TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber Review: A Genuine Breakthrough in Personal Cooling Technology or Just Overrated?

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As temperatures soar and summer’s scorching heat becomes an everyday reality, finding respite from the relentless sun becomes more than just a luxury—it becomes a necessity. Yet, traditional methods of cooling often fall short and leave us sweltering in discomfort. How many times have you found yourself wishing for a personal cooling solution that’s not only effective but also portable and convenient? What’s out there in the market today? Let’s get to know the TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber, a real personal air conditioner.

TORRAS has redefined comfort with its latest innovation: the COOLiFY Cyber Neck Air Conditioner. With advanced cooling technology, including patented graphene thermal conductivity settings and 366 pairs of cooling particles, the COOLiFY Cyber promises to keep you cool in even the hottest conditions. So, imagine a device that doesn’t just cool you down but makes every moment feel like a breeze. Also, TORRAS makes staying cool effortless with its intuitive TORRAS APP. This allows you to customize your cooling experience with ease. No complicated settings, just pure comfort at your fingertips.

While the promises of TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber Neck Air Conditioner may seem too good to be true, it’s natural to question whether such innovation can truly deliver on its claims. Stay tuned as we explore how TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber Neck Air Conditioner is simplifying the way we stay cool. Keep reading to discover if this is the ultimate solution to beating the heat this summer.


  • Experience rapid cooling whenever you need it, getting instant relief from the heat.
  • It has a 360° Cooling which allows you to enjoy a refreshing breeze from every angle.
  • The accompanying app intelligently adjusts settings to maintain optimal comfort levels automatically.
  • Designed for universal neck comfort to ensure a personalized and comfortable fit for everyone.
  • Allows you to stay cool without interruption as you charge your device.
  • You can switch between Fan, Cool, and Heat Therapy modes to suit your needs and preferences.

Why You Should Trust Us?

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.



In this review, we’ll explore the unique features and benefits that set this neck air conditioner apart from the competition, and why it’s quickly becoming a must-have for those seeking relief from the summer heat.

Unique Features

360° Cooling

Experience thorough cooling as the COOLiFY Cyber distributes airflow evenly from all directions. This ensures that every part of your body receives consistent and comfortable cooling coverage, regardless of your surroundings. Enjoy maximum comfort and relief from the heat in any environment.

Graphene Thermal Conductivity

By leveraging patented graphene thermal conductivity technology, the COOLiFY Cyber achieves exceptional cooling efficiency. This innovative technology allows the device to rapidly dissipate heat, resulting in a swift reduction in temperatures. As a result, users experience immediate relief from the heat, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing cooling experience.

Adjustable Airflow Modes

Tailor your cooling experience to suit your preferences and needs with three distinct modes:

  • Fan Mode. Provides a gentle breeze for mild cooling and airflow.
  • Cool Mode. Delivers a refreshing blast of cool air for instant relief on hot days.
  • Heat Therapy Mode. Offers soothing warmth for relaxation and muscle tension relief during colder seasons.

Long-lasting Battery Life

With its high-capacity 6000mAh battery and fast charging capabilities, the COOLiFY Cyber ensures prolonged usage without interruption. Enjoy extended cooling sessions and rapid recharging for continuous comfort on the move.

Ergonomic Design

The COOLiFY Cyber is designed with user comfort as a top priority. Its adjustable fit ensures that it can comfortably accommodate a range of neck sizes, guaranteeing a universal fit for all users. Additionally, its ergonomic design enables unrestricted movement which allows users to enjoy freedom and flexibility in any position or activity.

Smart App Control

With the TORRAS app, you have complete control over your cooling experience. The app seamlessly integrates with the COOLiFY Cyber. Thus, you will have intuitive control options right at your fingertips. 

From the app, you can easily adjust temperature settings to your liking, switch between different cooling modes with a simple tap, and monitor the device’s performance in real time. 



Instant Relief from Heat

Stay cool whenever you need it most. With the TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber, you can experience fast cooling relief from the discomfort of hot weather. Just turn it on, and feel the immediate refreshing sensation, helping you stay comfortable even in the hottest conditions.

Enhanced Comfort

Experience comprehensive cooling from every angle with the TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber. Its design ensures that airflow is distributed evenly. This means you’ll feel comfortably cool no matter where you are, whether you’re indoors, outdoors, or on the move.

Extended Usage Time

The COOLiFY Cyber is equipped with a high-capacity battery and fast-charging technology. This means you can enjoy continuous cooling relief while on the move, whether you’re commuting, traveling, or spending time outdoors. No more interruptions and stay cool wherever you are, for longer periods of time.

Convenient Control

With the TORRAS app, you have complete control over your cooling experience. This app seamlessly integrates with the COOLiFY Cyber. It allows you to easily adjust settings and customize your cooling preferences. If you want to change the temperature, switch between different modes. 


The TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber is currently available at a limited-time deal on Amazon, priced at $259.99 with a 21% discount. That’s some significant savings, right? This discounted price enables customers to enjoy the innovative cooling features of the COOLiFY Cyber at a more affordable rate. 

TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber Review: What Do Customers Think?


Users are thrilled with the TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber. They are praising its ability to keep them cool during their daily commutes and outdoor adventures. They love the customizable features, versatile heating options, and seamless Bluetooth connectivity that enhance their cooling experience. 

Additionally, they appreciate the automatic adjustment feature, which ensures personalized cooling tailored to their needs. From durability improvements to enhanced control functionalities, users are impressed by the attention to detail in the COOLiFY Cyber’s design. 

