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abby Grow Box Review

To start growing, you need the right supplies, environment, and certainly the right knowledge. Before now, gathering all of it was 100 % up to you. What if I told you that you could have a 6.5 oz yield every three months with as little commitment as 10 minutes per week? 

Those are the abby Grow Box’s real stats. It’s a smart, automated indoor grower equipped with a sunlight simulator, water circulatory system, and climate controller. Instead of guessing what your plant babies need, abby already knows, and it delivers it all on cue.

As the world’s first automated indoor grow box, abby has been tested by numerous techies with write-ups popping up all over the web in outlets like High Times, Digital Times / Digital Trends, and Gadget Flow. Exactly how well does it work? Read my abby Grow Box review to find out. 

Overview of abby Grow Box

Abby Grow Box Review

abby is a fresh brand, as in, it just got its start earlier this year. Of course, the folks behind the brand have been developing the system for quite some time, fine-tuning its design before launching it on Kickstarter. 

Who’s behind it? A group of marketing experts, designers, and technicians from around the globe. Joining forces for the greater good of growing, their mission was to deliver the world’s first automated home grow box. They succeeded. 

Their other goal was to create a community of like-minded growers who share and learn from each other, and thanks to the community feature on their app, they’ve been able to do that too. Their next achievement? Helping 50 million people around the world become home growers. 

Keep reading my abby Grow Box review for more. The highlights are up next.


Abby Grow Box Review
  • Smart, automated indoor grower
  • Best-in-class LED lighting system
  • Helps grow many different plants & vegetables
  • Uses a hydroponic system
  • Financing available
  • Ships to US & Canada at this moment

You’ve seen the highlights reel, but as with anything in life, you know that they only scratch the surface of what a product or brand is like. To give you an in-depth look, the next section of my abby Grow Box review will be dedicated to the inner workings of the grow box and its add-ons. 

abby Grow Box Review

abby offers one grow box plus a handful of accessories to assist with planting, growing, and drying. You’ll find all the details of its bestsellers up next, along with a rundown of how the subscription works.

Hey abby Grow Box Review

Abby Grow Box Review
Hey abby Grow Box

Hydroponic farming is a smart way to deliver adequate nutrients to your plants. The right amount of nutrients means more fruitful, larger, and better-tasting results, but learning the ins and outs of hydroponics may not be high on everyone’s to-do list.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it, it just means you should get an abby Grow Box. Climate-controlled, the box uses environmental simulators and hydroponic tech to deliver flawless results. There’s no guessing how much to feed your plants, if they’re overwatered, or if they have too little sunlight. Anyone with a smartphone can use this system. 

If you’re tired of the grow-tent life and high electricity bills, consider abby. The system uses 70% less energy than other equivalent units. Plus, when you sign up for the subscription, you’ll have everything you need to grow delivered to your door meaning you’ll waste less.

To get started, just follow the instructions on the app and before you know it, you’ll be growing something good. Here’s what’s included in the set:

  • Pruner
  • Training tie
  • Trellis net
  • Two magnetic hooks
  • Airstone
  • Strainer

Promising a 6.5 oz yield every three months, all you need to do is commit 10 minutes of your time every week. You can buy the abby Grow Box for $999 which comes with a three-month subscription. If you want to commit to an 18-month subscription, you can get that bundle for $1,299.

abby Grow Box Drying Rack Review

Abby Grow Box Review
abby Grow Box Drying Rack

Growing any type of herb? You’ll likely need a Drying Rack. This one is made from polyester mesh, allowing for easy ventilation. It features 6 different layers for lots of space, and each one is 7.8” tall and 11” wide. 

The abby Grow Box Drying Rack was made for your abby, so it hangs perfectly inside your box with its 4 magnetic hooks. Get it for $25.

abby Grow Box Seed Kit Review 

Abby Grow Box Review
abby Grow Box Seed Kit

Sprouting is the most integral part of growing. No sprouts, no plants. More often than not, people plant their seeds too deep or too shallow in the soil, leading to longer growing times or trouble with growing later on. Why not take out the guesswork and use the abby Grow Box Seed Kit?

