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4Moms Review

Motherhood is a learning process. Learning what your baby likes and what they need is done by trial and error. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a helping hand. 4Moms gives you two with its line of innovative, tech-fueled rockers, bathtubs, bassinets, and more.

In 2020, 4Moms won awards from What To Expect, Baby Center, and Fatherly, and in 2021, scooped up The Bump’s coveted Best of Baby award. Its innovative products have also been featured on CNN and the brand has a whopping 524k+ followers on Instagram alone.

It’s hard to argue with the brand’s obvious popularity, but still, the purpose of this 4Moms review is to help you find out if its products are worth it for you and your baby. With that in mind, consider me your personal tour guide through the inner workings of the brand. I’ll tell you all about its background, bestsellers, customer feedback, and more to help you decide.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Overview Of 4Moms

4Moms Review

Before Robert Daley and Henry Thorne founded 4Moms, one was a venture capitalist and the other was an engineer. After realizing they wanted to make high-tech products for new moms, they put together a focus group of four mothers who helped shape the brand into what it is today (hence the name) and launched the company in 2004. 

Everything it makes has an innovative twist that really sets this company apart from others on the market. Bathtubs with built-in thermometers, hands-free rockers, and 3-in-1 bassinets are the kind of products you can expect in its collection—products that were built to make a difference. 

4Moms is based in Pittsburg, PA but it has warehouses across the US (in California, Indiana, and Georgia). So now that you know a little more about the folks behind the brand, I’ll move this 4Moms review swiftly along and onto the highlights.


4Moms Review
  • Range of innovative products (rockets, bassinets, bath, etc.)
  • For newborn babies up to six months or 25lbs
  • Award-winning products
  • 30% off orders over $200
  • Ships to the US and Canada
  • Free shipping over $50

This brand is all about making your life easier, so shopping on its website is a breeze. And, with this 4Moms review, I hope to do the same. Moving forward, I’ll round up the bestsellers across its rockers, bassinets, bath, and feeding categories to show you your options.

4Moms Mamaroo Review

Moms can use all the help they can get. The MamaRoo was designed to give you a helping hand by soothing your baby, helping them sleep, or calming them when they’re feeling unsettled. Just below in this 4Moms review, I’ll explore what this game-changing device is and explain how it’s become a must-have on baby registries around the world.

4Moms Mamaroo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing™ Review 

4Moms Review
4Moms Mamaroo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing™

If you rock your baby in your arms, then you’ll have no hands to do the things you need to. Luckily, there’s a baby swing that can help. 

The MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing is a one-of-a-kind device with five different rocking motions—including wave, tree swing, kangaroo, car ride, and rock-a-bye. And you can scroll through the motions on your smartphone until you find one your baby loves. 

The concept for the swing was inspired by the motions caregivers naturally go through to calm babies but it’s built with tech-forward features to make it truly hands-free. Just ask Alexa to get your 4Moms MamaRoo going. 

Remember that with any product you use with your baby, supervision is still required. So, do not walk away from your little one while they’re in the MamaRoo or Rockaroo swings. And if your baby falls asleep, transfer them to a flat, firm, and safe surface. 

Available in grey, black, and limited-edition sage, get yours for $300.

4Moms Rockaroo Review

A revolutionary device for new moms, the RockaRoo takes the concept of a traditional rocking swing and makes it so much more natural. Just ahead, I’ll give you the full scoop on the rocker so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

4Moms Rockaroo® Baby Rocker Review

4Moms Review
4Moms Rockaroo® Baby Rocker

Made in grey (smooth woven) and dark grey (breathable mesh) with a reversible mobile, the RockaRoo Baby Rocker makes your life easier and your baby’s life more comfortable. Designed for newborns only, it delivers a gentle rocking motion just like the one you give when you hold your baby in your arms.

Since the 4Moms RockaRoo is ⅓ of the size other infant swings are, it won’t take up much room in your home either. Having guests over? You can go ahead and leave it out thanks to its modern design. And when it’s time to clean it, just remove the fabric and wash it in the washing machine. 

Now equipped with a safety strap fastener, when your little one isn’t in the rocker, use the fastener to secure the straps out of the way. You can add the RockaRoo to your cart for $160.

4Moms Bathtub Review

Bath time with your baby is a special time, but the water can get pretty dirty leaving you to question how clean they really are. That’s why 4Moms developed a smart tub that totally changes the way you give your little one a bath. 

