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Vitapod Review

Health and hydration basically go hand in hand[1]. If you’re not drinking those 8 glasses of water during the day, chances are you’re not getting all the hydration you need from one helping of watermelon. 

But, not everyone loves the ‘taste’ of water[2]. Some people say it tastes like nothing, others dislike chlorine, and some turn their nose up at run-of-the-mill tap water. And hey, we’re all allowed to have our preferences! 

Luckily, Vitapod offers a healthier and tastier way to drink water with a pod system similar to a coffee machine. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to get your bottle of water prepped for the day as you brew that warm cup of morning java. 

The concept for Vitapod was developed by the brand’s founder, Brian Kennedy. He was frustrated with trying to ensure his family was getting their recommended intake of hydration everyday. There’s nothing trickier than trying to get little ones to do something they don’t want to! 

Alongside his son Patrick and a team of scientists, professors, and doctors, Brian came up with a solution in 2018. They worked together to develop a drink backed by natural ingredients, offering all the benefits of hydration but with a delicious taste

Today, the company sells your everyday essentials: a reusable 18oz water bottle, plenty of different flavored pods, and a machine that can be used to fill the bottles up.  

Ready to transform your glass of boring old water? Tune into my Vitapod review as I guide you through some of the brand’s best-selling products and how the system works, share customer ratings, and cover their materials and features to help you decide if it’s the solution for you!

Why You Should Trust Us

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenient delivery system: Vitapod delivers vitamin supplements in a pod format, making it easy to take your daily dose of vitamins without the need for measuring or mixing.
  • Customizable options: Vitapod allows users to customize their vitamin regimen based on their individual needs and preferences.
  • High-quality ingredients: Vitapod uses high-quality ingredients in its supplements, which are formulated to be easily absorbed by the body.
  • Sustainability: Vitapod pods and packaging are fully recyclable, which may appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.


  • Cost: Vitapod can be more expensive than traditional vitamin supplements, especially if you opt for customized options.
  • Limited selection: While Vitapod offers a range of vitamins, the selection may not be as extensive as other vitamin supplement brands.
  • Potential waste: While Vitapod is fully recyclable, there is still potential for waste if the pods are not disposed of properly.
  • Allergies and intolerances: Some individuals may have allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients used in Vitapod supplements, which could limit their ability to use the product.
  • Usability: The machine might be too big for certain kitchens so the best solution might be the Vitapod Go instead.


Vitapod Review

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin and antioxidant that plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy immune system, supporting collagen synthesis, and promoting wound healing. Medical studies have suggested that vitamin C may help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and some cancers. Additionally, some research indicates that vitamin C may improve the absorption of iron from plant-based foods.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another essential vitamin that supports bone health, helps to regulate calcium and phosphorus levels in the body, and has important roles in immune function and cell growth. Medical studies suggest that vitamin D may help reduce the risk of developing some chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, certain types of cancer, and heart disease.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Medical studies have suggested that vitamin E may help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and some types of cancer.


Zinc is an essential mineral that is important for immune function, wound healing, and cell growth and division. Medical studies suggest that zinc may help reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms and may also help reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.


Polyphenols and flavonoids are powerful antioxidants developed by plants over millions of years to protect themselves from UV radiation and viruses. Studies show that flavonoids can help protect our cells from free radical damage, which can contribute to the development of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. These are under consumed in America and critical for long term optimal health and wellness.


Vitapod is a customizable, pod-based vitamin and supplement system that aims to provide a convenient, personalized, and sustainable approach to health and wellness. Some of the features of Vitapod include:

  1. Customization: Vitapod offers a wide range of vitamin and supplement pods that can be customized based on an individual’s unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Users can select from a variety of options such as multivitamins, immune support, energy and focus, sleep aid, and more.
  2. Sustainability: Vitapod aims to reduce waste and promote sustainability by using recyclable pods and minimizing packaging. The company also offers a pod recycling program to encourage users to recycle their used pods.
  3. Convenience: Vitapod is designed to be a convenient and easy-to-use system. The pods are pre-measured and can be easily inserted into the Vitapod machine, which dispenses the supplements in a liquid form. You can also use the Vitapod Go for when you’re out and about.
  4. Transparency: Vitapod provides detailed information about the ingredients and dosage of each pod, as well as information about the scientific research and studies that support the effectiveness of the supplements.
  5. Personalized guidance: Vitapod offers personalized guidance and recommendations to help users choose the right supplements for their individual needs and goals. The company also provides access to a team of health and wellness experts who can offer additional support and advice.

