Vintage Frames Review

About Vintage Frames 

Vintage Frames Review

“Eyewear is not meant to fit your face, it’s meant to fit your personality.” So said Corey Shapiro, owner of the Vintage Frames Company, and that is why his sunglasses are hugely popular with everyone, including celebs. 

This brand takes stylish, retro frames, adds some modern lenses, and ends up with styles that create their own trends.

Vintage Frames’ Instagram has amassed 243k followers. Celebrities known to sport these cool shades include Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Kirsten Stewart, Selena Gomez, and many more. 

My Vintage Frames review will take an in-depth look into this unique brand’s products and customer reviews so that you can make an informed decision before buying. 

Overview of Vintage Frames

Vintage Frames Review

As a kid growing up in Montreal, Canada, Corey Shapiro found himself entranced by the “Garmentos,” the guys who ran the thriving garment industry in Montreal, a hub of fashion at the time. 

In the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, they drove Cadillacs and wore velour suits, big watches, and large-framed sunglasses.

Shapiro saw those sunglasses as giving the wearer a sense of mystique. Later, he became a tour manager and created his own sense of streetwear style. 

He took that style to the next level when he opened Vintage Frames in 2008. After obtaining thousands of vintage frames, he designed lenses for them and mixed and matched colors for added flair.

Into the 2000s, what became popular in sunglasses was subtle looks with a focus on medical properties. Shapiro wanted to bring back the flare of the 70s, 80s, and 90s with the advances in lenses that add the modern twist. 

While you can wear these shades with any outfit, they are made to take street style to the next level. And they do. It wasn’t long before Vintage Frames’ unique style caught on, especially with celebrities. 

While some are very expensive, Shapiro is careful to keep sunglasses available at a price point that is more affordable for many of us. He wants to see everyone able to enjoy his shades and is known for his excellent customer service, no matter who you are.

Vintage Frames is located in Montreal, where it has two stores, which are as funky and cool as their designer. One is like the Wayne Manor with doors behind bookcases, and the other uses Caesar’s Palace as an homage to Elton John’s residency there. 

Before I steer this Vintage Frames review into some of these fun shades, let’s take a glance at what’s so unique about this brand.


Vintage Frames Review
  • Unique retro frames
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Sunglasses worn by celebrities
  • Variety of price points 
  • Financing available through Sezzle 

Vintage Frames Review

Vintage Frames’ full online collection, at present, has 165 different sunglasses in a variety of frame styles and colors that are mixed and matched with a slew of colored lenses. 

The prices range from under $100 to more than $500, with 32 options available in the under $100 category. In this Vintage Frames review I will check out several of their best-selling sunglasses to get the ball rolling in style. 

Vintage Frames VF XXL Geometric Neon Green Review

Vintage Frames Review
Vintage Frames VF XXL Geometric Neon Green

You probably don’t know it, but you’ve likely seen these frames before. They weren’t neon green, but the VF XXL geometric sunglasses featured on Robert De Niro in Casino and The Weeknd in his Blinding Lights video. 

With a multifaceted curve near the temple on the rims, these oversized, thick-framed glasses command attention, especially in neon green.

The lenses are green gradient and flash purple to add some extra flair. Show your bright and unique personality through your eyewear for $300.

Vintage Frames VF V-Decor XL Woods 24kt Gold/Dark Wood Review

Vintage Frames Review
Vintage Frames VF V-Decor XL Woods 24kt Gold/Dark Wood

Vintage Frames have a wide range of styles, from thick to no frames. The V-Decor XL Woods is the latest in this brand’s line of drill mount sunglasses. 

Let’s get right into what makes these frames so special. First, the temple pieces are made of handcrafted dark wood. Secondly, they are adorned with lines of gold that lead up to the artistically designed drill mounts. Third, the mounts have spring hinges to ensure a comfortable fit for all.

This classy, elegant number attaches to oval, octagonal, brown triple gradient lenses, or, for a little more color, you can get the candy pink multiflash lenses. The nose piece is a square, golden arch for an added stylistic touch. 

You can look sophisticated and stylish in a pair for $400.   

Vintage Frames VF XXL Black Jet Black Review 

Vintage Frames Review
Vintage Frames VF XXL Black Jet Black

Wait a minute, don’t these look a little familiar? That’s because they’re the same sunglasses as the geometric neon green ones, but the VF XXL in black have also been seen in Ocean’s Eleven and on the guys in Run-DMC. 

These custom lenses are hand-dipped to allow you to see out while no one can see in. Look your best even on the days after a sleepless night for $250.

Vintage Frames VF Billionaire Black Jet Black Review

Vintage Frames Review
Vintage Frames VF Billionaire Black Jet Black

Although the VF Billionaire Black looks like you should be rich to wear it, it is far too cool looking for the average billionaire. 

With a classic, regular-sized, thick, black acetate frame from tip to tip, it gets its styling from the gold accents. These start with three gold circle studs where the mounts are attached at the temple, as well as two larger ones on the arm.

La pièce de résistance is the line of gold that runs around the center of the eye frames. There is also a small twisted wire that runs from the gold line to the arm. All these strategically placed gold accents take an ordinary frame and make it something special. 

Look like a billion bucks in these shades for $400

Vintage Frames VF Bal Harbour drill mount 24kt gold Fire Red Gradient Review

Vintage Frames Review
Vintage Frames VF Bal Harbour drill mount 24kt gold Fire Red Gradient

The VF Bal Harbour is an homage to the people and the place in Miami. As Corey Shapiro sat enjoying a meal there, he was intrigued by their particular, high-end styles. Scribbling on a napkin, he created this drill mount and rimless design that shouts sophistication. The rectangular, oversized lenses come in a choice of ten gradient colors as well as clear.

