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Yolova Review

One of the best things about living now is the ability to look any way that we want. We can be a blond bombshell one day and a dark-haired beauty the next.

But all this takes its toll on our hair, especially if blessed with really curly or dark hair. The solution for saving your locks, and letting you be you, is wigs. Yolova makes assorted wigs, especially for Black women.

Recently launched in 2021, this quality wig company already has 14k Facebook followers and another 7k on Instagram. Yolova is slowly getting more and more positive reviews from influencers, so they will no doubt get worldwide attention soon.

My Yolova review will take a deep look at the brand, going through their products, promotions, and customer testimonials, so that you can make an informed decision on whether this brand is worth it for you.

Overview of Yolova

Yolova Review

Yuzhou Yirui Hair Products Co. launched in 2007 with a mission to create quality human hair wigs. Locating in Xuchang, China, reportedly the wig capital of the world, they hired artisans already experienced in the art of manufacturing wigs. 

In 2021, to be more diverse and help all women enjoy fabulous hair, they created Yolova to provide quality wig options to Black women. 

Before I steer this Yolova review into a look at a few of this brand’s wonderful wigs, let’s get a bird’s eye view of just what makes the company so special:


  • Offers wigs with styles and hues especially for Black women
  • High-quality human hair
  • Looks natural, feels soft
  • Pre-plucked wigs
  • Expertly manufactured

Yolova Review

Yolova gives the freedom to feel great with beautiful hair, no matter your style. They have wigs in black, ombre, blond, highlights, and burgundy, all in a range of styles and lengths. 

If you feel like a pixie cut one day and long, wavy hair the next, you can find just about all you need with this wig brand.

All Yolova wigs are made from virgin human hair, are pre-plucked, have a natural hairline, use no glue, and are made with fine transparent lace, so they blend well. My Yolova review will feature a few of their best-sellers.

Yolova Loose Deep T-Part Lace Wig Density Natural Black Human Hair Review

Yolova Loose Deep T-Part Lace Wig Density Natural Black Human Hair Review
Yolova Loose Deep T-Part Lace Wig Density Natural Black Human Hair

Able to be worn loose, long, and free or up like the This is Nicki Minaj Spotify cover, the natural black human hair Yolova Loose Deep T-Part Lace Wig is a versatile wig. 

Very wavy, downright bordering on curly, it comes in lengths from 12 to 28 inches.

Don’t spend a WHOLE LOTTA MONEY getting this wig. Originally available between $150 (12”) and $522 (28”), it’s now on sale for between $115 and $392.

Yolova Balayage Highlight Wigs 13×4 Lace Front Curly Human Hair Wig With Highlights Review

Yolova Balayage Highlight Wigs 13×4 Lace Front Curly Human Hair Wig With Highlights Review
Yolova Balayage Highlight Wigs 13×4 Lace Front Curly Human Hair Wig With Highlights

A classic jerry curl with gradient honey hues, the curly Yolova Balayage Highlight Wig perfectly highlights your lovely face. It lends to a variety of looks, all of which celebrate big, beautiful curls. 

It is available from 14” to 30”. Wear your curls boldly and beautifully with this wig, which was between $220 and $487 and is now between $195 and $467.

Yolova Ombre Honey Blonde Highlight 13×4 Lace Front Body Wave Human Hair Wigs Review

Yolova Ombre Honey Blonde Highlight 13×4 Lace Front Body Wave Human Hair Wigs Review
Yolova Ombre Honey Blonde Highlight 13×4 Lace Front Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

Bring out your inner diva with the Yolova Ombre Honey Blonde Highlight Wig, also known as the Beyonce wig. With several shades between brown and blond, it is eye-catching, yet presents subtle waves. It comes in lengths between 12” and 28” and is best worn down. 

You can Run the World in this lovely wig for between $192 and $494.

Yolova Straight T Part Lace Wig Density Natural Black Review

Yolova Straight T Part Lace Wig Density Natural Black Review
Yolova Straight T Part Lace Wig Density Natural Black

Throw away the harsh chemical straighteners and still enjoy straight, shiny hair with the Yolova Straight T-Part Lace Wig in black. 

These classic locks are timeless and look great worn up or down. With the pre-plucking and baby hair, it looks really natural. You can choose from 12” to 28” with prices originally at $200 to $464 and now between $128 and $322.

Who Is Yolova For? 

Yolova Review

Yolova is for any Black woman or any darker-skinned woman for that matter. These wigs are created in colors and styles that specifically suit darker skin tones. 

For those less bold, there are ebony wigs that look natural, while those who want to stand out more can go with a colored or highlighted hairpiece.

Although these wigs are meant for women, there are a few shorter styles that can work for men as well. Neither age nor head size should be a factor in enjoying these fabulous wigs.  

Yolova Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yolova Review

You’ve heard in this Yolova review so far what I have to say about the brand, but what do their customers think about them? Since the company is still very new, there aren’t any customer reviews anywhere but on their website. 

