10 Best Subscription Boxes For Women

How Subscription Boxes for Women Work

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

If you like to discover new products or constantly find yourself overspending on shopping trips, subscription boxes are a great way to get the things you want without draining your bank account. 

Delivered monthly or quarterly, the best subscription boxes for women pile in unique products from popular and emerging brands, and are curated around a specific theme. 

You’ll discover quite a few different themes throughout this list, ranging from home goods and crafting to clothing and beauty

I can remember seeing the first-ever ad for a subscription box and feeling excited about the concept. “I can have all that for how much?” I thought. That was back in 2010. We’ve come a long way in terms of variety, and trust me, I’m just as excited. 

That’s why I’m pumped to be putting together this list of the best subscription boxes for women, and as I’m sure you can tell, there’s a ton to unpack here. So let’s get to it.

The 10 Best Subscription Boxes For Women

Ready to dive in? Read along as I dig through our top 10 best subscription boxes for women. By the end, you’ll know exactly what each of them offers, their cost per box, and what makes them so unique.

1. Relax and Radiate Crate

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

Relax and Radiate Crate is one of the most unique subscription boxes for women on this list. Each of their crates is packed with items for home, gardening, and entertaining, curated for the seasons. 

Featuring 7-12 items per box handpicked by The Girlfriend team members, each box contains an overall value of up to $200

Relax and Radiate Crate offers Quarterly and Annual subscriptions, shipping their boxes 4 times a year (one each season). Your box will arrive on a set schedule, and past subscribers have received items such as cozy throw blankets, exciting books, and shatterproof stemless wine glasses. 

Along with your seasonal goodies, your subscription will give you access to the R&R Club, a Facebook group that helps you connect with like-minded women and even host list events. This subscription is super flexible, and if you want just one box, you can cancel at any time. 

Quarterly subscriptions are $50/crate, whereas Annual plans cost $45/crate.


  • 7-12 items per box
  • Value up to $200
  • Great variety of home items
  • Added perks
  • Seasonal themes
  • Delivered seasonally

2. FabFitFun

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

Established in 2010, FabFitFun is all about trend-led products. They have quite a nice variety in their boxes, including beauty products, accessories, jewelry, and even things for the kitchen. 

You’ll get up to 8 full-size products in your seasonally curated boxes—which have a total value of up to $300, by the way. Like a few other names on this list of the best subscription boxes for women, FabFitFun ships seasonally and includes added perks such as members-only shopping and access to their on-demand TV channel. 

Based in California, this service is very popular and allows for customization and swaps. If you like, you can pick your favorites from their seasonal list or simply get a box of surprises. Seasonal subscriptions are $60/box, Annual plans are $55/box


  • Value up to $300
  • Added perks
  • Trend-led beauty, jewelry & home
  • Delivered seasonally

3. Alltrue 

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

You might know Alltrue as CauseBox. Founded in 2014, the service takes an ethical and sustainable approach to subscriptions. Their aim is to give everyone access to high-quality, conscious alternatives, stuffing up to $250+ worth of full-size beauty, home, and jewelry products into their low-waste boxes. 

It should come as no surprise that Alltrue is based in Marina Del Rey, California, nor that your subscription will include perks and resources to help create change. 

Once you sign up, you’ll receive 6-8 full-size, ethically made products seasonally as well as discounts for hundreds of products in the Members Only Market. They also have an Essentials collection of daily household items. 

Get it Quarterly for $60/box or Annually for $55/box.


  • High-quality items
  • Beauty, jewelry & home goods
  • Up to $250+ value
  • Sustainable & ethical brands
  • Members-only market
  • Delivered seasonally

4. Wantable

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

Wantable was one of the first subscription companies I ever came across. This pick on our list of the best subscription boxes for women was founded in 2012 by James M Getz and focuses on trend-led fashion

But instead of just shipping you random items, Wantable uses a special matchmaking quiz to find your perfect fit and look

What kinds of labels are in their boxes? You’ll find brands such as Kensie and Hudson, as well as pieces from their own signature clothing line. To get started, you’ll take a quiz and pay a $20 styling fee

Wantable will ship your items and they will arrive in 5-7 days. Pay for what you love, return what you don’t—and the cycle continues. Wantable is a super unique service and what you pay monthly depends on how many pieces keep from your edit.


