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About Veloretti

Veloretti Review

Veloretti is an upscale Dutch brand that sells high-end bicycles and cycling accessories to customers around Europe. My Veloretti review will introduce you to this popular brand, known for offering both classic bikes and modern cycling tech – specifically a new line of electric bicycles – that are well-made and affordable.

This cycling brand prides itself on designing and manufacturing their own bicycles and selling them directly to customers, bypassing the cost of retail sales. Based in Amsterdam, Veloretti designs all of their bikes at their headquarters and builds them in their own European factories.

The brand has a strong following among both serious cyclists and casual riders, with a still-growing following of 159k on Instagram and 119k on Facebook. 

In this Veloretti review, I will look at the best-sellers in their product lines, and cover their buying information and customer feedback, so you can decide if a Veloretti bike is the right fit for you. 

Overview of Veloretti

Veloretti Review

Veloretti was founded in 2013 by Ferry Zonder, an entrepreneur from the Netherlands. Zonder was inspired to launch his company when he was looking for a new bike, but couldn’t find anything that suited his needs and preferences. He wanted a city bike that was lightweight and looked great – but only cost a few hundred Euros!

While the Netherlands has no shortage of cycling companies, Zonder set his brand apart by manufacturing his straightforward, stylish bikes close to home, selling directly to customers online, and offering shipping throughout Europe. 

Veloretti soon became a familiar name in Dutch cycling. The brand became known for their vintage style and bikes made for city living – lightweight, durable, easy to repair, available in single and three-speed options, and designed to handle city terrain

Since launching eight years ago, Veloretti has expanded their product line to include e-bikes, men’s and women’s traditional bikes, and a huge variety of accessories. They also have a line for kids that offers tricycles, roller bikes, and their first real cycle.

Veloretti’s bikes are available directly from their online store and the brand makes it easy for you to customize your purchase. After selecting your favourite frame and the size that suits you, you can pick the colour, handlebars, seat, and gears that you want, and add special options like baskets and bells, too. 

If you’re unsure about sizing or about the best bike for you, Veloretti also has an Amsterdam showroom so you can try their bikes before placing an order

Once you’ve selected your bike, it’ll come directly to your home, nearly fully assembled, making it as easy as possible to start riding right away. 

Now that we’re more familiar with their background, let’s begin this Veloretti review by going over the highlights of buying from this bike brand!


  • Made in Europe
  • Designed in Amsterdam – the bike capital of the world!
  • Offers traditional and modern designs
  • Has electric bike options ideal for long bike rides and commutes
  • Carries a wide range of accessories such as handlebars, seats, baskets
  • Makes bikes for kids
  • Online shopping and local manufacturing keep costs low
  • Showroom lets you come in and try bikes before buying
  • Free shipping across Europe for purchases over €100

Veloretti Bike Review

Veloretti has some pretty neat bikes on offer, whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern e-bike to help get you to work in a snap or a traditional single speed to pedal around your town. 

Keep reading this Veloretti review as I shop through some of the brand’s best-selling bikes!

Veloretti Electric Ivy Review

The Veloretti Electric Ivy is a fusion of traditional, vintage-inspired bike design with a modern twist

The Electric Ivy has a 21 kg aluminum frame and an adjustable handlebar. While it has the look and shape of a conventional bike, the Electric Ivy is significantly heavier because it’s packing something powerful inside: a silent, battery-powered engine.

You can pedal the Electric Ivy yourself, or you can opt to let the 65 nm torque mid-engine take over and power it for you. The engine is connected to your pedals, so it feels like a natural boost – you won’t have to dread big hills or long commutes anymore!

This Veloretti bike also comes with hyperbolic lights for your night cycling safety, and hydraulic brakes so you can stop as quickly as you need to. This futuristic bike even has an anti-theft alarm and a GPS tracker, to help protect your special investment from theft.

The Electric Ivy comes in three colour choices:

  • Pebble Grey
  • Matte Black
  • Desert Moss

You can purchase the Veloretti Electric Ivy for €2,399

Veloretti Electric Ace Review

The Veloretti Electric Ace is another new bike in this brand’s electric line. This bike has the sleek and simple look of a standard sporty cycle, but weighs in at a sturdier 27 kg because of the battery-powered motor.

