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About The Custom Movement

The Custom Movement Review

Repping runners from Nike, Vans, Converse, and other brands used to make a statement but now you really are just like everyone else wearing them.

To liven up the look of sneakers, may I introduce The Custom Movement, a platform offering artists worldwide a place to display and take orders on customized sneakers.

Relying on social media to get the word out, The Custom Movement has 58k Facebook followers and 323k on Instagram.

They have also garnered some attention from the media, mainly based on their innovative platform. A few outlets featuring The Custom Movement include Silicon Valley Business Journal, GQ India, and TechCrunch.

In this The Custom Movement review, I plan to take an in-depth look at this platform to see if they are worth your money. I’ll be checking out their promotions, products, customer reviews, and all relevant FAQs.

Overview of The Custom Movement

The Custom Movement Review

Growing up in the Philippines, Co-founder Akshar Bonu experienced a very different sneaker culture than here in the US. Sporting a uniform in high school left shoes as his main source of self-expression.

Instead of wearing the same things as others and going with the trends, he, and the people around him, celebrated individuality.

When he moved to the US, he found that people followed trends, so there was little self-expression. In 2017, he and Sathish Nagappan launched The Custom Movement with the mission to empower artists by giving them a place to display and sell their custom sneaker creations.

Each artist on The Custom Movement controls their products and shipping with the platform taking 10% from each sale. It’s a win-win-win situation for the website, the artists, and those who buy and wear these unique creations.

With only the two men needed to run this online mall, The Custom Movement is a real success story now incorporating some clothing and jewelry as well.

Before I really dive into my The Custom Movement review and check out some of the products on this innovative and creative website, let’s take a look at what makes this brand so special.


  • Offers creative, unique apparel, shoe, and accessories
  • Artists from around the world in one place
  • Creatively altered popular shoes – trendy & unique
  • Cultivates a one-on-one relationship with the artist
  • Purchase protection through your preferred payment method

The Custom Movement Custom Sneakers Review

Although the vast majority of the shoes getting a creative facelift are Nike Air Force 1s, there are other Nikes on the market, as well as Vans and Converse sneakers, among others.

This article will take a look at a few of the best-selling The Custom Movement custom sneakers.

The Custom Movement Black Bandana Air Force 1’s Review

Looking like a pair of Air Force 1s collided with ‘90s HipHop culture, this creative footwear has a band of black bandana rising up from the sole. It comes up on each side under the Nike symbol and then ties together over the laces. 

It is full-out street styling and is created by Brampton Customs. Available in sizes 3.5 to 14, these Nikes are unisex and are ready to be worn or displayed.

The Custom Movement Black Bandana Air Force 1’s are white from heel to toe making a contrasting backdrop to the black bandana. Making the shoe can take three to four weeks from placing your order. 

You can run into a pair of these creative street shoes for $225.

The Custom Movement Reflective Butterfly Air Force 1 Review

Let your style reflect your personality with The Custom Movement Reflective Butterfly Air Force 1. With an all-white shoe and white butterflies, this sneaker appears to be an average Nike by day, but at night, the butterflies make you eye-catching, even in the dark. 

These subtle but stylish sneakers are created by Clout Cvlture and are available in 3 to 4 weeks. Don’t be put off by the butterflies as the shoes come in sizes 3.5 to 14 so they fit all manner of people. 

If this is your style, please note that the butterflies are delicate and this custom shoe is not meant for daily wear. Flutter into a pair of these delightful runners for $195

The Custom Movement Custom Louis Vuitton Black Air Force 1 Review

The Custom Louis Vuitton Black Air Force 1 is a love affair between streetwear Nike and haute-couture Louis Vuitton.

In all-black, this Nike has swatches of LV logo leather from toe to laces on top and from sole to laces on the sides without obscuring the Nike swoosh. 

An LV tag sits on the bottom lace for the full effect. The colors work for anyone and so do the 3.5-14 sizes.

Available within a week from ordering, this shoe is processed quickly and should arrive quickly too. The artist, Picasso Custom, offers free shipping in the US and has these unique and stylish sneakers on sale now. 

Sport LV like no one else for originally $249, now on sale for only $179.

Who Is The Custom Movement For? 

The Custom Movement Review

The Custom Movement is for anyone looking for something unique, but comfortable, in footwear, apparel, and accessories. With literally tens of thousands of designs to choose from, there is something for everyone young and old. 

In fact, these shoes would likely make great nurse or doctor footwear. They are comfortable for the wearer and bound to bring a smile to patients.

The shoes on The Custom Movement let people truly express themselves in their clothing.

How Does The Custom Movement Work? 

The Custom Movement Review

The Custom Movement is an online platform that allows international artists to showcase their designs to a global audience. Think of it as a mall that has numerous stores in one place. 

With The Custom Movement’s website, there are thousands of individual shops brought together in one place online. You can browse all the stores at once.

Each store, or artist, is responsible for their own customizing, shipping, and return policy. You work one-on-one with the seller to ensure that your customization is to your liking. 

