Schwinn Bikes Review

About Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Bikes Review

The brand all the cool kids wanted, Schwinn Bikes has been around since many of us or our grandparents were born. They’ve been in production from before the 1900s, specializing in high quality, low cost bikes ever since, and have been successfully climbing the popularity ladder with grace and ease.

Take their nearly 80k Instagram followers or their mass rise to popularity after being featured in Forbes and Business Insider. But the biggest push for their phoenix-like rising came from featuring one of their original makes on the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Yep, Schwinn makes everything from new age electric bikes to classic banana-seated cruisers.

If you’ve been sleeping on this brand, stay tuned. This Schwinn Bikes review has a long way to go, and we’re going to start where any good, history-filled brand review should — at the beginning. So grab your helmet, put on some bike shorts, and let’s take a good look at what makes Schwinn such a household name.

Overview of Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Bikes Review

Founded in 1895 by Ignaz Schwinn, the German machinist wanted to pursue a career in the development of the new-fangled apparatus known as a bicycle. Over the course of the next few decades, this brand would rise to popularity through quality and widespread respect.

With its headquarters in Chicago, IL and another location in Vancouver, WA, Schwinn still operates with integrity and pride, knowing that their mission to create quality bikes has always been honored by their owners and investors. In fact, the Schwinn family name is still an invested part of this company 125 years later!

That’s why Schwinn has managed to maintain its household name to this day; there aren’t many cyclists out there who don’t know their legacy and reliability. We know, we know, there’s plenty of bicycle companies out there for Schwinn to compete with. But we’re here to show you the Schwinn difference — and that’s a guarantee.

Before we get into all the nitty-gritty gears of the company and what they offer, here’s a list of highlights to get things going:


  • Free shipping on orders $49+ (continental US only)
  • Long-standing heritage
  • Affordable and easily accessible
  • Wide variety of products 
  • 30-day return window
  • Partners with “Together We Rise”
  • Affirm payment plans are available
  • International distributors 
  • Easy-to-assemble bikes
Schwinn Bikes Review

You’re probably primed to dig into what the company has to offer. Well, this Schwinn Bikes review is about to get a lot more detailed, starting with a catalog of best-selling cruiser and mountain bikes to give you the best idea possible of what Schwinn offers, and what they do best.

Schwinn Cruiser Bikes Review

Imagine riding your bike down by the water with the wind in your hair. How exhilarating! Now, think how amazing it would be on one of the Schwinn cruiser bikes. It just makes all the difference in the world. 

The Schwinn bike franchise is loaded with options, depending on your mood, age, ability, and drive to ride. In this section of our Schwinn Bikes review, we’re going to talk about their beloved cruiser bikes. For those of you who want to ride around in style and comfort, these can take you pretty much anywhere.

Schwinn Bikes Orange Krate 20 Review

The Schwinn Bikes Orange Krate 20 is an ode to the original in its appearance and design. With a 16” front wheel tailed by a 20” back wheel, this curvy, brightly colored bicycle comes with shiny aluminum hardware and classic high rise handlebar accents. This single-speed, 70s-inspired frame is stylish, fun to cruise around in, and impossible to ignore.

With a StingRay frame, banana seat, and spring-loaded fork, this vintage replica retails for $600.

Schwinn Bikes Mendocino 26in Step-Thru Electric Bike Review

A quick transition from the last retro-inspired design, the Schwinn Bikes Mendocino 26in Step-Thru Electric Bike, complete with a 6-speed shifter, and a 313 W chargeable battery. This new-age, cruisy, and simple design can get you across 45 miles on a single charge, and up to a cruising speed  of 20 miles per hour without touching the pedals.

With its adjustable speeds, the Mendocino is designed for smooth transitions, even on mixed terrain and elevation. With impressive stopping power and an aluminum frame, this lightweight bike will get you anywhere you need to go, without breaking a sweat.

Coming in one size that fits people between 5’4”-6’2” in height, it’s available in gray, mint, or slate. The Mendocino retails for $1700.

Schwinn Bikes Huron 3 26 Review

The Schwinn Bikes Huron 3 26 is a casual and classically designed bike that will provide comfort and ease when riding around the neighborhood, or take you anywhere from A to B. The bike has a retro edge, to make sure you’re not only riding in luxury but in style too.