  • Free shipping & returns
  • Trend-led clothing
  • $20 styling fee
  • Keep what you what, return what you don’t

5. Crate Joy

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

If you like variety, then you’ll definitely love Crate Joy. Instead of just one type of box, they offer hundreds. 

Their theme is self-care and wellness, and that includes everything from date night boxes to wine crates. You’ll shop through categories for motherhood & pregnancy, arts & crafts, period & time of the month, and even lingerie. 

While women aren’t the only people Crate Joy caters to, they do have an impressive selection of options specifically for females. Get one of their crates for yourself or give them as a gift. Subscriptions vary but most are offered monthly. 

You can get yours for as low as $12/box or choose something more expensive like wine for $60/delivery


  • Wide variety of options
  • Low cost
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Makes a great gift

6. BirchBox

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

As one of the most popular subscription boxes of all time, BirchBox ships beauty, makeup, and wellness products to your door monthly. If you frequently spend high amounts on beauty products, you’ll love this box as you get to pick exactly what goes inside and pay just $15/month

Choose 2-5 trial or full-size products each month and enjoy a surprise gift from BirchBox. To start, you’ll tell them your beauty goals, choose your products from their long list of popular and emerging brands, and receive your box. 

If you find some you love, you can buy them and get 10% back in the Shop. 


  • Sustainable focus
  • Women-led company
  • 2-5 full or trial size products
  • Beauty & hair products
  • 10% back on Shop purchases

7. BoxyCharm

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

BoxyCharm is pretty similar to BirchBox in that it offers must-have beauty. But unlike its competitor, it ships full-size products only

You’ll receive 5 full-size products of your choosing each month recommended after you take their quiz. The really cool thing about this service is how much you get for the price you pay. 

With a total value of up to $200, you’ll shell out just $28/month and try the best in beauty without overspending each month. Access exclusive shopping events and members-only online store events to get up to 70% off retail prices.  


  • 5 full-size beauty products
  • Delivered every month
  • Up to $200 value
  • 70% off retail events

8. Rocks Box

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

Some people like makeup, others like jewelry. Rocks Box is a rental service that delivers designer jewelry to your doorstep. You’ll get to wear the pieces and if you fall in love, you can buy them outright. 

You can keep as much as you want with this service and return anything you don’t. Technically, you never have to buy a full piece, you can simply rent and enjoy a limitless selection of jewelry year-round. 

Each month, you’ll be sent 3 surprise pieces and have unlimited swaps to ensure you love what you get for $21/box. Once a member, you can enjoy discounts in the Rocks Box shop. 


  • Wish list your favorite pieces
  • Rent & continuously try new pieces
  • 3 pieces each month
  • Unlimited swaps
  • Discounts in the Rocks Box shop

9. OuiPlease

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

We’re in love with OuiPlease, a bi-monthly subscription box that ships intriguing French products to your door every other month. For those in love with the finer things, this box is filled with a variety of accessories, beauty, and home products all made in France. 

It’s one of the more premium names on this list of the best subscription boxes for women and I love that each of their boxes has a theme. Qui Box offers three different types of subscriptions, bi-annual, one-time, and annual. 

Get yours for $150/month ($300 value). 


  • All products made in France
  • High-quality brands
  • Premium box
  • Delivered bi-monthly
  • Beauty, accessories, home & more

10. Click and Grow

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

For those that love gardening, the Click and Grow subscription is pretty cool. Because their grow pods are unique to their system, you’ll need to buy one of their Smart Growers along with your subscription. 

Receive a melange of herbs, veggies, and flowers each month to add to your indoor garden. Click and Grow works on a 5-week growing cycle, so you’ll be growing, harvesting, and ready to replant by the next time your delivery arrives. 

Choose a 3-pack or 9-pack of grow pods delivered every 2, 3, or 4 months as well as your preferred color of Smart Grower for $184 plus $9 per month


  • 3-pack or 9-packs
  • Delivered every 2, 3, or 4 months
  • Herbs, veggies & flowers
  • Smart Grower required

What is a Subscription Box For Women?

A subscription box is a curated collection of items delivered on a set schedule. Some are delivered monthly while others are shipped seasonally. Subscription boxes usually have a certain theme, ie. beauty, home goods, or fragrance. 

Now, the best subscription boxes for women are different than they are for men solely because of what they contain. Men’s boxes are usually filled with “guy stuff” like sports products, alcohol, or men’s grooming products. 

