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Uqora Review

Some might think this is TMI, but UTIs can disrupt your entire week. Luckily, there’s no need to feel shame. Uqora is a natural supplements company that centers around UTI prevention and relief. While they offer education, they are most known for their drink mix that assists in flushing out the urinary tract. 

Urinary health can be managed by taking supplements to implement preventative measures and relieve symptoms that have become chronic. For example, this study suggests that maintaining neutral doses of vitamin C and calcium were positively associated with urinary storage or incontinence.

Uqora itself has gained a lot of traction since launching and has been featured in publications like Forbes and TechCrunch. They also have a steady social media following due to their science-backed products, with about 29.5k followers on their official Instagram page. 

But do their supplements and vitamins actually do the trick? This Uqora review intends to find out. So join us as we look at the company’s bestsellers, policies, customer ratings, and more, so you can decide if they’re worth the buy. 

Overview of Uqora

Uqora Review

Uqora founder, Jenna Ryan, was tired of suffering from frequent UTIs. In 2014, she had eight of them and couldn’t stand going through the cycle. She was told that she could take antibiotics for prevention, but there wasn’t much else she could do. Her long-term partner and the brand’s co-founder, Spencer Gordon, was also frustrated watching her struggle. 

Over time, Ryan educated herself on the stigma behind UTI discussions. For example, it’s assumed that people who have recurring UTIs aren’t hygienic, but that isn’t necessarily the case. So the company provides resources to reduce the spread of misinformation behind urinary infections.

Coupled with Gordon’s background in biochemistry, the duo decided to research potential solutions. After reading up on natural ways to prevent UTIs, Ryan and Gordon collaborated with urologists and doctors to create their innovative drink mix

Additionally, their team of experts also believe that it’s essential to invest in urinary health to avoid developing any other health problems. Uqora launched its preventative product in 2017, formulated to be suitable for both men and women. 

So that was a bit of brand history for you! Now, this Uqora review will discuss some highlights around the shopping experience. 


  • Range of preventative supplements and relief for people who get frequent UTIs
  • Backed by physicians and urologists
  • Blog full of tips and UTI education online 
  • Monthly subscriptions available 
  • Free shipping for US customers
  • Ships internationally
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Uqora Review

If you’re frustrated about painful UTIs, you’re definitely not alone. The cycle can have a tremendous impact on your social and work lives. From probiotics to drink mixes, Uqora wants to help you get you back on track. 

The brand also points people in the right direction when it comes to being paired with medical providers in urinary health. We highly recommend checking out their Good Doc Club.  

This Uqora review will now give a complete rundown of the brand’s products. As a side note, you can also order them through a monthly subscription if that suits your fancy. 

Uqora Review

Uqora offers bundles and individual items to help keep your urinary health in check. Their products might be your line of defense against painful UTIs. So, let’s jump into it. 

Uqora Complete System Review

Uqora Complete System Review
Uqora Complete System

The Uqora Complete System contains all of the company’s products in one package. You get a month’s supply of the drink mix and supplements (Target, Control, and Promote). Each item tackles urinary health from different areas and can create the ultimate protective shield when working together. 

Target works to flush the urinary tract while also aiding in immune support. After sipping on the drink, you can use Control, which claims to strengthen your bladder wall and cleanse biofilm. Then you can balance out your microbiome with Promote, which is directed more towards people with vaginas. This supplement promotes vaginal health to protect the urinary tract in turn. 

We’ll get into more detail about each supplement as we continue this Uqora review. But the bundle will cost you about $80 for a one-time purchase. Subscribing will cost you $52.  

Uqora Target Review

Uqora Target Review
Uqora Target

The Uqora Target drink mix can act as your saving grace when the dreadful symptoms hit. Whether you’re sexually active or not, this pink-lemonade preventative beverage can save you from painful workdays. It flushes out your urinary tract with active ingredients that make your urine less acidic. 

As we said above, the mix also helps with immune support and even increases flow. Some of the active ingredients include calcium, citric acid, d-mannose, and magnesium. D-mannose is mentioned as a critical ingredient in the Target solution. 

Citric acid is protective, which means the more it is present in the urine, the more protected you are against forming new kidney stones. Citrate is closely related to citric acid and also has stone prevention benefits. 

This study concludes that ingesting citric acid daily at a specific dose does not significantly alter urine composition in calcium phosphate stone formers. The long-term impact on urinary health and stone formation recurrence needs to be studied further.

Magnesium is important for proper muscle and nerve function. The results of this study demonstrate that for subjects that are vulnerable to stones, having a high risk of potassium and magnesium depletion prevents them from obtaining the best therapeutic results.

D-mannose is a sugar related to glucose that is naturally occurring in fruits and veggies. Essential to our metabolism, it can even promote urinary health. Uqora recommends drinking Target at least every three days. The brand also recommends amounts depending on frequency of sexual activity or if you just need some extra support. 

