Trunk Club Subscription Review

About Trunk Club

Trunk Club is a personalized styling service delivered right to your doorstep. Trunk Club stylists carefully curate outfits for men and women from head to toe. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are personally picked to cater to your own unique style. 

Trunk Club is featured in Forbes, Insider, and the New York Times and boasts over 350k followers on Instagram. The brand has also partnered with many notable fashion influencers, including Kerri M. Burke, who has over 90k followers on Instagram. 

This Trunk Club subscription review will delve deep into the brand and its products. It will also uncover customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth buying. 

Overview of Trunk Club

The idea for Trunk Club boxes was conceived in 2009 by Joanna Van Vleck in Oregon, US. The motivation for the brand was to create a personalized remote styling service with an at-home try-on model

Nordstrom acquired Trunk Club in 2014, and the company incorporated all Trunk Club Clubhouses into Nordstrom stores in 2020. The pillars the brand borrows from Nordstrom are talent, culture, marketplace, and leadership. 

Trunk Club believes in diversifying its brand creating a more diverse and inclusive company by listening to employees, customers, partners, and communities. The brand has contributed to the Black Lives Matter movement by giving corporate grants to NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. 

The brand also believes in supporting women and people of color within its organization. Trunk Club is also committed to delivering $500M in retail sales from brands owned by, operated by or designed by Black and Latinx individuals by the end of 2025.

This Trunk Club subscription review will now take a look at the pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Personalized, remote styling service
  • At-home try-on option
  • Wide sizing range: XXS-4X, Petite, Plus, and Maternity
  • Budget-friendly pieces
  • No hidden fees
  • Hassle-free subscription
  • Free shipping and returns 


  • Some customers report problems with stylists not listening to customer feedback and quality control
  • No international shipping 

How Does Trunk Club Work?

The Trunk Club box, contrary to popular opinion, is not a conventional subscription service. This Trunk Club subscription review will explain how the Trunk Club works so you can make an informed decision. The process is quite simple and hassle-free! 

Trunk Club offers personal styling for every budget. All you need to do is complete a profile and help the stylists understand how much you wish to spend. The stylists will then utilize the range of Nordstrom inventory to send great Trunk Club outfits within your budget. Here is a breakdown: 

  1. Take the “Your Style Quiz” and list your preferences, style, size, fit and budget
  2. No subscription is required. Order a Trunk when the mood strikes, or schedule them as often as you like. 
  3. Try everything on at home. Keep and buy what you love, then send the rest back. There is a $25 styling fee. 
  4. Trunk Club offers free shipping and returns. They are easy to schedule with free at-home pickups. 

For more information on how the Trunk Club works, visit the “How it Works” section of the site.

Shopping can be a hassle. Rummaging through aisle after aisle looking for the perfect piece, other people bumping into you, and sales associates continually asking if you need help, can be unappealing. It can be overwhelming and a bit daunting for those who aren’t shopaholics.

Plus, the dreaded experience in fitting rooms. The mirror either makes you look fantastic or horrible and not to mention, the dreaded walk of shame back to an associate to hand over the “no” pile can take a toll on your confidence. 

Trunk Club eliminates all the things you hate about shopping and keeps everything you love. No more fitting rooms, no more associates buzzing around, no more discomfort. Try on curated items picked by your stylist all in the comfort of your own home.

This Trunk Club subscription review will look at the bestselling men’s and women’s boxes. Have your credit card ready. By the end, you may find yourself on the Trunk Club site taking that style quiz. 

Trunk Club Women’s Box Review

Personal styling for women delivered just for you. What more could ask for? Finding your new favorites has never been easier. With the Women’s Box, you receive hand-picked outfits styled by Nordstrom, delivered right to your door.

No more waiting in line to try on clothes; take your time, have a fashion shoot, and upload those pics on Instagram. This Woman’s Box allows you the freedom to try before you buy. So, all you need to do is pick the items you love and return the ones you don’t. 

