Bloombox Club Review

About Bloombox Club

Bloombox Club Review

Bloombox Club is a greenery company selling plants and other gardening accessories like pots, waterers, care tools, and books from their online shop. This brand sells to plant lovers across the US and throughout Europe.

This company is known for their speedy deliveries and massive selection of unique and beautiful greens. While you can make one-time purchases, they also offer a subscription service so you can enjoy a new plant friend every month!

Interested in sprucing up your at-home oasis with Bloombox? I’ll give you a peek at this company’s best-selling plants, real customer feedback, and all the buying info you’ll want to know before you make your first order. 

Keep reading my Bloombox Club review to learn more about this company’s roots! 

Overview of Bloombox Club

Bloombox Club Review

The Bloombox Club is bringing the fun and convenience of online shopping subscriptions to the plant world. This company was founded in 2016 by Dr. Katie Cooper with a mission to bring plants and nature indoors for customers’ health and enjoyment. In 2020 the Bloombox Club was purchased by the parent company PlantX.

Their engaging online store beautifully showcases a huge variety of plants, from ferns and philodendrons to arabica coffee and palms. If you’re new to plant care, you can filter your shopping for low-maintenance plants for beginners, while gardening veterans can peruse their collections of rare plants for a new challenge.

Bloombox Club also has a popular Plant Subscription Box, which sends a plant chosen by the brand’s network of growers as often as once a month. It’s a great way to build a collection and enjoy unique offerings you may not find elsewhere. 

This company is connecting with their 70k followers on Instagram and 29k followers on Facebook, where they show off their beautiful selection of plants and give fans some inspo to design their own living green spaces. 

Now that you know a bit more about what the brand is all about, my Bloombox Club review will look at this brand’s buying highlights before shopping through their best-sellers.


Bloombox Club Review
  • Delivers indoor and outdoor plants to your door from its online shop
  • Subscription options available 
  • Wide selection of plants and gardening accessories
  • Shop indoor, drought-resistant, easy care, and pet-friendly plants
  • Helpful advice on plant health and care
  • Well-reviewed by customers
  • Tons of gift ideas
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping with subscriptions or any US purchase over $85
  • 10% off your first order

Bloombox Club Plants Review

Whether you love leafy tropical plants or classic ferns, the Bloombox Club’s indoor plants will pep up your space with a burst of green. Keep reading this Bloombox Club review as I shop through four of their top sellers.

Bloombox Club Ficus ‘Ginseng’ Review

Bloombox Club Ficus 'Ginseng' Review
Bloombox Club Ficus ‘Ginseng’

This unique beauty originated in Southeastern Asia and can now thrive as an indoor plant. The Ficus Ginseng has visible smooth trunks that meet in the middle and grows vibrant green stems and leaves.

While writing this Bloombox Club review I found that this plant does best in bright but indirect light, and needs regular watering around the outer edge of its pot. In hot weather, you can take it outside and keep it in a shadier, leafy area.

This Ginseng plant’s care level is considered “easy” and you can prune this plant like a bonsai to achieve a certain shape.

The Ficus Ginseng plant is a perfect choice for people who love a tropical, jungle-inspired feel in their home. According to Bloombox Club, this plant is also known to clean the air, making it the cutest air purifier for your bedroom or office!

Keep in mind that eating this plant is toxic, so if you have curious kids or pets, this may not be the right choice for you. 

Buy the Ficus Ginseng plant for $21.for a 4” plant. Though sold out at the time of this Bloombox Club review, it also comes in an 8” version for $32.

Bloombox Club Fern ‘Autumn’ Review

Bloombox Club Fern 'Autumn' Review
Bloombox Club Fern ‘Autumn’

This beautiful Fern Autumn is also called the Japanese Shield Fern since its natural environment is the woods of east Asia. 

As you can imagine, ferns thrive best in a cooler environment, so if you prefer a home with lots of fresh air and not too much heat, this plant could work well for you.

