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XChair Review

When does a chair become a throne? When does a prince become a king? XChair provides an answer to those questions with their catalog of office chairs. Their chairs go above and beyond what typical office furniture can do.

Their chairs optimize blood flow, productivity, relaxation, and mobility. Some of them include heating and cooling pads as well as massage functionality. It’s no surprise that they’ve earned over 2k Instagram followers with features like those.

This XChair review will teach you everything you need to know about the company, their technology, their chairs, and what their customers think so that you can decide whether they’re right for you.

Overview of XChair

XChair Review

XChair is looking to cross the barriers between comfort, style, and productivity. They combine these aspects into a triforce of quality that hopes to surpass what other office chair distributors produce.

The company is sympathetic to workers that spend 40 hours of their week clacking away on keyboards. They realize how destructive this lifestyle can be to people’s health on a physical and mental level.

XChair wants to trounce the idea that office chairs have to make some sort of compromise between looking cool and feeling great. That’s why their products use fashionable designs and fabrics that are adorned around supportive bases.

They’re particularly proud of their dynamic variable lumbar support system. It’s a feature they build into most of their chairs that eliminates the need for adjustable backs. The chair’s very shape molds and supports each customer.

We’ll now transition to the next portion of this XChair review wherein we’ll mention some of the noblest aspects of this company.


  • Inventive line of office chairs and desks
  • Free shipping for orders within the United States
  • 15-year warranty on products
  • Financing payment plans available through Affirm
  • Certain chairs have a variety of customization options
XChair Review

We won’t cover every available, but here are the broad categories of items that the company produces. They make office chairs, massage chairs, desks, stools, monitor stands, and accessories.

XChair Review

This portion of our XChair review will highlight the proverbial legs that hold up the company’s metaphorical seat. These are some of the best-selling items you’ll find on the XChair website.

XChair Special Edition Holiday Chair Review

This chair might not look particularly seasonal nor celebratory. However, it is once you consider that every day you sit in the XChair Special Edition Holiday Chair is a holiday itself.

This chair comes with a few tricks up its sleeves. And by a few, we mean more than we could include in this XChair review. It has a curved m-foam seat that can keep your keister cool even in the middle of summer.

The seat is made of Brisa soft-touch fabric that can both support and comfort your back. It can help maintain your posture in a way that’ll make you want to sit up straight. Its wheels can slide silently along the ground with the smoothness of a shaved head. 

The XChair Special Edition Holiday Chair does a lot more too, including its ability to prop up your lumbar, recline to your comfort levels, and meet your body’s dimensions with its adjustable back and armrests.

The chair normally costs $2,115, but it’s on sale right now for $1,915.

XChair X-side Chair Review

Side chairs are often disparaged in the world of sliding office chairs, gaming chairs, and loveseats. However, the XChair X-side Chair seeks to demolish the idea that a side chair has to be relegated to a sidekick.

This chair establishes itself as the main character of whatever setting it finds itself in. It has the company’s patented dynamic variable lumbar support, meaning it can provide the comfort of a beefier office chair for a fraction of the size and price. 

Additionally, the XChair X-side Chair is made out of a light mesh material and a frame constructed from a single aluminum model. That makes this chair easy to move around without compromising its supporting abilities.

If it’s caught your eye, you should purchase the XChair X-side Chair soon since it’s on sale for $450 instead of its regular $550 price.

XChair Elemax Cooling Heat and Massage Unit Review

This item must’ve stepped out of our XChair review writers’ dreams. We often fantasize about getting a massage while we type away in our office chairs. It seems like the XChair Elemax Cooling Heat and Massage Unit can do that and much more.

This product is an attachment you can clip onto any XChair seat. It can either heat up or cool down. This feature attacks the nasty lower back sweats that any office worker knows and loathes. 

But let’s talk about the massage function because we know that’s what really perked your ears. The XChair Elemax Cooling Heat and Massage Unit has four different massage programs that provide either a constant or a variable schedule massage. 

It massages at two different levels of force because the company knows some people are more sensitive than others.

Strap the XChair Elemax Cooling Heat and Massage Unit onto your office chair and enter paradise for $160. That’s a discount on its average price of $180.

