and you’ll find beautiful, quality pieces.

Since this is a SMEG fridges review, we’ll be focusing on the brand’s refrigerators only. But, we’ll be sure to include regular and mini-size fridges with a few fun surprises thrown in.

SMEG Fridge Freezer Review

Fridges are a basic necessity, but SMEG Fridges are anything but basic. Offered in modern, retro, and fun styles, the brand’s refrigerators incorporate classy detailing, smart features, and inclusive storage options.

We’ll be covering a few different styles of its bestsellers below, let’s begin with an ultra-polished one, the Portofino.

SMEG Refrigerator Portofino Review 

Sleek and thin, the Refrigerator Portofino stands at 76” high. In an anthracite color, this alluring fridge shows off clean lines and eye-catching silver contrasts.

The handle is linear, running from top to bottom, breaking only to separate the fridge from the freezer. LED display and lighting make this fridge shine, showcasing its glass shelves with shining silver profiles.

The SMEG Refrigerator Portofino gives you the option to fast-freeze, save some money on eco-mode, and alert you of any temperature changes. Now, let’s get to the specs.

Inside this SMEG fridge freezer option, you’ll be able to stock three adjustable shelves and one produce drawer. And, in the freezer, there are two drawers and two shelves.

Though thin, this fridge is a big one, weighing 280 lbs.

SMEG Refrigerator Retro-style Review

Totally classic, the SMEG Refrigerator Retro-style is a true beauty. A glossy black color with rounded edges and a chromed handle, this fridge makes the perfect contrasting piece to a primarily white kitchen. Bonus points if you have chrome accents to match.

With steel siding and chromed inner shelves, this cool and classy fridge harkens back to yesteryear.

The seven-segment display unit lets you scan through settings like door alarms, holiday, and eco. And, when you open the door, you’ll discover two adjustable shelves, one drawer, two adjustable door shelves, an egg tray, and a bottle shelf.

It’s about 77” high, but just 23” across and weighs 228 lbs.

SMEG CB300U Refrigerator Review 

Steel has a clean and expensive look. The CB300U Refrigerator happens to be made of a mix of metal with steel siding, giving it an ultra-cool image.

Measuring 70” in height, the fridge’s door is right-hinged, while the handle is a long panel that extends from the base all the way to the top.

With the freezer located on the bottom, you’ll find three drawers with a fast-freezing compartment. Advanced features include a door alarm, antibacterial gasket, and temperature alarm for both the fridge and freezer. The fridge showcases three adjustable shelves, two drawers, an egg tray, and a bottle shelf.

With a seven-segment display, you can scan through the settings for things like holidays, fast-cooling, fast-freezing, and child lock.


Represent your country, team, or homeland with the FAB28URDIT3. With old-school rounded edges, steel siding, and a fresh, glossy Italian flag print, this patriotic fridge is a real conversation piece. It’s perfect for a game room.

It measures about 60” high and weighs in at 165 lbs, so while it’s not the size of an ordinary fridge, it still has some meat to it. With one single handle, the fridge’s door swings open showcasing three adjustable shelves, one crisper, a bottle shelf, and a freezer compartment.

To keep things clean inside, it has a built-in antibacterial gasket. And, just in case you need it, a visual and acoustic fridge alarm.

SMEG Zoom Zoom SMEG500GRUS Review

Themed fridges… why not? Thanks to SMEG’s collab with FIAT, the Zoom Zoom SMEG500GRUS looks like the front of a freshly-lacquered car. It’s a gorgeous green color with showstopping shine and intricate, car-like detailing.

The fridge pulls open like a chest with the help of two vintage-style handles. Inside, you’ll find three bottle shelves and a handy LED light.

Totally free-standing, Zoom Zoom is about 34” high and 50” wide. It is a fun idea for a garage or backyard BBQ area.

SMEG Mini-Fridge Review

The perfect addition to any hangout room, mini-fridges are all about convenience. This SMEG Fridges review will feature the brand’s best-selling mini ideal for man caves, pool rooms, and small offices.

SMEG Retro-style Review

With a throw-back style, this jet black SMEG mini fridge has a tricky, glossy coat for a look of luxury. Pull the single chrome handle to reveal two adjustable glass shelves, a door shelf, and a bottle shelf.

LED bulbs brighten things up, helping you track down that last beer hiding in the back. At just 30” high, and 55 lbs, this compact Retro-style cutie runs on 110V and is relatively easy to move if you need to.

Do SMEG Fridges Have A Water Dispenser?

SMEG Fridges Review

It looks like most SMEG fridges do not have a water dispenser. When searching, it appears as if some models do, but for the life of us, we just can’t seem to track down a model that has one. This might have been a discontinued feature.

Are SMEG Fridges Energy Efficient?

SMEG Fridges Review

Some SMEG fridges have an eco setting as well as one for holidays (for when you’ll be away). These settings will help you to save energy overall and cut down on costs.

Who Is SMEG For?

SMEG Fridges Review

Your home is your little piece of this planet, one you can decorate and outfit as you please. SMEG is for the homemaker who wants to put a little extra love into their space. Someone who wants more than the average white, clunky fridge.

SMEG kitchen appliances are higher in cost. While appliances of any type are usually pricey, there’s something extra special about this brand, perhaps the attention to detail, jaw-dropping designs, or glossy finishes.

With built-in programs like eco, child-lock, alarms, or fast-freeze, SMEG fridges are also more advanced than your average fridge. These features can be extremely helpful for those who want to save energy or keep children (or themselves) away from constant trips to the fridge.

