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Trusted House Sitters Review

Going on vacation is great, but a lot of us worry about what might be happening at home. Someone might break in.

Things would get stolen. It can build to such a headache that you don’t even want to go anywhere anymore. Not to worry, your hero is here! And it’s safe to say that this Trusted House Sitters review is entirely impressed with this animal-centered company.

It’s exactly as it sounds. A house and pet sitting company for those who love to travel, the company provides their subscribers with verified house sitters, creating a simple and accessible platform where it’s easy to locate and communicate with people who are willing to come and stay while you’re away. Your home provides a vacation and companionship for someone else!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it’s won over a lot of people. Trusted House Sitters has been featured in Forbes, The Guardian, The New York Times, and even the BBC. Plus, they’ve got a remarkable 63.5k followers on Instagram

But, we hear your doubts. Does it really live up to the hype? Are your pets really going to be safe and sound while staying with strangers? What about your house? That’s a pretty big ask in terms of trust!

Well, this Trusted House Sitters review will look more deeply at what that process looks like and how it works, so you can decide if the company is a good fit for you.

Overview of Trusted House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters Review

How did Trusted House Sitters even become a thing? The brainchild of Andy Peck, who took some time to house/pet sit while recovering from his near-death accident in the Andes, discovered the connection between helping travelers and homeowners.

And in 2010, Trusted House Sitters was launched, and has been blasting off successfully ever since.

The goal is to allow customers to leave for vacation knowing there’s someone watching their home or pet, while the sitter gets to enjoy a cozy place to stay. While Trusted House Sitters predominantly focuses on getting adequate care for houses and pets, they also consider the trade a win-win, since the caregiver gets to take a vacation as well.

While their primary headquarters is based in Brighton, England, they have locations worldwide, along with a hefty team of employees.

Trusted House Sitters also has an impressive reach — their pet and house sitting services are offered in 130 countries, and openly boast about saving their subscribers time and money through their cost-effective and easy-to-use service.

To make this Trusted House Sitters review as effective as possible, here’s a list of highlights regarding Trusted House Sitters top qualities and best practices, from their extra-awesome convenience to their availability and their low-cost price program:


  • Verified pet-sitting service offered in over 130 countries
  • Tons of positive Trusted House Sitter reviews
  • Subscription-based 
  • Customers can use the Trusted House Sitters app
  • Affordable
  • Pets get to stay at home
  • Massive catalog of information on website
Trusted House Sitters Review

This company certainly comes with perks and ease so you can finally leave without a worry. Now let’s take a closer look at their services with two options for their subscribers — hiring a pet sitter or hiring a house sitter. Below are detailed Trusted House Sitter reviews on either service!

Trusted House Sitters Pet Sitter Review

Your fur babies are like your own children and you want them to be cared for properly. We totally get that because we’re pet people ourselves.

Not to worry, Trusted House Sitters has a massive catalog of animal lovers who have been verified and vetted to look after your pets. There are so many profiles to choose from, it could be challenging to select the right person!

Once you narrow down availability, needs, location and dates, there is inevitably going to be a smaller inventory of pet sitters. After you’ve decided on the caregiver, you can speak with them directly!

Trusted House Sitters encourages communication between the owner and the sitter, so they can get to know each other before exchanging detailed or private information.

The central focus of Trusted House Sitters is to make sure your pet is well looked after. One key detail is that the pet sitters are not paid; the only money that a subscriber pays is the annual fee to be part of the system.

That should indicate your pet sitter loves animals if they openly volunteer their time to come stay with a fur baby in another person’s home!

Knowing that Trusted House Sitters review the history and background of their sitters is a strong ingredient for a harmonious connection.

We don’t expect you to let a person into your home without getting to know them, and neither does the brand. It’s not just a random person who could care about a dog. Caring for a pet can be personal, and the company understands that.

Trusted House Sitters House Sit Review

The other side of the Trusted House Sitters program is the person who signs up to leave their own space to go care for the pets (or space) of a stranger. The brand has certainly nailed the profit niche — they make money off those who sign up for the service, but don’t actually pay anyone to house or pet sit. Amazing.

