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Thriva Review

Thriva believes that the answer to collective health is prevention. And what better way to monitor said health than through our blood? The brand’s at-home finger-prick testing kits are available a la carte or by subscription, shipped to your door at a schedule of your choosing to help you stay at the top of your game.

The concept has caught fire with health hackers who can now keep an eye on things like inflammation and omega 3 & 6 levels. The same goes for those who want to monitor an existing or genetic condition like hypothyroidism and liver disease.

There’s not much we can do to prevent genetic conditions, but being mindful of our health and setting preventative measures can keep the risk from getting exacerbated. This study talks about prevention and how it can be used in contemporary medicine in the interest of public health.

With tons of options and a potential for more, it’s no wonder that the brand has a collective social media community of over 40k followers and has featured in popular publications like TechCrunch and Men’s Health.

Can this company help you get ahead of your health? With this Thriva review, we are here to help you make that decision. Ahead, we’ll get into the company’s fundamentals and how its service works, check out customer feedback, and answer critical FAQs. Let’s get into it.

Overview of Thriva

Thriva Review

Thriva is the creation of Hamish Grierson and Eliot Brooks, who, despite their best efforts, drew a blank when it came to their own health. Taking care of ourselves isn’t always easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it.

Watching our sugar, alcohol, and cholesterol intakes can seem like a chore. We throw our hands up in the air and ask what harm one more beer or soda could possibly do. But even those of us who are strict when it comes to diet and exercise ponder about their state of health—not all diseases and conditions can be felt like excess alcohol and sugar can.

Thriva serves as a tool that lets us check up on our state of health without the need to pop into our GP several times a year. The brand aims to “make it possible for everyone to have more time to do what they love,” taking the guesswork out of attaining health and alerting you when something’s up.

What’s next in store for this Thriva review? Just below, you’ll find a summary of the brand’s highlights. Then after that, we’ll dive into what you’ll get with your subscription.


  • Range of tests for numerous health conditions
  • Affordable tests
  • Delivered on your schedule
  • Available as a subscription 
  • Get results from a GP in under 48 hours
  • Access to recommended recipes, articles, and podcasts

Your blood, your results, your information… Just like the confidentiality you’d get with your GP, the brand takes data protection seriously, only it’s not stored in a room of 1000 filing cabinets. It’s completely virtual and compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 2018

For more details of the brand’s privacy policy, read the FAQ section at the bottom of this Thriva review.

The folks at Thriva believe that prevention is better than a cure, something this study agrees with in terms of protecting our cardiovascular health. Antidotes wouldn’t need to exist if people didn’t get sick in the first place, and its quick and (somewhat) painless at-home test kits may help you steer clear of 80% of chronic illnesses.

Up next, we’ll walk you through exactly what’s involved in a Thriva plan and how it can positively impact your overall picture of health.

Thriva Review

Thriva Review

Before we really get into this thing, what is Thriva anyway? It’s a convenient health monitoring service that uses a blood sample to gauge your condition of wellness. Every three months or once per year, you’ll be sent a kit with everything required to take your sample at home.

Not a fan of pricking your finger? You can have a medical professional do it at your pharmacy of choice. If you’re ready to soldier through the sharp prick yourself, you’ll have simple instructions to guide you through the process.

If you have no idea where to start with Thriva, the brand recommends that you take its quiz. From the answers you provide, your results will suggest which kits you may be interested in looking at. Front here, you can then go ahead and select them on the website. Want to know what kind of questions are in the quiz? We’ll outline it all for you below:

The first few questions are all about your goals. No one knows you better than you know you, so dig deep and figure out what you want from your relationship with Thriva. The brand’s blood tests cater to six categories:

  1. Energy
  2. Sleep
  3. Long-term health
  4. Mood
  5. Fitness
  6. Weight

You’ll address which is your most important goal, as well as the reason why it means the most to you. After that, you’ll answer questions about your diet, rate the healthiness of your diet (on a scale of 1 to 10), and then dive into any health conditions you or your family members have or had.

The rest of the quiz is just basic information like your birthday, ethnicity, sex, height, and weight, and from there, you’ll receive your results promptly via email and view your recommended tests. If you already know what tests you’re interested in getting, skip the whole quiz process and select them directly from the list on the website.