Comparison: SMEG vs. Chambers

SMEG Fridges Review

Some people are into fashion, others are into appliances, and then you have those who are into both. Beautifully designed appliances have the lines of a work of art, made of high-quality materials that mold them into masterpieces.

A home is a place we make our own. Bringing in bits and bobs that reflect our personal style or creating a certain aesthetic and going out in search of the perfect piece. Designer appliances come in all shapes and sizes, but often, lines blur between one and the other, borrowing inspiration from the past or painting them with color palettes to match the seasons.

In this section of our SMEG fridges review, we’ll be comparing our featured brand to Chambers, a home appliance company that has some seriously similar-looking items, especially in the Retro Fridge department.

Chambers’ collection includes fridges, cooktops, hood fans, and a few other bits and bobs, but we’ll be zeroing in on its fridges specifically. Just like SMEG, you can’t view the competitor’s pricing online, you’ll need to go through a dealer.

When looking at the SMEG Refrigerator Retro-style and the Chambers Retro Refrigerators side-by-side, they look a lot alike. But, our featured brand’s option certainly seems to pop more in terms of gloss, and we prefer its more rounded edges, believing it gives the appliance a more expensive look.

SMEG also has many more options when it comes to color, offering bright orange, blush pink, and even the American flag to name a few. Chambers’ comes in off-white, red, and black only.

Both fridges offer the same in terms of interior design, housing the same number of shelves, LED display, alarms, and energy efficiency. From what we can see from the brand’s dealers, Chambers fridges are a little less expensive, but they might not be as stunning.

SMEG Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SMEG Fridges Review

A picture is worth a thousand words, but customer experience is pure gold. There’s no doubt SMEG appliances are drop-dead gorgeous, but how well do they perform? Are they noisy? Are there any flaws?

To help solve these questions, and more, we sought out comments from customers left on various review sites across the web. In this section of our SMEG fridges review, we’ll fill you in on just what those comments said, outlining any commonalities in both pro and con areas. So let’s get started.

From what we’ve read, SMEG does have a customer service team, but if you’re calling about an issue, they’ll direct you to your local dealer and it’s up to them to provide great service. With that in mind, any mentions of great customer service have to do with individual stores, not necessarily SMEG itself.

On the hunt for ratings, we came across the website Product Review that showed a 2.4/5 star score for the SMEG Retro 50s Style FAB32 Fridge and 18 customer comments. That’s a low number, so the experts shown below may not be typical of the fridge’s performance.

Nevertheless, the best comment left of this site was about the “spacious” nature of the SMEG vintage fridge. Another speaks of “excellent customer service” but this may not be the brand, but rather a dealer.

We headed over to a SMEG fridges review on Liz Marie Blog in search of a little more in-depth information about the FAB32

Overall, the reviewer, Liz, loved how the fridge looks. And like we said, there’s no denying it’s pretty. So how did she like using it? She said it’s “super easy to clean,” that it’s “shallow enough to not stick out past the cabinets,” and works well in small kitchens.

Similarly, the author behind Bronni loves the appearance of their FAB28. Though this SMEG retro fridge doesn’t have as many features as other options on the market, the writer argues that the aesthetic makes it worth it:

I love my Smeg! There’s nothing fun about 99% of kitchen appliances, so I think the extra expense is worth it to bring a splash of colour to my kitchen. I don’t miss having an ice or a cold water dispenser, I keep a carafe of water in the fridge and the world’s best ice cube tray in the freezer.”

Before we sum things up, we quickly checked the brand’s profile on the Better Business Bureau. It has an A+ rating and just 5 complaints made in the past 3 years, all of which have been resolved.

In terms of quality, it looks like the exterior of SMEG vintage refrigerators is where the appliances shine. Despite some cons and missing features, the brand’s fridges are still extremely popular and super chic.

Is SMEG Worth It?

SMEG Fridges Review

Though the SMEG website doesn’t list prices, from what we’ve found online, it’s safe to say the brand’s prices are high. Why are they so high? Because they’re designer fridges.

The outside of the fridges are spectacular looking, but we can’t help but admit the insides of some weren’t what we were expecting—perhaps they’re truly going for the all-retro theme.

In terms of SMEG fridges reviews, online comments were surprisingly sparse, despite the brand being around for so long. Though some people found flaws with the machines, the majority of customers were buying these products for their appearance, rather than the technology. Still, most agreed that the fridges did what they were meant to—keep food cold.

Now and then, you can’t help but give in to how something looks, and SMEG fridges look good. We think they’re worth the buy the same way a designer handbag is worth the buy. It’s a fun investment that makes you feel good and makes your home look good.

SMEG Promotions & Discounts 

SMEG Fridges Review

SMEG does not currently offer any deals on its website, but individual dealers may.

Where To Buy SMEG

SMEG Fridges Review

Not sold through its website, you must visit a dealer or SMEG showroom to inquire about pricing or make a purchase. Use the Dealer Locator tool on the brand’s website’s home page by entering your zip code. 


SMEG Fridges Review

Where are SMEG fridges made?

SMEG fridges are made where they’ve always been made, in Italy.

What is SMEG’s Shipping Policy?

The brand does not ship from its website. To buy one, you will need to locate a SMEG dealer or showroom and visit the corresponding website or location. From there, you will learn what their unique shipping policy is.

SMEG is available all over the world, be sure to search for dealers in your area. 

What is SMEG’s Return Policy?

Because you cannot purchase a SMEG Italian refrigerator through the brand’s website, you will need to refer to the return policy of the company from which you purchased your fridge.

How to Contact SMEG

If you need any other information that was not included in this SMEG fridges review, please use any of the below contact methods to get in touch with the brand:

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