Windmill Air Conditioner Review

About Windmill Air Conditioner

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

Forbes called the Windmill air conditioner the “iPhone of air conditioners,” thanks to its smart features, sleek, rounded design, and smooth operation. In the realm of cooling units, as the name suggests, the Windmill stands out. 

Using a dual filtration system to improve air quality while it cools, these new-age units also use a refrigerant that’s more eco-friendly. And because of all of these innovative and forward-thinking perks, Forbes isn’t the only one to feature the brand. 

You’ll find the name in Well + Good, Architectural Digest, and many other noteworthy publications. And even though it’s a relatively new brand, it’s already amassed a following of 12k on Instagram. So is it right for your home? My aim in this Windmill Air Conditioner review is to help you figure that out. 

Let’s take a look at the brand’s background first, then move along to its products, customer feedback, promotions, and more.

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Overview Of Windmill 

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

What do you get when you put together excellent customer service, a kind returns policy, innovative tech, and sleek, modern design? If you weren’t reading this Windmill Air Conditioner review, I bet you wouldn’t say a cooling unit. 

The interesting thing about Windmill is that, even though it’s a new-age concept, the company has roots in the 1960s when a guy the brand’s founders call Grandpa Tony started an AC business. While Windmill isn’t the same company, Tony’s idea was revolutionary back then, just as my featured brand is today. 

Windmill is the brainchild of brothers Mike and Danny Mayer who teamed up with an industry expert named Ryan Figlia. Together, they developed an air conditioner to put an end to all others out there and brought it to life in 2020. It’s simple, sleek, and smart, and promises to cool your rooms with healthier air than what you’re used to breathing in. 

And since air is the topic of interest for any AC brand, it matters that Windmill is dedicated to preserving trees. By investing in tree protection and restoration projects, it’s helping keep our planet a place where we can breathe freely. Let’s check out the highlights next.


Windmill Air Conditioner Review
  • 6000 and 8300 BTU units
  • Sleek, smooth design
  • Quiet
  • Smartphone and smart home compatible
  • Invests in tree preservation and restoration projects
  • Uses more eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Affordable prices
  • Offers ways to save
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Free returns
  • One-year limited warranty

Windmill has small and medium-sized air conditioners as well as a few accessories like filters and covers. Basically, it sells everything you need to effectively cool your home and keep your unit protected. 

And as you make your way through the following sections of this Windmill Air Conditioner review, you’ll come to know this cooling brand as one that’s incredibly unique. Take this feature, for example:

Windmill offers something called Eco Rewards™. It’s an energy management program that helps you save money (and the earth) by using less electricity. This service is only available in parts of New York right now, but the company hopes to increase the areas it’s available in soon. Now, let’s learn all about this innovative AC.

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

Windmill Air Conditioner Review
Windmill Air Conditioner

You’ve heard of smart ACs—probably even energy-efficient units—but there are few that check every single box when it comes to being eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, smart, quiet, and affordable. 

The Windmill Air Conditioner comes in 6000 and 8300 BTU units. Pro tip: take the square footage of your room and multiply it by 20. The answer is how many BTUs you’ll need to efficiently cool down your room. At 8300 BTUs, you can expect to cool a 10×15 bedroom. 

Where the Windmill really sets itself apart is in its design. Shooting air up and not directly out, it cools the air above and around you instead of projecting it directly in your face. And with three settings, you can pick how cold you’d like the room to be. Plus, thanks to its smart design, you can turn on your unit with the touch of your phone or use voice control to tell it to stop.

Personally, I like that it has auto-dimming LED lights which not only save energy but mean that you don’t have to sleep with an eye mask on just to ensure you enter your REM cycle. Speaking of non-disruptive features, the Windmill air conditioner promises a quiet operation too. 

At 60 lbs, it’s heavier than some other models out there, but it should take no longer than 45 minutes max to put it in your window. In fact, some customers report setting it up in just a fraction of that time. The 6000 BTU unit costs $395 usually but is on sale for $345. The 8300 BTU model goes for $415 but is marked down to $395.

Windmill Air Conditioner Accessories Review

Windmill’s main product is its air conditioner, but to make sure you and your unit stay protected over the years, it also offers a handful of accessories. From filters to winter covers, these handy bits and bobs are essential for a smooth and clean cooling experience. 

Windmill Air Conditioner Activated Carbon Filters Review 

Windmill Air Conditioner Activated Carbon Filters Review 
Windmill Air Conditioner Activated Carbon Filters

For clean air, carbon filters are the way to go. The Activated Carbon Filters come in a pack of four and fit right into your antimicrobial mesh filter. Offering an additional layer of protection from fumes, gases, VOCs, and odors, you’ll need to change your filter every three months to ensure you’re always getting clean air. 

When buying them, select whether you have a small or medium-sized unit. Both options cost $60. If you’d prefer, you can have a pack of 2, 3, or 4 sent to you annually. Do this and you’ll get the filters for a discount—from $25-$45.

