Annie’s Kit Club Review

About Annie’s Kit Club

Annie’s Kit Club Review

Annie’s Kit Club offers high-quality crafting supplies, tutorials, and patterns for anyone looking to learn new skills and do something meaningful with their time. With 17 crafting clubs, the option to buy kits separately, and a selection of premium tools, you may consider the brand as your one-stop-shop for all things crafty. 

The brand has been celebrated for its impressive selection and thorough tutorials, landing features in Tree Hugger, Refinery 29, NY Metro Parents, USA Today, and many other media outlets. Their impressive 189K following on Facebook and Instagram combined shows us that the trade is trending—and Annie’s may just be the ones to thank. 

Before you sign up for a wheelbarrow full of services, read this Annie’s Kit Club review to see what their subscriptions are all about. We’ll fill you in on what customers have to say, promotions, shipping policies, and more, to help you decide if this is the right fit for you. 

Overview of Annie’s Kit Club

Annie’s Kit Club Review

Crafting may sound like a light-hearted activity that passes the time. And while it certainly can be, there are many skills behind it that you need to master. Pick up any of Annie’s craft kits and you’ll realize the time, patience, and brainwork that projects like embroidery, crocheting, and quilting require. 

The brand doesn’t limit itself to those three categories though. Annie’s Kit Club has always been about supplying people with quality materials for all types of crafts—whether that is working with paper, painting, making jewelry, or more

Annie’s is owned by the Muselman’s, a proud family that has passed it down three generations and still owns it to this day. The brand got its start in Indiana as a printing company all the way back in 1925, but officially launched a craft supply line in 1975. 

The online subscription service now curates an extensive collection of crafts and activities tailored to women and children. Before we get right into how everything works, this Annie’s Kits Club review will quickly give you a rundown of the brand’s pros and cons. 


  • Teaches a range of skills around knitting, cardmaking, embroidery, and more  
  • For kids and adults 
  • 17 different craft clubs to choose from
  • Detailed tutorials 
  • Equipped with high-quality materials from well-known US brands
  • Online store for any loose supplies you may need
  • Free US shipping and 21-day returns 
  • 75% off your first month 


  • Kits may be more expensive than if you were to source the items yourself
  • Certain kits require basic skills (not for beginners)
  • Children’s kits may not be challenging enough
  • Only one club geared towards boys 
  • No international shipping, aside from Canada 

How Does Annie’s Kit Club Work?

Annie’s Kit Club Review

On the Annie’s Kit Club website, you’ll be greeted by a few smiling faces and a selection of crafts to choose from. You can subscribe to as many clubs as you please, while entertaining the option of buying individual projects to complete from time to time. 

Get the whole family involved by choosing one of Annies woodworking kits, or sign your niece up to the Creative Girls Club. When you’ve decided, simply click on ‘Join Now’ under the desired club. 

A window will pop up with a short introduction to the club, explaining what you can expect as a member. The price will be displayed, and if this is your first order you’ll receive special newcomer’s pricing. From there, all you need to do is checkout. 

The company will ship the specified kit to you once a month. Regarding the crafting kits, your monthly box will be random—which to us, is part of the fun! For more detailed information about shipping policies, scroll down to the FAQs section of this Annie’s Kit Club review.

Members can cancel their Annies crafts subscription at any time, but we recommend doing so before the new monthly billing cycle starts. If you don’t terminate before that date, you will be sent another kit, and continue to be charged on the same day each month. The good news is that the brand accepts returns. 

Annie’s kits contain most of the materials needed to complete a project, but just keep in mind that you will need to have some crafting basics on hand. Common tools like scissors, glue, tape, and other regular household items will be required for many of the activities. 

But, what happens if that Annies creative club kit arrives and your crochet needles are nowhere to be found? Don’t worry, the brand carries a range of crafting tools in its shop that you can order and have shipped separately. The FAQs section of each kit will also tell you the list of items you’ll need to prepare beforehand. 

In the next section of this Annie’s Kit Club review, we’ll walk you through the many types of creative clubs the brand has to offer. As there are so many, we’ll lightly touch on each one so that you know the basics of what’s involved. 

Annie’s Kit Club Review 

Annie’s Kit Club Review

Annie’s projects encompass two things: imagination and variety. With an incredibly vast collection of crafts across 17 clubs, we’re getting excited just thinking about all the options. Time to settle in on a rainy day, throw down a tablecloth, and crack open one of these boxes. 

This Annie’s Kit Club review will go through each of the categories below, to give you a general idea of what they’re all about. Whether you’ve always wanted to pick up crochet, or want to decorate your home for the holidays, there’s bound to be something for everyone. 