This modern bike has an aluminium frame with a Bafang motor. The battery case is integrated into the bike itself and it has a removable smart battery by Samsung. 

This battery should last you from 60-120km of cycling, depending on your speed and terrain. Of course, you can always choose to power the Electric Ace the old fashioned way by pedalling!

This bike also boasts hydraulic brakes so you can stop quickly when you need to. It has two LED lights, one built into the front of the bike and one on the back, for your nighttime navigation and safety.

The nighttime Electric Ace comes in three colour options: 

  • Ace Jet Black
  • Ace Graphite
  • Ace Matte Black.

You can purchase the Veloretti Electric Ace for €2,399. 

Veloretti Caféchaser Review

Veloretti’s Cafechaser bike is what comes to mind when you picture a classic Dutch bike, but with some thoughtful modern upgrades

The company says this model is made for “daredevils and roadrunners,” because it’s been specifically designed for speedy city cycling. 

This slim bike weighs only 11 kg and has an aluminum frame and 28-inch tires. Veloretti finishes these bikes with a powder-coated finish for maximum paint durability. It also has a crossbar extending from the rear ax, which provides the extra support and stability you need to push your speed.

But the Cafechaser doesn’t have to be a high-speed adventuring bike. Veloretti designed this lightweight and sturdy bike to suit any kind of city driving. You can take it to work, use it for weekend leisure drives, or even attach a front car seat and use it as a reliable family cycle.

When putting your Cafechaser bike together online, you can choose from the following gear options:

  • 1-speed gear with internal coaster brake
  • 3-speed gear with internal coaster brake
  • 3-speed gear with hub and front/rear handbrakes

Veloretti also lets you configure your own bike parts so your bike looks just the way you want. You can pick from a variety of saddles, handlebars grips, baskets, bells, lights and even bike locks, so your bike fits your life and style, and so you’re totally happy with your purchase!

The Veloretti Cafechaser comes in the colours Blue Yonder, Black Sabbath, and Gun Metal Grey.

You can buy the Cafechaser bike for €399.

Veloretti Tricycle Kids Review

Everyone remembers their first bike! The adorable Veloretti Tricycle is designed for little ones who are just learning to cycle. This sweet bike has rubber hand grips, a beautiful leather seat, and a traditional tricycle design. 

Veloretti has made sure this wee bike lasts your family as long as possible by making it both adjustable and convertible

You can adjust this bike’s frame so it will fit your child from the time they are 1.5 to 4 years old! Once your child has outgrown the tricycle stage, simply adjust the wheels to make it a two-wheeled balance bike to get more joyful years of use out of it. 

Weighing only 4.5 kg, this bike is easy to lift and store. It has 12-inch wheels which are made with kids’ biking safety in mind

When you buy the Veloretti Tricycle you have the option to add on accessories such as a basket, a bell, or a kickstand.

The Veloretti Tricycle comes in the following eight colours:

  1. Blue Yonder
  2. Dakota Red
  3. Desert Moss  
  4. Full Black
  5. Pebble Grey
  6. Havana Blue
  7. Bananarama
  8. Blazing Salmon

You can buy the convertible Veloretti Tricycle for €139.

Veloretti Mini Kids Review

The Veloretti Mini Kids bike is another petite bike made with kids’ first cycling adventures in mind. This bike is made for your 2, 3 or 4-year-old on the go! 

With no pedals attached, this is a roller bike your little one propels by using their feet on the ground

The Mini bike is designed to be easy to handle for both parents and children. It weighs in at only 4 kg so you can easily carry it home from the park or pop it in the trunk. It also has rubber grips with “safety bumpers” on the end, and a leather seat to match. And, it’s 12-inch tires are thick and cushy for easy rolling.

This small bike is available in the same colours as the Veloretti Tricycle: Blue Yonder, Dakota Red, Desert Moss, Full Black, Pebble Grey, Havana Blue, Banarama, Blazing Salmon. 