Easier for you, cleaner for them—it’s a win for all. So grab your rubber ducky and we’ll explore the details of the tub next in this 4Moms review.

4Moms Cleanwater™ Tub Review

4Moms Review
4Moms Cleanwater™ Tub

The concept of the Cleanwater Tub was so smart that 4Moms had to trademark it. Supplying a constant stream of fresh water, this innovative tub washes dirty water down the drain. 

Instead of leaving you to guess about the water’s temperature, the 4Moms bathtub has a built-in color-coded thermometer to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable. Plus, the tub will grow with them throughout three stages—from newborn to infant to older baby—maxing out at 25lbs (or six months). 

For $60, you’ll get the Cleanwater Tub, the newborn bathtub insert, and a rinse cup. 

4Moms Bassinet Review

4Moms Review
4Moms Bassinet

If your little one loves the natural motion of their RockaRoo, they’ll love the MamaRoo Bassinet. Designed to mimic five natural motions, they’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep thanks to the bassinet’s soothing rocking patterns. 

In addition to rocking, the bassinet is equipped with four white noise options (ocean, fan, shh, and rain)—all of which can be controlled by an app on your smartphone. And you know what that means? You don’t have to leave your bed to change the settings. 

Since the 4Moms Bassinet is made with the AAP’s Safe Sleep Guidelines, you can sleep soundly too. Get it for $450.

4Moms High Chair Review 

4Moms Review
4Moms High Chair

Finally, it’s a high chair that you don’t have to hide. The 4Moms High Chair is designed for newborns so that they feel a part of meal times with the family. Since breakfasts and dinners are an important part of family bonding, your little one will be part of the action.

The High Chair reclines so that your baby is safe and adjusts as they grow. Fitted with a one-handed tray, this easy-to-clean chair is the hottest seat in the house. Converting from a newborn to a baby to a toddler chair, its maximum weight allowance is 25lbs. You can pick one up for $300.

4Moms Breeze Plus Review

4Moms Review
4Moms Breeze Plus

If you’re short on space and want a bassinet that does it all, check out the 4Moms Breeze Plus. It’s incredibly easy to use with a one-push-open, one-pull-close operation—transforming it from a bassinet to a changer and playard. 

Designed to keep up with your child over the first few years of their life, the bassinet part can be used from birth until they reach 18 lbs. Whereas the changer can be used up to 25 lbs, and the playard until they’re 30 lbs. The coolest part? When you don’t need it, you can collapse it and store it in the carrying case. Get the Breeze Plus for $300.

Who Is 4Moms For? 

4Moms Review

I mean, the name kind of gives the answer to this question away. Basically, 4Moms products make moms’ lives easier, and they’re designed for babies from newborn age until theyre 25lbs. Most of the brand’s products have a weight limit, so be sure to refer to it before buying one of its products for your child.

4Moms Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

4Moms Review

The best demographic I could consult for this 4Moms review would be babies, but since they’re not quite ready to type in their feedback, I turned to the second best option, moms. In this section, you’ll find a range of ratings and feedback scooped up from around the web, starting with

  • MamaRoo Multi Motion Swing: 4.7/5 stars from 106 reviews
  • MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet: 3.9/5 stars from 599 reviews
  • RockaRoo Baby Rocker: 4.0/5 stars from 168 reviews
  • Cleanwater Tub: 4.7/5 stars from 998 reviews

Looking into the comments for the Cleanwater Tub, it appears to be one of the brand’s most popular products. Here’s what one customer had to say about it in their 4Moms review:

We love our Cleanwater Tub! We love that it constantly flushes out “dirty” water and lets us know the temperature! It keeps our daughter warm instead of the water temp losing heat. It’s also super affordable! I recommend it to everyone. Add it to your registry! We also love that it comes with its own rinse cup & holders on each side!

Having a steady flow of clean water for bath time is a smart idea, especially when it comes to babies. With its simple design equipped with standout features, the majority of those who bought it say it’s definitely worth having.

You’ve seen what the folks on 4Moms have to say about the brand, but what about elsewhere? To help paint a better picture of what this brand is really like, I hit up Amazon and checked out the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet. There, it has a score of 4.5/5 stars from 914 shoppers. 

Here’s how that breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 78%
  • 4 stars: 8%
  • 3 stars: 6%
  • 2 stars: 2%
  • 1 star: 5%

There were tons of positive comments about the sleep bassinet, so here’s one 4Moms review that sums up common feedback. 