You can get 10–30 packets of Target for the following prices: 

  • 10 packets
    • One-time purchase: $30 
    • Subscription: $25
  • 20 packets
    • One-time purchase: $55
    • Subscription: $47 
  • 30 packets
    • One-time purchase: $75
    • Subscription: $64 

Uqora Control Review

Uqora Control Review
Uqora Control

Control is one of Uqora’s daily supplements that’s antibiotic and gluten-free. These capsules cleanse and toughen up your bladder wall, which will keep it clean during stressful periods, and hormonal changes. 

This supplement in this Uqora review cleanses biofilm. This collection of microorganisms cling to areas like the bladder wall and is associated with recurring UTIs. So, Control helps keep this away with actives like black pepper powder, vitamin D3, and green tea extract. 

Vitamin D3 plays a role in immune regulation and prevents various infections, especially urinary tract infections. This study concludes that women of reproductive age with low vitamin D levels are more at risk of contracting UTIs. Ultimately, this reveals a significant association between vitamin D deficiency and urinary tract infections, especially in moderate and severe infections. 

Green tea can help you lose weight and reduce your risk of several diseases, including diabetes and cancer. However, green tea’s most relevant benefit to urinary health is its antimicrobial properties. 

Studies support that the compounds within green tea have antimicrobial effects on E. coli. Results also suggest that ingesting green tea could have antimicrobial effects on urinary tract infections. 

The Uqora Control supplements can be taken every day to maximize your bladder health. The brand instructs customers to take two capsules a day with water. You can get a month’s supply for $30 or subscribe for $25

Uqora Promote Review

Uqora Promote Review
Uqora Promote

It might feel like a hush-hush topic, but one’s vaginal health can directly impact urinary health. That’s why there’s Uqora Promote probiotic, which helps balance the vaginal microbiome. 

Promote uses three strains of bacteria that naturally occur in a healthy microbiome. These bacteria release acids that already balance it out, and the supplement adds to that process. So basically, it supports the good bacteria (along with chicory root) to keep your urinary tract healthy. 

Uqora recommends taking one Promote capsule a day, and you can get a one-month supply for $30. You can also subscribe for about $25

Uqora Target & Control Review

Uqora Target & Control Review
Uqora Target & Control

If you’re already taking a vaginal probiotic, you could supplement it with the Uqora Target & Control bundle. As we said, Target will flush out your urinary tract while Control will cleanse and fortify your bladder against the worst UTIs. 

In terms of how many you should purchase, Uqora recommends buying 10 packets if you’re not sexually active, 20 if you are, and 30 if you want to pull out all the stops. They also recommend drinking it after coitus. 

Another active ingredient in Control is curcumin. It’s found in turmeric and gives Control its yellow color. In addition, Uqora claims that curcumin partnered with green tea extract has been shown to cleanse biofilm. Curcumin is known to be anti-inflammatory, so it can also help with pain.

The Target and Control bundle will vary in cost depending on how many packets you get: 

  • Control + 10 packets: $55
  • Control + 20 packets: $80
  • Control + 30 Packets: $105

Uqora Target & Promote Review

Uqora Target & Promote Review
Uqora Target & Promote

If you want to keep drinking Target while also promoting your microbiome health, the Uqora Target & Promote bundle is readily available. Target will give you some immune support while the Promote probiotic does its balancing act. 

If you’re concerned, it’s absolutely safe to take these supplements every day. Adding them to your regimen will raise your defenses against UTIs using Promote’s good bacteria and Target’s immune support. Both of these products are also vegan

Like the Target & Control bundle, the Target & Promote package ranges from $55–$105

Uqora Control & Promote Review

Uqora Control & Promote Review
Uqora Control & Promote

Last up in this Uqora review is the Control & Promote bundle. These are perfect if you aren’t privy to pink-lemonade flavors or if you just prefer taking capsules. Of course, Control will maintain your bladder, and Promote will support vaginal health to protect urinary health. 

In tandem, these capsules will enhance your daily well-being, especially if you’re prone to UTIs. First, Uqora ensures that Control keeps your bladder free of biofilm with its active ingredients. Promote seals the deal by ensuring optimal vaginal health. 

A one-time purchase of Uqora Control & Promote will cost you $55 at checkout. You can also subscribe for $10 less

Who Is Uqora For? 

Uqora Review

Uqora is suited for anyone who suffers from recurring UTIs. Of course, Promote is directed towards people with vaginas. But the other products can be used by all adults. 

These supplements fall on the expensive side so they might not be accessible to all. That being said, subscribers get a discount and the brand offers a money-back guarantee in case you don’t experience the desired results. 

How Is Uqora Different Than Cranberry Juice? 