For the person taking care of a pet and a home, it might seem daunting, especially since you’re doing it for free. However, if you have flexibility and like to travel, this might be an epic opportunity. Yes, you’re pet sitting free of charge, but you’d also be staying in someone’s home for free, which opens up many places you could visit and not worry about accommodation.

Sometimes you might agree to care for a dog down the road from your own home. But you also might plan a trip around the Trusted House Sitters service, head to Europe, and stay in a cozy home with an adorable pet for two weeks. Not too shabby.

One slightly frightening aspect of this responsibility is, of course, keeping the pets alive. However, if you’ve signed up to help with this service, it means you’ve got a vetted background in pet care. Plus, part of the owner’s subscription is 24/7 vet advice (for any emergencies that come up). And for this Trusted House Sitters review, that’s a big win.

Who Is Trusted House Sitters For? 

Trusted House Sitters Review

Trusted House Sitters is a service for home and/or pet owners who are looking for a trusted way to get premium care for their furry loved ones, and for their space (and maybe their house plants).

As a globally accessible, well-reviewed platform, Trusted House Sitters’ main goal is to unite their verified sitters with people who want to travel worry-free.

In turn, Trusted House Sitters provides an opportunity for people who have flexible schedules and who want to stay in homes for free — all they have to do is care for the pets or look after any home responsibilities while the owners are away. This might be a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to stay for free in, say, Spain for two weeks!

With nothing but fantastic feedback and generally awesome Trusted House Sitters reviews from customers, plus a vetted and verified background and platform for security, it’s hard to say that anyone wouldn’t want to use this well-established house sitting company.

How Does Trusted House Sitters Work? 

Trusted House Sitters Review

First and foremost, Trusted House Sitters is a subscription-based service, which means if you want to house sit or have your home cared for, you need to sign up and pay for the membership. That, and you must go through a verification process to make sure you and the person you’ll be working with are trustworthy and vouched for. 

If you’re a pet owner who wants a sitter for your fur baby, you’ll create a profile and request dates. After providing some personal information, you’ll get to check out the platform to see who might fit the demands of your pets or situation — plus, both parties have a say on who they get to work with.

Each pet and home sitter goes through a verification process, including criminal and background checks, references and referrals plus collected experience. In turn, the hosts need to give photos and other vital details about their home, the responsibilities they’re needing help with, and any additional information that might help bring a partnership together.

The membership is an annual fee with a 3-tiered subscription option — Basic, Standard, and Premium — and all offer a range of services, from the primary house or pet sitting service to 24/7 veterinary advice and cancellation insurance. Your subscription choice will likely depend on how much you travel and how demanding the job is going to be.

Trusted House Sitters Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Trusted House Sitters Review

Due to the trust-based nature of their service, this company’s reviews are plentiful. Most folks who have used or had any experience with Trusted House Sitters reviews them, which is great, since most subscribers depend on feedback to help make their decision on whether or not they find the company a secure service. 

However, here are a handful of Trusted House Sitter reviews to shed some light on the perks of this service:

  • SiteJabber: 4.5/5 stars, with 935 reviews
  • TrustPilot: 4.7/5 stars, with 13,753 reviews 
  • Observer & House Sitting Magazine: all 5/5 star reviews

As you’ll note, TrustPilot is the number one place people go to give Trusted House Sitter reviews. It’s not hard to see why with their 4.7/5 star rating from 13,753 reviews, they’ve got an amazing and positive presence on this detailed review platform, with many customers saying: 

“Another perfect experience with Trusted House Sitters! I have used this service about a half dozen times, and every Housesitter has been delightful: friendly, organized, ethical, independent, and a true animal lover.” 

The same delighted customer goes on to say “I always come home to a clean house and happy, well-cared for pets. I couldn’t leave home without a Trusted House Sitter. They have inspired total confidence that my cats and dogs and house will be treated with care and affection and have given me the freedom to travel.”