How to Use Vitapod

Vitapod is a vitamin supplement delivery system that uses a proprietary technology to deliver precise doses of vitamins and minerals in a convenient and easy-to-use format. Here is how it works:

  1. Choose your pod: Vitapod offers a range of vitamin and mineral pods that you can choose from, based on your individual needs and preferences.
  2. Load the pod: Once you have selected your pod, you can load it into the Vitapod machine or the Vitapod Go lid for the on-the-go system. The machine will automatically recognize the pod and dispense the precise dose of vitamins and minerals contained in the pod.
  3. Drink and enjoy: You then have a delicious and nutritious beverage that you can enjoy on the go.

The Vitapod machine uses a technology called “ultrasonic blending” to ensure that the vitamins and minerals are evenly distributed in the water, and that they are easily absorbed by the body. This technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create a fine mist, which is then mixed with the water to create a smooth and refreshing beverage.

5 Best-Selling Vitapod Products

As this Vitapod review has mentioned, the drinks aren’t only focused on hydration. Every pod is packed with nutrients and natural ingredients to help you reach the recommended daily intake of water, vitamins and minerals, and flavonoids[4]

Now we know that they’re nutritious and flavorsome, but what about convenience? Well, the 32 oz Vitapod Go water bottle itself reduces waste and is simple to fill up, but users can also opt for a recurring subscription to their chosen pod flavors and save 20% plus free shipping plus up to 40% off your first order! Here’s how:

  1. Choose the Vitapod Go Starter Bundle
  2. Choose the drink you’d like to add to your daily routine
  3. Click the ‘Subscribe and Save’ button’ with the recurring delivery time of 30 or 60 days
  4. Save 20% on every purchase of the pods and get the Vitapod Go for only $15
  5. Receive the pods automatically every 30 or 60 days with automatic free shipping.

Down below, this Vitapod review will guide you through some of the brand’s top-sellers. This includes the machine, Vitapod Go bottle, and some crowd favorite flavors!

Vitapod Go Starter Bundle Review

If you’re ready to take the next sip, the Vitapod Go Starter Bundle has everything you need, at the best prices, along with a convenient subscription plan. This plan makes it easy to get started, and even easier to continue since you never have to stress about repurchasing your pods.

On your first month, your order will come with a 32 or 22 oz pro-grade stainless steel water bottle, 30 flavored pods of your choice, and the Vitapod Go lid.Prices start from $50.99(on sale from $84.98). After that, the 30 pods will be delivered every 30 or 60 days based on your prefernce with a 20% discount and free shipping.

Customers say: “After drinking a bottle’s worth, my thirst was quenched for 3 extra hours longer than normal.

Vitapod Machine Starter Kit Review

If you’re more of a homebody, the Machine Starter Kit has exactly what you’re after. This kit comes with a drink machine and reusable 18 oz water bottle with Go Lid so you can enjoy your drink even when out of the home.

The drink machine seamlessly blends filtered water with the tasty concentrate in the pods. Water passes through the carbon filter multiple times, before it is mixed with the contents of the pod in a clear mixing chamber. Then, the fluid is dispensed into your 18 oz water bottle, which is insulated to keep your drink cool all day. 

For an enhanced drinking experience of clean, crisp, and delicious water, opt for the Machine Starter Kit. The set retails for $350, but is currently on sale for $250. If you want the best value upgrade to the Ultimate Hydration Bundle which includes 3 packs of pods (90 pods) for an additional $84 ($28 per pack which is our lowest price!)

Customers say: “I absolutely love my vitapod machine system. It’s clean and efficient and makes recycling the used pods simple.

Vitapod Hydra+ Blueberry Pomegranate Review

I’ve talked plenty about the flavors thus far in my Vitapod review. But what does Vitapod have in store? Well, the Hydra+ Blueberry Pomegranate pods are a real hit. Like the name suggests, these pods are packed with a delicious blend of natural blueberry and pomegranate flavors for a refreshing and fruity taste.