Zero reviews on Trustpilot and no complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Before checking out what people are saying, let’s see how the brand’s products rank with customers:

  • Yolova Loose Deep T-Part Lace Wig – 80 reviews – 4.8/5 stars
  • Yolova Balayage Highlight Wig 13×4 – 5 reviews – 5/5 stars
  • Yolova Ombre Honey Blonde Highlight 13×4 – 38 reviews – 4.9/5 stars
  • Yolova Straight T Part Lace Wig – 22 reviews – 4.9/5 stars

Those numbers are telling, but let’s see why they are ranked so highly in their customers’ own words. The first thing that you need to look for in a wig is that it looks natural, even if it is bleached or colored. For this Yolova reviewer who bought the Loose Deep T-Part Lace Wig 16”, that means a well-plucked hairline and a wig that fits well. They wrote:

”I’m so in love with this hair. I took it out the box and installed in. Minimum smell, no shedding. It’s super thick, I love the density. It’s sooooo soft and manageable. Whoever plucked this wig can go straight to heaven!!! I literally didn’t have to pluck anything around the hairline. Love the lace, very light.”

Converted to a loyal customer with one purchase. That’s a good sign. The next Yolova review may not order again in “a few weeks” but they will order again, based on how natural these human hair wigs look and how well they fit. They wrote of the Ombre Balayage Highlight Wig:

Blended so well , gave a natural look without using wig tint , was able to style in in different ways , this is my go to company they always deliver right on time with me love it !!!

By catering to Black women, Yolova successfully creates wigs that blend and pluck to look like natural hair. The virgin human hair means that they act like real hair, but without shedding or tangling. 

Shedding is a sign of poor quality manufacturing and thins out the wig. This Yolova review of the Straight T Part Lace Wig is ecstatic that you get what you pay for, as they say:

“I really really loveeeeee this hair and this company, they have the best quality hair I have ever purchased in my life, this hair has no shedding, no tangles, and no stiffness!! … I haven’t yet bleached the knots, but they blend in pretty well, I recommend this wig to anyone who loves a natural beauty look, if you’re having hesitations on buying it don’t hesitate BUY IT WORTH EVERY PENNY

Apparently “loveee”ing these wigs is common as this Yolova review of the Ombre Honey Blond Highlight Wig explains:

“Honest review I loveee this wig!! Very beautiful color with gorgeous waves. Hair is very light weight and flowy. Feels soft and so easy to work with. After washing the hair it smells good and doesn’t shed. Has adjustable straps and the cap fits my head perfectly! Definitely worth the buy.”

And there you have it. Great scores and great reviews across the board. It truly does seem like Yolova creates quality wigs and their customers can’t help but shower them with praise because of it.

Is Yolova Worth It?

Yolova Review

To conclude this Yolova review, the brand’s wigs are so worth your money, based on the reviews from their customers and the fine craftsmanship. These customers rave about the quality for the price point. 

Yes, they are more expensive than cheap wigs but less expensive than high-end human hair wigs, with almost comparable quality. Their styles and colors are selected to be best suited to darker skin tones.

Being manufactured with human hair makes Yolova wigs better quality and more natural than ones that aren’t. Delivery appears quicker than most expect and the presentation is in a pretty box for the enjoyment of unboxing your new hair. All in all, there are many great reasons to buy from Yolova and no red flags as to why you shouldn’t.

So, to sum up. Yes, Yolova is so very worth it. These wigs should last for years augmenting your natural beauty and making you feel fabulous.

Yolova Promotions & Discounts 

Yolova Review

But wait, there’s more. The brand also has a few ways to save some money on your next wig purchase:

  • Get $10 off your first order when sign-up for their mailing list
  • Enter seasonal code Val15 to get 15% off at checkout
  • Take a peek at the sale section on their website

Where to Buy Yolova

Yolova Review

The best and presently only place to buy Yolova is through their website at


Yolova Review

Who owns Yolova?

Yolova is owned by its parent company, Yuzhou Yirui Hair Products Co., a Chinese company specializing in manufacturing human hair wigs.

Does Yolova ship internationally?

Yes, I’m happy to report in this Yolova review Yolova reviewthat the brand ships to many countries globally. You are responsible for any duties or taxes that may apply. 

What is Yolova’s Shipping Policy?

Yolova offers free shipping in the US on orders $59 and over. For purchases under that, it is a standard $15 shipping fee. It takes 1-3 days to process an order and another 10-15 business days to receive it. 

A confirmation email with a tracking number is sent when your parcel is shipped.

What is Yolova’s Return Policy?

Yolova accepts returns/exchanges within 30 days from the order date. Defective products must be requested within 14 days of receiving the items. 

All returns must be unworn, unwashed, and unaltered, with original packaging and gift included. To start a return:

  1. Email Yolova at [email protected] 
  2. Receive return instructions
  3. Repackage items with receipt and order form inside
  4. Send using a trackable service
  5. Wait for confirmation of rejection or acceptance
  6. Receive a refund to the original method of payment

How to Contact Yolova

If you have any questions not answered in this Yolova review, contact them by:

  • Phone: +17406753706
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Snail Mail: 39-09 Prince Street Suite 4G, Flushing, NY 11354
  • Fill out their Online Contact Form

Customer service hours are Monday-Sunday 9:30 am to 6 pm EST.

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