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Andar Wallets Review

Protecting your valuables while on the go is important— and it’s also a balancing act. You obviously want a casing that will hold up to a lot of wear and tear, but at the same time, it can’t be too heavy or bulky to lug around. If you’re in the market for quality products, like wallets, that achieve this balance, then check out this Andar wallets Review.

Andar specializes in providing full-grain leather products like laptop cases, phone cases, and wallets. Though small and still relatively young, it already has over 24k fans on Facebook and 108k followers on Instagram. It’s also been featured in well-known Us Weekly, BuzzFeed, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, among others.

But are these wallets really a good place to stash your cash and credit cards? This Andar wallets review will take a look at some of the brand’s best-selling products, enticing promos, and illuminating customer reviews to help you decide if you should buy their products.

Overview of Andar

Andar Wallets Review

Since Jacob Elggren founded the company in 2015, Andar has sought to make carrying your stuff around much easier and way simpler. What began with just a couple different wallet designs has since grown to include professional-looking, yet affordable wallets, phone cases, and laptop carrying cases, among others.

Over the past six years, the key to this brand’s success has been its commitment to keeping products minimalistic. All their wallets and cases are slim with easy-access pockets that help organize your must-have essentials. And, to ensure the products keep your stuff safe for a long while, each one is made with strong, full-grain leather that actually gets tougher over time.

If you just want to skim the facts from this Andar wallets review, you can check out the company highlights list below. Otherwise, keep reading for the full story. We’ll share all the details you need to make an informed purchase decision.


  • Full-grain leather wallets that are made to last, and are cheaper than other such brands
  • A variety of styles for different needs, all of which keep items organized and easy to access
  • Wallets include RFID protection layer
  • Come with one-year warranties
  • Discount prices for US military members
  • Excellent customer reviews

With this company, everything started with wallets. So that’s what our Andar wallets review will be focusing on. Whether you pay exclusively with plastic, enjoy travelling with various currencies, or need something to keep your dollar bills dry, they have something that’s made for you.

Andar Wallets Review

As we’ve said, Andar wallets are easy to navigate, organize, and store your personal items. They also have great durability. For this Andar Wallets review, we’ll look at six of their best-sellers: The Apollo, The Turner, The Ranger, The Diplomat, The Griffin, and The Ambassador.

All these featured wallets come with RFID protection and a one-year warranty.

Andar The Apollo Wallet Review

If you want a wallet that has all the familiarities of a bifold, an ID window, and five-card slots, your best bet is to get The Apollo

Aside from the modern necessities we’ve come to expect from an average wallet, there’s a handy metal clip to hold your paper money. You’ll find an outer slot for the card you use the most and don’t want to waste time rummaging around for. There’s even an elastic pull tab to make sure nothing slides out by accident.

Altogether this wallet has a 10-card capacity. It’s 4 ⅛” long by 2 ⅞” wide, and increases by a mere ⅜”  in thickness when folded. The leather variant comes in a variety of colors, including tan, saddle brown, dark brown, black, stone gray, and olive gray.

There’s also a version made from cork that’s especially resistant to water and stain damage. Both versions are worth $59.

Andar The Turner Wallet Review

Let’s say you’re a super minimalist. So, your idea of shopping is bringing your ID, debit, credit cards, along with a couple bills in case all the registers at the cashiers happen to be broken. And, you’re also not keen on having to unfold your wallet. Well, in that case my friend, The Turner is the way to go.

There’s no need to unfold anything— the wallet is basically just three card slots sewn together in a neat little bundle with a pull tab. This keeps things secure but still easy to access in a hurry. The wallet is useful if you have 10 cards to carry around but want to see everything at a glance. That’s right, these three pockets have a 10-card capacity.

For $40, you’ll get The Turner in tan, dark brown, black, stone gray, or olive gray. There’s also blush (basically like a pink skin tone) for those of you who want a little more color. The wallet slips in your breast pocket at 4 ⅛” long by 3” wide, and a seriously slim 5/32” thickness.