With 3 speeds, you can shift gears with an easy twist of the wrist, especially when you’re heading through different terrains. With 2.1” wide tires and a super padded seat, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying a casual ride on this bike. Built to accommodate people between 5’3”-6’3”, it also comes in red, black, or gray. The Huron retails for $450.

Schwinn Mountain Bikes Review

Now that we’ve taken a good close look at the classic, retro, and new-age electric pedal bikes Schwinn offers, it’s time to get an idea of what they offer in Schwinn mountain bikes. 

This Schwinn Bikes review has done some digging, to make sure we know what’s keeping customers safe, speedy, and impressed when it comes to their mountain bikes.

Schwinn Bikes Mesa 2 27.5 Review

The Schwinn Bikes Mesa 2 27.5 mountain bike is stacked with options. Its 21 speeds give you the freedom to go wherever you want, and its extra suspension provides you comfort as you ride over any roots and nasty bumps. The bike also has a lightweight frame and extensive stopping power for safety and precision.

The traction offered by these beefy off-road tires will allow dirt and mud cruising without any slipping, while the aluminum frame has been crafted with agility and safety in mind. The Mesa 2 is available in small, medium, large, and extra large, coming only in matte black. This Schwinn bike retails for $540.

Schwinn Bikes High Timber ALX 24 Step-Thru Review

The Schwinn Bikes High Timber ALX 24 Step-Thru bike is an all-in-one mountain bike that can take you from your neighborhood streets to the rugged terrain without fail. With its sturdy suspension and 21 speeds, there isn’t a whole lot that this bike can’t do.

With immediate stopping power, a lightweight aluminum frame, and wide, all-terrain tires, this bike will keep you safe and cushioned, even on the roughest of rides. The High Timber ALX features 24” wheels, and is best for people between 4’8” – 5’6”, coming in a fantastic and brightly colored red. It retails for $410.

Schwinn Bikes High Timber 24 Step-Thru Review

The Schwinn Bikes High Timber 24 Step-Thru gives you some serious suspension support, shock absorbency, and all-around comfort with its solid aluminum frame and lightweight build. Made to take you on or off road for added versatility, the High Timber 24 will allow you to cruise all over mixed terrain, giving you freedom to ride wherever you please, whenever you please.

Shifting easily between its 21 speeds with just a twist, its 24” wheels and supreme stopping power makes this bicycle about as durable as you’ll ever need. The High Timber 24 is best suited for those between 4’8”-5’6” size, comes in blue, and retails for $350.

Who Is Schwinn Bikes For?

Schwinn Bikes Review

Being a quality bike company, Schwinn is for outdoor enthusiasts who want to be able to have their road bike and take it up a mountain too. They also specialize in electric bikes for the folks who want to put an extra pep in their pedal, getting places faster than if they were just propelling with just the power of their legs. 

Basically, Schwinn bikes are for anyone who is looking to get their heartrate up, while enjoying a quality, stylish, and comfortable ride. The best part is, they’re available to all, whether you’re young or mature, male or female, Schwinn has designs that any demographic would love.

And yes, that’s why we’re admitting in this Schwinn Bikes review that this company makes bikes for us, too. 

Schwinn Bikes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Schwinn Bikes Review

It’s true, the company is one that’s been around for a while, and has collected plenty of Schwinn Bikes reviews. But it takes a lot of work to go digging around looking for specs and quality promises every time you want to invest in a brand. Well, we know this. And that’s why we’ve done the dirty work for you.

Sit back and relax. This Schwinn Bikes review is about to take you through some customer feedback for this company, making it as cruisy as sailing down a neighborhood laneway on one of their cushioned cruiser bikes. With tons of positive Schwinn commentary to choose from, this is going to be a breeze for all.

For example, here’s a 5 star review from a customer on Consumer Affairs, where there’s a catalog of 80 different reviews for Schwinn. This specific Schwinn lover has had a number of different models of bike throughout their lifetime, and they’ve all been provided by this company:

“I’ve used Schwinn from my very first bike with training wheels on, and I have to say that they have never let me down. And it’s hard to say that about any company! I’m now in my 40s and I have had several models of their adult bikes as well and they are still just as reliable.”

Then, there’s a rave review feature done by Cyclingity with an average of 4/5 stars, where this customer is all about Schwinn’s ability to last and their accessible options:

“Schwinn is one of the oldest bike brands in the world, and while newer, more technologically advanced brands are now available, it remains an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a casual bike. The bikes are long-lasting and reliable and they come recommended for beginners. They are great for teenagers and young people who do short-medium commutes.”

