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About 305-Life

305-Life Review

I love having a full life. Buzzing from work to workouts to hangouts makes me feel, well, alive. And yet, while I enjoy a busy schedule, I often feel myself dragging through it and am in constant reach of too many cups of coffee.

So after reading about 305-Life, I was naturally intrigued. A brand that’s all about living the good life, its line of ready-to-mix supplements pour on the flavor and pack in a vibrant assortment of electrolytes for balanced, high-vibe living. Just what I need.

Inspired by the colorful, energetic place that is Miami, 305-Life delivers powerful all-in-one supplements to support energy demands. The brand is already lighting up the media scene despite its recent launch—you’ll find it mentioned by buzz-worthy publications like Rolling Stone and Us Weekly.

Would these revitalizing, tasty sips be my new healthy go-to? I took a close look at the brand to find out. And in this 305-Life review, I’ll walk you through everything I learned. From background and best-sellers to feedback and deals, consider this a crash course to Pitbull’s bumpin’ new brand.

Overview of 305-Life

305-Life Review

It turns out that Pitbull (Armando Perez) may be Mr. 305, but he’s not the only big name behind this brand. Actor and stuntman Roger Yuan is his partner. Sound familiar? You might have seen him in Dune or Jason Bourne.

The pair are part of a bigger group called the 30V-Collective, a group of health and wellness buffs who launched 305-Life just a few short months ago in 2021. From Yuan: “I saw the need for a product that suits the way people truly live their lives.” I don’t know about you, but that strikes a personal chord with me.

As we all live differently and have distinct energy demands, the importance of a versatile supplement is huge. 305-Life offers three ready-to-mix drinks to choose from but plans on adding more in the future—I even read the group is planning to launch personal and bath products too.

But something I love more about brands than their effective, convenient products, is a good heart. 305-Life has that. Team sponsorship and donations to the SLAM! Foundation are in the works for the future, alongside internships for recent grads. 

Pitbull stated that his new company “is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helping those who strive to be a better version of themselves,” and that’s something I found reflected in both the brand’s product lineup and altruistic heart. But enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get this 305-Life review on the road.

Up next, I’ve laid out the brand’s highlights to summarize what it’s all about. After that, I’ll dive into the details of its poppin’ product line.


  • Three supercharged supplements
  • Single-serve ready-to-mix pouches
  • Supports total body movement and energy
  • Very low in sugar (compared to Liquid IV)
  • Made in the USA
  • Subscribe to save 15%
  • Sales and promotions available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Over the years, I’ve learned that minerals are just as important as vitamins. We need both to thrive and a deficiency in one can lead to sluggish energy, low mood, and brain fog—things I often experience. Keep reading this 305-Life review to discover how this brand can help.

305-Life Products Review

305-Life’s secret to living a good life? Mix one stick with 8 oz of water and drink every morning. Sounds easy to me.

The results? It depends on which tasty sip you choose—the brand offers ready-to-mix powders for energy, recovery, and general support in life. I’ll give you the low down on these high-vibe drinks just ahead in this 305-Life review.

305-Life Acai Punch Everyday Energy

305-Life Acai Punch Everyday Energy

I tend to overdo it on coffee and by the end of the day, I feel more spaced out than ready to party. The 305-Life Acai Punch Everyday Energy might be just the thing to give me a steady buzz without the jitters.

Made with a mix of antioxidant-packed green tea and guarana for energy, this supplement is naturally sweetened and flavored with delicious acai berry.

305-Life says that it can help reduce inflammation, thanks to an added blend of quercetin, grapeseed extract, resveratrol, and CoQ10. B6 and 10x the DV of B12 can help support my energy production too. Potassium and sodium are added to boost hydration—something my constant thirst begs for.

Right now, you can get a 30-serving box of Acai Punch Everyday Energy for $55. It’s normally almost $60—that’s under $2/day.

305-Life Pineapple & Coconut Everyday Recovery Booster

305-Life Pineapple & Coconut Everyday Recovery Booster
305-Life Pineapple & Coconut Everyday Recovery Booster

Pineapple and coconut take me away to a sunny beach with a gentle breeze. 305 life says that the Pineapple & Coconut Everyday Recovery Booster is an awesome pick for those with intense active lives or workouts.

Infusing hydration into your cells, the booster is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help you recover quicker. It’s made with a complete range of electrolytes, B-complex, zinc, and more, 305-Life tells me it’s a pro at replenishing depleted stores from sweaty workouts and too much sun.

Grab a 30-serving box of this zinc supplement for $55 (was $60).

305-Life Rasberry & Guava Everyday Life

305-Life Rasberry & Guava Everyday Life
305-Life Rasberry & Guava Everyday Life

Getting the support I need daily has proved tricky for me—especially when I skip breakfast and eat a protein bar for lunch. I know my diet needs work, but I appreciate products like this one that give me a health boost in just a few sips.

305-Life Raspberry & Guava Everyday Life is powered up by CoQ10, resveratrol, and selenium which work together to help bust inflammation. Supporting active movement, immunity, and digestive health, ingredients like bromelain and zinc are added to keep me in fighting shape. A 30-serving box is $55–normally $60.

Insider secret: get a free sample of Everyday Recovery with your order of Everyday Life. Enter code SAMPLE-RECOVERY at checkout.

How Does 305-Life Work?

305-Life Review

305-Life supplements contain a mix of body and brain-beneficial ingredients. For example, selenium is added to help boost immunity and mental clarity, while L-carnitine is there to help your body recover after exercise. They contain electrolytes (potassium and sodium) to ensure you stay properly hydrated.

Depending on the supplement you take, the effects you experience will be a little different. But all in all, they work by addressing deficiencies and building up your body’s natural stores of important antioxidants and minerals.