Uqora Review

Uqora products don’t include cranberry, which has been claimed not to be as effective for UTI prevention and relief. While cranberry binds with bacteria, there have been many mixed studies on whether it produces results. So instead, Uqora uses clinical research for ingredients that have proven successful. 

The company also published a blog post comparing the two. Uqora recounts all of the benefits of using their three urinary health products while comparing it to cranberry, which only has one out of the five properties. 

Uqora Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Uqora Review

By now, you’re probably dying to know what their customers think. This Uqora review can satisfy that need. We searched the internet for testimonials, and there are about 13.6k reviews on their main website. Unfortunately, there aren’t many third-party reviews except one on the Better Business Bureau.

Overall, the company has a 4.7/5 star rating on their main website. Customers generally talk about positive experiences regarding their drink mix and capsules. Their ages range between 21-80 years old.

A customer writes, “I absolutely love Uqora. I have been using this product for 3 months and have never felt better. I have always struggled with UTIs, and I feel great. I know it’s still early, but why stop now when things are going well. I will continue to use Uqora because I feel better.”  

Sounds promising. Another reviewer says, “This product does everything and more. If I could be in a commercial to help promote a product, it would be Uqora. This is a game-changer. I haven’t had any UTIs ever since I started taking Uqora several months ago. I highly recommend it!” 

Wow, that sounds awesome. And the praise doesn’t stop there, “I had been suffering from chronic UTIs and yeast infections for two to three years as I started into perimenopause. Uqora has kept all of that at bay now, and I couldn’t be more thankful for a healthy alternative to traditional prescriptions and antibiotics.” 

Another satisfied customer writes, “I am very satisfied! Prior to starting Uqora, I had a UTI every month for 3 straight months. Now, I’ve been infection-free for 2 months. The product is easy to use, and I am quite motivated to stay on the regimen.” 

Here’s another buyer testimonial: “I have suffered from urinary tract issues for decades! I’ve only been using Uqora for a few weeks and have to say that I’ve noticed a difference. The real test will be next year when summer rolls around. But initially, I have to say this seems to work!”

This Uqora review also found one comment on the Better Business Bureau. The user critiques the brand’s subscription service, which they found hard to cancel. They also cited unresponsive customer service. But, the company has an A+ BBB rating overall, which is hard to ignore. 

There are also some criticisms on Uqora’s main website that discuss high prices and lack of results, but they’re far and few between. Fortunately, they receive responses from Uqora’s customer service to help rectify their complaints and process full refunds.

Is Uqora Worth It?

Uqora Review

UTIs are a pain to deal with, and it’s even more frustrating when it becomes a cycle. Uqora offers products that can help prevent this pattern by maintaining your health through different vitamins and good bacteria. 

Based on this Uqora review and the customer testimonials, we think the company is worth checking out if you’re struggling with these problems. It seems like consumers are generally satisfied with the products and have noticed results. 

It’s important to note that the company does not claim to treat UTIs. Instead, their capsules and drinks are more of a preventative measure that doesn’t use antibiotics. So, it’s recommended that you contact your health provider instead of resorting to Uqora products as your only treatment. 

Uqora Promotions & Discounts 

Uqora Review

As we mentioned, you can subscribe to Uqora products to reap a discounted price. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other active promotions or coupons at this time. We recommend signing up for the company’s emails to stay updated on the latest deals. 

Where to Buy Uqora

Uqora Review

Worried that you’re having to run to the washroom too frequently? Noticed cloudy, foul, or bloody urine lately? Don’t wait to check out Uqora’s UTI learning center resources and products on


Uqora Review

Who owns Uqora?

Uqora currently operates under the parent company, Pharmavite. Jenna Ryan remains the CEO. 

Is Uqora FDA approved?

Uqora uses FDA-approved ingredients. That being said, their final product hasn’t been evaluated by the FDA. 

Is there a subscription option?

There is a subscription option available for Uqora products! It offers members a slight discount, and you’re able to cancel at any time.

What is Uqora’s Shipping Policy?

Uqora ships internationally. They also offer free shipping for US customers, while international users are subject to an $8 flat rate. But, if extra duties are tacked on, they’re the buyer’s responsibility. 

Orders are typically fulfilled in 12–24 hours, and it can take between 3–5 business days for your order to arrive if you live in the US. On the flip side, international orders can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered. This can change depending on your country’s customs process. 

If you are experiencing delays, you can contact Uqora’s customer service team directly to help you as soon as possible. For international customers, the company also recommends contacting your local post office.  

What is Uqora’s Return Policy?

Uqora has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your order, the brand will issue a refund with no strings attached. 

To initiate the process, contact Uqora’s team by email with your order number. It should take about 3–5 business days for your refund to be issued. 

How to Contact Uqora

We hope you enjoyed reading this Uqora review! For further questions regarding their products, you can email the team at [email protected]. Alternatively, the company provides an online contact form. 

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