Andar The Ranger Wallet Review

Essentially a ‘poor man’s’ Apollo in everything but price, The Ranger keeps things simple. Though it can also hold 10 cards, there are only four slots— one of which is an easy-access slot on the outside with an elastic pull tab.

In place of an ID window, there’s a large strap to use for securing your paper money. This feature is very convenient: you can keep your bills flat and tucked in tight, but still see their corners and tell what values they are.

You can get The Ranger in tan, saddle brown, dark brown, black, stone gray, and olive gray. It measures 4 ⅛” long, 2 15/16” wide, and ⅜” thick. It’s worth $59.

Andar The Diplomat Wallet Review

Planning to go on a road trip across Europe? You’d better bring The Diplomat along for the ride. It’s more classically designed 4 ¼” long by 3 ⅝” wide by ½” thick, bifold wallet is the optimal length to hold several types of foreign currency. You’ll never run out of room with the wallet’s seven card slots and three main compartments.

Altogether, you can squeeze more than the usual 10-card maximum inside this wallet. It comes in saddle brown, black, or olive gray. Buy it for $55.

Andar The Griffin Wallet Review

Cool your jets Family Guy fans— this has nothing to do with Peter. Andar’s The Griffin is simply another member of The Apollo’s close relatives. In it you’ll find an ID window, five card slots that have a max capacity of eight cards and a money clip.

It’s slightly bigger than The Ranger at 4 ¼” long, 2 15/16” wide, and 5/16” thick. You can get it in saddle brown, dark brown, black, and olive gray. And, unlike its more expensive cousins, it’ll only cost you $49.

Andar The Ambassador Wallet Review

The Ambassador is to The Diplomat what The Ranger is to The Apollo. A similar classic bifold build, this wallet sits at 4 ⅜” long, 3” wide and only ¼” thick. It can hold over 10 cards in its 6 slots and 3 main compartments and, while not perfect for all forms of currency like The Diplomat, it still holds US dollar bills pretty well.

You can get it in tan, saddle brown, black, and olive gray. This wallet also has a cork version for excellent water and stain resistance. Though, at the time of this review, it’s currently sold out. You can buy it for $49.

Who Is Andar For? 

Andar Wallets Review

Based on the brand’s marketing material, and the articles this Andar wallets review found, these wallets suit a wide range of men. But, they’re especially geared towards people in the workforce who want to maintain an air of professionalism without breaking the bank. 

Of course, given their compact forms and durability, they would benefit just about anyone who’s looking for an easy-to-carry, convenient wallet that’ll last them a long time.

Andar Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Andar Wallets Review

From all the enthusiastic comments this Andar wallets review could find, it’s clear that these items are a hit with customers.

Many people have bought one of the wallets as a gift or for personal use. Several shoppers appreciate the craftsmanship of the leather, such as this reviewer of The Apollo on the brand’s website: “Bought this for my boyfriend and he likes it. Good quality and nice look.” 

The star ratings for the featured products in this review are as follows:

  • The Apollo – 4.9/5 stars based on 1,733 reviews
  • The Turner – 4.8/5 stars based on 163 reviews
  • The Ranger – 4.9/5 stars based on 1,018 reviews
  • The Diplomat – 4.9/5 stars based on 201 reviews
  • The Griffin – 4.9/5 stars based on 100 reviews
  • The Ambassador – 4.9/5 stars based on 222 reviews

Of course, people also enjoy the utility of the wallets, including their thinness and excellent storage options. 

An Amazon reviewer who bought The Ambassador commented, “definitely a little smaller and thinner than regular men’s wallets, and I like that (one of the reasons I bought it). I have 2 credit cards and 1 ATM card which fit perfectly, plus a few other thinner cards for insurance, etc. US money fits fine.” 

Star ratings on Amazon were as follows:

  • The Apollo – 4.5/5 stars based on 73 reviews
  • The Griffin – 3.7/5 stars based on 12 reviews
  • The Ambassador – 4.4/5 stars based on 122 reviews

And, on top of the wallets’ look and functionality, the affordable pricing for the Full Grain leather they’re made from is also attractive. A reviewer on Reddit had this to say about The Ambassador

You would have to spend triple the money before you get a wallet of similar quality, and probably $100 or more to get a product of better quality. As far as price/performance is concerned there absolutely is no better product out there. If I ever lose this I will buy this wallet over and over again.