They pay 10% of each sale to The Custom Movement. Like rent and administration costs in a real mall. All you do is window shop until you find the shoe that you want and enter that artist’s store.

Here you can communicate directly with the artist to ensure the custom sneaker of your dreams. Once you place your order, you can track its status through your account.

The Custom Movement Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Custom Movement Review

So, you’ve heard from me in this The Custom Movement review, but what do their customers have to say about the platform? 

Given that the only place to get these sneakers is on this website, there aren’t many reviews other than what is on the platform.

Customers can rate the artists and their available products to help build up their reliability.

Let’s take a look at the ratings for the three stylish sneakers and creative artists that my The Custom Movement review highlighted:

  • The Custom Movement Black Bandana AF1’s
    • Artist: 24 reviews – 4.79/5 stars 
    • Custom: 6 reviews – 5/5 stars
  • The Custom Movement Reflective Butterfly Air Force 1
    • Artist: 187 reviews – 4.37/5 stars
    • Custom: 10 reviews – 4.2/5 stars
  • The Custom Movement Custom Louis Vuitton Black Air Force 1 
    • Artist: 55 reviews – 4.9/5 stars
    • Custom: 2 reviews – 5/5 stars 

As you can see, the sneakers’ popular designs on this platform rate high with their customers. Let’s see what they have to say.

The first The Custom Movement review is about the Bandana AF1s, available in a variety of bandana colors. This sneaker is ideal for all ages and genders. They say:

Perfect custom sneaker for kids. Hugh quality and stylish! Love these unique sneakers” and “Great quality and shipped on time! Will definitely order again from Custom Movement!!!”

With professional work-ethic and creative styles, I can see why Brampton Customs is a site favorite. The artist also responds to every review with a thanks for their business and their trust in him. 

While not quite going that extra mile as Brampton Customs, Picasso Custom makes sure that they give exceptional customer service.

This The Custom Movement review of the Custom Louis Vuitton Black Air Force 1 says: “Great product. Fast shipping. Fast reply to any of my questions! Very pleased with the design according to our discussion. Would order again”

With the one-on-one experience with the artist that this online mall creates, your shoes should be exactly what you expect and desire. Of the Reflective Butterfly Air Force 1, this final The Custom Movement review says:

“Literally My Favorite Shoes ever!! And shipping was fast, highly recommend!”

Okay, so before this section wraps up, there is one red flag to take note of. There are about a couple of complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.

The complaints are mainly about not receiving the shoes, which it is likely that most were just later than expected, as some artists are more professional than others in keeping to expected timelines.

Since The Custom Movement is not responsible for the issues, they did not respond to them. It is kind of like going after the mall because a store made you unhappy with your purchase. 

I suggest that you check each artist’s reviews before purchasing to see if they often have time or quality issues.

Is The Custom Movement Legit?

The Custom Movement Review

A check at the Scam Adviser website shows a 100% trust level for The Custom Movement platform. If there is an issue, it is between the artist and the buyer. Customers all have recourse if there is an unresolvable issue. 

PayPal and credit card companies have purchase protection and will file a claim on your behalf. Check an artist’s reviews before you buy. All in all, the platform as a whole is indeed legit.

Is The Custom Movement Worth It?

The Custom Movement Review

Despite a lack of reviews outside the website, the verdict in this The Custom Movement review is that I can pretty confidently say that buying on this platform is absolutely worth your money

The only qualifier is that you must read the reviews on an artist before buying to confirm their timelines and professionalism. Their creativeness needs no review as you can see in every sneaker on the website.

The Custom Movement is the only online mall that allows artists from all over the globe to display and sell their custom garments directly to you anywhere in the world. 

With people looking for ways to express themselves and celebrate their individuality, The Custom Movement is an innovative idea at the perfect time.

The Custom Movement Promotions & Discounts 

The Custom Movement Review

While conducting the necessary research for this The Custom Movement review, I couldn’t find any promotions and discounts offered as it is at the discretion of the artists if they want to lower their prices. 

Where to Buy The Custom Movement

The Custom Movement Review

Since The Custom Movement website,, is a unique online platform, it is the only place to buy their artists’ merchandise.


The Custom Movement Review

Who owns The Custom Movement?

Co-founders and Co-owners Akshar Bonu and Sathish Nagappan are also the CEO and CTO, respectively.

Does The Custom Movement ship internationally?

Yes, The Custom Movement artists ship internationally

What is The Custom Movement’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping costs and times depend on the artist. Keep in mind that each order is custom made and therefore needs time to be created after you order it. 

Each artist should let you know how long it takes before you order. You should receive an email confirmation with a link to your order status page on confirmation of your purchase. 

What is The Custom Movement’s Return Policy?

Since The Custom Movement is a platform, each artist is responsible for their own return policy. Everything is custom-made so there is a good chance that they will not accept a return.

If you have an issue with your order and it cannot be resolved between you and the artist, both credit cards and PayPal have recourse for opening a claim against the artist.

How to Contact The Custom Movement

If you have any questions that I didn’t answer in my The Custom Movement review, feel free to contact the brand at [email protected]

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