As with their adult bikes, you and your child can configure their bike on Veloretti’s site, adding optional accessories like a wire or wicker basket, a bell, or a kickstand.

You can buy the Veloretti Mini Kids for €109.

Veloretti Maxi Kids Review

If you have a child aged 4-6 who’s ready for their first real bike, check out the Veloretti Maxi Kids bike! 

With 16-inch wheels and weighing only 8 kg, this bike is stable and not too large or intimidating for a young cyclist

This bike comes with two detachable training wheels so they can start riding with the comfort and safety of a tricycle for their first months of practice. Once they’re ready, you can remove the extra wheels and turn the Maxi into a standard two-wheel bike.

Veloretti’s Maxi bike also comes with a back-pedal brake and a hand brake, so your child can become comfortable with both. 

This bike comes in all of Veloretti’s kids’ colour choices:  Blue Yonder, Dakota Red, Desert Moss, Full Black, Pebble Grey, Havana Blue, Bananarama, Blazing Salmon. 

As with all Veloretti products, you can customize this purchase by adding accessories. The extras available for the Maxi include a wire or wicker basket, a bell, or a set of LED lights.

You can purchase the Veloretti Maxi bike for €229. 

Veloretti Junior Kids Review

The Veloretti Junior Kids was made with older riders in mind. Veloretti designed this bike for kids measuring 118-138 centimetres, or about 6- to 8-years-old.

This bike shares a lot of the classic style and functional features offered in the other Veloretti kids bikes. The Junior has a backpedal brake and a handbrake, with larger, 20-inch wheels.

Weighing 9 kg, this bike is still nice and lightweight. You can also deck it out with a wicker or wire basket and a selection of bells. 

Veloretti also allows you to add a frame lock and LED lights for added safety and security as your child cycles further afield.

Your budding cyclist can choose from the following colours: Blue Yonder, Dakota Red, Desert Moss, Full Black, Pebble Grey, Havana Blue, Bananarama, and Blazing Salmon. 

You can buy the Veloretti Junior Kids bike for €269

Who Is Veloretti For? 

Veloretti Review

Veloretti designs their bikes and accessories for cyclists of any age or gender. They have several men’s and women’s bikes on offer, and their new electric bikes are unisex and will appeal to anyone who wants a quick (and green!) commute to work.

Their product line also includes several models designed to help kids learn their initial cycling skills – Tricycles and roller bikes, like the Mini. They also have Maxi and Junior bikes for children who are adjusting to riding standard bicycles.

This brand also has people of different budgets covered. You can choose Veloretti’s most basic pedal bikes for a few hundred Euro, giving you affordable access to a reliable, well-built mode of transportation. If you’re ready to make a more significant investment, you can purchase one of their convenient electric models for under €3000.

Is Veloretti Sustainable? 

Veloretti Review

Veloretti’s bikes are made for committed cyclists who use their bikes for long-distance cycling, or even to commute to work. Their electric bike options help make bike travel more convenient, sustainable, and accessible to everyone

Their line of children’s bikes also prioritizes sustainability. Their bikes adjust to grow with your kids and have features that let you convert tricycles into two-wheelers, so you can use the same Veloretti kids bike as long as possible.

The brand also participates in the Netherlands’ national bike plan, offering employers the opportunity to buy their bikes for their workforce. 

Because Veloretti’s bikes are a realistic green replacement for your vehicle, this company is making a solid contribution to sustainability.

Veloretti Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Veloretti Review

While writing this Veloretti review, I found that the brand has attracted customers looking for a reliable, stylish everyday bike that doesn’t break the bank. 

While their own website doesn’t collect customer reviews, I found Veloretti reviews on several other sites, including popular consumer review site Trustpilot. There, shoppers rank the brand at 3.8 out of 5 stars

One customer who ordered the Ivy bike was pleased with the performance and build of their bike. They write in their Trustpilot Veloretti review: “Ivy is delivered! It fits perfectly and drives great!” 

Another Veloretti review comes from a shopper who bought a Veloretti Kids bike for their child: “The bike itself was ever better then expected, the packaging was good as well…My daughter really loves her new bike.”

