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YoungLA Review

A few years ago, GymShark was the hot new kid on the proverbial fitness apparel block. They evolved out of humble beginnings with promising designs, but over time they stagnated. Their zest was a little less zesty, in a word.

Quietly, in their shadow, Gurmer and Robby Chopra founded YoungLA, a fitness and lifestyle brand that took GymShark’s crown earlier this decade.

If you’ve seen any fitness-related posts on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, you’re likely already familiar with YoungLA. Their clothing crops up on nearly every influencer.

Their viral marketing helped them get their message out to customers; clothing should be accessible to everyone. It should empower people. That’s why YoungLA clothing targets those trying to empower themselves through fitness. 

They’ve skyrocketed since the pandemic, evidenced by the Instagram following greater than 850k. This YoungLA review will hopefully answer any questions about why the brand is famous, what their products are like, what customers think about them, and more. To kick things off, let’s look at their highlights. 


YoungLA Review
  • Athleisure pieces for men and women
  • Produce streetwear clothing
  • 15% discount when you sign up for their SMS newsletter
  • International shipping offered
  • Free shipping on all US orders over $50
  • Discounted items are available

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YoungLA Mens’ Clothing Review

YoungLA divides their products into three categories:

  1. For him
  2. For her
  3. New drop

In this section of my YoungLA review, I’ll look at the pieces that fall into the first category. 

YoungLA 233 The Immortal Joggers Review

YoungLA Review
YoungLA 233 The Immortal Joggers

This pair of joggers fit loose and relaxed, but that’s the vibe with joggers. They’re meant to occupy the space between active and chill. The YoungLA 233 The Immortal Joggers get that point across and then some as their five available colors are quite fetching. You can pick up a pair for $50.

Customers say: “Very comfortable and great looking. Little looser than I thought, but great joggers overall.

YoungLA 233 105 Compression Shorts 2.0 Review

YoungLA Review
YoungLA 233 105 Compression Shorts 2.0

All the fellas reading my YoungLA review know the difference between good and bad compression shorts. It all comes down to how well they compress your junk.

Thankfully, the YoungLA 233 105 Compression Shorts 2.0 have delicate compressive lining alongside ample mobility. They’re perfect for leg days and long runs. They’re available in over a dozen different colorways for $36.

Customers say: “Looks and feels great! Surprisingly comfortable and the pockets are well-designed. Love to wear it even I’m not going to the gym.

YoungLA 730 Expedition Backpacks Review

YoungLA Review
YoungLA 730 Expedition Backpacks

This YoungLA backpack is built for more than just the gym. It’s adorned with padding and pockets plus groove stoppers to help it sit upright on the ground.

Plus, it has a dedicated laptop sleeve. You can pick up the YoungLA 730 Expedition Backpack in red, black, or tan for $75.

Customers say: “Absolute beauty, so many pockets ( with size as well) for practically, useful positioning for them as well. All in all, great drip with great clout.”

YoungLA Women’s Clothing Revie

Seeing how more women are heading to the gym than ever, it only makes sense to dedicate a portion of my YoungLA review to the brand’s female products. 

YoungLA W319 Asana Sports Bra Review

YoungLA Review
YoungLA W319 Asana Sports Bra

The YoungLA W319 Asana Sports Bra keeps your back open while supporting you up front. You can remove the bra’s padding to suit your needs too.

Available in black, milk chocolate, and matcha, you can pick up this bra for $35.

YoungLA W314 Flexrib Tank Top Review

YoungLA Review
YoungLA W314 Flexrib Tank Top

Tank tops are an essential wardrobe piece in and out of the gym, especially once summer comes around. YoungLA’s women’s tank top is made from 95% rayon and 5% spandex for a cozy fit.

Its high neckline and concave shoulders give it a unique silhouette that shows off your shoulders. The YoungLA W314 Flexrib Tank Top is available for $32.

YoungLA W510 Bliss Bomber Review

YoungLA Review
YoungLA W510 Bliss Bomber

The last item I’ll include in my YoungLA review is this cozy sweater. Made from 100% polyester (meaning its faux fur), this YoungLA jacket is made for summer nights and sweaty gym sessions.

The YoungLA W510 Bliss Bomber comes in three colors, each for $55

Who Is YoungLA For? 

YoungLA Review

YoungLA’s products are for people who love the athleisure look. The brand sits at the middle of athletics and contemporary fashion, meaning you’ll enjoy YoungLA more if you have an interest in either.

YoungLA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

YoungLA Review

The easiest way for me to show you what customers think about YoungLA is with this list of aggregate buyer scores. All of these YoungLA review numbers come from various consumer-based websites. 