Currently, the Women’s Box is offering women’s winter styles. Get the winter styles and brands you love, with thousands of top Nordstrom brands in a range of styles and sizes. This box is even available with Trunk Club maternity styles. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing. 

The Women’s Box has something for everyone. From preppy to sporty, minimalist to avant-garde, and everyday wear to sexy nighttime styles. With this style box, you’ll never have to worry about shopping again. 

Trunk Club Men’s Box Review

Never worry about the hassle of shopping again with the Trunk Club Men’s Clothing category personally delivered right to your doorstep. The Men’s Box is not your typical men’s clothing subscription box. This trunk comes with personalized stylized items to suit your aesthetic on your terms. 

No need to pay every month, take a break, or buy every other month, as the Men’s Box doesn’t discriminate. You decide when to order menswear on your schedule. If an item arrives that you hate, send it back at no charge

The Men’s Box is currently offering winter styles and brands that you love, including thousands of Nordstrom brands such as Hugo Boss, Paige, 1901, VINCE, Peter Millar, and more. With a range of styles, this box has something to suit every taste and comes in various sizes.  

So, whether you live in workout clothes, enjoy business casual, or are looking to expand your fashion horizons and try something new, the Men’s Box has got you covered, no matter the occasion. 

How Much is Trunk Club?

If you have ever searched “cheap Trunk club” or “Trunk Club women cost” out of curiosity, this Trunk Club subscription review has got you covered. 

Trunk Club is not your regular subscription service. This means there is no set pricing. The stylists are there to help you make smart purchases. It’s time to stop the impulse buys or late-night shopping sprees. More often than not, those clothes end up collecting dust in your closet. 

With the Trunk Club, you decide the budget you want, and the team of stylists offers expert guidance on what to buy and styling advice. The prices typically range from $50-$300 per item but rest assured, Trunk Club uses your budget preferences to help guide which items to choose just for you. 

There is a $25 styling fee applied to anything you decide to purchase. However, if you have a Nordstrom card, the styling fee is waived. Ultimately, you only pay for what you keep.

Each month, the “subscription” cost can differ depending on what you decide to buy from the box. Keep in mind that shipping and returns are always free

Trunk Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Time to get down to the nitty and gritty. What do customers of the brand honestly think about Trunk Club? This Trunk Club subscription review intends to discover the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

The Better Business Bureau awarded Trunk Club a B- rating. While customer reviews on sites like Influenster and ConsumerAffairs give the brand an overall rating of 4/5 stars, it is essential to note there aren’t many Trunk Club reviews available, so take these ratings and reviews with a grain of salt. 

The positive customer reviews applaud the brand on the stylist’s attention to detail, free returns for items they dislike, budget-friendly, and ease of access.

Overall, customers are satisfied with the high-quality, stylish, and trendy clothing delivered right to their doors. One customer complimented the personalized touch and accessibility:

Trunk Club is my favourite clothing subscription box and the only one that is personalized, in my opinion. They match you with a stylist who you can talk to via a chatroom on the app or website. This way, the stylist really gets to know you and your needs and can pick things specifically for you. You can also see what they’re sending before it gets shipped.” 

Another customer noted the stylists’ attention to detail and the top-notch service: “I feel the stylist understood what I wanted for my box. They ask a bunch of questions narrowing down your sizes and style. When I got my box, I was so surprised that I mostly loved everything. They sent me about 12 items. The selection was amazing. Service and communication was amazing.” 

So far, so good. However, does Trunk Club have any downsides? The answer? Yes, a few. While most customers are happy with the stylists’ personalized touch, some customers have complained they received utterly different items from their taste.

These customers stated that the stylists didn’t listen to their feedback. Others have complained about the price of more essential items being more expensive in comparison to other brands.