Bloombox Club lists this plant as needing a “medium” amount of care. For this Bloombox Club review I’ve compiled a few tips the brand recommends for taking care of your Autumn Fern:

  • Requires partial shade
  • Likes cooler spots
  • Keep soil damp, mist plant from time to time
  • Prune off your dead leaves 
  • Follow a monthly fertilizing schedule while in active growth

One neat feature of this fern is its ability to change color. When its new leaves come out, they’re a rich red, and they’ll later change to green as they mature. With its lush fronds, this plant will enliven home areas like entryways or bathrooms.

Buy the Fern Autumn starting at $14 for a 4” pot.

Bloombox Club Philodendron ‘Brasil’ Review 

Bloombox Club Philodendron 'Brasil' Review 
Bloombox Club Philodendron ‘Brasil’

If you love to see a plant progress from baby to adult, the Philodendron Brasil would be a brilliant choice. This hardy plant will grow, grow, grow! And as it does, you can enjoy long, tropical vines if you place this plant high on a shelf or in a hanging pot.

The Philodendron Brasil is just what you’d expect from a plant that originates in sunny Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean. This green goddess has stunning raindrop-shaped leaves that feature different shades of light and dark green, with bright hints of yellow.

If you’re new to plant care, the Philodendron is an ideal choice since it’s considered ‘easy’ to care for. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Pop it in a spot with bright indirect light 
  2. Clean dust off leaves in your shower when needed
  3. Let the topsoil dry between waterings
  4. Feed monthly with a ‘balanced fertilizer’
  5. Watch it happily grow!

This plant is an excellent air purifier, but keep it well clear of pets since it is toxic when ingested.

Buy the Philodendron Brasil for $17 for a 4” pot and $28 for a 6” pot

Bloombox Club Spider Plant ‘Reverse’ Review 

Bloombox Club Spider Plant 'Reverse' Review 
Bloombox Club Spider Plant ‘Reverse’

This lively plant has real movement and personality. The Spider Plant Reverse’s leaves grow up high and arc nicely over the sides of the pot, making it look like what the brand calls an “organic chandelier.

This plant’s leaves have a light green color, accented by creamy white stripes. It is native to South Africa and loves to sit in indirect light with regular watering but excellent drainage. 

Here are some more fast facts on how to care for this delightful little plant:

  • Ensure a container with good drainage
  • Allow topsoil to dry out between waterings
  • Bright (but indirect) light is ideal
  • Non-toxic, but make sure kids and pets do not ingest
  • Considered “easy” to care for

This air-purifying plant would be a brilliant choice to add some character to your space on a desk or living room shelf. 

Enjoy the Spider Plant Reverse for $12.

Who Is Bloombox Club For? 

Bloombox Club Review

We all have a friend with more plants than they know what to do with – unless, of course, we are that friend! Joking aside, what’s better than finding yourself in a home that’s alive with beautiful, healthy greenery, especially if those plants are as easy to take care of as they are to buy?

That’s why both gardeners and plant lovers will adore this brand and the chance to pick out a new plant for their home or office from Bloombox’s wide selection. The brand’s site is easy to navigate and brimming with all kinds of interesting plants you won’t necessarily find in other stores – and at great prices, to boot. 

This company’s service is also super helpful for people who may not have access to a quality gardening store or plant nursery and want to make a new addition to their plant collection without having to deal with a long trip or stores that just don’t have the right plants for your space.

I have to mention in this Bloombox Club review, this brand is a great fit for new plant owners, since it provides so many helpful growing tips and specific information on each plant. 

I’ve also seen that their customer service is always there to give you some guidance so your plant will thrive in its new home. With that said, let’s take a closer look at Bloombox Club reviews from some real green thumbs who’ve shopped with the brand. 

Bloombox Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bloombox Club Review

The Bloombox Club doesn’t share customer feedback on their official site, so I sleuthed around the web to see how customers have enjoyed their new plants and the experience of buying from this brand. 

First, I checked out TrustPilot, where I found that Bloombox Club has a 4.3/5 star rating based on over 1,200 reviews – and most of them were nothing short of glowing.  