  • Trust Spot: 5/5 stars based on more than 715 pieces of customer feedback
  • Review Meta: 4.2/5 stars based on more than 480 pieces of customer feedback
  • Facebook: 3.5/5 stars based on more than 65 pieces of customer feedback
  • Trust Pilot: 2.8/5 stars based on more than 30 pieces of customer feedback

As you can see, most YoungLA reviews were positive. In general, buyers loved the products. They said they fit great, made them look awesome, and lasted for a long time. One customer on Facebook summed it up as, “Some of the best gym clothes and overall great stuff you can wear anywhere.

Both men and women complimented the apparel. There were also plenty of testimonials from buyers who successfully returned their products if they needed to swap sizes. Reportedly, YoungLA were happy to help customers through the process.

Here’s another positive piece of feedback from a customer on Trust Pilot. “I recently received my order and as someone who works in retail I know it’s the details that matter, and these guys have it down. Shipping was quick and packaged nicely, the materials are comfortable and durable and of course I love the designs. I’ve heard only good things from gym friends and I was hesitant since it’s a little pricey, but it is 100% worth it.

One criticism that arose in various YoungLA reviews was that the pieces didn’t all fit the same. For example, a customer could be a medium in one shirt and a large in another. This is normally due to different materials. The problem is that YoungLA is primarily an e-commerce brand so customers don’t get to try their clothes on beforehand. 

However, as the following YoungLA review from a buyer points out, knowing your measurements before you purchase can alleviate this headache down the line.

I have been purchasing from YoungLA since they started. I have never had a bad experience. Their clothing is made well, they make sure to send enough shipping and tracking notifications and make it easy to exchange or return items. I’m not sure why some reviews say items don’t fit right etc. If you look at the size guide/measurements and know your measurements there shouldn’t be any issue choosing the right size.

Is YoungLA Legit?

YoungLA Review

While overall I believe that YoungLA is a legit company, I can’t ignore the complaints buyers raised about YoungLA’s customer service. Apparently, they did not mention import fees and did not always accept returns that fell within what customers believed to be the return parameters.  

Is YoungLA Worth It?

YoungLA Review

Ultimately, if you like the way your clothes look then you’ll want to wear them more.

That’s the idea behind YoungLA and it’s one they pull off well. Though their sizing can be an issue for some, they’re worth checking out if you measure yourself before shopping.

How To Choose The Best YoungLA Clothing

YoungLA Review

Before you go on a YoungLA shopping spree, run through this short checklist of do’s and don’ts.

  • Measure yourself. As I stated earlier in this YoungLA review, some customers said the pieces had inconsistent sizing, so you want to know how large or small you are before you make a purchase. 
  • Don’t buy pieces that are too big or too small in hopes of them motivating you to change your body size. That can lead to bouts of body dysmorphia down the line.
  • Think about which types of exercise you enjoy the most and find the YoungLA pieces that best suit those activities. 
  • Does your child like sports? If so, consider picking them up some YoungLA kids apparel

YoungLA Promotions & Discounts 

YoungLA Review

There are a ton of YoungLA promotions. For starters, you can earn a 15% discount by signing up for their SMS alerts. Additionally, clearance items are available through their site, though it seems this only applies to men’s items at the moment. 

Where To Buy YoungLA

YoungLA Review

The best place to purchase any of the items in this YoungLA review is the brand’s website,


YoungLA Review

Who owns YoungLA?

The YoungLA owners are Gurmer and Robby Chopra.

Why is YoungLA famous?

You can chalk YoungLA’s success to their designs that blend streetwear and gym culture. Their aggressive social media marketing also played a huge role. The brand frequently reaches out to ambassadors within the fitness space which extends their outreach. 

Does YoungLA have a sizing chart?

Many products vary concerning how they fit, though YoungLA’s product descriptions reveal how they should fit. 

The item/size that I want is out of stock. When will it be available again?

Most of YoungLA’s products sell out quickly, but they should return. You can sign up to receive a notification when a particular product is restocked. While you’re at it, you may ask to receive YoungLA sale alerts too. 

What is YoungLA’s Shipping Policy?

YoungLA processes and ships orders within 1 to 2 business days of receiving them. The company offers standard, second-day, overnight, and international DHL express shipping options. 

What is YoungLA’s Returns Policy?

YoungLA returns are eligible for up to 60 days of customer receipt. They provide free shipping for all eligible returns within the United States. 

How To Contact YoungLA 

YoungLA Review

I hope you enjoyed this YoungLA review! Here are the best ways you can contact the brand if you have any more questions: 

  • Call (818) 206-8764 
  • Email [email protected]
  • Fill out a form on their customer support page

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