  • Card Maker: Experiment with shapes, papers, and cutting tools to build professional-looking cards to give to family and friends. You don’t even need a specific occasion in mind! 
  • Creative Woman: This club encourages women to learn new skills and create items that have meaning—and one’s they’ll actually get some use out of. You’ll find projects like magnets, coasters, and embroidery tea towels within the monthly kits
  • Farmhouse Style: Rustic and full of personality, each of your kits arrives with a new project to add a country vibe to your home. Haven’t you always wanted to make a fabric leaf wreath? 
  • Simply Beads: Not your average jewelry-making kit, Simply Beads uses high-quality, eye-catching stones and beads to help you create pieces you actually want to wear 


  • Caring Crochet: These straightforward kits include instructions, patterns, and yarn. It has everything that you will need to create cozy blankets, caps, scarves, and more for loved ones (or those in need) 
  • Crochet Afghan: It’s a great way to learn this tasteful technique! This club will send you a total of 11 kits, guiding you through the ins and outs of crochet, while introducing you to different patterns and projects
  • Crochet Striped Afghan: After you’ve mastered Crochet Afghan, you may want to keep your journey going strong and take your skills even further. This club sends you the materials to knit 3 strips of a throw blanket, and each month you’ll receive 3 more for a total of 30
  • Charm Pack: Each month you will receive two 100% cotton 42-piece charm packs with coordinated fabric pieces that measure 5 x 5 inches each. Create quilts out of these top-quality pieces from known and loved fabric stores across the US 
  • Fabric Strip Pack: Each pack contains 40 100% cotton strips along with a pattern. Your first kit comes with access to Annie’s digital library of 5 patterns to get started 
  • Fat Quarter. Each kit comes with six gorgeous fat quarters (18 x 22 inches) of 100% cotton fabric, a digital pattern, and instructions 
  • Holiday Quilters. Season specific, you’ll receive all of the fabrics you need to make quilted classics for the coming holiday. Quilted Easter baskets, table runners…this club is anything but typical
  • Hook & Needle. Every month you will receive a knit and crochet project (two sets) plus two patterns, and instructions. Think tea towels, baby blankets, and purses—fun, out-of-the-ordinary projects 
  • Knit Afghan. Each kit contains enough yarn and the instructions to knit three different blocks that will come together to form a large afghan. This club runs for 11 months and at the end, you will complete a 30-piece blanket with all the trimmings and edges!
  • Knit Striped Afghan. Similar to the previous club, this one guides you through the process of creating a colored, striped afghan that requires just a little more skill and patience
  • Moroccan Tile Afghan. This 10-month kit includes everything you need to make a beautiful Moroccan-inspired afghan. Each month you’ll knit one tile and piece it together over time


  • Young Woodworkers: This monthly club delivers fun woodworking projects that teaches 7–12 year olds how to learn how to handle tools, nails, screws, and other important building techniques 
  • Creative Girls: For 7–12 year old girls, this club sends one craft per month, to help your daughter, granddaughter, or niece learn new techniques across many hobbies. Tie-dye, beading, and stitching are some of the many activities they will take on 

What kind of yarn does Annie’s Kit Club use? 

Annie’s Kit Club Review

Just like we have preferences as to what our clothes are made of, the yarn you use in crafts projects makes all the difference. There are a ton of options to choose from, and the brand has selected a type that’s easiest to work with (and yields the best results). 

Annies crochet club, knitting projects, and yarn-based craft kits all come with worsted weight acrylic yarn. In layperson’s terms, this simply means that it’s of a medium weight. It’s meant to be lighter than chunky, but heavier than double knitting yarn. 

Worsted weight acrylic yarn is extremely versatile, and can be used for sweaters, scarves, mittens, and much more. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear and is easily machine washable

How Much is Annie’s Kit Club?

Annie’s Kit Club Review

All of Annie’s clubs cost $20/month. If you’re new to the service, that price is discounted to $10 for your first kit. 

Annie’s Kit Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Annie’s Kit Club Review

Craft clubs are a fantastic way to stay busy, learn new skills, and create fun projects. And, there are countless factors that define each hobby. If you want to know more about the quality, variation, and subscription process of the brand’s kits, keep reading this Annie’s Kit Club review. 

After a lengthy web search for helpful customer feedback, we’ve compiled the ones we thought were the most helpful in shedding light on the subscription below. 

An Annie’s Kit Club review on Sewing Machine Fun discussed three of the brand’s clubs: Fat Quarter, Charm Pack, and Women’s Creative. Especially loving the Charm Pack, the author said that the “surprise fabric challenges me to find new things to do with fabrics outside my comfort zone.” This is important when it comes to crafting, as it’s great to push yourself and learn new techniques. 