The sleek design and convenient carrying case make it a perfect companion for staying cool on the go, while its reliability and efficiency make it a top choice for beating the heat. 

Here’s what the Amazon buyers are saying:

“The Coolify Cyber is the most advanced neck fan I have purchased to date. I have 3. I have medical conditions that make it difficult for me to regulate my temperature. With both cooling and heating this can help year round. They have improved the fans and added more since the 3rd generation. The Bluetooth works seamlessly so far. I also wear hearing aids so I can’t speak on its speakers much. I do like the case to keep it protected. I have yet to use it in very hot weather but will update after going to Florida next month. I like the cooling effect of the inner plates. Not sure how long that feeling lasts but again will update. For now I am very happy & customer service is wonderful and respond within a day. The app is easy to use and lets you control each zone independently.”

“The Coolify CYBER continues the great TORRAS tradition of improvement. They have taken the durability of the Coolify 2S and melded it with the expansive cooling features of the Coolify 3. The resulting product makes the Coolify CYBER a reliable heating or cooling method for humanity’s demands!

The case to hold the CYBER has also been improved to the similar heavy-duty material used to store the Coolify 2S. An added improvement is the netting within the case, which is large enough to hold the included USB-C charging cable. This makes charging and transport super easy!

You will also appreciate the same reinforcements made to the Coolify CYBER itself. The slight flexibility of the mesh over the fans of the Coolify 3 is gone with the CYBER. TORRAS improved the housing to provide better protection.

The app also features improved control with the ability to choose the percent of heating, cooling, or fan level from the CYBER.

Overall, if you are looking for the best method of heating and cooling yourself in 2024, then the Coolify CYBER is the premium choice!”

“I’ve had lots of luck with TORRAS products from the original Coolify up to the Cyber. The Cyber feels like it gets cooler than the previous generation. I like the cooling and heating all around the neck and it is very simple to operate. Pairing with Bluetooth has not been a problem and it is a bonus with added functionality like the timer.

The design is just like the previous generation. The only thing I do not like is that because I have a large neck, it has a tight fit. Because of this, I use the Coolify and Coolify 2 for workouts and the 3 and Cyber for when I am at work to start and end my day to help me relax.”

Overall, users are ecstatic about the COOLiFY Cyber. They consider it a game-changer for staying cool and comfortable in any situation.

Is TORRAS Legit?


TORRAS is a legitimate company that specializes in the development and production of personal cooling devices, including the COOLiFY Cyber Neck Air Conditioner. They have a track record of delivering innovative products designed to enhance personal comfort, and their COOLiFY Cyber has received positive reviews from customers.

Is TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber Worth It?


In essence, investing in the TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber isn’t just about staying cool—it’s about embracing a new standard of comfort and convenience that enhances your daily life. The TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber proves itself as a worthy investment that ensures you a refreshing experience even in the most oppressive temperatures.

Moreover, with its intuitive app control and seamless Bluetooth connectivity, the COOLiFY Cyber offers unparalleled convenience. Add to that its enhanced durability and the glowing reviews from satisfied users, and it becomes clear why the COOLiFY Cyber is a worthwhile purchase. 

TORRAS Discount & Promotions


Amazon is currently offering an exceptional limited-time deal on this innovative cooling device. Priced at $259.99, with a substantial 21% discount from the original list price of $329.00, this exclusive offer delivers unbeatable value. As for additional discounts and promotions with TORRAS, none have been identified at this time.

However, customers can rest assured with TORRAS’ premium guarantee, which includes a 30-day effortless return policy, a 180-day warranty, and lifetime guidance. 

Furthermore, TORRAS extends its commitment globally, with availability in over 40 countries. Within the US, customers can enjoy the convenience of 1-4 days of free delivery.

Where Can I Buy TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber?


TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber is available for purchase on Amazon and the official TORRAS website. Customers can choose their preferred platform for convenience and reliability when purchasing this innovative personal air conditioner.



Is TORRAS the maker of neck air conditioners?

Yes, indeed. TORRAS proudly introduces COOLiFY, the world’s first personal air conditioner.

How effective is the neck air conditioner in combating summer heat?

Their neck air conditioner offers unparalleled relief during hot summer days. It helps you stay cool and comfortable. 

What is the battery life of the COOLiFY Cyber?

The battery life varies depending on the mode:

  • Wind Mode (F1/F2/F3): Up to 13 hours on F1, 9 hours on F2, and 7 hours on F3.
  • Cooling Mode (C1/C2/C3): Approximately 2.8 hours on C1, 2.2 hours on C2, and 2 hours on C3.
  • Heating Mode (H1/H2/H3): About 4.5 hours on H1, 4 hours on H2, and 3.5 hours on H3.

In which countries can the TORRAS app be downloaded and used?

The TORRAS app is currently available for download and use in select countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

How Do I Contact TORRAS?

To reach TORRAS customer service, you have several options:

  • Email. You can email TORRAS customer support at [email protected] for assistance with any concerns regarding your purchase.
  • After-sales Form. TORRAS provides an after-sales form on their website for customers to submit their inquiries or issues. Simply fill out the form with your details and concern, and a representative will get back to you promptly.
  • Direct Contact for Purchases from TORRAS Website. If you made your purchase directly from, you can contact [email protected] for any assistance or inquiries related to your order.
  • Direct Contact for Purchases from Amazon. If you purchased your TORRAS product from Amazon, you can still contact [email protected] for assistance with your purchase.

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