Some customers also compliment the chic style of Veloretti’s bikes. One buyer writes in their Veloretti review: “The product itself was as expected and is beautiful.” Another customer reports in their Trustpilot Veloretti review, “It looks cool in the website but in person is way better.” 

Other customers also praise the option to accessorize your bike to suit your personal style when purchasing. 

Some Veloretti reviews and comments on both Facebook and Trustpilot share frustration with having to wait for their bike or cycling accessories to be delivered, due to shipping delays. 

I noticed the brand addressing and replying to these posts and even saw some customers respond that their bikes arrived soon after, or that their issues were otherwise resolved. Many of these customers also mentioned that when they did arrive, their purchases were beautiful bikes that cycled well.

Veloretti has also been mentioned in cycling reviews and forums on the website Reddit. One customer shared that they purchased the Cafechaser bike and really enjoyed using it. They write in their Veloretti review, “Excellent bike. Totally happy with it! Would seriously recommend.”

Another customer also spoke highly of the Cafechaser bike, writing in his Veloretti review: “My wife had one. Very light and good quality for it’s price.”

The Electric Ace was also reviewed by the bike expert at He finds that this bike’s motor options really helped deliver a smooth and easy cycle. He shares in his Veloretti review: The bike rides wonderfully thanks to the quiet motor, the Gates timing belt, the stepless gear hub and a combination of a force and a rotation sensor. There are five support positions, the middle one feels like you always have tailwind.”

Overall, Veloretti customers are generally pleased with their purchases. Many noted that their bikes had the same beautiful aesthetic as shown on their website and the bikes themselves were easy to handle and comfortable to ride.

Is Veloretti Worth It?

Veloretti Review

To determine if Veloretti’s bikes are worth purchasing, I considered their function, style, customer reactions, and value. 

Veloretti has many positive reviews from happy customers who loved the feel of their bikes and appreciated their beautiful style. Most customers were able to set their bikes up easily and praise their fit and feel on the road!

Customers who preferred a traditional bike appreciated the vintage, old-fashioned style of the Cafechaser model. Avid cyclists enjoyed being able to get a boost on long distance rides with Veloretti’s new Electric Ace and Ivy models. 

Veloretti has a good product and a great purchasing layout on their website. They have bikes to meet a variety of transportation needs and do it in impeccable Dutch design style. They also offer a substantial range of add-ons and customizations, from baskets to seats to handlebars, that can make your new ride uniquely your own. 

The brand also has a great line of bikes for young riders that are designed to grow with your kid and get them comfortable with cycling from an early age

This brand is able to offer their bikes at a lower price than many competitors since they have a direct factory-to-customer business model that cuts out the higher retail pricing found with brick-and-mortar stores. That said, customers in the Netherlands can still go to the brand’s showroom to check out their bikes before they buy!

To conclude this Veloretti review, I can certainly recommend giving these stylish, functional bikes a try!

Veloretti Promotions & Discounts 

Veloretti Review

Veloretti is currently offering the Electric Ace and Electric Ivy bikes for a discounted price of €2499. They have announced on their website that this is a sale price which will soon be increasing, but they have not shared the standard price yet.

This company is also currently offering free shipping on all orders over €100.

Where to Buy Veloretti

Veloretti Review

You can purchase all Veloretti products on their official website.


Veloretti Review

Who owns Veloretti?

Veloretti is owned by Dutch entrepreneur Ferry Zonder. 

Does Veloretti ship internationally?

Veloretti ships to most EU countries. However, their electric bikes are only available in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium at the moment.

What is Veloretti’s Shipping Policy?

Veloretti reports that their in-stock products generally arrive in 3-5 business days after your order is processed. Once your purchase is confirmed you will be able to track your product until it arrives.

Veloretti offers free shipping on orders over €100.

What is Veloretti’s Return Policy?

Any item you buy from Veloretti can be returned within 30 days by contacting the company to initiate a refund and mailing it back. Products need to be returned unused and in their original packaging. If they confirm that the product is still in good condition, they will refund you within two weeks.

How to Contact Veloretti

I hope you enjoyed this Veloretti review! For any lingering questions, you can contact the brand in two ways:

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