Windmill Air Conditioner Mesh Filter Review 

Windmill Air Conditioner Mesh Filter Review 
Windmill Air Conditioner Mesh Filter

Your Windmill Air Conditioner comes with a Mesh Filter, and while it’s reusable and easy to clean, you may find that over time, you need a new one. If so, the brand sells individual filters to ensure your system is always up and running. 

The Mesh Filter is antimicrobial and is the same price whether you have a 6000 or 8300 BTU unit. Add one to your cart for $35.

Windmill Air Conditioner Winter Cover Confetti Review 

Windmill Air Conditioner Winter Cover Confetti Review 
Windmill Air Conditioner Winter Cover Confetti

Whether you like the colorful look of confetti or want to protect a unit in your child’s room, the Winter Cover Confetti is a fun pick. Made of water and mold-resistant cotton, it’s easy to take off, wash, and put back on. And since it’s small and folds down, you won’t have trouble finding a space to store it. 

All winter covers are packed and shipped by the folks at Windmill, so it can take up to 7-10 business days to ship out. Get yours for $40.

Windmill Air Conditioner Winter Cover Breeze Review

Windmill Air Conditioner Winter Cover Breeze Review
Windmill Air Conditioner Winter Cover Breeze

The Winter Cover Breeze has a cooling, chilly aesthetic. Featuring pale blue/gray waves of color, it has the look of how your AC blows—creating an aesthetically pleasing design you won’t be annoyed to look at. 

Designed by Sophie Collé, the cover is made from 100% cotton. It’s hardy and resists mold and water, protecting your unit during the cold season when it’s not in use. Purchase one for $40.

Windmill Air Conditioner Winter Cover Canvas Review

Windmill Air Conditioner Winter Cover Canvas Review
Windmill Air Conditioner Winter Cover Canvas

Like the brand’s other covers, the Winter Cover Canvas is made from 100% cotton. Plus, it’s water and mold-resistant which means you won’t have to clean it as often. Made in a basic white color with textured lines, it protects your unit year round and keeps things looking clean and tidy. Buy it for $40.

Who Is The Windmill Air Conditioner For? 

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

The Windmill Air Conditioner is unlike any other AC out there—no, really. Sure, others may have similarities to my featured brand, but none check every single one of the boxes. So, if you like techy devices and care about the planet, aesthetics, and staying cool, I think you’ll like what you get from Windmill.

Windmill Air Conditioner Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

All products need to work, but (and I think I speak for the masses here), when you’re hot, the need for an AC to really work becomes dire. There are a million and one different units on the market, so why choose this one? In this section of my Windmill Air Conditioner review, I’ll let the customers explain.

The first place I checked for feedback was the brand’s website. Boasting a score of 4.9/5 stars and 406 reviews, its signature unit appears to be loved and appreciated by many. Here’s one Windmill Air Conditioner review that tells why:

Absolutely ADORE this AC unit! Super sleek looking and I can operate from my phone — I can pump the AC as I leave work so it’s cool when I get back. Also VERY quiet and great air flow.

With its gorgeous design and smart features, you no longer have to wait 20 minutes for your room to cool down after you come home in a sweat. Simply turn it on from your smartphone before your commute. And what do people think of the company itself? Here’s what one customer had to say:

Windmill is a quality company that stands behind their product! Getting a replacement A/C when mine all of the sudden stopped working, was a smooth and almost painless process.” 

The same customers said that the unit does indeed get a room cold—like, very cold. Just be sure you’re following the guidelines and use it in smaller rooms for the best effect. 

The next Windmill Air Conditioner review we’ll check out is from Amazon. There, the unit was rated 4.4/5 stars by 298 shoppers. We’ll take a look at how the score breaks down first. 

  • 5 stars: 73%
  • 4 stars: 13%
  • 3 stars: 4%
  • 2 stars: 4%
  • 1 star: 7%

Here’s one detailed comment I found: “It’s incredibly easy to install and super thoughtful in the human-centered way it was designed. Example: all of the edges are curved, so if you find yourself struggling to install it on your own, unlike pretty much every other AC on the market, you won’t have to worry about cutting or hitting your hands with sharp edges.

As someone who knows exactly what this person is talking about, I wholeheartedly agree. Why are traditional ACs so sharp? Just like how many licks it takes to get the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.

So far, it’s clear that people like Windmill and are really pleased with their experience with the brand itself and the AC unit. Let’s look at one more Windmill Air Conditioner review to seal the deal.

This one comes from The Home Depot, where the AC was awarded 4.7/5 stars by 556 buyers. Here it is:

I love the look of this AC, it blends well. The back of the unit looks clean and sleek as well. As for function, it works like a dream. It got me through a long & hot heat wave in So.Cal. I was calling my room “the ice box.” The customer service has been great too. They’ve gotten back to me within 24hrs both times I’ve contacted.”