You’ll get two separate cups with a total of 5 pieces each (cup, lid, grow sponge, basket, rock wool) to germinate and transplant your seedlings. Already planted and measured, your seeds will be in optimal growing position. Add one to your cart for $20.

abby Grow Box Subscription Review 

Abby Grow Box Review
abby Grow Box Subscription

Your abby Grow Box automatically comes with a three-month Subscription. You can also choose a 6, 12, or 18-month plan if you’d prefer something more long-term. 

Of course, you don’t have to use the subscription, but if you want everything you need to grow healthy, fruitful plants, it’s recommended. During your plan, you’ll receive the following every three months:

  • Original Solid Fertilizer x 8
  • Activated Carbon Filter x 2
  • Sponge x 1
  • Plant Basket x 1

You’ll also get full access to the app including support, rewards, and community involvement which connects you with other growers. New to the whole growing thing? The subscription has you covered. Their fertilizer is already mixed and ready to go and the app gives you access to their smart adaptive sensors.

In other words, if you’re going to buy an abby Grow Box, you’ll likely want the subscription too. You can get three months’ worth of supplies for $75.

Hey abby App Review

abby Grow Box Review 1

We all have that one friend who’s really good with plants. Practically everything they touch turns green. How did they come to be so knowledgeable? Experience. The hey abby App is like that friend, only, it connects you with a herd of other users that share tips and experiences instead. 

Along with connecting to other like-minded growers, the hey abby App provided live 1-on-1 expert service any time you need additional advice. The hey abby Grow Box takes the guesswork out of growing plants, but the folks behind it get that not every step along the way is always cut and dry. 

To make the journey even more enjoyable, since the hey abby Grow Box monitors your plant’s progress and syncs with the app, when your plants reach a certain stage in their life cycle, you’ll get Oxygen Points. How cool? Use these points to redeem products or services or share them with your new friends on the app. 

Already an expert grower? The pro version of the hey abby App lets you access all control points and adjust each bulb for total customization of your harvest.

Who Is abby Grow Box For? 

Abby Grow Box Review

The abby Grow Box takes the guesswork out of growing. Anyone with an interest in growing plants, whether it be tomatoes, lettuce, basil, or cannabis, can do it easily. And since the box uses 70% less energy than other indoor grow setups, it’s a great option for those who want to reduce their eco-footprint while they enjoy perfect plants effortlessly.

abby Grow Box Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Abby Grow Box Review

So far in my abby Grow Box review, we’ve looked at everything the brand has to say about its signature product and accessories. Now’s the time to hear what customers think. 

Checking in with Heyabby.com first, I saw a score of 4.9/5 stars for the abby Grow Box, awarded by 20 shoppers. Digging into the comments, one read: “All I can say is I’m very impressed…from the unit, the community of abby owner and the support, it’s been awesome!! I highly recommend getting yourself an abby!!” 

So far, it sounds like abby isn’t just a great unit, but the brand behind it is also a pleasure to deal with. Up next, I’ll feature another one from the brand’s website. This time, it’s from one of their better-known users, Dope as Yola: “This is truly a set it and forget it type situation which is perfect for someone like me. This is the easiest way to grow I’ve ever seen.”

Growing anything takes time and attention, two things that not many of us have. The abby Grow Box has all the time in the world to care for your plants, taking the job out of your hands and doing it correctly. No offense, but let’s be real. Do you want results or wasted time and money? 

We know the value others see in the abby, but let’s take a look at an in-depth abby Grow Box review from elsewhere to see what it’s actually like in person. This one comes from Medium and starts with some first impressions. It reads:

“The first thing I noticed when my abby Grow Box arrived was that it is very big and very heavy. It came packed securely in a heavy-duty cardboard box with foam protection, but the weight of the unit made it a little difficult to unpack. If at all possible, you’ll want a helper for the unpacking process.”