One customer really enjoyed Bloombox’s friendly customer service, especially since their employees helped him learn more about plant options and how to care for his purchases

He shares in his Bloombox Club review:The customer service was really helpful to explain to me all about indoor plants and I have been getting them for the last two months. Love the experience.”

Another buyer echoed this sentiment about great service, and found that their Bloombox Club Plant Subscription Box service was a neat way to get into the plant world and start growing with confidence.

She writes in her Bloombox Club review, “I was new to plants when I first ordered from Bloombox Club. The subscription box has helped me learn about all different plants, and each box comes with clear care tips to help keep my plant healthy and happy! Love getting my plants each month.”

I also found some Bloombox Club reviews on the website, where they have a 3.9/5 star rating. Most customers on this site spoke highly of this brand’s plant options and prompt delivery service

One repeat shopper loves buying from the brand and is impressed with the health of her plants, sharing in her Bloombox Club review, I’m very pleased with my experience with BloomBox Club. I’ve ordered three times from them and each time my plant arrived on time, safe and in good condition. I love their selection and will definitely return again.”

Finally, I checked out a Bloombox Club review from the lifestyle blogger at She loved her box of plants from the Bloombox Club’s subscription service, and noticed how healthy and well-cared for they were. 

She also enjoyed that her package took some of the guesswork out of plant buying and care, writing,I never know what plants to choose when I go to a garden centre, and BloomBox Club takes this out of your hands. All of the plants received were so pretty and are a really good quality. Planting each plant was really simple, as they arrive in individual pots that are supported with a cane, providing extra support during transit.”

Regardless of whether they’re new to growing plants or are experienced gardeners, most customers are having fantastic experiences buying from this company and would recommend it to other plant lovers.

Is Bloombox Club Legit?

Bloombox Club Review

Yes – this online nursery is reliably delivering their beautiful house and outdoor plants to customers throughout Europe, the UK and the US. While doing my research for this Bloombox Club review, I did not find any red flags about their service or products.

Is Bloombox Club Worth It?

Bloombox Club Review

If you’re new to owning plants and want some guidance about what varieties will thrive in your space and suit your lifestyle, the Bloombox Club can be a great place to start.

This brand offers friendly advice on how to integrate plants into your household or garden and give them the care they need to thrive. Their wide selection of plants makes this site fun to shop through for people of all tastes and budgets, whether you’re buying inexpensive spider plants or fiddle leaf figs and orange trees!

The great reviews for this company’s service show that customers are consistently impressed with the look, health, and safe delivery of their new “plant babies.” To sum up this section of my Bloombox Club review, I’m happy to recommend this brand to plant people and new growers alike. 

Bloombox Club Promotions & Discounts 

Bloombox Club Review

Sign up for the Bloombox Club newsletter and get 10% off your first order. Subscription orders and purchases over $85 ship for free from the US site.

Where to Buy Bloombox Club

Bloombox Club Review

Purchase all Bloombox Club products at their official website. Once there, click on your destination country to see all the plants and services available to your region.


Bloombox Club Review

Who owns Bloombox Club?

This company is owned by parent company PlantX Life.

Does Bloombox Club ship internationally?

Yes, just make sure you’re using the correct version of the site for your country – change your nation setting in the top right corner. During this Bloombox Club review I learned that this brand ships customers in these countries:

  • US
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • France

What is Bloombox Club’s Shipping Policy?

If you purchase a Bloombox Club Plant Subscription Box, your order will ship for free. In the US, any order over $85 is also eligible for free shipping. Smaller orders have a flat delivery fee of $10

Shipping takes approximately 5-7 days, and all orders are carefully packaged and marked fragile so couriers take extra care with what Bloombox Club calls the “new addition to your family.”

If you’re shipping outside of the US, your shipping fees and delivery times will vary based on destination.

What is Bloombox Club’s Return Policy?

This brand does not offer returns, but if your order arrives damaged they will make it right. Get in touch with them using the contact info below to initiate the process.

How to Contact Bloombox Club

Bloombox Club Review

I hoe you enjoyed this Bloombox Club review! If you have any other questions, I found several ways to contact the brand:

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