You’ll be able to pick basic tests for things like B12, Folate, Iron, and Cholesterol and more for advanced conditions like kidney function, HbA1c (diabetes), and liver function. Pick your kits, whether you’d like to do it yourself, or pay an extra $40 to have a nurse do it at a pharmacy, and your kit will arrive in the mail in 1-2 business days.

A health screening test is a medical test performed on members of an asymptomatic population to assess and record their likelihood of having a particular disease. According to this study, a specialized screening test should target prevalent diseases with a high mortality rate.

After you complete your kit, a GP will review your test, and you’ll get a report in under 48 hours with recommendations about how to improve your health. Along with your kit, report, and advice, you’ll receive custom recipes picked for you, get access to the mobile app, and will be able to browse health-centric articles and podcasts.

Regardless of how many tests you choose, your base fee will be $28, and tests range from $7-$104 a pop.

Who Is Thriva For?

Thriva Review

Thriva helps you monitor an ongoing health condition or prevent new ones from coming on. You can keep an eye on your health and access advice without a costly doctor’s fee or leaving your home!

The service doesn’t replace your annual doctor’s visit. More like, it works with your GP, giving them direction. Thriva also doesn’t issue remedies for issues, but you will get lifestyle and recipe recommendations to help to get healthier.

How Does Thriva Work?

Thriva Review

Thriva’s process is much like the one you’d encounter when going into the doctor, except there’s no line, no in-person contact, and no giant bill. That’s pretty great when you’re getting tests regularly—the whole process is way more convenient. So here are the basics of it:

  1. You’ll pick your blood tests: choose which tests and how often you’d like to receive them
  2. Complete the test: this can be done by you or by a nurse at a pharmacy
  3. Get your results: This takes just 48 hours, and you’ll have custom recommendations and recipes to start taking action
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3

Thriva Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Thriva Review

Thriva tells us that its tests are highly accurate, and its labs most likely use the same technology as your GP does. They say your doctor may even send your samples to the same lab. Pretty cool.

So while accuracy doesn’t sound like it’s an issue, it’s still important that this Thriva review peeks into customers’ experience with the brand to see what they have to say about it. Plus, we also want to check in on what it’s actually like to do business with them.

Since the brand doesn’t have its own set of ratings on its site, our first source will be Trustpilot. The online review site shows an overall score of 4.4/5 stars from 1,398 members. You’ll find the snapshot of that score below:

  • Excellent: 77%
  • Great: 8%
  • Average: 2%
  • Poor: 3%
  • Bad: 10%

The comments section is full of happy customers who mention a helpful, informative service that makes them feel better off. Of the overall service, one Thriva review read:

Really easy to talk to and you feel like you’re talking to a person not a robot…I discovered that I had an underactive thyroid…My GP now gives me regular medication for it. You also get a really in-depth report from the online doctor.

There are some crucial points here. It’s always nice to feel like you’re talking to a real person, just as it’s beneficial to discover health conditions you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

The in-depth report is a bonus, and we’re glad to have read about that here as the brand doesn’t specify exactly what’s on the report—it’s also only $8 regardless of how many tests you get.

Our next dose of feedback comes from, and the comments here are in answer to whether it’s worth trying out the brand’s service. In response, one Thriva review read, “Yes I’ve used them twice and been quite impressed. It picked up a vitamin D and an iron deficiency so I’ve been able to correct those.

Another post read, “I use them regularly and think it’s brilliant. You get the results either next day or day after. I had a bad liver result once and it scared me so I have it checked every 6 months just for peace of mind without having to use the NHS.

Both of these comments are super helpful, showing us that the tests pick up both vitamin deficiencies and more severe conditions. Users have then been able to either correct them or keep an eye on them as time goes on.

We turned to a Thriva review on Relief Seeker that awarded the service 4.7/5 stars for our final look at feedback. Here’s what its team thought about the service as a whole:

We’re pretty impressed with the number of tests Thriva offers and we’re jazzed about its simple, transparent pricing. We love that it doesn’t ‘replace’ your current doctor and works in tandem with the national health services.

In this Thriva review, we’ll mention a critical point—the service isn’t meant to replace your annual visits to the doctor. Instead, you’ll learn about things to ask them on your next visit—issues they maybe wouldn’t have tested for but will explore with you then.