And, on top of their sleek look and great functionality, the affordable pricing of these full-grain leather wallets is also attractive. 

A reviewer on Reddit had this to say about The Ambassador: “You would have to spend triple the money before you get a wallet of similar quality, and probably $100 or more to get a product of better quality. As far as price/performance is concerned there absolutely is no better product out there. If I ever lose this I will buy this wallet over and over again.

Some customers have commented about their wallets falling apart, but these cases are few and far between. Also, this Andar wallets review found that the brand specifically acknowledges this issue. They remind customers that their products are handmade and not infallible to wear and tear. In such cases, you should take advantage of the one-year warranty offered by the brand.

Is Andar Worth It?

Andar Wallets Review

Oh, most definitely. As you can see for yourself from this Andar wallets review, these wallets are not only affordable but they also have very versatile storage. Not to mention the fact that the full-grain leather actually toughens up over time, and the cork variations some of the products come in are resistant to water and stains.

The final verdict: these products will give you a lot of bang for your buck. So if you need a wallet, it’s a good idea to check out Andar.

Andar Promotions & Discounts 

Andar Wallets Review

If you’re in the US, you can get free shipping on orders over $35.

You can also get a 15% discount if you’re either an active or inactive member of the military. It’s a simple process:

  1. Go to the bottom of the homepage and click the ‘military discount’ link
  2. Scroll down to the big brown button labelled ‘get military discount’
  3. Follow the instructions to confirm your service
  4. Use the unique discount code at checkout

There’s also a referral program that lets you give a $10 discount code to a friend and, in return, you get $10 back.

In addition, Andar has a rewards program for those of you who want to get geared up with all their leather products. Every 100 points earns you a $10 discount. You can get points in these ways:

  • Signup for an account – 20 points
  • Birthday celebration – 100 points
  • For every dollar spent – 1 point
  • Like on Facebook – 20 points
  • Share on Facebook – 20 points
  • Follow Instagram – 20 points
  • Write a review – 100 points

Where to Buy Andar

Andar Wallets Review

You can buy Andar products via the brand’s website, Facebook store, Amazon, Walmart, and


Andar Wallets Review

Who owns Andar?

Several searches on multiple company profile sites by this Andar wallets review showed no parent companies. So, this is another brand free of corporate overlords.

Does Andar ship internationally?

If you have an address, Andar has no problems sending a wallet your way. They ship almost everywhere internationally, so no one gets left behind.

What is Andar’s Shipping Policy?

Once again, if your order is over $35 and you live in the US, you get free shipping. US orders will take up to 5-7 business days if you go with USPS. Or, if you want your purchase faster, you can get it through FedEx within 2-4 business days.

International shipments will take 4-8 business days with FedEx, or 3-4 weeks with standard APC shipping if you don’t mind the wait. Andar doesn’t cover costumes or VAT taxes, so the costs will depend on your location.

Note that Andar can send your order to a PO box, so long as you don’t choose FedEx to deliver it to you.

You also need to be careful if you feel there’s any risk of your parcel being lost or damaged in transit. In order to get the order replaced, you’ll need to have paid for a warranty ahead of time. But, even if you didn’t get the warranty, the brand says you should contact customer service anyway to see if they can help.

What is Andar’s Return Policy?

Returns need to be submitted within 90 days of purchase. Returns and exchanges are free for US orders, but for international shoppers, you’ll have to pay for return shipping. If you desire, you can buy a return shipment label from Andar.

Keep in mind that returns must be sent back in the condition you got the item in, and in their original packaging. You’ll also need to show proof of purchase.

Once your item is returned and processed— if you’re not getting it exchanged— you can expect a refund within 2-10 business days.

How to Contact Andar

Got more questions after reading this Andar wallets review? If so, you can get in touch with the team via phone, email, or Facebook message.

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