Subscription Box Benefits

When subscription boxes first became a thing a few years ago, I fell in love with the concept, and clearly, so did the world. 

Today, there are so many different options that we’ve put together this list of the best subscription boxes for women. So, what do so many people like about subscription boxes?

  • They contain high-quality products
  • They contain a variety of products
  • They help you try new, popular brands
  • They introduce you to new products to love
  • Subscriptions are flexible
  • Boxes are delivered on a set schedule

Who are the Best Subscription Boxes For Women For?

Best Subscription Boxes For Women

The name kind of gives it away here, but the best subscription boxes are usually for women. However, they don’t technically have to be. It depends on what you like. Some of the themes included in this list include jewelry and clothing while others like the Relax and Radiate Crate deliver home goods. 

There is a lot of variety on this list, so there’s something here for many types of women. A few include:

  • Jewelry lovers
  • Beauty addicts
  • Fashionistas
  • Home makers
  • Creatives

How to Shop For the Best Subscription Boxes For Women

You’ve seen a ton of variety on this list of the best subscription boxes for women. So how do you choose the one that’s right for you? I’ve put together a list of points to consider as you shop to help you land on the perfect pick.

  • Theme: This refers to the type of items inside the box. For example, Relax and Radiate Crate offers home and garden items, while Wantable sends clothing. Think about the type of items you’d like to receive regularly and how much use you’d get from them. There’s no sense in subscribing to a beauty box if you don’t wear makeup.
  • Number of items: The number of items in your box can vary from 6-12 depending on their quality. No matter what, if a company says their boxes are worth a certain amount (say $200), they will include a variety of items that add up to that number. Some boxes may have more valuable items, but there will be fewer items per box. 
  • Variety: The whole point of a subscription box is to experience new products, but you don’t very well want 3 different types of hand cream at a time. Some boxes are better with variety than others and contain items for entertaining, gardening, and reading.
  • Price: Certain subscription boxes are under $20 per box while others can cost over $50. $50 is usually the highest you’ll see them go. Most boxes pack in a value over $200. 
  • Frequency: Some of the best subscription boxes for women are delivered monthly, while others are delivered quarterly. Decide how often you’d like to receive your items and remember to consider the price.


Are subscription boxes a good deal?

It depends on how much you normally shop and if you like to try a lot of different products. In a subscription box, you’ll be sent a variety of new products, always receiving something different. 

There’s a lot of opportunity to discover products you’ll use for life, and depending on the box, will receive many different products to use daily. For those reasons, I believe subscription boxes are a great deal, especially because they pack in hundreds of dollars of goodies into each box and charge a fraction of the price.

What age group buys the most subscription boxes?

Studies show that 86% of adults aged 18-34 have a subscription of some kind. 69% of adults 55+ are currently subscribed to a service. This doesn’t really come as a surprise considering most boxes are marketed to younger crowds with the exception of a few on this list of the best subscription boxes for women. 

Services like Relax and Radiate are geared towards women 40+, but honestly, I think any homebody of any age would enjoy what they send. 

What are the cons of a subscription?

This really depends on the individual service. Some subscription box companies do not let you see or choose what’s inside your box, while others do. But then again, seeing what’s inside can ruin the surprise. 

Because we’re all so different, it’s important to research a service fully before committing. That’s why this listicle of the best subscription boxes for women exists, but you may want to do some additional research to find examples of what was included in past boxes before subscribing. 

Are yearly subscriptions better than monthly?

Yearly subscriptions usually lock you in for an entire year, so if you’re new to a service, you’ll be committed to receiving your boxes for an entire 12 months (or 4 months if the service offers seasonal delivery). If you do commit though, you will save money as companies will often give discounts for longer commitments. 

Monthly subscriptions have their perks too though. As a newcomer to a service, you’ll have the opportunity to see what a box is like before committing to a longer term. If you want to switch to an annual subscription after that point, you can, you’ll just need to cancel your current plan and sign up again. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the best subscription boxes for women are, which one is your favorite? From home and entertaining goodies to beauty and self-care, there’s a ton of variety on this list for all kinds of women. 

When making your final call, remember to factor in variety, quality, and value, and weigh it against the final price per box. That’s a surefire way to find a subscription you’ll love through the seasons.

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