The arms borrow directly from fine jewelry, ending in black earpieces and starting with the signature double mounts. The one sturdy wire is twisted and leads into a tiny decorative coil and then into an artistic rectangle before reaching the hinge.

Take the class and sophistication of Bal Harbour with you anywhere for $300.

Who Is Vintage Frames For? 

Vintage Frames Review

Since these unique sunglasses are unisex, while writing this Vintage Frames review I feel that this brand is for anyone and everyone. The range of price points emphasizes that anyone can get these. Most of their shades are between $100 and $200, which is pretty inexpensive, especially for something unique, high-quality, and helps you express the real you.

Vintage Frames Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vintage Frames Review

Now it’s time to hand the mic over to verified customers and see what they’re saying in their Vintage Frames reviews. 

Unfortunately, there weren’t a ton of places the find juicy customer opinions as the brand doesn’t have them on their website. I was able to find a couple of places to give us an idea of how customers feel about the products and the brand.

The first thing I noticed is that many of the testimonials had great things to say about this brand’s customer service. Check out this review on Trustpilot, where the brand got 4.2/5 stars out of 59 reviews. They say:

“VF has always had the best customer service. They get right back with you ASAP you may even hear from the CEO if he has time, supper classy people!” 

It’s true. Corey Shapiro is passionate about sunglasses and people, so it isn’t rare to see him helping customers. Some people just can’t get enough of Shapiro and Vintage Frames. You’ll need to wear a mask for this next review because their enthusiasm is infectious:

“First let’s talk about how fast the shipping is!!! I got my glasses in a matter of a couple days from Canada to Georgia!!! The quality is un matched! Gives you a super high end designer look! People will be commenting you all day when you wear Vintage Frames!!! I love all my glasses from this company! Always will be a customer!!!

The quality, style, and customer service have made a lot of loyal customers. To wrap things up with a nice little bow of positivity, let’s look at some of the attribute ratings that Knoji has based on 13 Vintage Frames reviews, with a 3.9/5 stars overall rating.

  • Popularity – 5/5 stars
  • Customer Service & Brand – 5/5 stars
  • Shipping & Returns Policy – 4/5 stars
  • Customer Specific Discounts – 3/5 stars
  • Financing Options – 3/5 stars

These ratings show that the lack of options for financing and lack of customer discounts seem to be the only reasons Vintage Frames doesn’t rate as 5/5 stars overall. But given the various price point options, those are not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Is Vintage Frames Worth It?

Vintage Frames Review

Okay, on to the crux of the matter – are these shades worth your money? Even though there weren’t thousands of customer reviews, the couple of hundred or so that I did see told the story. 

It’s the tale of a brand that is doing all it can to make customers happy with its stylish and unique designs, each of which makes a statement and looks fabulous.

The various price points keep this brand attainable for anyone and everyone, and the styles are some you won’t find anywhere else. 

On top of that, their quality seems to be superior, the customer service is unmatched, and these sunglasses allow you to show off your personality. So, yes, absolutely. Vintage Frames are most definitely worth your money.

Vintage Frames Promotions & Discounts 

Vintage Frames Review

At the time of this Vintage Frames review, I found a couple of ways that you might save some money buying through their website:

  • Check out the sales section on their website
  • Exclusive promotions when signing up for alerts
  • Financing available with sezzle

Where to Buy Vintage Frames

Vintage Frames Review

It seems the best, and basically, the only place to get Vintage Frames outside of Canada is on their website at

You may also find them at Neiman Marcus, but the excellent customer service should steer you in the website’s direction.


Vintage Frames Review

Who owns Vintage Frames?

Founder Corey Shapiro still owns and runs Vintage Frames.

Does Vintage Frames ship internationally?

Yes, Vintage Frames ship globally from Canada.

What is Vintage Frames’ Shipping Policy?

Vintage Frames covers the shipping on orders over $150 to anywhere in North America. For orders under $150, shipping to the US is $15. You are also responsible for the duties at the time of receipt of your order. The processing times are as follows:

  1. 2-3 business days – regular
  2. 3-5 business days – custom lenses
  3. 10-14 business days – Rx lenses (optician input required)

Shipping takes 1-4 business days to the US.

What is Vintage Frames’ Return Policy?

Vintage Frames do not do returns, only exchanges. You have seven days from the date of receipt to return an item for exchange. 

You must pick up the shipping charges unless your glasses are faulty or damaged. In that case, contact them at [email protected]. Exchanges are not done on custom or prescription glasses. They are final sales.

Here’s what to do for an exchange:

  1. Put the glasses back in the original packaging with the original paperwork
  2. Get an RA number from [email protected]
  3. Write the RA number on the package
  4. Mark the package as “returned to sender” or “returned for warranty.”
  5. Send to:

Vintage Frames Company

C/O Returns Department

4873 Notre-Dame Ouest

Montreal, QC 



How to Contact Vintage Frames

Vintage Frames Review

If you have any questions that my Vintage Frames review did not cover, feel free to reach out to the brand directly through the following methods of contact:

  • Phone: (438) 834-1834
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fill out their Online Contact Form
  • Snail Mail: 4873 Notre-Dame St. West, Montreal, QC, H4C 1S9, Canada

Their customer service hours are 9 am to 5 pm EST Monday through Friday.

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