One customer summed up their experience with Trunk Club: “I very much felt like my stylist(s) weren’t interested in hearing what I was interested in purchasing. Every box I received included a pair of $150+ sunglasses and $150+ tennis shoes. Every time I requested not to have these items sent again… $150+ sunglasses and shoes appeared in every trunk.” 

Is Trunk Club Worth It?

So, what is the verdict? Ultimately, this Trunk Club subscription review thinks the brand is worth buying. The individualized personal styling, the inclusive Trunk Club sizes, and the range of brands and designs are definitely appealing.

These reasons are more than enough to want to try Trunk Club, even if just for a month. The brand has clothing, accessories, and shoes, to match every aesthetic. 

From athleisure to dark academia, let your stylist know what you are looking for, and they will go above and beyond to include items that you will instantly fall in love with. The best part of Trunk Club is you set your own budget, with no fees.

However, the complaints of stylists disregarding personal preferences and budgets are problematic. The whole basis of Trunk Club is personal styling on your terms. Stylists are meant to respect your choices. In this case, it looks like it’s more the “luck of the draw” when it comes to your assigned stylist. 

But, don’t be discouraged. More often than not, you will get a stylist that will cater to your every whim, no matter how whimsical or simplistic they may be. If not, you can always reach out to Trunk Club customer service to remedy the situation.

Trunk Club Promotions & Discounts 

This Trunk Club subscription review searched for deals, but we came up empty. Keep checking their website for a Trunk Club promo code.

Sign up for Trunk Club

This Trunk Club subscription review will provide a brief rundown on how to sign up. To access the membership, create a profile online or download the Nordstrom Trunk Club app on your phone. The entire sign-up process only takes a minute.

Either way you do it, signing up is free. After you’ve registered, use the provided Trunk Club login to monitor your subscription.

Trunk Club FAQ

How many items are in Trunk Club?

You get 12 items included in your box. These items include clothing, shoes, jackets, and accessories, all based on your own style.

Can you change your Trunk Club stylists?

If you want to change your Trunk Club stylist for any reason, you can request a change with customer service. However, once you are assigned a Trunk Club stylist, they are meant to stick with you for the long haul. 

How much does Trunk Club usually cost? 

Aside from the $25 styling fee, the cost of the trunk is dependent on you. You decide the budget and choose which items you would like to purchase from the box. 

Does Trunk Club price match? 

Trunk Club can match Nordstrom pricing on men’s and women’s clothing within 14 days of purchase.

Do Trunk Club stylists make commission? 

According to stylists who work/worked for Trunk Club, stylists do not receive a commission. 

How do I cancel my Trunk Club subscription?

If you would like to cancel your Trunk Club subscription, go to the “Support Page” enter your Trunk Club sign in and click “I want to deactivate my account.” 

What is Trunk Club’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, Trunk Club only ships within the US. Shipping is free in all 50 states. There are no listed estimated delivery times. However, Trunk Club is experiencing shipping delays due to increased order volumes. 

Can you return Trunk Club items to Nordstrom? 

Yes, you can return your Trunk Club items to Nordstrom. Just take your Nordstrom Trunk Club receipt to a Nordstrom store. Bring all the items to the Service Bar, and an employee will take them from there. However, trunks can’t be returned to Nordstrom Rack stores.

Can you return Trunk Club items?

To return Trunk Club items, either 

  1. Take your Trunk to one of FedEx’s thousands of drop off locations. 
  2. Return the Trunk to a Nordstrom store. 
  3. Schedule a FedEx pick up. 

Once you’ve tried everything on, pack your returns in the Trunk with the tape strips and pre-paid return label provided. 

Already purchased items are eligible for returns if the item is in the original condition. They can be shipped back or returned to a Nordstrom location. Afterwards, a refund will be issued. 

How to Contact Trunk Club

There are a few ways to contact Trunk Club’s customer service.

1. Contact Form via website

2. Live Chat via website

3. Phone: (1) 800-385-0100

4. Email: [email protected] 

Trunk Club customer service hours are from 9 am to 6 pm central time.

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