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About andCollar

andCollar Review

andCollar is an American business selling men’s apparel to customers across the United States, UK, and Europe. The brand specializes in dress and business-casual shirts, and also has a small range of pants, ties, socks, and shoes. 

 While writing this andCollar review I found that this brand stands out in the crowded apparel industry in two ways: manufacturing their products from recycled textiles to make them as eco-friendly as possible, and creating designs that resist pesky stains and wrinkles!

My andCollar review will give you all the info you need to make an informed choice about buying from this unique clothing brand. Read along as I delve into their backstory and buying info, take a closer look at their best-selling products, and check out what real andCollar customers are saying about andCollar’s shirts.

Overview of andCollar

andCollar Review

andCollar started way back in 2008, when founder Ben Perkins was only 13! Growing up in hot and humid Hong Kong, Perkins wished he had a dress shirt as cool, airy, and comfortable as the athletic gear he wore when he wasn’t in school. 

That’s when Perkins had the idea to start his own line of shirts with the look of dresswear and the performance of activewear, which he called Wicka-Sweat. 

Though the 13-year-old didn’t exactly have the capital to get it off the ground, Perkins’ idea stuck with him. After a few years – some of which he spent in the extreme heat of the Philippines – Perkins was finally ready to formally establish his business. 

With help from his sister, a professional marketer, her colleagues, and some friends, he created andCollar with the goal of creating functional, comfortable, and eco-friendly dress clothes for guys – even those in stuffy, humid cities!

According to their Facebook page, andCollar is a dress shirt company for men who hate dress shirts, and has “revolutionized formal menswear by creating affordable and sustainable performance products.” 

It seems like customers agree. This young, growing company is attracting buzz and has 7k followers on Facebook and 31k followers on Instagram.

Now that you’ve learned more about their beginnings, let’s check out my andCollar review’s highlights of shopping from the brand!


andCollar Review
  • Comfortable, breathable men’s button-up shirts
  • Also has a line of pants, ties, shoes, and socks
  • Sustainable design using recycled materials
  • Eco certifications from Global Recycled Standard and OEKO-TEX
  • Products are resistant to stains and wrinkling
  • Wide range of shirt cuts and sizes, from XS to XXXL
  • Ships to US, UK, and EU

andCollar Shirts Review

andCollar’s flagship product is their stretchy, breathable Stain Repellent, Sustainable Shirt. To learn more about what the brand has to offer, let’s take a closer look at the best-selling designs of this wardrobe staple.

andCollar Shirts Atlantic Stain Resistant Review

andCollar Shirts Atlantic Stain Resistant Review
andCollar Shirts Atlantic Stain Resistant

The Atlantic Stain Resistant Shirt is an easy option for work events or formal do’s. This white button-up has all the classic features of a standard men’s dress shirt: long sleeves, buttoned cuffs, a chest pocket, and a collar.

andCollar has created this shirt out of their proprietary fabric, which has the following features:

  1. Resistant to spills and stains
  2. Easy to clean – just throw it in the wash
  3. Anti-wrinkle design
  4. Breathable 4-way stretch
  5. Made from recycled textiles for maximum sustainability

This shirt comes in sizes XS to XXXL and in two cuts – Slim, for narrower bodies, and Athletic, for more room in the chest and mid-section. 

andCollar makes it simple to find the right fit for you: put your height, weight, and body type into their dimensions calculator to see your recommended size and style.

Buy the Atlantic Stain Resistant Shirt for $40.

andCollar Shirts Pacific Short Sleeve Review

andCollar Shirts Pacific Short Sleeve Review
andCollar Shirts Pacific Short Sleeve

If you want a lighter dress shirt (or your office doesn’t have air conditioning!), take a look at the Pacific Short Sleeve Shirt

This shirt has all the signature features of andCollar’s shirts: It’s made of recycled materials, is designed to keep you cool, holds up against spills and stains, and shouldn’t ruin your look by wrinkling easily.

This white top has short sleeves for an airy fit, with a chest pocket, button-up front, and traditional collar. It’s also made in both Slim and Athletic fit;

You could easily wear this top untucked over summer shorts for a more casual event, or pair it with dress pants or throw it under a jacket for a more formal look.

Buy the Pacific Short Sleeve Shirt in sizes XS to XXXL for $40.

andCollar Clothing Review

andCollar makes it easy to stock up on comfortable dresswear essentials by offering pants, shoes, and ties, too. 

Let’s look at the popular, versatile Range Pants and Summit Shoes!

andCollar Pants Range Review 

andCollar Pants Range Review 
andCollar Pants Range

andCollar promises that your favorite features from their shirts are included in their pants, too! They’ve designed these pants to be “hydrophobic,” so they won’t be ruined by a rainy day or spilled coffee. And should they get a little muddy, don’t sweat it. They’re machine washable, too.

This brand has put recycled plastics to use in their Range Pants, describing them as stretchy, breathable, and resistant to wrinkles

andCollar’s Range Pants have a slim, straight cut, pockets, and a traditional button closure. These pants also have an elastic waistband so they can “feel like pajamas” rather than constricting formal wear!

These pants come in the following colors:

  • Midnight Blue
  • Stone Gray
  • Pitch Black
  • Desert Khaki

Buy the Range Pants for $65 in sizes 30 to 40.

andCollar Shoes Summit Performance Review 

andCollar Shoes Summit Performance Review 
andCollar Shoes Summit Performance

The Summit Performance Shoes match andCollar’s mission perfectly. They’ve lost the restrictive leather and rigid soles of conventional Oxfords, and replaced them with lighter, more breathable materials for a comfier fit.