XChair X-TS Monitor Arm Review

When we think about posture and ergonomics we often forget about one of the most important factors, our sightline. Where our eyes go, the body follows. Therefore, you’d ideally want to place your monitor at a comfortable eye level.

That’s exactly what the XChair X-TS Monitor Arm can do for you. You can install it onto most desks within ten minutes. From there, you can position the arm at whatever angle best suits your eyes.

It quickly screws into the back of most monitors and you won’t need professional help to install it. That’s because it only weighs 13 pounds, so it’s quite easy to maneuver. It can support monitors that weigh up to 22 pounds.

The XChair X-TS Monitor Arm is available for either a single monitor ($150) or for two ($250).

XChair X-Table Mobile Height-Adjustable Desk Review

Sitting at a desk almost seems antiquated. Recent developments in standing desk technologies and research into sitting versus standing productivity place the “best way to work” crown squarely on the head of the standing desk.

The XChair X-Table Mobile Height-Adjustable Desk is a brilliant device to improve your posture and productivity. It can serve people of any height because it stands as low as 28” or as tall as 41”.

This standing desk is different from other desks because it has a wheeled base. It’s more mobile than most desks, but you can lock the wheels into place if you want to stay put. 

The item weighs nearly 30 pounds while providing a 27.6” by 19” work surface. It has a dedicated iPad holder to declutter your work area.

The XChair X-Table Mobile Height-Adjustable Desk is available in black, white, or silver for $330. Normally, it costs $380, but it’s currently on sale. 

XChair X-77 Massage Chair Review

The final item we’ll cover in this XChair review is one that’s more suited for the living room than the office. 

With that being said, who made it illegal to work from the living room? The XChair X-77 Massage Chair proves that you can work and lounge at the same time.

You might have to be particularly ambitious to work on it though because this product oozes comfort. It has a 4D massage system that kneads, rubs, taps, rolls, and pinches your muscles to help you relax. 

The XChair X-77 Massage Chair gives your feet and legs some attention too with its foot rollers and calf massagers. 

It provides a different massage every time you sit down so that every day’s stresses are remedied in their own unique way. The chair analyzes your back and measurements every time you sit down so that every massage hits you in just the right spots. 

Whether you get the XChair X-77 Massage Chair in soft Brisa or the limber Synflex fabric, you’re in for the treatment of the lifetime. This chair comes in three available colorways:

  1. Brown and black
  2. All black
  3. Black and red

The XChair X-77 Massage Chair costs $7,500 if you purchase the Synflex option or $7,778 if you buy the Brisa soft-touch material.

Who Is XChair For? 

XChair Review

XChair is for people who are tired of sacrificing comfort for style, style for productivity, or productivity for comfort. Their versatile chairs and work accessories aim to meet all three of those needs.

How Does the XChair Work? 

XChair Review

The XChair line uses a few technologies to deliver an unparalleled level of comfort and style:

  • The dynamic variable lumbar system, support that automatically adjusts to the contours of the user’s body
  • The SciFloat infinite recline allows people to keep moving in their chairs to improve circulation throughout the workday
  • A flex mesh material that elevates workers so they don’t restrict their blood flow by sitting on vital pressure points

XChair Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

XChair Review

Much like how CM Punk deems himself the voice of the voiceless, our staff at Honest Brand Reviews like to see ourselves as being generous with the spotlight. That’s why we’ll spend this section covering some XChair reviews that real people have written.

Customers were vocal about their love of XChair’s various products on the company’s website. Many chairs charmed customers with how easily they could be assembled. This is a huge advantage because office furniture can be notoriously difficult to put together.

The chairs were also praised for their sublime comfort levels. Plenty of folks commented that they felt comfy resting in their XChair for hours on end. Here’s what one customer said about their XChair: 

My husband bought this chair for me for Christmas. I liked it so much (and he did, too) that I bought one for him for his birthday. The massage, heat, and cool options work well, and the chair glides nicely across our tile. We’re both quite happy with our X-Chairs!