Last but not least, here’s a great Schwinn Bikes review found on Amazon for the Discover Hybrid bike rated 4.3/5 stars out of an astounding 1,493 customer reviews:

“I rode this “BICYCLE” for “1000” KMS this summer and it served me very well. It was rated ‘one of the best 10 bicycles in the world’ in 2020. I had to learn to adjust the ‘front derailer’ but finally got it right. They have to be tightened after each ride, when the bike is new, with a special 14 mm long shank wrench, which I purchased from Amazon.

Among a few negative Schwinn Bikes reviews, this company comes out on top. Why? As you can see, many of their customers are all about their entry-level prices, easy-to-use mechanisms, and generally well-made gear. That, and Schwinn bikes are cute and stylish. Need we say more? 

Is Schwinn Bikes Worth It?

Schwinn Bikes Review

If you love to cruise around on two wheels in style and don’t want to break the bank doing it, then Schwinn Bikes is the company for you. With a solid variety of styles (and we don’t just mean styles that make you look good), Schwinn appeals to anyone who wants to jump on a bike and ride, plain and simple.

Schwinn has spent their years of experience honing in on what makes cyclists as happy as can be, and they’ve succeeded. The bonus of this company? They are super affordable. The idea of a bike being both durable and financially accessible is a rare concept, but this company has you covered. 

If you’ve been jonesing for a bike but have been hesitating, then wait no more. Whether you want to cruise around your hood (on regular or electric bikes) or head up the mountains for some wild adventure, Schwinn can get you going wherever you need to go. This Schwinn Bikes review gives them two big thumbs up!

Schwinn Bikes Promotions & Discounts 

Schwinn Bikes Review

Schwinn doesn’t currently offer any major discounts on their gear – and a sales tab doesn’t exist on their website – but they do offer a friendly one-time 10% discount if you sign up for their newsletter. To keep up to date with any seasonal promotions or sales, this is the best way to be the first to know!

Where to Buy Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Bikes Review

There’s plenty of Schwinn bikes to choose from, directly from their website, where you can select anything from a cruisy pedal bike, electric bike, a workout bike, to a mountain bike. Plus, they’ve partnered with a handful of third party retailers, so you can access all their top products with ease. Here’s a quick glance at a few of their partners:

  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Northern Fitness
  • Target
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Walmart
  • United Sport & Cycle


Schwinn Bikes Review

Who owns Schwinn Bikes?

Schwinn Bikes is owned, overall, by the multinational corporation, Dorel Industries. However, it’s also sub-operated by Pacific Cycle, and was founded by original owner Ignaz Schwinn.

Does Schwinn Bikes ship internationally?

From the US website, Schwinn bikes only ships within the contiguous USA. However, since they have so many partners in retail, there’s a good chance you can get your hands on their merchandise from a third party platform, where they ship internationally.

To see if there’s a location near you, check out their international distributors.

What is Schwinn Bikes’ Shipping Policy?

On orders over $49, Schwinn ships within the continental US for free! It may take them anywhere between 3-5 days to process your order once it’s been placed, and then another 2-6 business days for delivery.

What is Schwinn Bikes’ Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with your product, you’ll have up to 30 days from your order date to start the process. Make sure your bike is untouched, and is in the original condition it arrived in before you start the returns procedure. 

It’s important to note that the return policy will only apply to bikes that have been purchased through the brand’s website only. If you bought it at a third party retailer, you’ll need to contact them about their respective return policy. 

To start the return:

  1. Reach out to Schwinn’s customer service team via phone (1-800-626-2811) or through the Contact Us link on their site.
  2. Let the team know why you’re sending back the item(s) and have your order number ready. 
  3. Once you have a return authorization number, package up the bike carefully (and hopefully with its original packaging). 

Return shipping costs are your responsibility, Schwinn will not provide you with a prepaid label. 

How to Contact Schwinn Bikes

If this Schwinn Bikes review hasn’t answered all of your questions, you can contact the company in the following ways:

  • Phone: 800-626-2811 
  • Contact form
  • Support tab at the bottom right corner of their website page

The customer service team is available from Monday to Friday, between 7am and 6pm CT.

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