This final comment solidifies everything we’ve read so far in other Windmill Air Conditioner reviews, so I think it’s safe to say that this AC really does work—and if it doesn’t, the brand will happily and quickly resolve the issue.

Is Windmill Legit?

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

What’s the most important thing about air conditioners? They need to actually cool down a room. Because this fact is crucial when it comes to choosing the right unit, I took negative reviews very seriously in this Windmill Air Conditioner review. Also because, truly, I’ve been on the receiving end of a hot air-blowing menace before. 

I’ll start off by saying that Windmill has fantastic customer feedback. No matter where I checked, it has high ratings and even in-depth reviews by magazines. Plus, online tech publications recommended it. However, there’s a slim percentage of folks who say that the Windmill AC doesn’t work for them.

The most common negative feedback I found was in regard to technical issues. From concerns about noise to units not cooling properly, some people return their units right away. 

First off, I appreciate the fact that Windmill has a 30-day trial period where customers can actually do this. Secondly, issues like these are most likely covered by the brand’s one-year warranty. And lastly, Windmill has an excellent customer service team to help resolve issues. 

So, not only is Windmill legit, but it’s one of the rare brands out there that’s a pleasure to buy from. However, I will note that certain people report that their units are heavy and tricky to install. If you want to avoid the installation process altogether, the brand has partnered with TaskRabbit, however, this service will cost a small fee.

Is The Windmill Air Conditioner Worth It?

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

The Windmill Air Conditioner is like your ideal date. It’s smart, attractive, works, and cares about the environment. The unit is also relatively quiet and cools down rooms effectively. Oh, and it’s affordable too.

In terms of air conditioners, the market is pretty dull. All of the models look the same and even though there are some powerful ones out there that also happen to be smart, they’re crazy expensive. So, I appreciate that the folks at Windmill followed through by addressing today’s needs and still made sure the regular person could afford their units.

Windmill Air Conditioner Promotions & Discounts 

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

Considering the fact that the Windmill AC is less expensive than other units that don’t have all of the same great features, the simple fact of its existence is a perk. But if you need more, then you’ve come to the right place in this Windmill Air Conditioner review. 

To see how else the brand helps customers save a few bucks, I scoped out its website and found that it’s offering $20 off the 6000 BTU and 8300 BTU units. It also has a 30-day risk-free trial and free returns

Where To Buy A Windmill Air Conditioner

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

To shop directly with the brand and subscribe to receive its replacement filters, head to If you’d like to shop around, however, you can find the unit at Amazon, The Home Depot, and Walmart as well.


Windmill Air Conditioner Review

Who owns Windmill?

Brothers Mike and Danny Mayer paired up with Ryan Figlia to create the Windmill Air Conditioner. With a mission to totally change how we see and think of AC units, they launched their brand in 2018. 

Does Windmill ship internationally?

Right now, Windmill only ships within the contiguous US. If you live outside of that area, one of the brand’s retail partners may be able to ship to your location. 

What is Windmill’s shipping policy?

Once you place your order with Windmill online, its team starts putting it together and will ship it out on the very next business day. That means if you place your order on a Friday, they won’t send it until Monday. 

If you’d like to guarantee that you get your AC before the weekend is through and you’ll not be home on a weekday, you can get it delivered to a FedEx location or a friend’s house. That way, you’ll have some flexibility in terms of when you can pick it up. Smart stuff.

When your order is shipped, depending on where you live, it will take 2-5 business days to arrive at your location. But no matter where you live, all shipping costs are $25 and your AC will be delivered via FedEx Ground. 

What is Windmill’s return policy?

The Windmill Air Conditioner comes with a 30-day refund policy. So, if you’re not totally stoked about your order, you can refund it, but keep in mind that shipping and handling fees will not be refunded. Unless your unit arrives damaged—in that case, the company will send you a replacement or a complete refund. 

Here are some other important details about returns:

  1. All items must be returned in good condition
  2. You must send them back in their original packaging with all of the included paperwork, parts, and accessories
  3. To start the return process, get in contact with Windmill’s customer service team and they’ll give you instructions on what to do next

If you’re making a warranty claim instead of a return, you have one year from the date of purchase to start the process. All Windmill AC units come with a limited warranty that guarantees your unit will be in working condition and free from defects in materials and workmanship for 365 days. 

When the Windmill team receives your unit and it has been damaged or has signs of physical abuse, they’ll refund your warranty claim. If accepted, however, they’ll send you a replacement or repair your unit so that it’s in working condition. In some areas, an in-home inspection will be carried out instead of asking you to ship the unit back to their warehouse. 

To get in touch with the brand and start the process, use the email address included in the last section of this Windmill Air Conditioner review.

How To Contact Windmill 

Windmill Air Conditioner Review

So, you’ve reached the end of this Windmill Air Conditioner review, now what? If you still have questions, you can get in contact with the brand’s customer service team by sending an email to [email protected]

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