The Hydra+ line from Vitapod blends natural ingredients with electrolytes for optimal hydration. Plus, it incorporates vitamins A, C, D, E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, as well as flavonoids, to increase your overall daily intake of those beneficial nutrients. 

The Hydra+ Blueberry Pomegranate pods come in a pack of 30 and retail for $45, or $36 with a monthly subscription and free shipping. That’s as low as $0.60 a 17 fl oz serving!

Customers say: “The Vitapod helps me drink sufficient liquids during the day. I’ve never enjoyed plain water, so these pods result in an enjoyable, refreshing drink!

Vitapod Immunity+ Blackberry Mint Review

Building and maintaining a healthy immune system[6] is incredibly important. So how do you do that? With the Immunity+ Blackberry Mint pods! Packed with plant-based antioxidants and plenty of nutrients, these are designed to serve as a pillar of immunity.

These pods are formulated using bilberry extract, isoquercetin, green tea extract, and a blend of minerals. This combo is specifically designed to provide the body with the extra nutrients it needs to maintain overall health and wellness, even during flu season!

The Immunity+ Blackberry Mintpods offer a boost of fruity and refreshing taste when you’re experiencing the midday lull. They come in a pack of 30 and retail for $55 or $45 with a subscription and free shipping. That’s as low as $0.75 a 17 fl oz serving!

Customers say: “I absolutely LOVE Immunity +. I don’t know who came up with this flavor combo, but it’s amazing! I haven’t been drinking it long enough yet to know if it’s making a difference healthwise, but I intend to keep drinking it!

Vitapod Hydra+ Cotton Candy Review

It’s pretty universal: all kids love cotton candy. Adults too. For a sweet taste and plenty of hydration, try out the Hydra+ Cotton Candy pods! Made from a blend of electrolytes, nutrients, and plant-based ingredients, this drink offers plenty of health benefits with a sweet taste.

Bonus? Despite the cotton candy taste, these pods have zero sugars or artificial flavors. So, if you’re on the hunt for plenty of hydration, nutrients, and flavor, this is the option for you! A pack of 30 Hydra+ Cotton Candy pods retails for $45 or $36 with a monthly subscription and free shipping. That’s as low as $0.60 a 17 fl oz serving!

Customers say: “Love it find myself drinking more water now.”

What Do Experts Think About Vitapod?

Vitapod is a supplement system that is designed to provide personalized and convenient nutrition through a variety of nutrient-rich pods. The ingredients in Vitapod are backed by scientific research and studies that support their potential health benefits.

For example, many of the vitamins and minerals included in Vitapod have been extensively studied for their roles in supporting overall health and well-being. Vitamin C, for instance, is an antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage and supports immune function, while Vitamin D is important for bone health and immune system function.

Other ingredients in Vitapod, such as turmeric and ginger, have been studied for their potential anti-inflammatory properties, and omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to support heart health and cognitive function.

While the ingredients in Vitapod have scientific backing, it’s important to note that individual results may vary and more research is needed to fully understand their potential benefits.

Who Is Vitapod For? 

Vitapod Review

Dealing with kids that always want juice instead of water? Or do you have a hard time making that decision for yourself? Designed for the whole family, Vitapod carries a wide selection of flavors that appeal to different tastes! 

On top of that, it’s hard for anyone to pack their daily dose of nutrients into their diet regularly. Sometimes that takeout pizza is simply calling your name. Or, you eat as healthy as possible but some minerals still fall into the cracks. Vitapod offers a simple solution that keeps you hydrated all day.

Who Should Not Take Vitapod?

There aren’t any groups of people who wouldn’t benefit from Vitapod, but there are some, like those who already eat a balanced and nutritious diet or people who drink more than 8 cups of water daily, who may find the products redundant.

They’re already getting all their vitamins and necessary hydration, so the only reason to add Vitapod would be for the taste.

Vitapod Alternatives

If you like what you’ve read in this Vitapod review but want something a tad different, consider checking out the following brands:

  • Hydrant Drink: Electrolyte drink mixes with adaptogens like caffeine and green tea extract.
  • Liquid I.V.: Hydrating mixes with additional benefits for sleep or providing energy.
  • Drink LMNT: High-sodium electrolyte mixes that are designed to be consumed during exercise.