These shoes are perfect for guys who have a formal dress code and are on their feet all day long. Whether you work in retail or want to stay comfortable pacing the office, these shoes give you a dressy look without the fuss of a traditional leather dress shoe.

The Summit Performance Shoes have an EVA sole that’s meant to move with your foot while providing solid support. Their uppers are made from a soft, knit material so your feet can actually breathe a little! 

andCollar hasn’t compromised on this design at all: these shoes are still wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, and made from recycled textiles. They also come in black and brown, so they can work with a variety of looks. 

This pair won’t break the bank either! The Summit Performance Dress Shoe is on sale for $35 (down from $75) in sizes 8 to 12.

Who Is andCollar For? 

andCollar Review

Men of all ages and a range of sizes will be well-served by andCollar. This brand seems dedicated to providing dress basics for guys who want to fill their wardrobes with clothes that put comfort first, and are also stylish, practical, and versatile

Whether you’re looking for a few new work outfits or just need a nice shirt and tie for a summer wedding, andCollar will have some options for you. andCollar especially caters to men who have a classic sense of style and want to buy pieces they can easily mix and match with other elements of their wardrobe. 

Guys shopping on a budget will love that they can get all the sustainability and special features of these clothes without spending over $100 on a single shirt. They’re also easy to care for. andCollar’s fabrics ensure that your shirts don’t need a lot of fuss to stay looking crisp and clean, and nearly every piece can be machine-washed. 

andCollar Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

andCollar Review

andCollar shares customer reviews on their official website product pages. These andCollar reviews are generally very positive; buyers love that their shirts have a great fit, come in lovely colors, and have good wearability.

One customer loved wearing his new andCollar purchase to a wedding, where he was a part of the bridal party. The Pacific Short Sleeve Shirt helped keep him cool and comfortable throughout the entire event. 

He .reports in his andCollar review, “No matter how much I was moving around or sweating, the shirt stayed tucked, never made me feel constrained, and best of all was extremely breathable.”

Another customer was also a fan of the Atlantic Stain Resistant Shirt for its price, fit, and eco-friendly approach. He writes in his andCollar review,“Comfortable, affordable, modern fit and made of recycled materials. Fantastic stuff, buy 2.”

I also found some andCollar reviews on their Facebook page, where they have a solid 3.6/5 star rating. One man loved the functionality of his purchase – especially the fact that he didn’t have to worry about staining his new work wardrobe.

He shares in his andCollar review, “Their shirts are amazing. Messes really do slide right off. If they ever started making suits, I’d never shop anywhere else for work clothes.”

andCollar’s line of shirts was also reviewed by the lifestyle channel Clean Freak & Germaphobe on YouTube. They were especially interested in how the shirt would hold up against messy stains (think spaghetti sauce and baby slobber), and were really happy with the results.

The YouTubers share in their andCollar review video: “&collar shirts are stain-resistant and seriously, so amazing.  They are hydrophobic, which basically means they repel liquid. They are like waterproof t-shirts, except they are stylish dress shirts both in white or patterns. The stain-resistant clothing fabric is soft, stretchy and breathable.”

Overall, customers have loved this brand’s approach to creating comfortable and pragmatic dress wear that can actually withstand all the stuff daily life throws its way. 

Is andCollar Legit?

andCollar Review

You bet! There are no red flags about this company on review sites like TrustPilot or Sitejabber, and my search through andCollar reviews indicates they are reliably delivering their men’s apparel to customers and making clothes that meet customer expectations.

Is andCollar Worth It?

andCollar Review

It’s hard to find a reason to not buy from this brand. Their product line really hits the nail on the head: guys want to look dressy and feel comfy at the same time. andCollar helps make it possible.

andCollar deserves customer consideration not only for their novel approach to men’s dresswear, but for the way they make their clothes. 

This company hasn’t just sourced the cheapest cotton or polyester they could find. They sought out recycled textiles to make their designs as eco-friendly as possible while maintaining performance and affordability. 

This brand has been enthusiastically received by many guys who love that they can achieve the formalwear look they need without spending a ton of money just to feel trapped in uncomfy clothing! In this andCollar review I’m happy to recommend this neat brand to anyone looking for some functional menswear.

andCollar Promotions & Discounts 

andCollar Review

This brand currently has a deal on their Summit Performance Dress Shoe, which is on sale for $35 (down from $75). 

I didn’t find any other promos at the time of writing this andCollar review. Keep checking their website, or sign up for their newsletter for the latest andCollar discount codes and deals.

Where to Buy andCollar

andCollar Review

Buy all andCollar products at their official website.


andCollar Review

Who owns andCollar?

Founder Ben Perkins owns andCollar.

Does andCollar ship internationally?

andCollar ships within the US, UK, and EU.

What is andCollar’s Shipping Policy?

andCollar will ship your order to the US, UK and EU, with shipping charges calculated at checkout. 

My andCollar review has found that this brand also charges for shipping insurance to make sure that all customers receive the packages they’ve ordered. 

Once placed, your order should be fulfilled within a couple of days before making its way to your door. Delivery times, customs charges, and taxes will vary based on your destination.

What is andCollar’s Return Policy?

If you aren’t in love with your andCollar purchase, take advantage of their free return policy. Here’s how:

  • Make sure your item is unworn and unwashed with tags attached
  • Reach out to the company within 45 days of buying your item
  • Visit their Returns Portal to start the process 
  • Use the pre-paid shipping label they send you to make your return

All returns are subject to a $7 restocking fee 

How to Contact andCollar

andCollar Review

I hope you enjoyed this andCollar review! For any other questions, you can reach out to this company at their official website’s Contact Page.

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