In the end, Thriva looks to be a valuable service appreciated for many different reasons. Whether you want to stay on top of your health or have a suspicion about a certain condition, the brand’s at-home blood tests are a convenient way to catch illness early or give you a sense of peace.

Is Thriva Worth It?

Thriva Review

By collaborating with your GP, Thriva tests can help get a range of medical conditions treated…should it come to that. For the most part, the service is about preventing and catching illnesses before they affect you by making necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Working in tandem with UKAS-accredited labs who make sure your test is valid before uploading your results, Thriva delivers its results by way of an app for easy smartphone access. If security is a worry to you, the service has this covered. Its labs discard all blood samples and won’t store information about your blood type or DNA.

Thriva is an all-around solid service. It’s fast, affordable, and accessible preventive healthcare done simply and effectively.

Thriva Promotions & Discounts

Thriva Review

While writing this Thriva review, we were on the lookout for any and all ways the brand helps its customers save because, well, money makes the world go ‘round, and the more you can keep in your pocket, the better. In our search, we found that if you sign up for the mailing list, you’ll get 10% off your first order.

Planning on signing up for more than a few tests? Buy one of the brand’s health packages to get a bundle price as part of a subscription.

Where to Buy Thriva

Thriva Review

Right now, the brand is only available to UK residents and those who live in the Channel Islands. You can only sign up for its subscription via, but you can find its app on the App Store or Google Play.


Thriva Review

Who owns Thriva?

Hamish Grierson and Eliot Brooks own Thriva. The pair founded the brand in 2015 in London, the UK, with the mission to help you live healthier for longer.

What is Thriva’s Privacy Policy?

Your medical records…the open web…this is where things potentially get dicey. Thankfully, Thriva has stellar data protection, and you don’t have to worry about your test results being leaked.

With that said, it’s important to review the privacy policy of any online company you’ll be relinquishing your information to, and this section of our Thriva review is dedicated to the fine details of the brand’s very own policy. We’ve put it all in bullet point form below since there’s a lot to unpack:

  • What Thriva collects to help serve you better
    • Information you provide (contact, quiz, etc.)
    • Contact details (name, address, email, phone number)
    • Answers to surveys or promotions
  • What Thriva collects when you visit its website (all kept anonymous)
    • Technical information (IP address, domain name, your country, browser type, item zone, etc.)
    • Details from your visit (length of time spent, page interaction, methods used to browse away from the site, etc.)
  • What Thriva generates from its services (from doctors, labs, etc.)
    • Your race, date of birth, physical and mental health conditions
    • Details of your physical or physiological behavior
    • **if you withdraw your consent for Thriva to access these, they can no longer serve you
  • What Thriva receives from other sources
    • Information from partners (doctor, labs, nutritionists): Blood test results, doctor commentary
    • Information from advertising networks

Thriva only uses this information in accordance with data protection laws, and you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Just keep in mind that if you do, the brand may not be able to continue serving you as certain pieces of information are crucial to providing the service (like relaying information from a GP).

So what does Thriva do with all of your information? Mostly, it’s about serving you better and giving you the best browsing experience possible. Your information is collected and stored to:

  • Grant you access to the website and register for an account
  • Provide you with products and services you sign up for/purchase
  • Uphold security
  • Pursue debts (if needed)
  • Perform statistical analysis and market research
  • Assist in marketing, advertising, and promotions
  • Help improve the website or services
  • Notify you of changes
  • Contact you (with your consent)

What is Thriva’s Refund Policy?

Should you find that after you receive your Thriva kit that you don’t want to take your test anymore (hey, it happens), you can get a full refund minus what you paid for the actual kit itself. Since sanitation is king in the medical world, the brand can’t accept returns on test kits as they won’t be able to re-sell them.

That’s something that’s a bummer when it comes to refunds, but that we’re super pleased about overall. If you want to get a refund for your GP report fee, send a message to [email protected] and let the brand know. Its team will take it from there.

How to Contact Thriva

Still have questions lingering around the ol’ noggin after finishing this Thriva review? To get in touch with the brand, send an email over to [email protected], and its team will be happy to sort things out.

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