Vitapod Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vitapod Review

This Vitapod review wouldn’t be complete without some customer testimonials! Considering the brand is newer on the market, there aren’t too many ratings floating around the internet as of right now. But, I was able to source comments from the brand’s website, Moms Meet, and Smiling Notes.

On the Vitapod website,  1,000+ customers rate the brand 5/5 stars. One shopper describes how it makes the perfect gift for the family as it’s easy to use and super convenient: “I got this for my hubby since he has to drink more water, and I end up using it too. It’s easy having it on auto so we don’t forget to order.”

Another buyer explains how the brand truly delivers on exactly what it describes: “Hydra+ Blueberry Pomegranate Delicious Healthy Hydration Drink tastes fully true to fruit refreshing. I appreciate the high nutritional values, antioxidants and electrolytes. The Vitapod Machine whips it up cool in an instant.”

The brand is also highly rated on Moms Meet, with 60 reviewers rating the brand 5/5 stars. One patron writes how the delicious flavors help them drink more water: “I have been drinking way more water and actually enjoying it. Easy to use and a really tasty way to get in more water and daily vitamins.”

Another customer describes how much they enjoy the experience as a whole: “It’s great to have filtered water ready to go with delicious pods full of vitamins and other goodness. It’s so much fun to watch it mix – it’s always a production in our house! I can’t rave enough about the flavors – they are delicious and not salty like other hydration products.”

On Smiling Notes, one happy customer loves how the machine works and is impressed with the flavors: “I was pleasantly surprised to find out that all the different flavors of the pods taste really amazing. Ever since we set up the machine, I have noticed that we are motivated to drink more water.”

Overall, Vitapod is widely praised for its excellent performance. The flavor selection is vast and suits anyone’s tastes, while the machine itself makes the process fun and easy. Plus, the ingredients help users improve their overall hydration and intake of nutrients. And all of this is packed into a fun and tasty drink! 

Is Vitapod Worth It?

Vitapod Review

There are plenty of things that make Vitapod worth the buy. First up, it’s the use of natural ingredients and focus on sustainability. Its emphasis on recyclable and biodegradable materials definitely makes it a great company to stand behind.

Vitapod offers a great way to include nutrients and hydration into your diet by making water taste like juice. Developed by doctors and scientists, the brand ensures they’re promoting a healthy and beneficial formulation.

Before writing this Vitapod review, I might have said that there wasn’t anything healthier to drink than a tall glass of water. Turns out, there is. And it’s a Vitapod drink! Talk about shifting your perspective to a glass half full. 

Vitapod Promotions & Discounts 

Vitapod Review

Looking to save on your next order of delicious drinks? Here’s what this Vitapod review found:

  • Receive $5% off your first order when you subscribe to the brand’s email list
  • Save 20% plus free shipping when you subscribe for monthly shipments of pods

Where to Buy Vitapod

Vitapod Review

Currently, Vitapods are only available for purchase in the US. You can shop them on the brand’s website, vitapodworld.com.


Vitapod Review

Who created Vitapod?

Vitapod was founded by its owner Brian Kennedy. He was on a mission to create a drink that tasted great while offering “optimal nutrition and hydration.”

How many Vitapods are in a pouch?

All of the Vitapod pouches come with 30 pods, ranging from only 4–20 calories each depending on the beverage.

How many Vitapod drinks can I have each day?

The maximum amount of daily recommended Vitapod drinks depends on the product and the age of the consumer. This information should be disclosed on the packaging of the specific pods.

Does Vitapod ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this Vitapod review found that the brand currently only ships within the US. I hope that it will be available worldwide soon!

What is Vitapod’s Shipping Policy?

Vitapod offers free and tracked standard delivery on orders over $30. At checkout, shoppers can opt for ground or 2-day express shipping. All packages are sent out via USPS or UPS.

What is Vitapod’s Return Policy?

Not sure about the Vitapod Starter Pack? Opened pod packages do not qualify for returns but the machines are accepted back within 30 days. That being said, customers will still receive a full refund if the pods were purchased in packs with the machines.

A 1 year warranty covers any manufacturer defects. Simply contact the brand for more information on the return process; remember that refunds take around 7-10 business days to show up in your account. 

How to Contact Vitapod

I hope you enjoyed our Vitapod review! If you have any further questions for the brand, contact them using the following methods:

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