Who Is 305-Life For?

305-Life Review

First off, I’ve got to mention that 305-Life Everyday Energy should not be used by those who are pregnant or nursing. Since it contains caffeine, individuals that are sensitive to caffeine should consume it with caution and consult a doctor before taking it.

Everyday Life and Everyday Recovery are safe for all, but as with any new supplement you add to your daily life, it’s always a good idea to talk to a healthcare provider before jumping on board. If approved, 305-Life supplements are ideal for those that want to live a more vibrant life.

What does that mean? It’s all about having energy throughout the day, recovery help after tough workouts, and a general boost in immunity for healthy living.

305-Life Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

305-Life Review

Since I wanted to know if 305-Life was right for me, I needed to find out what it’s really like. In my experience, I’ve found that the best way to do that is to hit up people who have tried the products I’m interested in and so I set out in search of feedback.

Here’s a quote from for the Everyday Energy: “I love the pick-up I get…it makes me feel fresh and awake without the jitters. My focus and mental clarity increased immediately after my first use.” Sounds exactly like the dietary supplements I’m looking for.

As it’s a brand new company, there isn’t much in the way of feedback for 305-Life right now. Combing through articles in hopes of any useful tidbits, I landed on a blog called Tabby’s Pantry. Here’s what the 305-Life review had to say about its supplements:

I like that the flavors were there but not too strong. My favorite has to be the Raspberry Guava. It had a sweetness to it that helped with my sugar cravings. I felt like I was getting something sweet while I was drinking it.

This review helped me understand what 305-Life supplements taste like, but also that they have a subtle sweetness that could help me with my 3:00 pm sweets hunt. Instead of turning to cookies, sipping back on a refreshing Raspberry Guava drink actually sounds like a better option as the temperature rises.

Though I seemed to have run out of text-based reviews, YouTube had a few videos I could learn from. I checked out one from Best Price Nutrition.

Expressing appreciation for the ingredients used and how easy it is to “throw these [single serve packets] in your gym bag…car…office,” one of the reviewers, John, said that the Everyday Recovery had helped him “with soreness.

305-Life is just starting to roll out its products so I hope to find more reviews for these products soon. And considering the names behind the brand, I’m sure I will. 

Overall, what I did find for this part of my 305-Life review was helpful. Everyday Life is certainly the favored flavor while Everyday Recovery and Everyday Energy reportedly have the effects they claim.

Is 305-Life Legit?

305-Life Review

From what I can tell, 305-Life is a legit brand. You’ll certainly see more reviews and ratings popping up in the months to come.

Comparison: 305-life vs Liquid IV

305-Life Review

One of the 305-Life reviews I came across compared the supplement to Liquid IV. As a very popular hydration powder, Liquid IV offers hydration solutions in single-serve pouches just like my featured brand.

Noting the similarities, I began to wonder what makes them different. The biggest one is perhaps the difference in selection between the two.

Liquid IV has been around longer and offers a wide spectrum of flavors like watermelon, golden cherry, and acai. With health supplement formulas for Sleep, Energy, Probiotics, and Hydration, it also appears to have more options than 305-Life does.

Zooming in on the supplements, I learned that Liquid IV’s formulas provide 3x the electrolytes than sports drinks do and are highly focused on hydration—which also happens to mean they contain 11 grams of sugar. You can get a bag of 16 sticks for $25.

Though one of the benefits of 305-Life supplements is hydration, they’re mostly also concerned with minerals, and sugar remains at a low 5 grams. A 305-Life blend of antioxidants is added to every formula—something that Liquid IV doesn’t have. A box of 30 packets is $55 (was $59).

Though my featured brand’s supplements are a little more expensive, the formula is more complex. Both companies offer targeted products, but if it’s low sugar and extra antioxidants you’re looking for, I think 305-Life is your man.

Is 305-Life Worth It?

305-Life Review

305 isn’t like other products on the market, and I love that when creating its supplements, the brand set out to fix the problems that others have. Lower sugar? You got it. Anti-inflammatory blend? It’s in there.

As someone in need of energy, focus, and workout recovery, I really like what 305-Life offers up. From the range of healthy ingredients, it’s easy to see how it could help me stay hydrated, fortify my immune system, and fill the gaps in terms of minerals I constantly miss out on. All in all, I can’t wait to give it a try.

305-Life Promotions & Discounts

305-Life Review

I considered it a must that this 305-Life review had a section on deals, and so I clicked and scrolled to every nook and cranny of the brand’s website to find them. Here’s what I discovered:

  • Subscribe to save 15%
  • Sale on one-time purchases
  • Use code 305SUMMER for 35% off

Where to Buy 305-Life

305-Life Review

Ready to get pumped up? Right now, this range of supplements is sold exclusively through


Who owns 305-Life?

305-Life is owned by 30V Collective LLC, a group of wellness enthusiasts that includes Roger Yuan and Armando Christian Perez.

Does 305-Life ship internationally?

Right now, 305-Life doesn’t ship internationally. If you’re located in the continental US, Hawai, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, the brand will ship to you. Addresses in the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands are accepted too.

What is 305-Life’s Shipping Policy?

I read that 305-Life uses different carriers so delivery times tend to vary. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Standard: 2-5 business days
  • APO/DPO/PPO addresses: 5-12 business days

Delivery costs a flat rate of $6 for continental US orders. Shipping fees may vary by location.

What is 305-Life’s Return Policy?

305-Life has a pretty generous return policy for first-time orders. Here are the deets:

  1. Applies to first orders only
  2. You have 30 days to start the process
  3. Items must be in their original packaging
  4. You must include the original invoice
  5. You’ll be responsible for return shipping fees

How to Contact 305-Life

Need more information than what I dished out in this 305-Life review? You can get in touch with the brand via:

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