Most of the Trusted House Sitter reviews on other websites are similar to the one above. House Sitting Magazine gives them a 5/5 stars, saying their “…70th sit (of 90 over all platforms), has been just as good an experience as our first, and all in-between.” That’s pretty good for feedback specializing in house sitting.

They go on to say that because Trusted House Sitters has “good due diligence, following recommendations for securing house sitter jobs, or house sitters themselves, along with the company verifications, it has resulted in nothing but good outcomes.”

On SiteJabber, a well-used platform cataloging plenty of Trusted House Sitter reviews, says that this company rates #1 in their classifieds. The site also boasts a healthy dose of good feedback based on their 4.5/5 star rating from 935 entries, with Trusted House Sitter reviews complimenting the service, like this customer:

“We have just completed our fifth sit through Trusted House Sitters. We joined as we say this as a great way to travel and meet some new animal friends. We like that we only apply for sits we believe match our abilities and interests. We recently returned from a 3 week sit in Ireland. It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Trusted House Sitters.”

Of course, like any other company, there are a handful of negative Trusted House Sitters reviews, mostly regarding frustrations about the brand’s contact methods. Not everyone likes to chat with a robot, which is one of Trusted House Sitters’ top communication options.

Is Trusted House Sitters Worth It?

Trusted House Sitters Review

If you like to travel frequently, own a home, and a pet, then Trusted House Sitters is definitely worth your while. Even the cost of Trusted House Sitters’ most basic annual membership is cheaper than boarding your pets for a weekend. And there’s the added bonus that your pets get to stay home where they’re most comfortable.

Some platforms like Trusted House Sitters might seem a little suspect — you need a lot of trust to open your home up to a stranger. But with the amount of communication, feedback, and Trusted House Sitters reviews that are accessible to subscribers, we’d have to say that between the verification and cost, the brand provides a good deal and a great service.

Trusted House Sitters Promotions & Discounts 

Trusted House Sitters Review

As with any subscription-based service, the more you buy, the less it costs. This means that it is more cost effective to sign up for the combined Owner/Sitter profile if you think you might need both services, as it will save you money in the end. 

And while they don’t have any coupons, they do offer a Trusted House Sitters discount code when you refer a friend, where they get 25% off their membership and you get two months for free.

Where to Buy Trusted House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters Review

Since this is a subscription-based service that requires your personal and financial information, you can only sign up for it directly through the Trusted House Sitters app or on their website.


Trusted House Sitters Review

Who owns Trusted House Sitters?

Andy Peck, the founder and creator of Trusted House Sitters, owns the company with his wife, Rachel Peck.

They are the original owners of the company, but have significant investors associated with the Trusted House Sitters’ financial operations.

How much does Trusted House Sitters cost?

This Trusted House Sitters review did some detailed digging for you, since there’s a few options for price and subscription. We wanted to provide you with a concise list, tomake it easiest to understand the multi-tired cost system:

  1. Basic (Owner or Sitter) – $11/month or $129 annually
  2. Standard (Owner or Sitter) – $14/month or $169 annually
  3. Premium (Owner or Sitter) – $22/month or $259 annually
  4. Basic (Owner & Sitter Combined) – $16/month or $189 annually
  5. Standard (Owner & Sitter Combined) – $19/month or $229 annually
  6. Premium (Owner & Sitter Combined) – $27/month or $319 annually

The additional features of being a premium sitter or owner is having insurance (either sit cancellation or accident), devoted member support, and the ability to boost your search results. 

What is Trusted House Sitters’ Privacy Policy?

Trusted House Sitters’ privacy policy outlines their practices with collecting your data and how they then process and use that data information.

The policy also speaks to security and marketing measures, subscription details, and communication to make sure you’re provided all the right services. 

How to Contact Trusted House Sitters

There’s a few great ways to get in touch with Trusted House Sitters, but keep in mind that the majority of their interactions are through a robot:

  • Fill out their online contact form
  • Engage in their live chat
  • Call them at 844-294-8535

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