Hey, I appreciate the honesty here. Being heavy is just one thing the abby Grow Box needs to be because it’s built to last. It’s nice to know that the brand packages it securely though. The review continued:

“After getting my abby out of the shipping box, I found myself very impressed with the build quality and style. The enclosure is heavy gauge sheet steel and it feels absurdly sturdy. It is also a very attractive design, with nice white paint and real wood accents. The abby team clearly didn’t cut any corners on design or materials and it really shows.”

A little later down, the same abby Grow Box review mentioned how discreet the box is. Meaning that it could easily pass as a mini fridge or sleek storage container if you have any guests you don’t want to know about your grow-op. 

Tons of tech sites and blogs dedicated to growing have reviewed the abby Grow Box. All seem to agree that the grow box is indeed well-made, sturdy, sleek, and works as claimed. Since it’s a new brand, some users report difficulties with the app and customer service, but from what I can see, abby has smoothed out the majority of its issues.

Is abby Grow Box Legit?

Abby Grow Box Review

abby is a start-up and has come a long way since its debut earlier this year. It’s actually still on Kickstarter, which means the brand is likely still going to experience growing pains.

From all of the abby Grow Box reviews I’ve read, it sounds like the brand has already made improvements to its app, and overall, I didn’t come across much negative feedback about the box itself. It looks like they got that right the first time. From my view, all lights are green for the abby.

Is abby Grow Box Worth It?

Abby Grow Box Review

Users say that the abby Grow Box is really easy to use. It ends up being less expensive than growing plants yourself in a tent with the right lights, supplies, and accessories. I like that abby takes the work out of growing and so do many others, from folks who are just starting to learn and pros who know their way around a grow tent.

If you’re on the fence about the price, abby offers a payment plan, and if you change your mind about your purchase, you can send it back for a full refund in 30 days.

abby Grow Box Promotions & Discounts 

Abby Grow Box Review

Deals are to this abby Grow Box review as water is to a hydroponic grow system, so I made sure to scope out the brand’s site for every last one. Turns out, they’re giving 20% off all accessories if you sign up for emails. Additionally, if you commit to a longer subscription, you’ll save 15-20%.

Where to Buy abby Grow Box

Abby Grow Box Review

The best place to buy your hydroponic grow system is right from heyabby.com. It’s the most straightforward way to deal with ordering and returns, plus, you’ll get to take advantage of their promotions. If you prefer, you can also find the box on Amazon.


Abby Grow Box Review

Who owns abby Grow Box?

No owner has been pinpointed for the abby Grow Box. The brand is said to have been created by a team of designers, marketing experts, and technicians from around the globe.

Does abby Grow Box ship internationally?

abby ships to the US and Canada, but not to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. Read the next section of my abby Grow Box review for more precise shipping details.

What is abby Grow Box’s Shipping Policy?

abby offers a $99 flat rate for deliveries in the US and $149 for deliveries to Canada. Other important shipping information includes:

  • Shipping to the US takes 1-3 days to process
  • Canadian orders require 4-6 weeks of lead time
  • Your order will be shipped with UPS, USPS, or FedEx 

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link. Use the link to keep tabs on where your abby is in the shipping process.

What is abby Grow Box’s Return Policy?

If you need to return your abby, you totally can, just be sure to stick to the guidelines. The most important is that you’ll have 30 days after delivery to get in contact with the brand and let them know you’d like to make a return. Here’s what else you should know:

  1. All products must be in unused condition
  2. All items must be in their original packaging 
  3. Refunds are issued within 7 days from your order arriving back at the brand’s warehouse

Just a reminder: abby will not accept returns on items that do not have their original packaging. When you open yours, be sure to store the packaging somewhere instead of throwing it away.

How to Contact abby Grow Box

Abby Grow Box Review

Do you have any questions after reading my abby Grow Box review? You can use the contact form online to get in touch with the brand. Their customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

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