Noting that the projects require more skill, the review on Sewing Machine Fun also said that “If you’re just looking to add to your craft stash, it’s cheaper to handpick your own fat quarters, charm packs, yarn, etc from your favorite online retailer or local store.” This may be true, but there’s charm and surprise in receiving a monthly kit that may be worth a few extra dollars. 

On Amazon, the Annie’s Young Woodworkers Kit Club has a 4.3/5 star rating, awarded by 63 crafters. Over 74% of people gave the kit over 4 stars. Many reviewers state they love these kits and speak of high-quality and interesting activities. 

One comment reads, “Good quality wood, nice little tools, just make sure you read through all of the directions first, BEFORE you begin to build.” This Annie’s Kit Club is pleased to find out that everything your child needs to build is right inside the kit, even the tools!

But, not everyone felt the same way about the kit. One negative comment reads, “Kits are simple, much like what you can get from lowes or other places. So don’t expect too much.” While they may be simple, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re designed for kids and need to be easy to follow.

Annie’s has a B rating on its BBB profile, with a total of 65 complaints, 1/5 stars, and 12 reviews. Their decent alphabet score is due to the fact that the company has resolved or addressed the majority of complaints in a timely fashion. Beneath most of the complaints, an Annie’s representative apologizes and tries to remedy the issue, so at least we know they have a responsive customer service team. 

Most of the complaints are in regards to canceling a membership. It appears extremely difficult to cancel, yet the Annie’s website makes the process sound straightforward. One Annie’s Kit Club review reads, “I feel they are purposely making it impossible to cancel your membership. I need to cancel my membership before the next billing cycle.” 

It appears that the brand has altered the way members can cancel subscriptions over the years, now putting the process entirely in their hands via their accounts. This will certainly ease the issue. 

Overall, kids and adults seem to enjoy Annie’s kits. The materials are reported as high quality, the fabric is sourced from high-end companies, and there’s a certain joy that crafters get from receiving their deliveries every month—the main reason that makes this brand so successful. 

Is Annie’s Kit Club Worth It?

Annie’s Kit Club Review

Annie’s Kit Club teaches children and adults new skills, uses quality materials, and offers a plethora of crafts. From what we’ve gathered from subscriber feedback, their activities are straightforward and enjoyable. 

The $20 price tag for each kit may be costlier than just buying the materials at a fabrics store, but that’s not the point of a club. The excitement, mystery, and comfort of recurring shipments is what makes the subscription so special. It’s like a gift that arrives at the same time every month.  

The brand also has features that other subscriptions don’t—things like no minimum commitment and the ability to return a kit. Those aspects both allow buyers to feel a sense of freedom, and are reasons that reinforce this Annie’s Kit Club review’s belief that the brand is worth checking out. 

Annie’s Kit Club Promotions & Discounts 

Annie’s Kit Club Review

Throughout this Annie’s Kit Club review, we kept an eye out for any promotions listed on the brand’s website. See what we found below:

  • 75% off your first month
  • 50% off your first purchase 
  • Free US shipping

Sign up for Annie’s Kit Club

Annie’s Kit Club Review

To sign up for Annie’s Kit Club, all you need to do is navigate to their website and follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down to the selection of clubs
  2. Choose which one you’d like to join
  3. Click ‘Join Now’
  4. Add to Cart
  5. Checkout


Annie’s Kit Club Review

How do I cancel my Annie’s Kit Club subscription?

To terminate your Annie’s Kit Club subscription, you’ll need to head to your account and follow the instructions. From there, the brand will send an email confirmation of the cancellation right away. 

What is Annie’s Kit Club’s Shipping Policy?

This Annie’s Kit Club review found out that the brand currently only ships to the US and Canada. Orders are sent out a few days after they are placed. American customers should receive their kits in 6–10 business days, while Canadian orders take about 3–4 weeks to arrive. 

If you are subscribed to their service, your kit will arrive around the same time each month. Canadian shipping is $7, while US deliveries are free

What is Annie’s Kit Club’s Return Policy?

You can return any Annie’s kits within 21 days of purchase. The product needs to be in its original packaging without damage—so be careful not to open it, not even just a little! 

Annie’s Kit Club will credit your original method of payment as soon as they inspect and process the return. Have your account number, name, mailing address, and reason handy, and mail your kit(s) back to the following address: 

PO BOX 8000
Big Sandy, TX

How to Contact Annie’s Kit Club

For any questions beyond this Annie’s Kit Club review, fill out the contact form on the brand’s website, or call them at (800) 282-6643. Their customer service hours are: 

  • Monday to Friday: 8 AM–7 PM
  • Saturday: 7 AM–5 PM
  • Sunday: 9 AM–5 PM 

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