Another buyer wrote that his XChair was fantastic, complimenting many of its features: 

This chair is awesome very well constructed. The attention to detail is bar none. This is the first time I have ever owned a chair like this and it’s worth every penny for sure. I would recommend this chair to someone with some lower back pain or just for pure comfort. Great job guys oh yeah put it together in 5 min.

This XChair review writer actually addressed some common customer complaints in their testimonial. On the whole, they were pleased with their purchase but did note some things to be aware of.

My son asked for an X-Chair for Christmas since he works from home full time… I was skeptical to say the least. As I continued to research the chair I decided not only to buy one for my son, but to purchase one for myself… The X3 with Elemax has been a dream. The chair’s features and the footrest have eased my back pain during long days… Assembly was easy, adjustment was well explained (used the videos)…Worth every dollar!!!

A few other customers on sites like Reddit and Amazon were less receptive towards XChair. They felt that the brand’s quality did not justify the price tag. They were also disappointed that some of the chairs did not lock into place when they reclined, leaving them feeling suspended in midair.

Those criticisms are a matter of personal preference, and since we haven’t sat in the chairs ourselves, it’s something you’ll have to try out for yourself. 

What we can say is that since there are so many more customers voicing their love for the brand, we have to go with the numbers on this one.

Is XChair Legit?

XChair Review

There were few, if any, red flags that we found during our research for this XChair review. We just mentioned some points that buyers didn’t like about the chairs, but none of these claimed that the company was fraudulent in any way whatsoever. It’s all about quality chairs here.

Is XChair Worth It?

XChair Review

We believe that XChair’s products are worth a shot based on the resounding praise they’ve received online. 

Although they are quite expensive and some of their features may seem better on paper than in practice (according to a minority of customers), a good chair is a worthy investment. And in this case, X(chair) marks the spot.

XChair Promotions & Discounts 

XChair Review

XChair wants to give a few lucky customers a free XChair Elemax Cooling Heat and Massage Unit. it couldn’t be easier to become eligible to receive it if you want a chair that can do it all. You only need to sign up for the giveaway with your full name and email address.

We can assume that by entering the contest you’ll also be signing up for their email newsletter, but if that’s all it takes to potentially win an XChair Elemax Cooling Heat and Massage Unit then we think that’s a small price to pay.

There have been plenty of discounts mentioned throughout this XChair review that we’re sure you’re caught wind of. The majority of the products in this article are currently available for much less than their retail price. 

XChair also makes it easy to find out which products are currently on sale. They have a clearance category on their website that displays which items are on sale and their reduced price XChair X-Conditions items.  

Finally, you can receive a $50 coupon code to XChair if you refer a friend and they purchase a product from the company. How’s that for camaraderie.

Where to Buy XChair

XChair Review

Here are some of the places where you can buy XChair’s products:

  • On the brand’s website,
  • Big box stores like Canadian Tire
  • Online marketplaces like Amazon
  • At locations near you through the company’s store locator feature


XChair Review

Who owns XChair?

Anthony Mazlish is the founder and current CEO of XChair, but the company itself is a property of Future Seating.

Where is the XChair made?

Although they’re an American company, all our research leads us to believe that XChair’s products are made in China.

Does XChair ship to Canada?

We can assume that XChair ships to Canada because they state that shipping rates vary for orders outside of the United States.

Does XChair ship internationally?

Much like how we inferred that the company ships to Canada, we’re lead to believe that they also ship internationally based on their website’s diction.

What is XChair’s Shipping Policy?

XChair provides free ground shipping on all US orders within the lower 48 states. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the company to ship their chairs, and deliveries can take anywhere from 1 to 7 business days to reach their destination.

What is XChair’s Return Policy?

You’ll have up to 30 days to return any XChair product for a full refund minus a $149 restocking fee for US orders and a $200 restocking fee for Canadian, Alaskan, and Hawaiian orders.

All international orders are not eligible to be returned.

How to Contact XChair

We’ll conclude this XChair review by telling you how you can contact the company if you have any questions we haven’t answered yet.

  • Call them at 844-492-4247
  • Email them at [email protected]
  • Fill out a Customer Service Form on their website

Their customer service team is available to chat from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST on weekdays, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST on Saturdays, and 11:00 am to 5:00 pm EST on Sundays.

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