This bassinet definitely helps my daughter sleep for longer stretches at night and helps her soothe herself back to sleep. It was also super easy to assemble. Like way easier than I expected. The app also works really well and it’s nice to not have to get out of bed to adjust it.” 

Your baby may wake up in the middle of the night, but if they feel comfortable enough, they’ll be able to get back to sleep. Moms seem to really like the Bluetooth feature of the bassinet as well—since their sleep is precious too. 

So far, the feedback for 4Moms has been really impressive, but I’ll include one last review for good measure. This one is from Best Buy for the MamaRoo Multi Motion Baby Swing and speaks of its techy features.

Usually, I’m not a fan of bells and whistles on baby things, I hardly ever used the app or bluetooth for my original. This model is a lot more integrated with the technology and very user friendly. You can customize different motions together and it has really seamless integration to our smart home. The new sounds are really great for babies who need white noise.” 

White noise can be the difference between a peaceful and a crying baby. Plus, the ability to change motions from their bed is convenient for moms. So, it sounds like even though not everyone may need these things, they’ve proved to be essential for others.

But while there were plenty of positive 4Moms reviews online, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. While the brand’s Better Business Bureau profile showed an A+ score, it did have 10 complaints—most of which are about issues with the RockaRoo or MamaRoo. Thankfully, in most cases, issues have been resolved.

Is 4Moms Legit?

4Moms Review

Part of my process for creating this 4Moms review is to thoroughly check out customer feedback for the brand. In doing so, I saw that it’s recalled two million MamaRoos and RockaRoos due to an entanglement and strangulation hazard. 

For those who already own one, the brand is offering a free add-on to tie back the strap that hangs from the seat when your baby isn’t in it. Now, this doesn’t mean 4Moms isn’t legit, by all means—it’s a very successful company that millions of moms love—but it’s something to consider before you shop.

Is 4Moms Worth It?

4Moms Review

Before the recent tragedy with this company, 4Moms had a sterling reputation. It was trusted by millions of parents in the US and Canada and gave care-changing results. Not everyone lost their trust in this brand, and it’s up to you to decide whether you do or not. 

It’s hard to conclude that a company is worth it when something as sad as this has happened, but I know that 4Moms is making every effort to ensure its products are safer going forward. Does that excuse what happened? No. Do parents need to be vigilant with their children no matter what? Yes and 4Moms states that in its user guides.

If I was writing this 4Moms review two weeks ago, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that this brand’s products are worth it. I’ve read about the difference they can make for babies and think they’re incredibly innovative. Of course, 4Moms has many other products in addition to the ones it’s recalled, and if you like this brand, they may be worth checking out.

4Moms Promotions & Discounts 

4Moms Review

No 4Moms review would be complete without a section on deals, so I searched high and low on the brand’s website to see what I could find. Right now, 4Moms has a Labor Day Sale going on offering 30% off orders over $200. I also made note that contiguous US orders over $50 are shipped for free.

Where To Buy 4Moms Products

4Moms Review

4Moms is an incredibly talked about brand, and for that reason, you can find its products at a range of well-known retailers—including Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. If you’d rather purchase an item directly with the brand, head over to


4Moms Review

Who owns 4Moms?

4Moms is a part of Thorley Industries LLC, founded by Henry Thorne and Robert Daley.

Does 4Moms ship internationally?

4Moms ships from Georgia, California, or Illinois to within the United States and to Canada. If you live outside of those locations, you may be able to find its products through a retail partner. 

What is 4Moms’s shipping policy?

From the time you place your order online, 4Moms puts it together and ships it out within three business days. Delivery times vary based on where you live, but if you choose ground shipping, you’re looking at another 3-5 business days. 

Shipping costs for the contiguous US are:

  • $5 for orders under $50
  • Free for orders over $50

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Inside the email will be a tracking link that you can use to keep an eye on your package’s progress.

What is 4Moms’s return policy?

When you’re a parent, you just want the best for your kid which means you have some pretty high standards. 4Moms does its best to meet them, but if you find that you need to return your order, you totally can. 

Here are the details of its return policy:

  1. You have 30 days from the date of receipt to start the return process
  2. All items you wish to return must be unused and unassembled
  3. Get in contact with customer care to get your RMA and a prepaid shipping label
  4. Soft goods (seat fabrics, etc.) that have been opened cannot be returned

Note that even though you’ll receive a full refund for your order, your original shipping fees won’t be refunded.

How To Contact 4Moms

4Moms Review

Do you still have questions after reading this 4Moms review? If so, to get them answered, use the contact form on the brand’s website and one of its team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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